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Transformers: Dark of the Moon

If they took out an hour of this movie it would have been much better. There was way too much filler and plot holes. I like me some Transformers but this movie would have been better as cartoon as part of the series. There was much I enjoyed, but then again the cons just brought it down.

As we all know by now the lovely Megan Fox is gone -- that's what you get or calling your boss Hitler, particularly when his boss is Jewish -- and she is replaced by the equally gorgeous Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. I'm kind of glad they did away with Fox's character as she was never in the series. HW's character Carly was however an integral part of the original cartoon, going so far as to mother Sam's child, Daniel. Patrick Dempsey's character was a nice addition to the dynamic of the story. His backstory about his father's Faustian pact with Soundwave, did add a lot to the mythology. Again this was something seen in the cartoon, but it never bods well for the human when striking a bargain with the Decepticons. There was a little more leniency here, which is surprising considering how Megatron feels about humans, I'm amazed he wasn't killed off sooner.

Can someone please tell me what the point of John Malkovich's character was? He really had no real purpose for the movie, and he's gone with no explanation half-way through. The movie could have worked without him -- there I cut the film down by 10 minutes -- and I wonder if he added as a favour.

I'm sorry I need a timeline for the events that occur in the movie, because I'm confused as hell. It seems that times and dates overlap, and continuity is skewed. Which brings up the point, wasn't the Matrix of Leadership destroyed in "Revenge of the Fallen"? I seem to remember it was turn to ash. I'm glad it's back as it gives me hope that Rodimus Prime still has potential for appearing. On that note wasn't Optimus revealed to be a descendant of the original Primes? So what's up with all this passing of the Matrix stuff from robot to robot? Speaking of Primes...

Sentinel Prime, interesting character, and I love the addition of Leonard Nemoy's voice. It is interesting that he voiced this character as in the original cartoon he was the voice of Galvatron (Megaton's evolved form). Now this is where I get annoyed, did they really have to squeeze in some Spock into this character/movie. Earlier in the movie two Autobots were watching Star Trek with, you guessed it, a scene featuring Spock. To add insult to injury Sentinel even says "the needs of the many outweigh those of the few". A classic Spock line. Guys you're killing me here.

Boy did they mess up Shockwave. In the cartoon you never saw a hint of emotion, only the flashing light when he spoke. That's what made him terrifying. This movie did leave that in, but his body language, and tentacles are a big tip-off to what he's thinking and about to do. He wasn't as scary. More important question where was he in the first two movies? There was not explanation to his sudden appearance. He was the Decepticon guardian of Cybertron in the cartoon, and they definitely could have used that in this movie.

As for the others well I really had no real beef with their characters. It would have been nice to have seen Sentinel call Optimus by his not Prime name, Opus Dax. Soundwave would have been less confusing if he stopped changing forms all the time, but since he was a cassette player in the initial series giving him a modern look is hard.

So there I said all I need to say about this movie. I still want to see the DINOBOTS, and I know there's a lot of people that feel the same way. All in due time I suppose.

Super 8
Super 8(2011)

I'm pretty sure it was this time (June 2011) last year that the casting announcement went out for the male and female lead of the new JJ Abrams/Steven Spielberg project. When something is filmed this quickly and released less then a year later I would consider that a bad sign. Super 8 is the exception to the rule.

Super 8 can only be explained by this formula [?That 70's Show(ET+The Goonies+Close Encounters of the Third Kind+Jaws)]xAwesome². This movie has something for everyone, mystery, horror, suspense, coming of age, love, tragedy, and you may cry in the end.

The kids with the exception of Elle Fanning (yes younger sister of Dakota) and a handful of others are all new this industry and one can only hope this will not be their performance of a lifetime. I would like to see some of them return for more challenging projects.

There's not much I can say more about Super 8 without ruining the film. This is a must see, and has the potential to be an Oscar contender in some categories.


First I just want to apologize to my readers for not posting reviews in the past month. I am a victim of the economic downturn so until I get back on my feet do not expect many reviews for the time being.

Warning reading this review will result in mythology and etymology lessons. Some comic book geek-ism may result. I warned you.

As a whole this movie is beautiful. There's not much I can really complain about, well in terms of the standard criticism of a movie. Story was great, acting was spectacular. Heck even the Best Boy did a great job and to this day I still don't know exactly what a Best Boy does on the set. This is taking comic and mythical material and turning it into magic. Will it win any Academy Awards or be nominated for that fact? I would say one or two but that's if lucky. I think everyone should go see this movie as there is something for everyone.

Here's what I liked about the movie, opposed to all the regular praise a critic might give:

1. HAWKEYE. Yes Marvel's resident marksman does make an appearance and has a few lines. Although he never fires one of his arrows his appearance is just a precursor to the Avengers movie.

2. The Rainbow Bridge. In the comics the bridge is rainbow. If they stuck with that in the movie, I would have given it a much lower rating. For lack of a better term the bridge would look gay, and one would wonder when the Care Bears would appear. Fortunately they turned this bridge into a lengthy technicolor strobe light shining through crystal, and it does look cool.

3. The gods live up to their mythological names. Thor is the god of thunder and storms; Loki the god of lies, mischief and trickery; Odin, king of the gods; Volstagg the god of the feast and wine. Let's be realistic they could have really messed this up, but nope they stayed true to the ancient stories.

4. Stan Lee. Like all Marvel movies he does do his cameo. Try and find him.

What I hated.

1. The Frost Giants. As the name implies they are supposed to be giants. With an exception or two for the most part they appear as normal height.

2. Loki's trickery unrevealed. So how did Loki sneak the frost giants in the first time around. When asked he just said there are other ways, but remains mum on the true answer.

3. The e-mail. So who did Dr. Andrews send that e-mail to requesting help when S.H.I.E.L.D. took over? The extra scene at the end of the credits did not give a firm answer.

4. Some nods to the Thor mythology were left out. So where was Beta Ray Bill? Okay granted he's an alien from another world who's pretty much a bipedal horse with the power of Thor. Yes sequel is possible, but in reality he wouldn't exactly fit in, but what's stopping a little nod to the character. If it were up to me, when Thor goes horse hunting he could have stumbled upon a horse of that name, and left it at that. Next beef, in the TV movie "The Incredible Hulk Returns" Thor makes an appearance. He was played by by Eric Allan Kramer who many tweens would know as Bob Duncan on the Disney series, "Good Luck Charlie". A little cameo from him would have been nice. Hey if Lou Ferrigno can cameo in the Hulk movies, so can he.

5. Thor's dialect. If you read the comic or seen other versions of Thor, you would know that Thor doesn't speak in modern English, his dialect is closer to Shakespeare. I wouldn't mind this change as it makes him easier to follow, but your director is Kenneth Branagh, a world renown Shakespearean actor/thespian. Common Kenneth I would think you would jump at this opportunity.

6. The 3D. I'm starting to get really annoyed with 3D. It just did not work for this movie, except during the closing credits. I think the only upcoming film where it will be appropriate is Green Lantern. But seriously Hollywood enough, is enough already.

What you may have missed.

1. Donald Blake MD. I was the only one who snickered at this moment. Although I'm not exactly a Thor fan, but like most comic fans know I do know a thing or to about the mythology. In the comic Odin punishes Thor by placing him inside the crippled Dr. Blake to learn humility and patience, and not sending him to Earth as a drifter.

2. Odin's 8 legged horse. I forget it's name but yes the horse you see Odin ride on is the same one of myth.

3. Thursday Thor's Day. Okay people of the English speaking world here is a fact Thursday is actually derived from Thor's Day. Yup the day before Friday we should be celebrating Thor. We get the other days of the week derived by Norse gods: Tyr = Tuesday, Odin (when pronounced properly Wodan) = Wednesday, and Frida = Friday. Double check for yourself, but make sure you catch the chapter title when Dr. Andrews flips through the book of Norse mythology.

4. The 007 homage at the end of the closing credits. Only a James Bond fan would put this together, but at some point suring the closing credits during some of his movies you will see "James Bond will return in...". This movie did the same thing but read "Thor will be back in The Avengers".

5. The last scene. I'm betting a lot of you haven't learned by now that after the closing credits there is an extra scene, so you probably missed it and my previous point. *SPOILERS* Nick Fury, Cosmic Cube (which hints at events in Captain America, and upcoming Avengers), Loki's still around *END SPOILERS*

There I think I said all I needed to say. We are now in high gear for Captain America: The First Avenger. I believe that movie will be the blockbuster hit of the summer, if they market it towards American patriotism and the recent death of bin Laden. Ha who am I kidding Paramount dropped the marketing ball by not opening Thor a day before on Thursday (remember Thursday is Thor's day). That could have been a huge profitable event for Paramount and Marvel. Let's be honest the only company that knows anything about marketing is Disney. Because Disney now owns Marvel, when the character licenses expire from the other distributors, Disney should be able to make these films more profitable.

The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader

I know I'm in the minority but Dawn Treader was my least favorite of the Narnia books. It's the only book not to have a "big bad", and I can never get as much out of it like I can the others. I had natural intimidations about the movie, but to my surprise they managed to pull off a better and entertaining story line. It is still weaker then the previous films, but they did not have much to work with in terms of source material. Or so I thought...

Every good author has notes about characters and story lines (that are still considered canon) but can never make it into the finished product. Remember Rawling revealed Dumbledore was gay, with no mention in her series. Tolkien did the same, and his notes will be used in The Hobbit Part 2. So how does this effect Dawn Treader? Well as every Narnia fan knows in the next book "The Silver Chair", the big bad -- known only as "The Lady of the Green Kirtle" -- has no real origin and only rumours and speculation from the narrative can give any hint to who she is or where she comes from. Is she the reincarnation of the White Witch? A relative? Someone else entirely? No one knows, that is until Douglas Gresham (Lewis' stepson) agreed to use the aforementioned notes. There is now a solid bridge between the two books. Look closely at the "green mist" in the film, and how it teases fans. Make your own judgement but remember the mist was never in the book; nor was the echoes of the White Witch; and it is amazing how it turned into a serpent (ok fine Edmund had a Ghostbuster moment). If that does not say future Lady of the Green Kirtle I don't know what does?

Although the elements from the book were present, things were taken out of order and placed in a new arrangement that still made sense. There were some character changes, additions and omissions, but regardless the heart of the story was alive. Some the alterations include Eustace as a dragon for a much extended period of time. In terms of additions, they creatively found a way to include Peter and Susan into the film, whom only got a passing reference in the book. Also we meet little Gale, a stowaway who joins her father on the Dawn Treader crew in a quest to find their mother/wife. Gale was never in the book and was probably added to fill the role of the young naive girl, which was once held by Lucy. Omissions were all over the place, of note was Aslan changing Eustace back from dragon to human in water. Everyone knows the allegory of that scene is Eustace's baptism, and the point where he stops being a dick.

Although this is the last time chronologically we see Lucy, and Edmund in Narnia -- until The Last Battle -- the scene where they had to say their goodbyes was heartbreaking. Eustace as we all know is destined to return to Narnia, and Prince Caspian will also have a role in the next movie.

There was a lot of heart and soul in this film, and it is clear the cast and crew put their hearts into this piece. Yeah the green mist and the quest for the swords were a new twist, but a welcome one. There will be much to ponder after watching this movie. I am curious as to what exactly are in those sacred notes. We shall find out in the next one, The Silver Chair.

N.B. Although The Silver Chair is the most logical choice for the next movie, there has been some speculation that either The Magician's Nephew, or A Horse and His Boy may be made first. Apparently they are waiting for actor Will Poulter to finish growing so he can properly meet the role requirements of Eustace for his next adventure.

Avalon High
Avalon High(2010)

If you don't know how I feel about novels turned into movies I'll let you know, I'm not a fan. Hollywood has this rather annoying habit of changing the plot, characters, title and occasionally genders just to appease somebody in a corporate hierarchy. You don't mess with perfection, those that try tend to flawlessly recreate the wheel. So is this an accurate description of Avalon High? Yep.

The movie in itself was rather good and enjoyable, making this one of Disney's more successful films. Had they not deviated from the original source material the film would have been amazing. To avoid spoiling the film's ending I'll keep things ambiguous as possible. When Arthur and Modred finally reveal their true selves, they are not true to prophecy or legend. This unfortunately makes the rising action and backstory rather redundant. The denouement deviates so far from the build up that you are left wondering how everyone is related and connected to Arthurian lore. Take Lancelot and Gwinevere, although their modern incarnates reenact their past selves, by films end one is left wondering how they can be related to the Arthur incarnate. Although a negative the theme of things are not always as they seem is prominent, and does occasionally help the story to move forward, and surprise the viewer.

Unlike the book the film introduces the character of Miles. After reviewing the novel's summary and character one wonders why his character was even needed. Miles is the awkward geek, but is there some Hollywood rule that says such a character has to present in a movie? As much as I liked the character, he really had no purpose.

I'm going to have to say they completely dropped the ball on Mr. Moore. The books had him as Merlin, but here he is someone else (that's the only big spoiler hint you are getting from me), Merlin is supposed to be wise, and older then any other character in Arthurian lore (with potential exception to the Lady-of-the-Lake), which fits in nicely as a teacher in a high school. Also another stupid oversight, Steve Valentine, who plays Mr. Moore is an accomplished magician. Keeping that character true to form would have been a wise move.

Okay now all the ladies in the house obviously want me to talk about the star Gregg Sulkin. Now obviously I completely avoided mention of him (and his character Will), and Brittany Robertson only because it is difficult to not mention either of them without giving away serious spoilers. I'll just say Gregg's character is the star football player and Brittany's is the new girl in school who is slowly discovering the secrets of Avalon High -- her parents being professors of medieval literature are equally a big help. So girls here's what you want to know Gregg speaks in an American accent, if you listen carefully you can slightly hear his true British tone. To an untrained ear he can pass by as an average American, but in reality just a little more work is needed.

Now after my tirade on the evils of book-to-film and pretty boys and their accents where does that leave the movie? Well despite the comparisons, the film is only slightly flawed. The obvious changes do take their toll on the end, but all-in-all the film is enjoyable and above all watchable.

The Social Network

You know what, is it really worth typing a full review on this movie? We all know what Facebook is, and how it changed the world. So I'll just keep this short and simple, I'm going to click the "Like" button.

I do have to say one thing though, it was nice to see Brenda Song in a role where she doesn't play a ditz, dunce, or bimbo. Yeah she was revealed to be psychotic, but it was a nice change of pace from her previous roles.

Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam

After much hype the sequel is here. Where does it stand on the echelon of Disney musicals? Not very high I'm afraid. This installment cannot compare to the first movie. It saddens me to see the hard work and outstanding choreography that many dancers and musicians put their heart and souls into is forever tarnished by sloppy directing, and kindergarden level writing.

If anything this movie should have been called "Jonas Brothers: The Movie (featuring Demi Lovato)" as it seemed to be more of an official promo for their careers. Actually I think they even snuck in some spots for Nick Jonas and the Association. When the movie is diluted by song after immediate song the story tends to drag. Some of these musical numbers could have been removed which would result in a better movie.

If there's another issue I have is the lack of continuity between films. Yeah they try to bridge the gaps, but it seems like what came before was ignored. In the first film it was implied that Shane, Jason, and Nate were friends who met at Camp Rock before forming Connect 3. Now they are brothers and are all nephews to Camp Rock owner, Uncle Brown, where Shane was the sole familial relation in the first film. Speaking of family relations anyone notice Frankie Jonas in the film?

The next problem with this movie it was to reminiscent of High School Musical 2. I only say that because at some points the entire cast burst into song and dance taking away from the reality of the film. The first movie song and dance would only come in when required by realistic storytelling, in such forms as dance class, singing around the campfire or the Final Jam. Doing this took the movie off track.

Due to all these problems I found it very hard to follow the conflict between the two rival camps. Actually I forgot there was supposed to be a rivalry. It was Nate's forbidden love with the daughter of the owner of Camp Star that reminded me what the film is supposed to be about.

If you want to see this movie I would advise watching it for the dancing (and I'm not saying that because the movie was filmed in Toronto where I know lots of dancers in the area) as the rest is pure garbage. I know I hardly mentioned Demi Lovato, I think she's a gorgeous talented young woman, but I would much rather watch her in her younger years during her tenure on Barney. Well maybe something a little more age appropriate like Sonny with a Chance.

Iron Man 2
Iron Man 2(2010)

Honestly I had serious doubts about this movie. I thought it would be rushed and an epic fail. This just goes to show that yes even I can be wrong. This movie is one of those rare contenders where the sequel can surpass the original.

