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6 years ago via Flixster
Super 8

Super 8(2011)

I'm pretty sure it was this time (June 2011) last year that the casting announcement went out for the male and female lead of the new JJ Abrams/Steven Spielberg project. When something is filmed this quickly and released less then a year later I would consider that a bad sign. Super 8 is the exception to the rule.

Super 8 can only be explained by this formula [?That 70's Show(ET+The Goonies+Close Encounters of the Third Kind+Jaws)]xAwesomeČ. This movie has something for everyone, mystery, horror, suspense, coming of age, love, tragedy, and you may cry in the end.

The kids with the exception of Elle Fanning (yes younger sister of Dakota) and a handful of others are all new this industry and one can only hope this will not be their performance of a lifetime. I would like to see some of them return for more challenging projects.

There's not much I can say more about Super 8 without ruining the film. This is a must see, and has the potential to be an Oscar contender in some categories.