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Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam

Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam(2010)

After much hype the sequel is here. Where does it stand on the echelon of Disney musicals? Not very high I'm afraid. This installment cannot compare to the first movie. It saddens me to see the hard work and outstanding choreography that many dancers and musicians put their heart and souls into is forever tarnished by sloppy directing, and kindergarden level writing.

If anything this movie should have been called "Jonas Brothers: The Movie (featuring Demi Lovato)" as it seemed to be more of an official promo for their careers. Actually I think they even snuck in some spots for Nick Jonas and the Association. When the movie is diluted by song after immediate song the story tends to drag. Some of these musical numbers could have been removed which would result in a better movie.

If there's another issue I have is the lack of continuity between films. Yeah they try to bridge the gaps, but it seems like what came before was ignored. In the first film it was implied that Shane, Jason, and Nate were friends who met at Camp Rock before forming Connect 3. Now they are brothers and are all nephews to Camp Rock owner, Uncle Brown, where Shane was the sole familial relation in the first film. Speaking of family relations anyone notice Frankie Jonas in the film?

The next problem with this movie it was to reminiscent of High School Musical 2. I only say that because at some points the entire cast burst into song and dance taking away from the reality of the film. The first movie song and dance would only come in when required by realistic storytelling, in such forms as dance class, singing around the campfire or the Final Jam. Doing this took the movie off track.

Due to all these problems I found it very hard to follow the conflict between the two rival camps. Actually I forgot there was supposed to be a rivalry. It was Nate's forbidden love with the daughter of the owner of Camp Star that reminded me what the film is supposed to be about.

If you want to see this movie I would advise watching it for the dancing (and I'm not saying that because the movie was filmed in Toronto where I know lots of dancers in the area) as the rest is pure garbage. I know I hardly mentioned Demi Lovato, I think she's a gorgeous talented young woman, but I would much rather watch her in her younger years during her tenure on Barney. Well maybe something a little more age appropriate like Sonny with a Chance.