The movie explores more of the mythology that is Iron Man and his alter ego Tony Stark. Tony is not only at odds with the US government, his past, and present but also his future. The US government being who they are want to have the coolest toys and be that kid who thinks he's so cool as a result. Tony wisely tells them off and moves on with his life. Although pissing off the feds is the least of his problems now he has to deal with the fact that his implant is slowly killing him. To make matters worse he delves deep in alcoholism (which was a key storyline in the comics) and begins alienating those close to him. When he goes off the handle it is up to James Rhodes to try and set him straight by downing a discarded version of the armour. Also let's not forget there's another crooked CEO in the name of Justin Hammer who wants to be just as cool as Tony.

Let me just say if a movie can make a villain like Whiplash cool then we are on the right course. Whiplash in the comics was just Indiana Jones with a second whip, nothing more then a mere lacky for the bigger boss. OK fine so Whiplash does inevitably work for Justin Hammer, but he's still a one badass.

We also are introduced to the lovely and ever flexible Natsha Romanov otherwise known as the Black Widow. Yes she is an agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. and reports to Nick Fury, but you do not want to get on her bad side. She is well trained and very rarely uses gadgets to help her get out of a situation.

As mentioned James Rhodes dons the armour and becomes War Machine. Although he is never officially branded by that monicker, it was clear that although he was amped up with better weaponry it is clear that Tony had the better model.

What's not to love about this movie? During the film watch for some comic-book eye-candy. Stan Lee does make his required cameo only this time is confused as Larry King. Hey last time Tony thought he was Hugh Hefner. Plus you'll hear the fanboys scream with glee when you see Captain America's shield partially complete. You'll also hear the inevitable gasps when you see what Tony does with this iconic holy grail. Finally, you'll know who the smart people are in the room during the credits. The smart people either have been paying attention or learned from their mistake from the first movie. Yes STAY THROUGH THE CREDITS. There is an added scene which is very important to where the franchise is going. I'll place the spoiler at the end of the review. Well I think I said all that needs to be said about this movie. Go see it!


The scene takes place in New Mexico. S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Coombs drives up to an archeological dig. He steps out and speaks only a few words into his cell phone "Sir [Nick Fury] we've found it!" What they found is a hammer, but not just any hammer, this is Mjolnir (pronounced: Me-yo-l-near), the hammer of the Norse thunder god Thor. Thor is coming!!!

Furry Vengeance

Before I start my review I would just like to take this opportunity to apologize in advance as I may go on random "protect the environment" tirades at some point. I'm probably in the minority but I really liked this movie.

I know the idea of intelligent animals is not new, but these forest critters knew how to keep you entertained. I'll be honest I have not laughed so hard in a long time. Usually I get appalled by toilet humour (my one film weakness) and yet the scene with the port-o-potty had me on the floor. The animals were creative and can really come together to fight for their home. The use of each animals' special skills were well thoughout and although in most cases it was borderline ridiculous, there is plausibility. Even human interaction had its' slapstick moments, such as the scene in the school library.

Man versus nature has always been one of those enduring themes. In this movie man is building over a nature preserve to erect a new suburbia. Let's face it there is always going to be an eco-nut protesting. Don't get me wrong I agree that we can do many things to protect our planet but sometimes you get a passionate person who takes it to the next level. As an aside I watched the Olympic flame being lit in Victoria on the first leg of its cross-Canada journey for the 2010 Olympic games; and yet down the street were the protestors. These protestors had an Olympic flag with the red ring dripping blood; it was a protest for seal hunting. Not one of them could explain what seal hunting and the Olympics had in common. I support their cause but this was not the right venue. Anyways I guess I should go back to the movie. When Brendan Fraser's character Dan Sanders relocates his family to supervise the construction he becomes the target of the forest life led by a "maniacal sociopathic raccoon". Although his wife thinks he's going crazy (and wow does Brooke Shields look amazing, is she single?) Dan finds himself stuck between his employer, his family, and nature. His son Tyler (was someone spying on me because with Tyler it was like looking in a mirror in terms of personality, resourcefulness, ability to research and understand a scenario and getting the girl) is going through his own problems, until the boy meets girl scenario arrives. By end of film Tyler knows his place and some may argue he crosses that bridge from boy to man.

I could go on about this movie and its' pro-Earth message, but in reality there's really nothing new to learn that is not already taught in North American schools. I say do what you can, but don't go nuts. Hey I got upset with my superintendent when he did not replace the light-bulbs in my complex with energy savers. Also don't get me started on the people who refuse to use the biodegradable plastic bags, and when they get to the checkout they have fruits and veggies everywhere and they are holding up the line. See what I mean by going to far. Okay I'm almost at my character limit so I will say that this movie is a good family movie and worth seeing. Teachers take note and get your students to see this when it comes out on DVD. I think "The Cove" and "An Inconvenient Truth" might be to disturbing and/or boring for anyone under 14.


On its own I really enjoyed this movie. Compared to the comicbook mini-series, the film was atrocious. That being said you could imagine the comic was great.

For the most part the two follow the same storyline. There's not to much difference in terms of plot; but the outcome is a different result altogether. First in the comic there was no jet-pack, actually I think the inclusion of the device in the film was lame. The origin and fate of Big Daddy was remarkably different. He never had a partner, actually he wasn't even a former police officer in the comic. He was a fan-boy accountant who left his wife so he can go play superhero with his daughter. The torture scene looked was more painful on the written page. So much so I have developed a fear of car batteries. Finally the original print material never revealed who Red Mist was until the very end. This left my jaw on the floor, but the movie took away that magic.

It's really hard for me to give this movie an honest rating having read something that was a hundred times better. It's like comparing a Mac to a PC, yeah they serve the same function but do things differently. One good thing about both mediums is they were left open for a sequel which cannot come soon enough.


Note to potential filmmakers: THIS IS HOW YOU MAKE A MOVIE. Plot, character development, a good villain, the troubled hero. Plus makes use of all available technology, and introduces some new ones.

So here we have the European colonist coming to the "New World", currently inhabited by the Native Americans. At first they are greeted warmly but greed and corruption sets in and suddenly the Europeans start hunting the original inhabitants for prosperity and wealth. Oh wait this isn't a movie about the plight of natives during colonial America. Whoops my bad. Sorry it is really difficult to tell the difference. Regardless there's you basic theme of the movie. It doesn't take a history major to figure this out.

The movie clocks in at two and half hours and frankly there is no reason for complaint. If there is no action then the breathtaking world that was created in this movie ads that extra element. I can go on all day about why this movie rocks, but realistically there is probably a character limit.

The concept of the "avatar" is certainly not difficult to grasp. Anyone who has been on the internet most likely has an online identity that is far different from the original. Our avatars can probably do things virtually that we can only dream. Take the main character of this movie, Jake. A paraplegic he is given a new life in an alien body. Suddenly he can walk, run and do things that human beings do not have the capability to do normally.

I hate to say this but I have no quarrel of any sort with this film. Frankly, James Cameron's past transgressions, Titanic, is forgiven. This shows that with a little time and patience good things can happen. I would hate to think how bad this movie could have been had it been rushed.


Okay so Disney is going back and retackling the whole alien genre; or are they just jumping on that boat because of the recent success of similar movies? Either way they do manage to pull off a decent film, a few flaws but decent none the less.

This movie has two brothers discovering an alien spacecraft and they youngest -- because he has not hit pubety -- absorbs the radiation which not only trigger an excelleration to maturity but gives him some limited superpowers. Although the enemy aliens were first interested in the spacecraft they are now interested in the boy. This leaves big brother to save the day, once he takes a step back from chasing the girl and focuses on his requirements for high school graduation. Overall the characters were likeable and you did care for them at the end f the day. The plot equally worked well, but...

So now we have the flaws. Well first problem is most of the backstory is never explained. Who sent the alien spacecraft in the first place? Although the antagonist want to destroy the Earth it never explains why the spacecraft was sent to stop them. Also it is implied that the boys father was in a branch of the military and died, but we don't learn how. We also have the issue with the superpowers. Don't get me wrong they are cool but when they are only used once (as each power manifests in the first 30 minutes) and not used afterwords they why have them in the film anyways? Finally my biggest irritant was the school play in which the younget was amongst the cast. The play is always referred to as the "pirate play". Common you could not come up with a name or use one of the many stories in public domain?

I would not recommend this movi for young children as the aliens are rather scary. It is also hinted that although they eat humans they may also resort to cannabilism. That being said the movie is well worth a look despite some minor annoyances. Also it is obviously left open for a sequel which is why I am not giving this film a worse rating. Here's hoping that my questions are answered in the next installment.

The Twilight Saga: New Moon

If you go see this movie I would highly recommend wearing a wig, sunglasses and a fake beard. Plus don something that you would normally not wear. Don't overdue it though you don't want to look like one of those perverts. Actually I recommend everyone heed my advice because after seeing this movie you may want to ever deny being there. Getting a solid alibi might work as well.

Okay so the saga continues and now we have werewolves in the mix. Yet again the complete take on the mythology is ignored. I'm sorry but I do recall reading somewhere that they only come out on a full moon. Hmm vampires that glow in sunlight and werewolves who can transform at will, what's next Bigfoot is actually a sea turtle?

Despite it's many flaws (and I mean many) there are two key themes that should be taken from this movie. First if you ever feel suicidal please get help immediatly. Living in depression is not going to help. You are not alone and your thoughts could be deeper psychological issues. There is no shame in getting help or going to a shrink. Take pride that you are doing what's best for you. I'm BIPOLAR and although I have my moments I know that getting help can be the best thing. Second everyone listen very closely to Jacob's speech about the werewolf being apart of who he is. This is an unprecedented parallel to a speech one would give of being homosexual. If you are a fan of the books/Jacob Black and a homophobe you are obviously brainwashed and ignore the bigger issues in life.

Although I may never have a repeat viewing of the movie let's face it the franchise is here to stay. Despite my lack of understanding of the phenomenon and the fact they film the movie in my neighbourhood is just adding insult to injury. We still need to respect the fans. Now if you'll excuse me Cameron Bright who plays vampire Alec lives down the street from me, I'm going to be egging and TPing his house.

Hatching Pete

Don't ask me why but this is the second movie I've reviewed starring Jason Dolley which is getting a good review. The first being Minutemen. Either the boy has a good agent, or is getting luck of the draw.

Yeah it is a typical Disney TV movie, but it certainly is one of the better ones recently. There is no real antagonist in the film as it focuses on the theme of man versus himself. The title character Pete (Jason Dolley) never gets noticed -- even his teachers think he's a stranger to school -- but when his best friend Cleatus (Mitchell Musso) cannot perform his duties as school mascot (due to an allergic reactions from the suit) he takes his place. The result finds Pete as "The Chicken" becoming an overnight sensation with Cleatus getting all the credit. Inevitably through happinstance everyone learns that Cleatus is not the man under the feathers, but the same question is on everyone's lips who is The Chicken? Yes the movie does involve the usual attempt to get the girl, and an obstacle does present itself that the heroes have to overcome, but it is done in a fun and original way.

If there is a main theme here it is most definetly friendship. This is a movie the whole family can enjoy. Frankly when children grow into their tweens, this film is a good introduction to the more age appropriate themes.

High School Musical 3: Senior Year

First I need to apologize for the long delay of this review. This review would have been up before the release of the film as I got special advanced preview passes, but because of the death of a family friend I was not able to attend. Of course other commitments had come up and my seeing this film had to be put on the back burner. Although almost a year later here it is, and yes Corey Gorewicz and Nikki Blonsky of Hairspray you can message Zac Efron and let him know I will start my latest banter against him. I'll e-mail the review to you both for forwarding.

Let me just say this movie was much better then second installment. Where the second felt rushed and the high school was noticeably absent, the thrid managed to redeem the franchise coming full circle. This movie had the passing of the torch theme but also the tragedy of saying goodbye to your old life. Frankly there was more element of realism and if you took away the singing and dancing this may have been en episode of Degrassi. The film covered growth and love in the real world, as well as change, and following your heart. They also went into the problem of initiations and hazing when Troy and Chad stole the clothes of two minors forcing them to run through the school in a towel. Yeah not exactly in character with the goodboy image we were led to believe, but it is hinted as being tradition and even the good boy had a dark side.

The characters are still the same with a few exception like the aforementione hazing. Troy and Gabriella hit another snag in their relationship. Ryan is coming into his own stepping out of his sister's shadow. Sharpay is still the spoiled-little rich girl who will do whatever it takes to get what she wants. Unfortunetly I felt the rest of the regulars were underminded and not given their moment to shine. We do learn a lot more about Troy and Chad's childhood, and as great as that moment -- actually a song called "The Boys are Back" -- was character development on the rest of the cast could have been used. This is not where the movie loses points in my mind.

Let's talk about the next generation, Jimmy, Donny, and Tiara, whom are foreshadowed to be the next Troy, Chad, and Sharpay. I think they got the bum wrap in the deal. Talk about underused. I felt they could have made this movie 20 minutes longer just so we can explore their characters more. I mean why was Jimmy called "The Rocket"? And why does he idolize Troy to the point of unhealthy obsession? Donny was hardly in it and his and Jimmy's friendship could have been explored more throughly. Tiara's backstory was explained but her sole purpose was to give Sharpay a taste of her own medicine. Also maybe the three of them could have had their own song or dance number, something that shows they are more then potential filler. It will be interesting to see is they appear in the next installment, although rumour suggests we won't see them again.

Now I just want to make mention of actor Matt Prokop who played Jimmy "The Rocket" Zara, and my being being appointed his official expert on Flixster has nothing to do with what I'm about to say. I'll be honest readers keep your eye on this guy. I don't know why but when watching him preform I saw something that tells me he will go places in this industry. You can see it in his eyes and how he carries himself. Frankly, I'm willing to bet good money on him.

Well enough of the praising and review I think we all got the gist that I enjoyed this movie, flawed yes, but a fun ride. Whatever happens next we won't see the end of the franchise. It is goodbye for most of the original cast, and I beg Kenny Ortega to follow the advice Zac Efron said on SNL, "No one sings in college".

Wizards of Waverly Place The Movie

This is what we pop culture experts call Disney's answer to Harry Potter. Although this was mch better then I anticipated, maybe it just goes to show don't always judge the movie before you see it.

The movie quickly set the premise of wizards-in-training living in New York city. We gradually meet the Russo children (Justin, Alex and Max) who are not only potential candidates to be full wizards but are also very different in personalities. Rather then writting in depth character analysis let's just say the younger the sibling the less brain cells work. Their father was once a wizard but gave up his powers to stay with their mother. We also meet Alex's best friend Harper who has a very short role in this movie since the majority takes place on a family vacation. After one of Alex's mystical mishaps they are forbidden from taking their magical gear on vacation, but of course certain items come along anyways. After a falling out with mom, Alex accidentally wishes their parents never meet, and in true Back To The Future style they have 48 hours to set things right before the 3 of them disappear for good. Their only chance is to get a mystical lost gem that can grant only one wish.

This is a Disney movie and since the TV show is still going strong we all know everything is going to be hunky dory in the end. If the movie has any flaws it is that Max is given very little to do. He ends up as his parents babysitter while his siblings are out looking for the gem, and in the last part of the adventure he is "deleted" from time and does not participate in the wizard trials to determine who will be family wizard. Plus let's not forget the antagonist of the movie, a former wizard with a parrot (who was a former wizard herself), who really isn't much of a villain but rather a plotpoint.

Let's face it no matter what I say people will still flock to the TV everytime this movie is on. I did enjoy the movie but I think once is good enough for me. Maybe I'll watch it again when my kids enter their tweens, but that's a long way off. You can expect a sequel at some point.

Inglourious Basterds

Since I'm a natural born leader "everyone under my command owes me 100 Nazi scalps", or the current evil equivalent I'm not picky. So if you are not completly freaked out and feel uncomfortable, you most likely think I'm off my rocker. That's okay most people do, and to be honest it is okay to be different with your beliefs providing you do not cross the line.

This is probably one of the better Tarantino films I have seen. An original concept done as a spagetti western. I should warn you if you are the kind of person who gets queasy then you should probably avoid this or you may be puking in the seats. This movie may have some dramatic moments with the use of blood but it is all done in good fun. Maybe I am going crazy but I enjoyed seeing those Nazi get what was coming to them. Each character in his or her own way was slightly insane in the membrane if you know what I means. Not only does Brad Pitts character encouraged the scalping of Nazi soldiers he takes personal delight in carving a swatzika into the forehead of the survivors.

If the movie had its' flaw it was that the "Basterds" were not the core of the movie. The real heroine was a survivor of the massacre of her family. She plots to blow up her cinema while Hitler and company attend a premiere. Never do the Basterds and her meet. If one plan failed the other would have surely succeeded. This movie probably could have benefitted from a subtitle.

I would strongly recommend this movie. Although it is fictious the events are probable. In reality we never did find Hitler's body or have the official accounts of how he died. There are theories and whispers, but this movie gives one possibility, although unlikely.

G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra

I think I might be a tad to generous with my rating. It might be naustalgia but in retrospect this movie was not great. It was way to cheesy for my taste and of course it was way out there.

The movie was to focused on the origins of certain characters that it completely negates how G.I. Joe was even formed or moreso why they gave it that name. We had a good launching point for Cobra and Destro, but again there's to much going on that certain themes were missed. For instance when we first meet Scarlet, Snake Eyes, Breaker, Heavy Duty and General Hawk they are well established on the team. We have little back story for any of them (save Snake Eyes) and why they are motivated or recruited to the team is a question that remains unanswered. Yeah the Joes only take "the best" but still, how did they come to be the best?

The problem with G.I. Joe is the same as Transformers, there are to many characters and to decide which ones make the cut is difficult. I am glad with the choices they did make, and how they played out the origins of Cobra.

One thing this movie did that would upset many fans, is that they ignored the taboo of the series. Yes, we do see Destro and Cobra Commander without their masks, and they even go so far as to reveal their identities. Also I know Cobra Commander talked with a lisp but since when did he have Darth Vader respatory issues? I did enjoy how he came into being at the end of the movie.

Now I want to talk about the infamous quotes of G.I. Joe. yeah they would be corny but yet they managed to make the worst one of all and turn it into something that fits. I am talking about "knowing is half the battle". Those words fit in perfectly with the flow of the scene; and yet when the infamous battle cry of "Yo Joe!" is uttered, there was no heart our soul. Frankly I was shaking my head in shame.

A sequel is definite. There's so much more to explore as the movie was left open. Let's not forget that Zartan is still out there, and we never know what became of Dr. Mindbender -- remember he is responsible for the creation of Serpentor. Let us hope the next installment can redeem this film.

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

The boy wizard is back once again, and finally a movie that's once again worthy to the books. I think the film franchise went downhill at Prisoner of Azkaban and hit rock bottom with Order of the Phoenix, but Half-Blood Prince prooves there is still some magic in that ol' sorting cap.

We all know Dumbledore dies in this film, and yet even when that moment happens it manages to shock and sadden the fiber of our being. This to me says a job well done. Again we know what will become of Snape (motives discovered in the next installment) and yet we cannot help but pity him.

The regular supporting cast of Ron and Hermione take a back seat in this film, as Malfoy and Ginny are more dominant to Harry's development as a character. This offshoot demonstrates the darker future our protagonist must travel. The journey has become more treacherous as Harry must delve deep into his enemy's past to fulfill an ambiguous prophecy.

I am now eagerly anticpiating the final installment, and are now more content that it will be a two parter. With rumours afloat of what the director has in store for our band of wizards, this is one ride I don't want to get to end. Plus rumours that John Williams may return to compose the final installment have me doing back flips down the hallway. Off topic cold someone please call 911 and book a reservation as I cannot do a backflip and will come out of the attempt injured.

17 Again
17 Again(2009)

Big this is not. It is of similar concept but in reverse. Our protagonist finds his world about to cave in on itself. His wife wants a divorce, his kids despise him, and his wealthy best friend lets him crash on the couch. When he wishes he can go back to a more innocent age his wish is granted. With the help of his friend he integrates back into high school and reconnects with his kids as their ?cousin?. Helping his son with bullies and basketball, preventing his daughter from dating the wrong person, and reconnecting with his wife becomes his mission. Watch for the subplot of the friend hitting on the principal.

The movie stars Zac Efron (insert annoyed sigh here) who plays the title role. Frankly take a way the singing and unnecessary dancing and he does have acting talent. With a little more room to grow, in a few years he'll be nominated for an Academy Award (insert another annoyed sigh here). As many of my readers know I have a rivalry with Mr. Efron. Zac if you are reading this ? and I know you are ? do me a favor and drop out of Johnny Quest. You're too old to play Johnny, plus you're not blonde.

One problem I had with this movie I expected Zac to break out into song and dance for every basketball scene. Yeah he does dance with the cheerleaders at the beginning but it's not the typical choreographed routine expected.

I have two issues with this movie. First, the film is lacking in closure. Although things become hunky dory between our protagonist and his wife we never find out the fate of his kids. What about the son who was climbing the high school food chain; what happens to him? The daughter, no real resolution to her love life. Also do they notice the sudden disappearance of their ?cousin?, the popular kid in school? No nobody does. How could someone who suddenly enters their lives and makes a difference disappear unnoticed? Problems.

Second yes Matthew Perry is billed as a star of this movie, but seriously only 10 minutes of screen time? Sterling Knight who plays the son has more lines and more then an hour on screen but he is nothing but a second stringer. I mean doesn't this kid star in Disney's new "popular" show Sonny With A Chance? He should have gotten better billing.

Like I said this is not your parents "teen/adult in a adult/teen body". It will probably be neglected by most moviegoers as another "High School Musical" movie, because of the star. Yet we will have teeny boppers flocking to this movie even if it was just a still frame. People don't know what they want, and therefore would probably benefit from a magical age swap. I HATE YOU EFRON (What did you really think I would spend a whole review without a Zac Efron dis?)


Vile, crude, offensive, revolting and yet you just can't look away. How does Sacha Baron Cohen do it? Much like Borat this film is hilarious and yet people would be disgusted.

Cohen is making fun of society and our stupidity. Putting people in situations where their true selves are revealed. Most of this is improv but there is obvious some scenes which were rehearsed. Watch as he takes his out of the closet character to Alabama and see how people behave around his antics. Personally I would not know how I would react if I found two people of similar gender bound together in an awkward position asking for assistance.

Let's face it I did laugh, which is really the main goal of the film. Mission accomplished. Although probably not as original and hilarious as the first movie, Cohen is trying to push that boundary. These "situations" he finds himself in is enough to make my mom leave the room, heck look at Eminem (yes I know Eminem did later admit his storming out of the MTV awards after the "incident" was rehearsed, but in reality most people would act that way).

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

I apologize for not posting this sooner. Being on vacation is my excuse and I'm sticking with it; but I did see it opening day.

Will you please stop killing Optimus Prime!!! It was traumatic when I was a kid watching the cartoon and now you are forcing me to relive the grief. Please refrain from doing any further. As opposed to the cartoon we do not have the "chosen one", Hot Rod, becoming Rodimus Prime. Oh and they were supposed to have Megatron become Galvatron -- like the cartoon -- but apparently people would get confused. Okay unless you did not see the first one and were asleep through the first half of this film how the hell can you get confused?

My fanboy rant is over, this film was AWESOME!!! There was a little less plot and character development and more action but it was still my kind of movie. The film introduces us to The Fallen, a character only hinted at in the cartoon, and how he is the grand-pappy of the Decepticons (look closely and you can see his face resembles the Decepticon insignia). Clearly his introduction creates more questions that the upcoming films would have to answer, but I can wait. That's part of the whole mystique.

The interaction of robots with their human counterparts have grown trememdously. The Autobots are now teamed with the military to form an organization called NEST in which they hunt down and destroy Decepticons. Sam's parents become aware their son's car is "more then meets the eye" in the first few minutes of the movie. Sam also moves to college and is roommates with a consipracy theorist while his relationship with Mikaela is put to the test.

The film also introduces some much beloves characters into the franchise among them are Arcee; the Constructicons and their merged form, Devastator; an Insecticon; Wheelie; SkyJet; and the fan demanded, Soundwave. Also note that much like Prime the original voice actor returned to do Soundwave for this film (minus the robotic accent which makes hims sound like Dr. Claw).

Yes this movie is everything a fan of the franchise desires. Since the line is so popular and some plot threads remain undevelopped -- i.e. will the Autobots be booted off of Earth? What will Megatron and Starscream do next? -- one wonders how the next movie will top this one. Will we have Rodimus Prime or Grimlock appear and challenge Optimus for leadership? Will Megatron finally become Galvatron? Will the ever popular and highly demanded Dinobots ever make an appearance? Ultra Magnus? The Aerialbots? Also since we delved deep in to Transformers history where are the Quintessons, Unicron, Primus and Alpha Trion? Well guess we will have to wait a few more years for those answers.

You Wish!
You Wish!(2003)

Dang so that's what would have happened if my little brother was never born. Frankly I did not see a downside. Why the main character had to take his wish back and go back to his regular life is beyond me.

More of a Saturday morning family film, this is more of a TV movie, which is exactly how it was released. A thearical release would have tanked, cause let's face it all the stars of the film were nothing more then sidekicks of their respective shows. I doubt the real fan base ever took notice. Also what are they doing now? A.J. Trauth maybe a few guest appearance here and there but has since been outshinned by costar Shia LaBeouf; and Lalaine is more obsucre then her costar Hillary Duff. Truthfully I doubt anyone will remember them or this movie.

Maybe being forgotten is what is best for this movie, which in retrospect is a shame as there is so much potential to be memorable and enjoyable. I guess a low budget means you get what you pay for.



Where does Pixar come up with these ideas? I have yet to see one of their movies I did not like. I will admit the concept of an old man flying away by means of helium ballons attached to his home does not appeal to me; but the eye for detail the animators put into the movie certainly brings out the wow factor. Why do other animation companies even bother?

If there is one thing about this movie that steers it away from the other films it is depressing. There are a lot of moments that would make you cry and feel for the characters. If that's the case then the movie has achieved the primary goal of filmmaking.

There is some humour in the film such as Doug the dog and Wilderness Explorer Russell. Both act as a foil to the movies hero, Karl. Russell is everything Karl use to be full of optimisim and adventure. With his current battle with old age Karl wants to fufill a dream he and his late wife had since they were kids. Adventure is across the hemisphere where Karl meets his childhood hero who has become a psychopath obsessed with catching a rare bird. It doesn't take long to figure out the past is the past and we need to move on towards the future.

We have not seen the last of Karl and company, no I'm not talking sequel I am talking the inevitable Oscar nominations, and the big DVD promotional release. Pixar struck gold yet again will the streak continue with next year's Toy Story 3?

Night at the Museum 2: Battle of the Smithsonian

*yawn* This movie is like revisiting the same museum twice in a year. The exhibits are the same, but yet the whole wow factor is completly gone. It just becomes boring with nothing new.

Well as the name suggests this mocvie takes place in the Smithsonian, and lo and behold everything comes to life. Yeah this is a different local with mostly new character's but rather then a "who's who" of history this is more of a "who's who" in Hollywood. Seriously this is the real charm to the movie. I think I counted 3 people from the American version of The Office, quite a few SNL alums and current cast. Seth Rogen, Jay Baruchell, Phil Lewis, and I'm sure the list goes on. Let's not forget Darth Vader and Oscar the Grouch make an appearance, one in which the main villain just trash talks them and they go away. I'm pretty sure Vader would have opened up a can of whoop-ass even though he couldn't summon the Force.

Where the first film was gold the sequel lost its' magic. I personally feel this movie was a waste. I'm still glad I saw this over Terminator:Salvation, since I'm current boycotting that film.

Angels & Demons

At long last the sequel to The DaVinci Code, no wait isn't this supposed to be the prequel. I'm confused the books are very clear that the events in Angels and Demons occue before, and yet the movie says it happens after. What's going to happen in the third in the Robert Langdon series by Dan Brown The Lost Symbol? Will it take place during the events of the first one, and when I say first one I mean Angels and Demons, and not The DaVinci Code. The movie chronology be damned.

So as we know this story is more pro-religion as opposed to it's sister movie/novel. The Vatican is in danger and Catholicism is on the verge of being wipped out by one of its' greatest enemies, the Illuminati. Now history shows the Illuminati did exsist and may even continue to be around, and alhough they are pro-science I don't see them attempting to destroy one of the biggest beliefs anytime soon. Yeah the book/movie is fiction encapsolated by mostly true history. Look at the incredible detail depicting conclave. The movie is a historians dream, and alhough they did not actually film in the Vatican the computer replica is magnificant. Worthy of a Renaissance master.

Yeah like all movies of the genre there are lots of changes from the book. The Charlmango personal history is not fully depicted, and his big "sucks to be you" moment at the end is not as shocking as the book. Also the movie has the fourth preferiti survive to become the new Pope, whereas in the novel he dies, and the grand-elector becomes the head of the Church. Some characters were omitted completly such as the Director of CERN who was the one who dragged Langdon into this adventure, as well as the one who uncovered the true mastermind behind the plot.

Although altered, and changed in continuity Angels and Demons is still worth your time and money. It might not be the best film of the summer but it would make the top 15.

Star Trek
Star Trek(2009)

The original Star Trek sucked. There I said it. Growing up I was more exposed to the spin-offs who had a much better cast, stories, and above all effects. To me the original was an outdatted show that would never go away. Yeah I was 9 at the time when The Next Generation hit the small screen, and my opinion on the original still has not changes, until now.

This is probably the best rendition of the Trek franchise to date. This movie completly revamps the entire Trek mythos but also keeps everything else in canon. Yes everything has happened, or will happen (stupid time anomalies), just a few changes in the time stream. One of the biggest complaints from Trekkers is that Kirk is no longer inspire by his father to join Star Fleet (his father watcher with pride as Kirk became captain), not his father dies minutes after his birth -- courtesy of time travelling villain Nero -- and Kirk joins on recommendation of Captain Pike.

The original characters are all back including the orignal Spock, Leonard Nemoy. Frankly it is the characters with foreign accents the really make the movie, Scotty and Chekov. On note I just want to mention how big of an Anton Yelchin fan I am and his portrayal of Chekov just keeps showing this kid is going place. No character is without screen time and they are all thrust together in a rather uncomplex way. To say the cast relies on each other is what makes this movie.

From the origins of the monicker "Bones" for Dr. McCoy, to Sulu's passion for fencing nothing is amiss in this movie. The story is easy to follow and even being a non-Trek fan you can enjoy this movie without knowing a single character. This version is charting a new course but staying well within the boundary lines of continuity. Yes there are previous Trek references, listen to Scotty explain what he did to Admiral Archer's prized beagle.

X-Men Origins - Wolverine

Enter the summer movie season 2009. To open up the festivities we have the highly anticipated prequel X-Men Origins: Wolverine. I'm going to be honest the only reason I gave this movie the ratting I did was purely out of fandom. If it wasn't for that this movie would have gotten a much lower score.

This movie is less story and more of a trove of X-characters who have not made the cut the first three times around. The plot is weak. It clearly borrowed some elements from classic Wolverine stories like "Origin" and "Weapon X" and did some much uneeded add-on. The biggest travesty is Wolverine was never involved in Alpha Flight. Nope sorry they were scrapped for Gambit, who somehow gets a major power upgrade as his comicbook counterpart can release kinetic energy through objects. Although I did enjoy Gambit I did not enjoy how he's pretty much forced into the story. Also I'm a tad disappointment by the treatment of Deadpool (he's never refered to by that name), as he is known as "the merc with a mouth" for a reason, and yet when he get's his upgrade he is clearly left for silence. Since there is talk of him getting a spin-off, hopefully they can redeem the character, if they can come up with a believable reason as to how he survives his predicament at the end of the film. Other chacters with a dominant role are Wraith, Beak, Agent Zero/Maverick, Blob, Silver Fox and Sabertooth. The movie does indeed touch on the Sabertooth/Wolverine relationship but they take it in a totally different and yet still believable direction.

Now if you want to know who else from the X-franchise shows up well I will tell you. Cyclops is in the movie and has a somewhat expanded role then you would expect, making it somewhat his origin movie as well. To keep in continuity with the other films Cyclops and Wolverine never meet face-to-face. We also had the surprise appearance by Emma Frost, who is destined to become the White Queen and one of the Xavier Institutes headmistresses. Also keep your eye peeled for Toad who has a blink and you miss him cameo. The one appearance I was really surprised about almost brought tears to my eyes as you can tell everything is coming full circle. Although many will know who the individual in question is about 5 minutes before they make their cameo. Although I will not say who but I will give you a hint: it is a certain bald headed Star Fleet captain.

Great? No. Fanboy dream? Yes. Will people still see it no matter what the critics say? Definetly. Let's face it this franchise is gold and as per the afforementioned Deadpool movie, Fox has already announced X-Men Origins: Magneto. Xavier's dream will never die.


While watching this movie all I can think about is what Harvey Milk would think of Proposition 8. Fortunetly my home and native land, Canada, is years ahead they U.S. and all I can say to Proposition 8 supporters: Gays are human, and deserve to be treated as such. Deal with it!

I think this movie is very inspiring. Frankly, it could not have come out at a better time.

Although Sean Penn is an ass in reallife he did deserve his Oscar for his portrayal of Harvey Milk. His finest performance to date, and it makes you sand and cheer for the Milk's crusade, and cry when he meets his innevitable demise.

This movie will definetly go down in history as one of the films that help to influence civil rights, or show a perspective of the other side of the coin few of us tend to ignore.

SEE THIS MOVIE! After watching it you'll would hope that Milk's efforts were not in vain.


Here's my impression of what goes on at a Disney conference:
Guy A: Dude I got a really bad script here"
Guy B: How bad?
Guy A: So bad I can use it as toilet paper, but that would rake toilet paper down a level.
Woman A: Well we have to make it, why don't we just take some stars from all our best shows put them in there and problem fixed.
Guy B: Do you think anyone would notice the movie will still suck?

HELL YES!!! This is by far one of the worst made for TV movies Disney has ever put out. The plot was atrocious, and the actting was so bad you can tell the actors did not want to be in the film, except they were contractually obligated. They signed on the Disney dotted line in their own blood now the Mouse forever owns them.

Okay so picture if you will a bunch of best selling kids books about a teen super-spy who uses tricked out dental gadgets to get the job done. This character is so popular that even teachers are psyched to hear book reports on the latest novel. So when the author is abducted -- first by 3 over-zealous fans, and then by 2 antagonist that your crippled grand-mother can beat up -- it is up to his daughter to rescue him, discovering that she was the basis for his main character. Yeah so just picture J.K. Rowling getting kidnapped by some Harry Potter fans, and you get the general idea.

*sigh* Borrrrring. I know Disney is big on the whole sequel thing but if anyone thinks a sequel is a good idea, I hope you get kidnapped by some fans. Don't worry you can probably get away as if you are a fan of this movie you obviously are stupid.

Race to Witch Mountain

It's hard to see how this movie fits into the Witch Mountain legacy. Most call this a remake, and yet evidence suggests that this film could remain in continuity with the other films.

Ok it's hard to believe that 10 years ago Dwayne Johnson was going by the Rock and taking action roles. Now he's doing kid friendly films. Let's not forget he's been popping up on Disney TV shows. Although I was never the wrestling fan I like the new caring fatherly Johnson. His character in this film seems to be an homage to his real life. In the film he originally worked for the mob and now is trying to turn over a new leaf.

So what about the aliens/kids, Seth and Sara? Well if they are a new breed of alien or same species as the original films is never answered. To be frank the original movies played on the mythology of twins but this film never touches the subject. Played by Annasophia Robb and Alexander Ludwig (just a side not I have a $5 bet that Ludwig -- who makes his home in Vancouver -- will show up at my brother's theatre -- located in Vancouver -- on opening weekend as he has been sighted there before) these kids do an incredible job at making you believe they are from another planet. Although their technology is more advanced then our own they play the stranger-in-a-stange-land down to a T.

As villains we have the government who may or may not be the Men in Black. Also there is a bounty hunter on the kids tail to prevent them from succeeding in their mission. This is a far cry from the original greedy millionaire. These villains are much more dark and they meand harm.

So why the intrest in out planet? See aparently their homeworld is near destruction due to atmospheric conditions -- if you say "sounds familiar" one of the leads utters the same line -- their parents have discovered a means to revive their planet on a scientific outpost -- aka Earth. Their parents are imprisoned by the military and insist on invading Earth as a new home, unless the kids can bring back the research. I'm guessing their military is now being run by a recently retired George W. Bush. So yeah they hop into a cab and find a few allies along the way.

So the question remains is this movie even supported by the original cast and crew? I'm going with a big yes. Watch for the original actors who played Tony and Tina to put in a cameo appearance. Watch for them as the waitress Tina and sheriff Anthony? Actually Tina seems to hint she knows more then she let's on, so is it possible this was their fates?

Regardless of what you might think of fate this film talks about it a lot. Arguments about pre-destination theory abound. I'm willing to bet this is not the last we have seen of Seth, and Sarah. They will be back.


Ozymandias had "Bat-Nipples"!!!! Did Joel Schumacher guest-direct?

20 freakin' years have I been waiting for this movie. Yeah I've been waiting longer then many of you have been alive. Finally, we now have the big screen adaptation, and like all his books turned movies author Alan Moore is boycotting and refusing to allow his name on the credits.

This film is about 85% true to the original story. The ending in particular is most noticable, although it does still follow the same elements. Roarchach's backstory is left slightly obscure as they never go into how he got his famous mask. There is also a difference in how Roarchach confronts the pedophile. In the movie he takes a butcher's knife to his head but in the comic he leaves him with a death or life puzzle that would make Jigsaw (from Saw cry in appreciation.

Unless you are totally oblivious you may notice that the characters are parodies of other famous superheroes. The Comedian is a clear knockoff of the Punisher and Captain America; Night-Owl and obvious rip from Batman; Roarchach dresses just like the Question; Silk Spectre is clearly Black Canary with a tad of Wonder Woman; and Doctor Manhattan a blend of Martian Manhunter and Superman.

This is the definitive superhero story. Let's face it if heroes were real this is the world they would live in, and most likely how they would be treated.

THIS IS A MUST SEE. If the 80 year old woman with a walker can come out of this movie saying how great it was, so can you.

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

Yup it is now pretty clear to me I had way to much eggnog this holiday season. I saw this movie on the day it came out and only realized now I have not written a review for it. Boy is the yolk on my face. Ha yolk, egg nog, I crack myself up. Oh wait I just said crack. Ok seriously enough with the poor puns, otherwise I might be forever banned from writting here again.

Guy is born a geezer dies in his 80s as a baby. There you go that sums up the movie. Oh there's a love interest in there as well. As good as this movie was the novella was much better. Is that not usually the case though?

I'm not a huge fan of Brad Pitt but this was one of his better movies. Seeing him age backwards was definetly a rewarding movie going experience. I don't think this has ever been done before. Although seeing a baby as a shrivelled up old man is a little nauseating, we do see that some can view the world through different eyes and accept beauty for what it is.

As we know this did not win Best Picture but I think it should havebeat out the true winner. A original and a mst-see.

Slumdog Millionaire

Wow folks it has been a while. I apologize to my regular readers I have been incredibly busy. So I finally got around to seeing this year's Best Picture Winner. So was is it good, yes. Was it great? No. Was it better then the rest of the crap that came out this year? Yes. So I guess you understand my stance on the 2008 release slate.

Well I think you all know the story by now, if not you have definetly been living in a cave. Here's a basic run down of the movie, poor boy does well on popular game show and gets girl. So are we all up to speed?

Let's face it this movie could have been Americanized a million times over, so why did they set it in India? Probably so the director can get away with doing things that would be taboo in North America and Europe. I'm sure the cops would be on hand for immediate arrests for some of the things done to these East Indian child actors. Outsourcing got to love it.

Yeah I'm going to stand by the Academy's decision of giving this the award it got. I just hope that the coming year will have better movies. Stupid recession make Hollywood go all slumdog.

The Spirit
The Spirit(2008)

Arrrrrrrrgh!!!! What is wrong with the movie industry? Another plop. Can someone out there please in the name of all that is holy do something?

The Spirit has the ability to come back from the dead. I hope that's not a metaphor for a sequel. This movie was trash. Spirit creator Will Eisner is probably rolling in his grave. Frank Miller, I love your work as a comic book writer, but seriously a film writer and director you are not. This movie was just one big comic book. It might have worked well on the printed page, but on celluloid, it is just trash. Also you are historian of the comic genre, you should know that the villain The Octopus is never seen except for his distinctive gloves. Yeah he has a bit of a Dr. Claw thing going for him. Also where was The Spirit's sidekick? Yeah I can understand how a negro teenager named Ebony White could piss some people off, but common at least call him Eb, or E.W. Now my biggest beef if this movie and story take place in the 30's and the characters are dressed as such how is it possible they have cell phones, laptops and the internet? Ugh the headache.

One of the worst comicbook movies ever made. I found my time better spent in front of the urinal in the men's washroom. This was not worth the free pass. It tries to mimic Sin City and 300 but fails misserably.

Yes Man
Yes Man(2008)

Seriously, if you thought this movie was funny you're either new to movies, or a complete idiot. This is nothing more then a similar concept done by the star over a decade ago.

So when was I supposed to laugh? Not once did a meer crack of a smile appear on my face. This movie was nothing more then a Warner Brothers marketing/money making tool. How so? Well Jim Carrey will bring in the audience no matter what kind of atrocity he's made recently. Plus all over the movie are there nods to other Warner Brothers films, Harry Potter, 300, and The Goonies. I guess this economy has hit the film industry so bad that the WB is reduced to finding cheaper means to endorse.

If there's anything that's keeping this movie from getting half a star it is as follows: first the music sung by Zooey Deschannel's character is original and enjoyable. The second the scene where Jim Carrey sings a jumper off the roof was the only highlight of the film.

What is wrong with this holiday season? I have seen nothing but bad film after bad film. Note to writers: The strike is over, you may be back but that's no excuse for your brain to still be on the picket lines.

The Day the Earth Stood Still

Okay so far this Christmas movie season has been atrocious. Not one good movie that makes you say "wow that was $10 well spent". Please for the love of the movie gods see the original version as opposed to this remake.

This movie is just an excuse to take a classic film and redo it with modern actors and modern visual effects. After seeing this I would take a UFO on wire anyday. The actting was not ver y good as well. To be frank why is Jaden Smith even an actor? Do people hope he'll be as talented as his father and bet on a new horse? Jaden's character was such a little brat with no respect for adults. I wonder why no authority figure smacked this kid right over the head. Keanu you played an alien, isn't there like some formidable punishment for the children of your species when they get out of line?

Speaking of getting out of line and smacking people over the head can someone please do that to the procuders of this movie? What were they thinking? If any aliens are watching please note this kind of stupidity is not a reflection on the human race. Oh yeah they beamed this movie into space via signals. Here's hopping the alien race who discovers this don't get scared off. If there is intelligent lifeforms out there please take me with you, I don't want to be associated with a species who destroys classics.

Punisher: War Zone

Wow this movie was crap-tacular. One of the crap-tastic films of the year. I really recommend this crap as opposed to the non-crappy movies playing right now.

My first BIG problem with the movie is that it is dubbed a sequel, BUT, the Punisher's origin story is completly revamped from what was established in the first film. Seriously, did someone just write the next chapter without even looking at the first. Granted the origin is more in line with the comic, but seriously. Also no explanation as to how Frank Castle teamed up with Microchip, a long time sidekick. I was content to finally see Jigsaw as the villain, on which should have been in the first film. He was a morbid figure, as well as psychotic.

If this movie has one redeeming quality it is the brutality and gore. The problem is I'm a pacifist so I do not believe in violence. Although I will admit they did introduce some rather interesting ways of killing a man on screen. Definetly not for the faint of heart. If you could not sit threw the Bride vs. Crazy 88's fight scene in Kill Bill Vol. 1 don't bother checking this out.

This movie is a disappointment. It belongs in the comic book movie flop bin like Catwoman, or Elektra or even Superman 3 and 4. An absolute crime to the genre and character I can only hope Frank Castle comes to take care of these evildoers.


First my apologies to teen girls everywhere and adult women who are in desperate need of loving. The movie sucked. There I said it. Now I will await the millions of angry hate mails sent my way. I say bring it.

Okay we have a vampire, who loves a human girl, has trouble getting intimate, is a "vegetarian" as he does not drink from humans and has an adopted family. Where have I heard this story before? Um Buffy, Angel you guys want to help me out on this one? I sware this was deja vu.

I have not read the books and hate to say the movie is not aspiring me to do so. Yeah I know the traditional book is better then the movie, but I just spent $11 on a ticket to see this, and was left unimpressed, and I'm not spending $50 on a book which has three sequels. Yeah there's the library but I have issues with borrowing used germ infected, defaced materials.

Don't get me started on the whole vampire mythology. The movie contradicts the genre. Frankly, if you want a real vampire story stick to Dracula. If you want werewolves (who apparently appear in the sequel and where only alluded to in this film) go to the zoo to get a familial relattion. If you are a guy I would strongly advise you to go to this movie only if your lady drags you in kicking and screaming.

Quantum of Solace

Did I miss something here? Because this movie still has a lot of answers to fill regarding the whole James Bond franchise. Mind you the questions I have should have been answered in the last film.

This movie picks up where Casino Royale left off, and I hate to say it the movie should NOT be considered Bond canon. Where was the tradition? The opening with James Bond walking on screen then turning around to kill the "audience" was left till the end. Not once did I hear the immortal James Bond theme play during the movie, nor did he ever say the classic line "The name is Bond, James Bond". Let's face it this was not Bond, just another action flick with no storyline, and requires a repeat viewing of the previous film to understand the scope of the film. Not a movie for people jumping into the franchise.

So who's the big bad this time? Well it's some environmentalist who wants to create a drougt in Bolivia by stealing the water. This for some reason will have the United-States backing him up, and oh did I mention for some reason his organization has spies in the CIA, MI6, CSIS and countless other organizations? Seriously what is going on? A 7 year old boy who plans to take over the world using nothing but a piece of tin foil is a better villain. Oh did I mention our movie villain isn't really much of a threat but can fight Bond to a standstill. Let's face it a quadrapeligic can beat this guy in a fight.

So now on to my big pet peeve of the movie as to how this movie fits into the bigger picture. Well if Casino Royale was considered the first Bond outting and Quantum of Solace is part 2 what's going on with continuity. Judi Dench's "M" makes her first appearance in Goldeneye and is introduced as the new boss, so where was she from Dr. No up until License To Kill. Next we have the character of Mathis who is a recurring character in the Bond mythos, and yet he is killed off. My sole explanation is that someone always has to be James Bond and once one is killed or retired someone else takes on the identity. If my theory is true then this should have been explained right off the bat.

For an action flick this was great, but for a Bond film this was of poor calibre. I say this one is perhaps one of the worst Bond movies since Moonraker. Guys will love the action, girls will love Bond, but this fan would rather drink a can of motor oil.

Futurama: The Beast With a Billion Backs

Again nothing but a large episode strung together. Very poor quality and a wate of time. It was episodes like this that made me skip the series from time to time. Yes I liked the show but if I missed an episode it was not the end of the world. Never was a true fan.

Basically this movie deals with the wedding of Amy and Kip, Kip's death caused by Zap Branigans stupidity, Fry searching for love, Bender joining a secret society, and an interdimensional alien who enslaves Earth for the purposes of love.

Yeah for a movie based on the series it is not really original. The first movie was well done, while this one feels rushed. I would avoid it, but if you are a true fan of the show you may enjoy at your leisure.

Futurama: Bender's Big Score

Now this is the Futurama I remember. Much like The Simpsons and Family Guy this movie will go there as it is filled with cultural references that would make a fan boy of any film and television genre run around and do backflips of joy. Do me a favour if I attempt the aforementioned please call 911 and book a reservation.

So this is really just a long episode, but it works. Much better then some cartoon movies this film brings back the humour from the original series. The opening sequence even parodies the first episode of Family Guy when they were brought back from cancellation by poking fun of the higher-ups who made such a poor decision in the beginning.

There's really not mch to go into here except those agravating time paradoxes tend to weaken the plot, but add to it at the same time. To confusing. Still a must see.

Eagle Eye
Eagle Eye(2008)

This movie makes me fear writting this review. I don't know who's out there watching me and coming up with ways to make my life miserable. Oh and fillings are actually radio transmitters. It's a huge conspiracy I tell you.

Okay so this movie is not exactly a conspiracy theory themed adventure but the essence is felt. Imagine one day getting a call and saying you have to do something otherwise you or someone you love may die. Yeah at first you would think it is a joke but then you realize the voice on the other end means business. Next thing you know you are in over your head and the no matter the outcome you may still perish.

Although rather intriguing, I found a few different ways to end the threat or hide from it before it got out of hand and thus saving the world sooner. I suppose the screenwriters need to extend the film by about 50 minutes, otherwise it would be considered a short, anf there goes Best Picture nominee odds. Well actually this one probably won't even be a candidate anyways.

This is your basic decent post-summer filler. Not great, not bad and not a lot of movie goers. Shia Labeouf was just brought on board to attract a movie audience. None of the remain cast really have as larger a fan base. Let's be real without Shia this movie would have been overlooked and would have been out on DVD a few weeks after its' theatrical release.

This movie is a good way to fill the void on a fall afternoon. It brings on found memories of the excting summer film season and the upcoming holiday blitz. I recommend this film, but am not pushing anyone to actually see it.

The Night of the Hunter

A classic thriller of its' day. This film is a must see for the movie geek, but it might not terrify you as much as modern day thriller.

Robert Mitchum is terrifying in his role as a preacher who goes from town to town doing "the Lord's work". In his mind widows need to be put to death. In reality he is only interested in money. When he becomes incarcerated he shares his cell with a man on deathrow who has stolen and hidden about $10k. The wereabouts of the money are unknown to everyone except for his children. This makes them the target for the preacher's greed. When the children realize what he's really after you can feel their fear everytime he sings, and they find escape is almost impossible.

All though this movie was a box office bomb it has become rquired viewing for anybody studying film. Robert Mitchum's character has even been elevated to the status of one of the best on screen villains of all-time as per the American Film Institute. This film has even established itself in our popular culture without people realizing. Many people are familiar with the words "love" and "hate" tattooed on each knuckle, but few can say where the idea originated.

The film leaves its mark after viewing by causing the debate of who in reality is the better Christian? Although the answer is simplistic this is one you should solve for yourself.

Charlie Bartlett

There is one lesson to take from this movie: ?it is that it is one thing to be popular but what you do with it is what matters?. An inspirational message and one who's words really struck home.

Mostly overlooked this teen movie did not hit most markets; likely, because the competition in this genre at the time of release was Juno. Although not as great, Charlie Bartlett is by far one of the better movies about the teenager versus the high school social hierarchy. The concept is original; a wealthy teen who has been kicked out of every private school must attend a public institution where in his latest scheme becomes unlicensed psychiatrist seeing patients (men and women) from the stalls of the men?s room. In order to get the medication his ?patients? require crave he goes to the various psychiatrist on his mom's speed dial and reinterprets their symptoms as his own. His actions consequently make him a dealer, but one who gets you what you need as opposed to what you want. This means he is bound to run afoul with the principal, who is already not content with Charlie's previously established track record and that he is dating his teenaged daughter.

Anton Yelchin is the best teen actor out there, which should go undisputed. I have seen his work in Alpha Dog and Fierce People and this kid is going places (he's already playing the young Chekov in the upcoming Star Trek and the young Kyle Reese in Terminator: Salvation) as he is not scared to take his acting to the next level. He is the one to keep your eye on, he has skill.

If Yelchin did not wow me, then I would have to add in the Robert Downey Jr. factor. This was his last role before he dawned the iron amour. His acting demeanor is serious, as it is humorous. An actor of his generation whom with every film he makes he gains more fans.

Without reading the credits it was obvious this movie was filmed in Canada, as half the cast of Degrassi: the Next Generation make an appearance. This should not undermine the movie's quality. The film has heart and charisma and should be considered this generation's Ferris Buller.

The Dark Knight

"If I were to have an origin I would want it to be multiple choice" -- The Joker (from the graphic novel Batman: The Killing Joke). The most revered line uttered by the Joker that allowed the reader to delve into his insane mind. The movie makes use of the quote as the Clown Prince of Crime can never keep his origin true. This demonstrates how well researched the movie?s writers were to the source material. By staying true to the mythos they created not only a terrific sequel but a fan boy?s dream film.

Shrouded in secrecy since production, comic book/movie nerds and ferds have been clamoring for any hint to the movie?s plot. The internet had been bombarded with theories particularly if we see Harvey Dent as Two-Face, or the fate of the Joker. Rumors occurred more so with the latter because of Heath Ledger?s death. The answers to these questions are revealed by film?s end; and since I am so evil I will not tell you the answers. MWAHAHAHAH! Bring on the Batman. Our protagonist is continually evolving into the hero he is destined to become and has learned his decision has changed Gotham City forever. Gotham is no longer run by the mafia but now by the ?freaks?. Gone are Carmine Falcone and his mob and enter the new breed of criminal, which include: Joker, Two-Face, and Scarecrow (yes the latter does appear in the movie but that's all the spoilers I am giving away). Bruce Wayne will have to adapt to the changing environment and rely on his allies: Alfred, Rachel, Lucius and Commissioner Gordon. Dick Grayson (the boy who will be Robin) has yet to be introduced, but you do meet a five year old Barbara Gordon, who will grow up to become Batgirl.

Expect a lot of twist and turns as the Joker is a brilliant criminal mastermind ? despite his insanity. Everyone is expendable to him as he kills without mercy. Heath Ledger?s portrayal of the character is by far the best, putting Jack Nicholson and Caser Romero to shame. When watching Heath perform I believed he was the Joker, leaving no clue to his true self. Michael Caine's exclamation that Heath deserves an Oscar for his performance is accurate and welcome as this is his best work. As this was his last role many non-comic book aficionados are going to see this movie, while being introduced to a world others have known for over 35 years.

The Dark Knight is undisputedly the best Batman movie to date. It is dark and edgy. It is difficult to tell where the filmmakers will take the franchise next, but with their excellent treatment of the story and characters we need them to work their magic on more Bat-villains. In particular the ones who have yet to make it to the big screen.

Hellboy II: The Golden Army (Hellboy 2)

Seriously I think Guillermo Del Toro has a thing for creating original creatures who do not have eyes on their face, but somewhere else on their anatomy. Regardless of that he is still the undisputed master of creating a visually stunning world.

In this second installment Hellboy finds himself conflicted between two worlds and the war that one world wants to start. Hellboy's supporting cast returns with a new member of the B.P.R.D., who is by far one of the more creative characters ever created in movies or comics.

Still like many sequels this film can't top the first, and the characters all remain the same with only a few steps in their development.

We can definetly expect a triology as the prophecy surrounding Hellboy has still not been fullfilled, and I'm okay with a third movie in the franshise so long as they end it at that point. This is a good character and any overdue exposure would be a negative, in the same capacity as how the public finally learn Hellboy is real in this film.


There is so much love in this movie. There is love in the story, the context and in how much work was put into creating this movie. Plus you fall in love with the characters even though they are machines.

By far one of the BEST Pixar movies to date. I found it much more enjoyable then Finding Nemo. This movie is on par with Toy Story, but only loses out to that flick because it was the first of its' kind and was a magical ride for everyone. But don't get me wrong WALL*E is by far a magical adventure. It is a wonder of technology in terms of the characters themselves and the computers used to make this movie.

WALL*E is something big, and will stand the test of time. It is enjoyable for adults and children (but please if you take your kids teach them theatre ettiquet and they should remain quiet during the film, otherwise don't bring them or wait till they are older). WALL*E is a lovable character that will definetly be Disney's big merchandise gimmick for a long time coming. If WALL*E has any rival it would be that in his co-star EVE, a robot with a unique personality all her own. I just was astounded at how two machines could find love in each other, and be more human then the humans of this movie. Definetly a character study.

This film has so much beauty even in the scenes where there are piles of garbage. There are two moments that really brought this movie full circle and appreciated it for what it is worth. The first is when WALL*E and EVE are in space and are just doing nothing but playing around. The simple symphony in movement and the pure innocence of the two is not only heart-warming but memorable. The second had to be the closing credits. You may ask "so what's so great about that?" Well the closing credits were designed in such a way that it shows the evolution of the artistic form from Egyptian hyerogliphics, to the styles of Monet, right up to computer gaming in the late 1980s. This just goes to show how far we have come, and how art has evolved from simple drawings on walls to designs on a computer. It puts things into perspective.

So yes go see WALL*E. If you don't see it for the movie (and if this is true what is wrong with you?), do go and see it for the animated short at the begining of the film entitled Presto!, another stroke of genius by itself. Pixar has raised the bar with this movie one hopes their next installment could top it.

Get Smart
Get Smart(2008)

Yes the shoe phone is in it and it is used. There that answers the number one question everyone has been asking about this movie.

All I can say is this is a great TV adaptation, actually it is probably one of the best in a long while. They stayed true to the original, by keeping original props, ideas and consepts and adapting them where need for the 21st century. In otherwords they do not go overboard. It was a fine mix.

I think everyone was pleased with Steve Carrell in the role of Maxwell Smart ever since the first trailer came out almost a year ago. He's got the demeanor, and can certainly convince you he is a younger living Don Adams. I know Don is up there smiling somewhere, knowing his legacy is in good hands.

I had trouble swaloowing the idea of Anne Hathaway as agent 99. She just could not hit that same note that Steve Carrell did.

The only other problem I ha with the film was I was able to figure out who Siegrfried's boss and mastermind was well into the movie. When the individual was revealed there really was no surprise.

Frankly I enjoyed everything except the aformentioned in this film. The classic one liners do appear. Classic supporting characters make cameos like Fang, Himey, and Agent 16 (although it would have been nice to see the latter in more then one hiding places). Even the tech like as I previously said the shoephone, cone of silence, the original car and suit used by Don Adams are all there.

Get Smart was an amazing TV series and this movie should make the fans content. I told my parents what I thought and they put their worries aside and are now going to see it. Mind you my mom's sole worry was if the shoephone would be in it....

Camp Rock
Camp Rock(2008)

So at work we were teasing my colleague Malcolm (aged 23) on how hypped he was going to be to see this movie tonight, and that he would sing Jonas Brother songs in anticipation. When I go back to work on Monday I look forward to hearing him rave about it, well actually I look forward to seeing his reaction when he finds out I covered his desk and chair in photos of the Jonas Brothers. Kodak moment waiting to happen.

As you know I study popular culture so yes this would be required viewing as the Jonas Brothers are one of the biggest acts right now. We got girls drooling over them and boys dubbing them "gay". Yep this happens with every boy band. One thing I will say is from what I know of the trio is they are by far one of the cleanest bands out there both on and off stage. Their parents did a good job.

The movie was okay, but not great. It had its' moments but it won't amount to Disney classic status. Maybe a cult following but even that is unlikely. This is Disney's answer to Step Up and the reality show sensation, but kept at a strictly preteen oriented audience. The first major clue is when the news reports teen heartthrob Shane Gray stormed out of his recording session, even doubing it a "scandal", and he has to be punished by teaching at a camp for rock star hopefuls. I think Disney needs to look up the word "scandal", because storming out of a recording session is not a scandal. A scandal would be just about anything Britany Spears does these days. I mean common for that he is labelled "a bad boy". Guess Disney wants to teach proper manners.

My next problem with this movie is that it is considered a Jonas Brothers film. I mean look at the poster all three Jonas Brothers are present, and yet during the film 2/3 of them only accumulate about 10 minutes of screen time. Some of the extras were seen more, and the supporting cast has more of a reason to be top billed then these two.

On the positive if you are looking for a movie that contains modern dance including Hip Hop, Rap etc... Then this film is for you. A lot of the girls were really hot as well.

If you can stomach boy bands, and latest trends then see the movie. If you feel it is not worth your time then I agree keep moving, but parents be warned like them or not expect buy/rent this movie for your kids when it comes out on DVD.

The Incredible Hulk

The better the Hulk movie is the happier Jason is. Yes this is much better then Ang Lee's version as it is a little more true to the character and the mythology.

So if you don't know the story by now, you are clearly a dumbass. Everyone should go into this movie with who the Hulk is and how and why Bruce Banner turns into the brute. This is one of those pieces of comicbook folklore everyone knows.

The story is very true to the Hulk in all his incarnations. Yes Betty Ross is there as is her father. Rick Jones is still AWOL though. New to the franchise -- which hint at sequels -- are Dr. Sampson a therapist, and current beau of Betty Ross (he has a big role in the comic so expect to see him as an emerging character next time around). Dr. Stern, a geneticist who tries to help cure Banner (pay very close attention to his head after he is struck to the grown by the Abomination, note the swelling, and can you say "the Leader is coming"?). Finally we have Emile Blonsky a soldier who will do whatever it takes to take the Hulk down even if it means irriadiating himself with Gamma Mutation and turning himself into the villain of the flick, the Abomination.

This film will make many fanboys as giddy as a school girl. Stan Lee makes his traditional cameo, but Lou Ferringnio (he played the Hulk on the TV series) makes an appearance as a security guard. There are three things in this film that make one want to have a geekasm. First is the constant mention of the Super-Soldier serum, and the effort to recreate it. As any nerd or ferd knows that's the formula used to turn Steve Rogers in Captain America. Second, are subtle reference to both Stark Industries and S.H.I.E.L.D. --which were prominant in Iron Man -- including e-mails from Nick Fury and logos from both entities. Thirdly, Robert Downey Jr. does indeed reprise his role as Tony Stark. He pops up at the very end just before the credits role. This scene is also a direct bridge to the added scene with Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury at the end of Iron Man.

If there is one thing that left me disappointed with the film it is that the "extra" scene at the end of the credits was cut out. The scene was supposed to have Dr. Banner roam the Artic in search of peace and he passes by (without noticing) Captain America frozen in the ice. Although it is clear Marvel and Paramount are heading towards an Avengers movie, it would have been nice to have seen this, but I guess putting Tony Stark in was enough. Although the director did say it will be on the DVD as an Easter Egg. Damn now this movie made me as giddy as a school girl, and the Hulk is not one of my favorite characters.

You Don't Mess With the Zohan

Serioudly I am going to mess with the Zohan, because this movie blows, more then a hairdryer. This is not one of Adam Sandler's bests but sadly it is in my top 10 films made starring said celebrity.

So you know what this film is about, Adam Sandler plays Zohan an Israeli counter-terrorist who comes to America with the dream of being a hairstylist. The plot description actually sounds a lot better then the final result.

As you can guess the movie picks on both Israeli and Palestinian stereotypes, but people might not think any differently as Adam Sandler is Jewish and therefore is allowed to make fun of his culture (hey it worked for Borat). It was this film and Mike Myer's upcoming The Love Guru that had me worried at being the most offensive movie of the year. Zohan can scarcely get away with it though.

Let me talk about his supporting cast for a second. 90% of them have no purpose being in the movie as they just show up and stand there leave for a half hour and repeat said performance. I guess they needed filler to keep this movie at a respectable runtime.

Can someone please tell me what the point was of having Zohan become a limodriver for all but one scene. He was already employed, and driving Henry Winkler to his destination like a maniac served no purpose.

Last I want to talk about the villain, or Zohan's Palestinian rival. Can someone please explain to me how a known terrorist, who post videos of himself on YouTube with the words "Death To America" appearing near the end of said video, can just walk into the United-States and be the guest of honour at a sporting event without either the Israeli or American governments realizing? Plus at the end he finds employment as a shoesalesman. Seriously did someone fall asleep in the government. Let's hope this is not a case of art immitating life.

Boring and dull, I suggest avoiding this movie at all cost. Despite my warnings this is going to be a box office success cause teenagers love Adam Sandler's antics. You can bet he wins another Teen Choice Award for this movie.

The Dark Crystal

I finally got around to seeing this classic film. The story was good but I felt like Jim Henson was trying to say "hey look what I can do!"

I found this movie to be one of the definitive tales of good versuses evil, and how that balance must remain. I enjoyed how when one of the evil characters die, their direct opposite on the side of good must die as well, and vice versa.

Since this is a kids movie and by all rights and definitions the characters are Muppets (although Muppets that give you nightmares), it has a very strong message of how oppression and genoicide are wrong. There are a lot of echoes from the Exodus, and to past events in human history.

If this film has a flaw it is that it is too reliant on puppetry. The heroic duo of the Gelflings could hav easily been portrayed by human actors under heavy makeup to give a more realistic effect. Since they did not go that route our heroes look emotionless and unlively and that just took the movie down a notch.

Considering the era the movie was made in it has a lot going for it, and the flaws were completly avoidable. I do recommend one see this movie at some point, the story is original and entertaining.

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

Yup another 5 star rating. It gets the perfect score because it stayed very true to the myth and legeng of the crystal skull. Everything I saw on screen, I've researched and read, and was well impressed with accuracy.

Yes our favorite adventurer/archaeologist is back, and he is showing his age, but as they say with age comes wisdom. As the title suggests our hero is involved with the mythical and very real crystal skulls. Set during the Cold War, the US is suspecting just about everyone as a communist. Guess who they start pointing fingers at? With the help of young motorcycle/greaser named Mutt, Indy journeys to Peru to find an old colleague, and encounters and old flame. Instead of Nazis and Thugee cults we get the Soviets, led by Dr. Spalko who is a psychic. Many people may find the psychic concept stupid but the Russians did indeed experiment with ESP in this era.

So not to ruin the film but instead of the paranormal like the wrath of G-d, we find it is more extra-terrestrial/universal. As many know this is not the first time Indy has dealt with E.T.s. A hyerogliph in the first film shows a pic of C-3PO and R2-D2. Equally in a comicbook Indy and Short-Round discover a crashed spaceship and rumours abound of Sasquatch. As it turns out the spaceship was the Millenium Falcon, and Sasquatch was Chewbacca, who was protecting the corpse of Han Solo (occurs in Star Wars Tales #18). Ok now back to the film.

Like I said I did not find one flaw regarding the crystal skull. They even mention the Mitchell-Hedges skull in the film. Mitchell and Hedges were Canadian archaeologist who found the world famous skull on a dig. Years later the grand-daughter who was living in Toronto donated the skull to the British Museum. Indy mentions this in passing.

I don't want to talk too much about the film cause I will start giving away more spoilers then I intend, but I can say Indy is still the definative adventure/treasure hunter in the film genre. Forget those rip-offs like National Treasure, Dr. Jones is where it is at.

On a side note I want to take a step back a year when I posted the first official photo of the movie and one Flixsterite accused me of posting a fraud cause she didn't believe that was Shia LaBeouf on a motorcycle. She even went as far as calling me a "wanker". Well all I can say to her is "who's laughing now b***h?"

The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian

I don't care what Aslan says you are never to old to go back to Narnia. I'm glad to have viewed this new fantastic journey, and beg the producers to hurry with the next installments.

Honestly, Prince Caspian was the least filmable of all the books, and the story in terms of turning it into a film and surpassing the first would have been incredibly difficult to pull off. Yet pull it off they did. Yes there were tweaks and changes, but they were welcomed, as this version surpasses the first film, and has a much darker tone.

We all know that Narnia seems to have difficulty adjusting their time to ours, so yes centuries have passed since the kids have had their adventures, which many a Narnian believe to be a mere myth/fairytale. Narnia has been overrun by the Telmarine army -- a group of humans that seem to live by backstabbing and misleading one another -- who invade shortly after the children returned to our world after the first story. Lord Miraz seeks the throne for himself and has even killed his brother the true king in an attempt usurp the throne. When he views his nephew Prince Caspian as no longer needed he makes another attempt a regicide. Caspian flees, and meets the Narnians of myth, but not before blowing the ancient horn held by Susan which summons the Pevensie children -- and Aslan -- back to Narnia.

The character development of the story was really well handled in particular that of Peter. Peter has had issues in the real world as he is no longer a king and no longer has the ability to command others. In reality he has been a king longer then an ordinary human boy and that causes a severe moral dilemma. You begin to take notice of this when he clashes with Caspian. Susan the character I have always hatted, is more involved in the battle, then she has ever been portrayed in anyother media. Frankly, she can even hold her own in combat. She even begins to fall in love with Caspian, but they both know that love can never be as she quips near the end "well for one I'm 1300 years older then you". As for Edmond and Lucy, their characters frankly haven't really changed much since the first film, although Edmond does have a larger faith in Aslan, and is the first to believe Lucy when she claims to see him. So what of the Jesus allegory lion also known as Aslan? Well he's around but doesn't really put in a full appearance until the end.

New characters include the titular prince who ralies the Narnians and wants to reclaim what is rightfully his by bringing Narnia and Telmar to peace. We meet a lot of new Narnians this time around but it is Reepicheep the mouse who steals the show. Hilarious, and courageous this is one mouse you want at your side, just don't call him cute. He plays a huge role in the next film which is why he is worth mentioning.

So I think you can guess I liked this film, and was really surprised they were able to make this movie work better then the first. Many fans like myself will be saddened that this is Peter and Susan's last time to these magical lands (although if you read the books and considering they are making these films in order of shich they are written, there is a loophole, moreso for Peter), but we all know the adventure will continue for Lucy, Edmond, Caspian, and Reepicheep. Alas the next installment is The Voyage of the "Dawn" Treader and that is my least favorite in the series (also the only book that doesn't have a big bad), however if the magic done to Prince Caspian was any indication I may not need to worry too much.

Speed Racer
Speed Racer(2008)

If you suffer from epilepsy or are prone to seizures do not see this movie. If you are an anime fan or suffer from naustalgia, see this movie at your discretion.

I'll be honest I never watched the cartoon when I was younger, but I had high hopes for this movie. My hopes were shattered. This movie was not all that it was cracked up to be. The buzz around this movie is that it was going to reinvent the wheel for the automobile genre, and yes the effects were cool and all but I was unimpressed with what I saw.

The movie centers around capitalist corporations versus the small independant businessman. Although this is meant as a family film, the movie uses business as it's general plot. No kid understands how the stockmarket works, let alone what a share is, so how can you make that the motive? The message that money is bad goes mute to the undereducated, making the main villain nothing more then a man using big words. The hero does get more cheers from this audience, I mean common he's doing cool tricks in a car.

The characters are modernized but from what I see and know of the cartoon still have the same style and personality. I liked the character of Racer X, but anyone with half a brain could figure out who's under the mask, even when they try to throw a curveball.

I think you're better off watching the old cartoons, then seeing this movie. The film is going to fizzle out quickly compared to this summer's competition.

Iron Man
Iron Man(2008)

Now this is how a comic book movie should be done. Take the initial origin, update where needed, and cast actors who are exactly like the characters they will portray that they don't even have to act.

Iron Man was magnificantly done and enjoyable from begining to end. The humour was used at appropriate times and does go too off the deep end. The movie was made to the point where it felt like you were watching a live action comic. I know I'm repeating myself but this is what the genre should be. There might be some nay-sayers out there who would be upset the origin was updated, but common in the comic Tony Stark was kidnapped during the Viet Nam war. Moving the kidnapping to modern day Afghanistan makes a lot more sense.

Like all other comic book movies there are nods to the source material. Such an example would be Rhodes' inspiration to wear the armour, which is an allusion to his future career as the armoured hero War Machine. Also as in many Marvel movies Stan Lee does indeed make his traditional appearance.

If there was anything that would have annoyed fans it's twofold. First, Jarvis is a computer and not a butler. In the comics Jarvis is to Tony Stark like Alfred is to Brce Wayne. Imagine what fans would do if Alfred was replaced by a computer? The second was the "absense" of long time Iron Man villain the Mandarin, however is it possible the Afghan terrorist who led the kidnap attempt on Stark be the Mandarin in future installments? It is possible as he becomes the sole survivor of the terrorists, and he is always playing with the ring on his finger. As any Iron Man fan knows the Mandarin gets his powers from magic rings. That only the sequel will tell.

So is there going to be a sequel or spin-off? All I can say is STAY THROUGH THE CREDITS. There is an extra scene with a surprise guest star, which will definetly answer that question. Fortunetly I don't have to wait long to see Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark as he does make an appearance in The Incredible Hulk, but after that we all have to wait a few years for our Iron Man fix.


For a Disney TV Movie this was surprisingly really good. I was actually amazed they pulled this off. Usually Disney makes their TV movies with the same basic formula, attempting to leave you warm and fuzzy inside. For some reason this was different.

A time travel movie this is, but it differs with the advent of going back no further then 48 hours, for no more then 10 minutes at the risk of explosion. As they soon discover due to their age legalized gambling is out of the question, so they use their technology to become masked heroes who save their classmates from embarrasment. Known on campus as "The Snowsuit Guys" (but they prefer "The Minutemen"), and those they save quickly become popular by their peers. Of course not everyone shares their views on these masked heroes as the vice-princpial is out to catch and expose them, and many government agencies quickly take notice to something unusual occuring at the High School.

So why are they running around in snowsuits? Well if previous time travel movies (Back To The Future)have taught us anything, the time travel vortex is cold. That's what I also like about this movie rather then ripping off movies from this genre, there numerous nods and references from its predecessors, for example the kids start a Back To The Future fan club, and the school dance has a 50's theme, as well a pet is named Albert Felinestein. Hey it's Disney you have to get cute somewhere.

So how do three teenagers have a time machine? Well one of them is a 14 year-old supergenius. Hey it's not far fetched we have 12 year old getting their PHd in the real world.

Well plotted, no obvious holes I can find (but this is a movie about time travel so there is to be a few inevitable paradoxes), characters were enjoyable, and salutes to films of the same genre. This is one Disney film I strongly recommend, also they left the film open for a sequel, which I hope gets made.

88 Minutes
88 Minutes(2008)

One of the first questions you are going to ask: Is 88 Minutes really 88 minutes long? No it is substantially longer, but the aformentioned time period does take place in real-time.

This was a good thriller/mystery. The big question is who is behind the threats. Does the individual incarserated years prior (who is the focal point of the story), trully innocent and the real culprit is still at large? Is it a copycat? Who is it? That's the questions that are out there when watching this movie, and one can't loose focus as you are trying to piece the mystery together. Yes there are red-herrings, but the clues do indeed add up.

If this is your kind of film I recommend this movie. I would advise seeing it now as it is going to be drownes out in the coming weeks by the summer blockbuster season, and forgotten about.

Prom Night
Prom Night(2008)

I'm going to be clear on this, my prom was better. Yes most of the attendees including myself got food poisoning, and the night was cut short, but still my prom was better.

Horrible acting with traditional horror movie "suspense". Yup that's right no one thinks in these movies and everyone is shocked when someone is killed. Can someone please create a thriller where the killer is stupid and not the intended victim, and then we will talk about great movie making.

Attrociously bad on all levels, and too many questions, which allow for the deadly plot-holes. The characters you want killed off aren't, and the characters you may enjoy suffer. This movie just gives the prom a bad name.

Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus: Best of Both Worlds Concert Tour

I only watched 10 minutes of this movie. No I had no real desire to see it, and after watching the 10 minutes I still don't want to. So why did I even go in? Well a manager who I'm friends with at a local movie theatre was so excited about the technology he wanted to show it off, gave me the glasses and explained the mechanics behind the projector. I liked what I saw.

Yes I have seen movies in digital presentation before, as well as in digital 3D. However this movie is starting the revolution towards the digital realm. Example, when this movie opened in Canada on February 1 only 6 cinemas had the technology accross the country. Since it was Hannah Montana, and parents will do anything to please their kids at the expense of others, there was nothing but complaints (my brother is a manager of a theatre so he got his share of an earful). Because of this movie movie theatre companies had to rush ahead of schedule and buy at least one Digital projector for each megaplex in each market. I live in VIctoria, BC and out of the four big movie theatres none of them had this technology now half of them do.

Because of Hannah Montana with a little help from the Jonas Brothers the movie industry is finally moving towards the future, of clear digital images and the bonus of 3D in some case. Hannah Montana has achieved in a month what George Lucas, Steven Spielberg and Francis Ford Coppolla have been pushing for in the past 5 years. This movie is the start of a revolution and because of that you should see at least a snipet of it.

Superhero Movie

One of the better parody movies, but just can't amount to classic status. So much potential and it just can't seem to live up it.

The movie is about superheroes, but focuses on one in particular, Dragonfly. Dragonfly's origins are hilarious parallel to that of Spider-man's. This movie mirrors the first movie and only the first movie and that's where the problem lies. The only time it goes off course is to introduce the X-men, and have a partial origin scene similar to Batman's. Story is not original but the jokes are. They hardly used any toilet humour which is a plus in my book as I can't stand those gags.

So where does the movie fall short? Well for starters it's obvious the sets were fake as you can tell the brick walls were made of rubber when a crook's head is bashed into it repeatedlly. Plus all the other superheroes barely show up at all. Professor X contacts our hero, convinces him he needs training and then vanishes completly. Plus they barely tapped the super-hero well. Half the Fantastic Four were missing and where were the other nods to super-hero movies like Hulk, Punisher, Daredevil, Ghost Rider or Superman?

Laughs yes. Plot no. I recommend this movie if you need a chuckle from life, but otherwise there's no point in seeing it.


Great but I've seen better. In reality it is hard to show the atrocities of war on the big screen. Yeah seeing it is one thing, but living it is another. If you want a war movie to impress you need to feel it, make me feel like my life is in danger as well as those around me. No easy feat.

War does make monsters of us all, and as the tagline of the film suggests we lose are our innocence first. As a pacifist I am against the use of violence, except in self-defense, and after watching this movie I'm glad I made that choice. The Viet-Nam war was sensless as it was pointless, and the true enemies were not the Communist, or the Viet Kong, but rather ourselves.

The film sends a message we are the problem and the solution. War makes monsters of us all, and sometimes we should just sit back and let things be. Viet Nam as a prime example.

Filled with an allstar cast, with great acting and great visuals. Platoon will stand the test of time as one of those movies that is a must see, and should be studied and analyzed in the classroom.

The Spiderwick Chronicles

Yet another example of why the book is better then the movie. The movie does stand on its own, but for those of us who have read the books we might be disappointed.

The movie is based on 5 books, and to demonstrate here is how true the movie is to each book:

Book 1: 90% accurate
Book 2: 50%
Book 3: 10%
Book 4: 0%
Book 5: 15%

Had they followed the storyline as per the literature this movie might have been better. Yet they still manage to attract the young crowd. Did anyone else notice how Thimbletack turns into a Shrek look-a-like when he gets angry? Let's not forget the whole ideaology of getting angry and turning into a big green brute. I hope no one from Marvel Comics caught on to that.

If anything the one thing they did rather exceptionally was use Freddie Highmore in the dual role of Jared and Simon. Although this demonstrates Freddie's acting ability as well as how memsmerizing the special effects were, one wonders why they didn't use real twin boys like Cole and Dylan Sprouse? Frankly they alone can draw a much larger audience. Plus it might have been cheaper.

I might have given this movie a better rating had I not read the books first. Still I would have liked to have seen the elves and trolls, or even Jared "threaten" the little kid with knife (although I can understand why they left that last one out). Sadly, this film for me could not live up to the hype.


I found this film quite enjoyable. I can see why others feel it is a bad movie, but after weighing the pros and cons there was more going for this film then against it.

An interesting premise of discovering you have the ability to transport anywhere in the world, you can do almost anything. Still even the powerful need to be policed. As we see early in the film robbing a bank without opening a door is more then possible for anyone with these abilities.

If there is a flaw there needs to be more of a backstory between the "jumpers" and the "paladins". Why do the Paladins believe that killing Jumpers is necessary? They've been doing it for centuries, and how did this organization get to be so powerful and who is funding them? This is probably why people didn't like the movie. Okay Hayden Chrsitensen isn't much of an actor, but still.

The story is original and entertaining. Never before have I seen this as a focus of a film (Nightcrawler from X-Men not withstanding). If you like this kind of genre then I would recommend the movie.


To ne honest I just don't understand the hype for this movie. Yes she's hot, yes the action sequences were well done, but everything else was horrid.

So it seems vampires and lycans have been at odds for centuries. Interesting idea. I guess this will be the monster equivalent of race relations. See a werwolf kill it, see a vampire kill it. Why don't they just sit down and talk and work out their differences? Well the movie would go downhill even faster.

The story wasn't all that great, as the plot just wasn't going anywhere. Frankly I had to pause this film and come back to it another day. As a fan of the vampire mythos this just does not fit in.

If you want to watch a good monster or action movie there are lots of others to choose from. I would advise Underworld as a last resort.

Anchorman - The Legend Of Ron Burgundy

So I finally got to see this movie and I hate to say it but it was not one of Will Ferrell's best. It was good just not great.

If this film had one thing going for it, it would be the countless cameoes byt other celebrities but beyond that there was not as many laughs as I anticipated. Some of the jokes were overused and just not funny. Frankly I think Steve Carell got more giggles from me then Will Ferrell.

I don't know why I'm not feeling this movie, others consider it a classic comedy, but I'm just not on the same wavelength. Maybe I'm not apart of the audience that this film is geared towards.

Frankly if you want to watch a funny anchorman I suggest you watch Tom Tucker from Family Guy. Sorry Will I wasn't impressed this time around.

Fierce People

Yay I finally got to see this movie!!! Praise the Victoria Film Festival for showing it as their premier movie. Plus I got to sit next to Donald Sutherland's stand-in. We had a great conversation about movies.

I have been waiting a long time to see this movie, and it was well worth the wait (and no the fact it was filmed in Victoria where I live had nothing to do with it). It's upsetting this film did not have a wide release. The story was original and well thought out. The rape scene by itself is disturbing and well paced.

The film's premise is about a young man who dreams of visiting his dad in South America on an anthropological study. Circumstances change and he and his mother end up living with a wealthy socialite. What he discovers is the South American tribe and the world of the wealthy are not all that different.

I will say this Anton Yelchin the young star of this movie is going to go places. Keep your eye on him. How he handles being raped is exactly what you would expect of a rape victim. He's an outstanding actor, look at Alpha Dog as an example. I'm sure his upcoming performances in Charlie Bartlett and Star Trek will be just as entertaining.

I highly recommend you see this movie, if it ever does get a wide release. If not the day it hits the DVD rack either rent it or buy it. It's well worth the two hours of entertainment.

There Will Be Blood

The epic war of capitalism versus religion. The saga continues.

There Will Be Blood is a masterpiece on modern filmaking. There's not much that can be said that puts this film down, except the first twenty minutes have no dialogue. The film chronicles the rise of a turn of the twentieth century oil baron, and how his rise to power and prominence influences not only himself but those around him. The story is long, but entertaining.

Usually I don't review sound effects and the score, but not only where they different, it suited the movie perfectly. I don't think I have heard anything as original in a longtime.

The biggest plus of the film is the acting by both Daniel Day-Lewis and Paul Dano. These are award winning performances, and should not be overlooked. Paul Dano i due for some much needed recognition by his peers and this film should do it for him.

Frankly, I don't know of any reason why one would hate this movie. Brilliant and thought provoking. It is a rich entertaining experience.


Ah the trials and tribulations of being a teenager. This movie feels like it is right out of an episode of Degrassi. A brilliant indepandent film, and a must see. If you hated this movie I question your right to exsist.

The movie is about a young girl named Juno -- named after the god and not the city -- who discovers she is pregnant. After contemplating her options, and after telling her parents, she decides to give her unborn child up for adoption. What she discovers is the perfect family may be more disfunctional then her own, and learns there is value to any life.

Hilarious, and well plotted with phenomenal actting by the entire cast. Juno was a film that had me hunched forward and smiling the entire time. Taking a bathroom break during the movie was my biggest regret. This movie is one of the quintessenital reasons why independant films are much better then mainstray. I really recommend you check it out.

Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem (AVP 2)

Seriously, who the hell beings a three year old into a movie such as this, and then acts surprised when the kid starts crying? Why would you traumatize him? The Aliens and the Predator are scary enough, but you want him to have nightmares of poorly done movies? I spit on your awful parenting. This is why I'm a firm believer of parents being required to have a license.

Okay enough of my views that will never see the light of day. This movie was horrible. I pretty much knew it was going to be bad from the start, but I needed to kill time. Yes pun intended.

So yeah you know the story there are Aliens and there are Predators. The second amalgam of two popular franchises. Hey let's take it one step further let's create an Alien/Predator hybrid and now we can officially say these two frnachises are now one.

This film also stars a bunch of nobodies, so you almost don't care what happens to them. Yet a lot of nobodies have gotten there start in slasher films, Johnny Depp and Kevin Bacon anyone?

If there's one thing going for this movie is that anyone could be a victim, even little children. Most "horror" movies never take advantage of killing off the most innocent of creatures. Few very come to mind. I mean putting a child in harm's way is a sad thing. For my views on that please re-read the begining of this review.

Charlie Wilson's War

To understand the world in which we live in today see this movie. This movie shows how the U.S. helpped the Afghan people, and caused the ripple effect for the current world crisis. If there was a lesson to be learned is the U.S. should have kept listening to Charlie Wilson.

A congressman who know one has heard of manages to turn the U.S's attention to one of the greatest atrocities of in world history. When the Soviet Union invades Afghanistan and hopes to "introduce" the belief of communism, the United-States sat back and did nothing but produce antiquated weapons. While the soviets were injuring children rapping women, it was Charlie Wilson who under the pressure of wealthy socialite Joanne Herring who saw the plight of these people. With the help of the CIA, they began a covert movement for change.

Beautifully scirpted and wonderfully actted. This film is a must see. I will admit I passed this movie over a few times, but that was a mistake I wish I never made. Charlie Wilson was a true American hero, and encompassed everything the United-States stood for. It's a shame the current government did not learn from the past mistakes. The U.S. needs a new Charlie Wilson!

The Monster Squad

This movie answers the age old question: Does the Wolfman have nards? Apparently, yes. A cult classic of the 80s, if you did not know about this movie you deserved to be teased at school. There was a huge movement to bring this film to DVD, but the wait paid off.

A cross between The Goonies and Ghostbusters it's up to a bunch of monster obsessed kids aged from 5 - 15, to save the world from Dracula, Frankenstein, the Wolfman, Gillman (aka the creature from the Black Laggoon), and the Mummy. Many would consider this film hokey, and by today's standards it probably is, but when this movie came out it was amazing, and still continues to be.

The kids are loveable and you really feel for them in particular during their troubles, and when they are placed in danger. Many people consider this version of Dracula to be the creepiest ever on screen. I agree. Seriously how many versions of Dracula want to murder children in cold blood, and call a five year old girl a "bitch"? Bela Lagosi, Gary Oldman, and Christopher Lee should be ashamed of their protrayal of the villain.

If there is a flaw to the movie it is that there is too much coincidence in the story like Sean's mother buying Van Helsing's diary, or the Mummy just happens to end up in Eugene's closet; or not enough explanation into the depts of past events. These flaws are easily overlooked, and forgiven by the rest of the films positives.

This movie is a must see and a must have in any movie collection. Like a child in the 80's if you don't see it you deserve to be teased, and I hope the Wolfman comes to kick you in the nards (or do something else if you happen to be female, or sing/talk in high pitched voice on a regular basis).

Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street

Take Phantom of the Opera, add in The Count of Monte Cristo and Edward Scissorhands and you have Tim Burton's new masterpiece Sweeny Todd.

This movie is by far, dark, chilling, disturbing, and makes you want to dance. Yeah I know it seems like an oximoron, but that's what musicals do to one's soul. Sweeney Todd, played by Johnny Depp (who sings in this movie) is a disturbed invdividual who dreams of revenge against those that have wronged him. He knows know bounds as he kills almost everyone who sits in his barber chair, and has his partner turn the corpses into meat pies. Sweeney Todd is a textbook serial killer. You do feel sorry for him as you do realize he was wronged, and wants revenge, but you soon realize he is a few cents short of a full dollar.

This cast is full of allstars, including just about everyone who has been in Harry Potter at some point. The cinematography is the most spectacular I have seen in a long time. Tim Burton does what he does best, sets the tone. This film I recomment to everyone providing they do not get easily queasy. There's a lot of blood that gushes out of victims.

National Treasure: Book of Secrets

Oh dear G-d, did anyone do any research when they wrote this movie? The movie has a great plot , and lots of adventure, but it is historically inaccurate.

The movie will make any American stand proud with their hand over their hearts, but completly spits of Mexican/Spanish history. First of the Olmec culture was based in southern Mexico and were never anywhere near South Dakota. Secondly, the slave/explorer Estoban traveled west from Florida making it as fas ar New Mexico/Arizona. Never did he reach South Dakota. That being said I'm willing to bet you the ancient city of gold known as Cibola is not under Mount Rushmore. Research people.

The plot like I said was good, and this was a fun movie. It was great to see the Gates family lineage but seriously how deep in history do they go?

Had more research been done a better movie this could have been. No doubt their will be another film, and it is great to see Nic Cage back away from his "no sequel rule" (Yes he said he wants to do a sequel to Ghost Rider), hopefully next time they can get someone who can check for accuracies.

National Treasure

I finally got the chance to sit down and watch this movie. It was a good idea since my friends wanted me to join them for the sequel later in the evening. To be honest I completly avoided this movie when it was in theatres. Many people said The DaVinci Code was better. In my eyes they are on par with each other.

Nicolas Cage brings to life a Indiana Jones for the new millenium, but face it he's got nothing compared to Indy. Yes I enjoy this version of the hunt for long sought after treasure. I'll be the first to admit I love movies about historical mysteries/controversy. It makes me want to think, about what really happened many years ago.

National Treasure is a gem by itself. Fun, and entertaining. It was certainly a mistake to pass this over years ago. Definetly the start of what could be a great franchise.

Alvin and the Chipmunks

Surprisingly much better then expected. We all grew-up on the Chipmunks, unless you were born pre-1950s. As a result we all have that naustalgia. Seriosuly, who here does not know a Chipmunk song in any of their incarnation. They did win more Grammy Awards then some of the more popular artist combined.

More of an origin story, the movie is basically about the trio moving in with Dave Seville, becoming famous, and overcoming an obstacle. Yeah the typical Hollywood story, but this time it worked. At first I thought they used the original actors to voice Alvin, Simon and Theodore, boy was I surprised to find out it was Justin Long (Alvin), and Jesse McCartney (Theodore). If it weren't for the credits I probably would have been fooled.

Yes they do sing their greatest hits "Christmas Time Is Here", and "Witch Doctor" and the songs fit perfectly into the movie. Alvin does cause mischief, Simon is the brains, although the film never explores how smart he really is, and Theodore is the glutton, and they even explain why he's not all there.

Judging by the reaction of the theatre this movie is for kids and adults alike. At least see it for the naustalgia. I would also like to commend the filmmakers for dedicating the movie to the creator of the singing rodents. That just goes to show how much the characters mean to society.

I Am Legend
I Am Legend(2007)

Wow, amazing. So cool. A must see. Oh wait you wanted a review of I Am Legend, and not a review of the trailers for Prince Caspian and The Dark Knight. Whoops my bad.

This movie is nothing more then what I would like to call Will Smith filler. Basically, it's just an extra project for him between GOOD movies. This is movie is by far not original, well considering it is a remake of The Omega Man, which was a remake of The Last Man on Earth which was based on the story I Am Legend. Remakes, the films I love to hate, but yet still end up going to see.

The movie has very little backstory and plot development for the main character. We never find out why he was immune. When he finds out there are other survivors of this plague again we don't know how they managed to beat the plague. We know that the protagonist is some kind of military scientist, but again what's his specialty? He has a picture of himself on a TIME magazine, but what did he do that was so great to warrant a cover spread of TIME?

If that wasn't bad enough, the entire section of New York he is on has been cut off, with all bridges out of town destroyed, and yet some survivors manage to drive in, and by the end, end up in Vermont.

No not a good film by far. I think Warner Brothers just put this film out for viral marketing purposes. If you look close enough you can see ads for movies rumoured to be in development by Warner, like Batman/Superman and Teen Titans, Is this a hint to viewers that these movies are on the horizon? G-d I hope so, because that's the only upside to this film. The only other good this are the trailers for upcoming features, and those films can't come soon enough.

No Country for Old Men

Pay real close attention to this movie. There is a lot going on and after watching it you have to step back and think a little. If you are not a critical thinker, this movie is not for you.

I'm ashamed to say I did not get the deeper meaning of this film right away. I really had to think about what the storyteller was trying to say. The movie just ends, which means you need to draw your own conclusion. Plot elements are surprising, and the body count is huge. I think the killer has the highest per-victim body count on screen this year.

Taking place in 1980's America, the war on drugs is at an alltime high, and sides are drawn. There are three points of view: the good, the bad, and the borderline. The characters are almost biblical, as the good and bad are trying to catch the neutral.

Yes it is a good film if not a great film, and the final speech by Tommy Lee Jones at the end somes up the deeper themes. I would advise you to listen close to what he says. Since the film does end suddenly immediatly after that I'll tell you where you can find said speech. It occurs immediatly after the boy on the bike gives his shirt to the killer.

The Golden Compass

The book is much better. There I said it, and you know it is true. Frankly, this movie was a disappointment, as it was altered and what should happen near the end is moved to the middle, plus the movie ended prematurely, so you never learn the true motives/fates of some of the characters.

The one key theme that they included is the religious metaphor. Narnia this ain't, but it serves its purposel. Every character is accompanied by a dæmon, which is their equivalent of a soul. Dæmons have the ability to change form when they human is a child, but keep a permanent look when the human becomes an adult. The main reason is because of dust, or as we call it sin. Children are innocent and as such see the world from many perspectives, hence the ever changing dæmon, but once we become adults we become corrupted by society and have a single view on the world.

The characters were portrayed as they were in the novel. Yes there were some discrepencies such as Mrs. Cloutier being described as a dark haired woman, and the movie took a different path on the fate of Billy Costas.

Since the books have a fan following and due to the all-star cast expect the next book The Subtle Knife to hit theatres eventually. Besides the movie has a Lord Of The Rings ending and it ends prematurely.


So much potential, yet it does not amount to anything. I have to say I was really disappointed in thsi film.

This movie is about a wealthy man who goes under anestesia for surgery, but suffers from the rare condition of anestisa awareness. In other words he's aware of what is going on around him, but is paralyzed to so anything. What he discovers is perhaps one of the most scariest things one would experience under the knife.

There are twist and turns to this movie, but not enough to help save it. The true villain remains a surprise until their identity is reveal three-quarters through. There's lots of character development that need expanding in particular that of the last minute anesthesiologist. Was he aware of what was going on, and deliberatly kept the patient awake? Was he working with the law? Yeah to many questions, not enough answers.

This movie should have been entitled Asleep, cause to be frank I think that what most people in the theatre where doing. It's probably better you go find another movie to occupy your time with.

The Mist
The Mist(2007)

If The Mist is supposed to be a metaphor for how clouded our minds are by all the gargabe Hollywood puts out, then this movie served its' purpose. This movie is just that garbage.

I have not read the novella by Stephen King, but I hope it is better then this. The story has been told before, people trapped inside a facility and if they go outside they meet certain death. Yup this is supposed to be a horror film, and people do drop like flies, some are more deserving of death then others. Okay that's cruel as no one deserves death, but honestly some of these people deserve their fates.

For a horror movie I was not scared at all, and to be frank the only scene that made me jump is when one of the characters accidentally walks into a metal object making a loud noises. Doesn't that tell you something?

Four things you can take a way from this movie. 1) Hollywood may hype something up, but that's it hype. 2) If ever you are trapped in one of these live or die situations, please ensure the religious zealots are the first to go; they cause nothing but trouble when they are around. 3) SPOILER WARNING: If Thomas Jane stars in a movie his on screen family is bound to die at some point leaving him the sole survivor. 4). Take a hint from the characters of this movie and avoid The Mist like the plague.

August Rush
August Rush(2007)

No standing ovation folks, just a great big boo-rns. So much potential like the main character, except it falls right off the stage into the orchestra pit.

I'll save you the trouble the story has a similar plot to Dickens' Oliver Twist, except the kid is a musical prodigy and his parents are still alive. Frankly if this trully was intended as a modern take of the novel poor Charles will be rolling around in his grave.

If there is only one good thing about this movie we can see Freddie Highmore may be an adaptable actor having to talk in an American accent, and needing to learn how to play various instruments for this role. It's a shame this movie did not have a little more omph in it as Freddie could be holding a gold statue as opposed to a golden ticket.

The rest of the cast, frankly I couldn't care less about, they were all dull and boring. Yes that goes for Robin Williams as well.

Avoid this movie as it just is not worth the time. Go see something more worthwhile that would make you want to stand up and cheer.


Well another Disney cartoon is upon us. So how did this one fair? Certainly way different from any other, considering the majority of the film is set in the real world.

If this movie can be summed up into one word it would be "cute". By far one of the most original takes on the fairy tale genre, and one is left to wonder if Disney was purposely poking fun at themselves. Regardless, this is a must see for the family, a fun story and characters for the kids, and the jokes only adults will get. A formula that has worked wonders in the past with most succesful films of this genre.

Like most films of this nature there is one breakout character and this one by far is Pip the chipmunk. Pip can talk in the animated world, but when he enters our reality he is left to mannerisms to try and communicate. This results in many laughs, and a round of applause in most cases (which happened quite often in my showing). The other characters were excellent as well. It was fun seeing the cartoon characters interact with our culture. Although I still question why Richard, the lawyer did not have Princess Jezelle commited or sent to the hospital when she is boasting around saying she is a princess. Someone came up to me with that mentality I would think they are insane.

This movie would also be good to have on DVD or benefit from a second viewing. Disney has snuck in, in some way a little nod to all their former cartoon classics. Some are more obvious then others like Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Sleeping Beauty, and Cinderella; but others are not so obvious, for example in the ball scene note how Richard and Natalie are dressed in the same outfits worn in the dance number from Beauty and the Beast.

So if you haven't figured it out by now Enchanted is a fun ride, but if you prefer the quiet or out on a date I would strongly recommend a much later show. This way you don't have little kids talking every five seconds.

Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium

This movie just screams of Willy Wonka, but instead of a chocolate factory, you are stuck with a toy store. This movie is by far a film that could amount to so much but falls flat on its' face.

Yeah I think you can get a general impression of what the film is about, but honestly most of the main characters are just filler, even the narrator, Eric. Like most toys this movie goes from fun to boring rather quickly. This is the POGs or the Tamagochi of the movie world, and will never amount to the level of Monopoly or the Slinky.

Despite the films many flaws there are tons of metaphors and life-lessons that one can take away. There are some feel good moments, but they are few and far between. The characters you do grow to love, but there's very little backstory, and never a solid conclusion, except in Natalie Portman's character.

This is one of those movies that only little kids would give a ten out of ten, because seriously what kid doesn't want to go into a magic toy store? As this movie shows kids are easily enertained but adults need to look a little harder to find the fun.


Yet another version of classic Norse epic poem we were all forced to read in High School. Beowulf the man, the legend who's story has ascended to the ranks of one of the greatest folk tales ever told. As immortal as the story is the movie focuses on the man, and his flaws.

Beowulf comes to a land seeking to slay the monster known as Grendel. Beowulf is a man of stature and is already world reknown right as we meet him. Received with open arms the warrior sets out on his quest. You know what if you don't know the story you obviously failed English class. The story does pick up after the poem ends, and with Beowulf as king he learns the great deal he made years ago comes back to haunt him. We also begin to see the birth of the folk legend we are all forced to read.

The movie is historically accurate in how Danish scoiety was back then. The kingdom's architecture is as it should be. The movie starts with the worship of the Norse gods, but near the end we see Christianity had swept through the land.

Basically there si something for everybody, the action for the guys, a naked Ray Winstone fighting Grendel for the girls (although sadly guys Angelina Jolie is never entirely nude in this film, and I know some of you were clamouring for a Angelina Jolie vs Robin Wright Penn mud wrestling smackdown), and the historicaly accuracies and details to the story (well the first three-quarters anyways) for the academic. If this movie has a flaw it is that some of the actor are a little more animated then others. Yes I know they are hypped about this new stop motion technology, but common when you have one actor who looks real and another who looks like they came right out of Shrek there needs to be a line somewhere. Because of this I am not giving this movie a better ratting.

Fred Claus
Fred Claus(2007)

For a holiday movie this was okay, but I have seen better. Yeah it takes a concept that has not been explored before, but still it just can't and won't get to classic holiday movie status.

Starring a bunch of holiday A-listers Fred Claus is about Santa's older and bitter brother, and let's face it he has every reason to be bitter his brother is known to everyone around the world, but who has heard of his brother? Let me give you an example we have all heard of Snow White, but did you know in the Grimm Fairy tales she had a sister named Rose Red? Okay see my point, and now you know how Fred feels. Where Santa gives, Fred takes away -- he's a repo man by profession. However it is Fred who has the better outlook on the world, knowing that even the bad kids are good, a lesson Santa has to eventually learn.

This movie has been hypped up for over a year and a half -- that's when the first trailer aired --, but we all know it can't live up to the expecatation. The biggest surprise was that Kevin Spacey and Kathy Bates join Vince Vaughn and Paul Giamatti to add to the ensemble cast. That despite the hype came out of left field.

So where does this movie leave us? Well it certainly isn't the best film out there, but the new movie season just started, so I doubt this will be the worst of the lot. Time will tell.


Okay before I get into the actual review I just want to say, yes Ryan I saw your brother, and yes I stood up in the theatre and yelled "Oh my G-d I know him, that's Corey Gorewicz, my buddy's little brother". Don't worry I embarassed myself and my mom. I hope you're happy. Oh and because I had to do that I should tell you my mom thinks Corey is really cute and a great dancer.

This movie was phenomenal. I will be the first to admit I fall asleep during musicals, but I stayed awake through this one. Could it be cause I'm maturing? It's possible; but I also stayed awake through High School Musical, so that leads me to conclude that Zac Efron has the ability to keep one awake. Zac you have made a mortal enemy out of me, first you cause me to lose my girl, then you come to my town (Toronto) to film this movie, then you have tainted the minds of teenaged girls everywhere, and now your singing is keeping me awake. On top of that Flixster is convoluted with trivia questions about you. Okay back to the movie.

Set in 1960's Baltimore, young Tracy Turnblad dreams of dancing on the Corny Collins show. When fate and destiny meet she soon not only joins the show but becomes an advocate for change. When "Negro day" is canelled on the show, by the rather opinionated stage manager, it's Tracy who starts fighting for what is right and rallies the troops to fight for integration rather then segregation.

The songs and cast were really good. John Travolta stole the show and got the most laughs in his role as Edna Turnblad. Michelle Pfeiffer is just pure evil in this film and her on stage daughter played by Brittany Snow is equally diabolical. The rest of the cast of James Marsden, Elijah Kelly, Amanda Bynes and Queen Latifah were all superb. Great casting made these actors fit their parts and you saw them for their characters and not the actors. The best was newcomer Nikki Blonski who plays the lead of Tracy Turnblad. She was great and loveable, and I certainly hope she will not be typecast or a one-hit wonder. Hollywood has much to gain from her, doing otherwise would be a tragedy.

So the question remains how will the movie stand-up to other musicals turned movies? Well folks let's just say Chicago might not be the only musical to get high honours.

Jackie Brown
Jackie Brown(1997)

If you want to compare Jackie Brown to Tarantino's other movies, this one is by far the weaker of the bunch. Don't get me wrong it is a good movie, but it just doesn't seem like the same quality as his other films.

When I first started the film it seemed like it was going nowhere fast, and to be honest if this was made by some no name director I probably would have pressed the open/close button on my DVD player; but this is Tarantino so I stayed with it till the end. Yes the movie does pick up eventually, however it takes a while to get into the fun.

The characters I couldn't really care less about. I found them flat and one dimensional (technically that's the same thing, but it sounds really fancy to say), but they do have a purpose.

As with all Tarantino flicks the story is jumping all over the place in time, that sometimes you forget what's what. The flashbacks do serve their purpose, and does add to the pay-off to the film.

Okay so it seems like I'm dissing the movie I gave a 4/5, well yeah. It is as I mentioned a lower standard, but it is better then a lot of crap put out by Hollywood. This isn't exactly a must see viewing, which probably explains why this is the lesser known of the Tarantio flicks.

American Gangster

We have found this year's The Departed. Police corruption, international drug traffiking and one cop determined to bring it all down.

Yes this is a gangster movie, one set in the late sixties, early seventies. At the top is Frank Lucas (Denzel Washington) a black man who manages to "accomplish what no other mobster has done in 100 years". Lucas rules the streets and is a name to be respected and feared. He goes through life keeping his business seperate so no one can trace him back. He exsists, but doesn't exsist. His borthers head up fronts all accross New York City where his product, Blue Magic (100% heroine) is sold at half the price of the competition. Basically, you get more for less. On the other side of the coin is Richie Roberts (Russell Crowe), a by the book cop, who doesn't care what everyone else on the force thinks. Sure he's a rat, but he does what's right. His passion is why he is chosen to head-up the narcotics division. During the movie you think he is out to take down Lucas, but he has more ratious motives up his sleeve. Face it this is one good man (which is kind of ironic considering this is Russell Crowe we are talking about, a man with a bad history and was a complete dick to me and my colleagues).

If anything is clear from this movie, it was done by all parts as an Oscar grab. The actting is great; the directing phenomenal; the writting outstanding, as is the plot.

A historical dramatic piece. This movie signals the start of the upcoming box-office season (November - December). If anything films such as these do well all-around. You may see the movie but what's to come from this masterpiece has yet to be seen.

The Breakfast Club

The ultimate movie about discovering yourself and what people are really like on the inside. This movie is by far one film that everyone should be exposed to at some point in their lives, preferably while they are in High School.

We all know this movie centers around five kids -- the brain, the jock, the rebel, the princess, and the recluse -- who spend their Saturday in detention. If you didn't know that you really need to get out more. As the film begins they have nothing in common and could be nothing but polar opposites. During their 9 hours of imprisonment they discover they have more in common then they realize, and grow fom complete strangers to friends.

This movie has entered out popular culture and has been parodied numerous times. Look at TV shows like Dawson's Creek, Lizzie McGurie and Degrassi: The Next Generation and you'll see what I mean. Let's not forget the numerous references on Family Guy.

To say this movie was bad is an insult to the North American movie industry. A complete and utter slap in the face. Any kid who goes to high school in Canada or the United-States can see their lives through the experience of these five misfits. A must see for anyone.

Sixteen Candles

Sorry folks, I saw this movie about three months ago, and looks like I forgot to write my review. My bad.

By far one of the most classic Brat Pack comedies of the 80's, this movie certainly makes you appreciate various Simpsons and Family Guy jokes a lot more. The story focuses around a young girl's sister's wedding which is the complete centre of attention for the entire family that they forget about her sweet sixteen. Not only does she have to contend with a forgetful family, but she wants to win the boy of her dreams over, and repel the upcoming advances of a geek.

Interesting and funny this is one classic film that should not be avoided. If anything it was the Superbad of its day.

Dan in Real Life

This film has Oscar nominee written all over it. Seriously, a must see indy film. This my friends is what great filmmaking is all about. A movie where you can sit back and feel for every character even the minor ones. Funny yes, but not in terms of slapstick more like it can happen to anyone.

Starring two of today's popular comedians (Steve Carrell and Dane Cook) this film takes and awkward situation and makes it work so well you leave the theatre wanting more. Isn't that what we all want in a movie?

The basis is simple a widower who is raising three daughters, and works as an advice columnist fall for a beautiful woman. The main problem is he later finds out that she is dating his brother. This makes for a rather awkward situation for the two.

I would love to meet a person who despised this film, but that's impossible. There is something for everyone no matter what your taste.

Movies that poke fun of a real life situation, but not going to an extreme is what will make it a classic, and get props from the industry. Forget those toilet humour movies -- yes they do well on their own -- this is what one should enjoy.

Saw IV
Saw IV(2007)

And the franchise just keeps getting worse; and yet I just can't stop watching. It's mystery and the twist that just keeps drawing me back.

Yup the jigsaw killer is back; or is he? We all saw him and his apprentice die in the last one so how are people still winding up in these twisted death traps? Well sorry I can't tell you. What I will tell you is you will be confused as hell (and I have a sub-genius level I.Q. which means if your smarts are lower then mine you will be beyond lost) so much so you'll want to see the next movie just to try and get answers. Argh stupid catch-22s. To add insult to injury if you haven't seen the previous installments this film is not a jumping on point.

For the most part I think many people will find themselves in a similar boat. I know this is a popular franchise and everything and becoming a Hallowe'en tradition but seriously the writers really need to take more time plotting, and using character development. I would wait the extra year or two just to get a better movie.

30 Days of Night

Okay so the concept of this movie is original (well the graphic novel was anyways). Vampires running lose in a town that gets no sunlight for 30 days. During that 30 day period no help can come (nearest town is 80 miles) and the vampire victims have to fend for themselves.

The biggest problem with the movie is that survivors pop out of nowhere and you are left questioning how they lasted so long. Let's not overlook the fact that vampires are breaking into people's homes; whatever happened to a vampire can't come in unless invited? Not to mention the townsfolk seem pretty ignorant of vampire mythology. Not once was there a use of a cross, gralic or stake.

The vampires in this film do know what they are doing when it comes laying a siege. First they cut off communications so the outside world will never know of the terror they unleash. Then when all is said and done they try to make their massacre look like a freak oil fire accident. This my friends is ingenuity and clear strategic thinking.

Albeit not one of the better comic/graphic novel adaptaions, it is still worth checking out if you are into the vampire/horror genre. Lots of blood and gore, in a storyline with a good idea, but done all wrong.

Phantom of the Megaplex

This movie is just to fun. It reminded me of my days working at a movie theatre. Every last detail of movie theatre life was covered, right down to things that can possibly go wrong. Frankly, if I'm not mistaken this movie was shot at a theatre that wasn't all that far from my house in Toronto.

Although this is a Disney film it is better then a lot of their made for TV movies. Good acting and a good script. If anything young Jacob Smith steals the show (you might recognize him as the skateboarding Baker child from Cheaper by the Dozen) as his childhood innocence into the mystery surrounding the weird events at the theatre gives a fresh and unique outlook to the film.

Although I'm not big on Mickey Rooney, his character reminded me so much of a guy I used to work with (Cumberland crew, I'm talking about Lou) I couldn't help but laugh at how close the resemblence was. It was bang on right down to harrassing movie patrons.

What is unfortunate that although the movie was revolving around Taylor Handley, his character gets lost in the background. Although he does have substantial character development and comes into his own, he's definetly someone I would have wanted working with me in my theatre days.

This film also hits close to home. As anyone who has worked at my old haunt (pun intended) Silvercity Richmond Hill would tell you we had our own problem with a ghost. Yep I even did the research and found out someone was murdered on the land about 250 years ago. To this day I don't think one usher wants to clean cinema 10 by themselves.

This film is definetly worth the time. I recommend seeing it if you want to watch something on a lazy afternoon, or if you have kids over. Everything was true to the theatre industry, except you CANNOT rewind a movie after it has started -- well you could but it would take a few hours.

Superman: Doomsday

Foreshame. This movie turned one of the greatest moments in comicbook history into a travesty. A complete and utter disappointment.

So much was left out of this film from the original death, funeral, and ressurection, that instead of sheading tears to mourn Superman it was tears to express how bad this version is. Seriously where does this movie fit into continuity. Comics are out. What about the Superman or Justice League animated series? Is this the same Superman from The Batman cartoon (new one), or is this a grown-up version from the one appearing in Legion of Superheroes? Frankly, if the film stands on its' own it just adds insult to injury. There was so much potential to add the Eradicator, and Superboy into this movie. Just look at the robot in the Fortress of Solitude, or the Superman clones from this film. Let's not forget Doomsday is in this film for the first quarter then Luthor takes the stage as main villain. Kind of redundant to call this film Superman/Doomsday, when The Death of Superman could have worked.

I will say this, this film was much more bloody then I originally thought. Look at the death of Toyman, Mercy, and Doomsday's victim's for examples. This was close to anime if anything, and definetly not for kids under 10.

Considering the writers on DC's staff, and since they are owned by Warner Bros. a much better film could have been made. Simply atrocious to what it could have been.

Halloweentown II: Kalabar's Revenge

An overall improvement over the first film, which is surprising considering according to film law the sequel can never measure up to the original.

The original had cheap effects, and bad make-up. This film took the same budget and made it work. The story is much better, and the villain has more motive.

There's two things that bug me about this movie, one is the goblin character, Luke, looks substantially different then how he appeared in the first -- probably hired a better make-up effects wizard. The second thing is the villain mentioned in the title makes no appearance in this film, only mentioned. If anything this is more of his legacy's revenge then anything.

As I mentioned much better, still not great. Let's see what the other sequels have in store.


Can't say this was much in terms of a Hallowe'en movie, but what can you say when Disney is at the helm. With all the modern advances in technology, you'd think Disney could cough up some extra dough for better creature effects.

This movie just echoes Disney's first foray into the horror genre Mr. Boogedy, and even though this movie came about 20 years later Mr. Boogedy had much better effects, and he gave me nightmares. If I saw this as a kid I would laugh myself to sleep.

Although this is a movie for the season it just can't measure up to Disney Hallowe'en films that have come before it. Legend of Sleepy Hollow anyone?

The Seeker: The Dark Is Rising

Warning: If you are a movie buff, a fanboy or epileptic avoid this film at all costs. If not enjoy at your leisure.

This movie had so much going for it. A classic children's book franchise which was considered the Harry Potter of its' day, and a cast of well known thesbians -- Christopher Eccleston, and Ian McShane. So what the hell happened? This was one movie where the previews seemed to hint that this film could be the first in a huge franchise. Instead they took all 5 books and amalgamated them into one movie. There was to much going on in a short period of time that there was sufficient plot holes, and disappointment abound. This is a film that could have a nice pace to it, and character development. Instead we are left with a young hero who has five days to save the world, and not much in terms of learning more of his origins or the history of this new world he's discovering.

Alexander Ludwig who plays the role of Will Stanton, a 14 year old American (although Ludwig is Canadian) boy who recently moved to England (learning he is destined to save the world (this is where people might get peeved as in the novel he was an 11 year-old British boy) is a decent actor. Alas, had this film been any good and not so rushed he could have been the next Daniel Radcliffe. I'm not saying his career is in the toilet, I just think he needs a better role to boost his Hollywood creditability. He has potential.

Overall not what was expected or could have been. But I will stress again if you are epileptic this movie could trigger a seizure as there are lots of scenes that flash really quickly. Yes it makes for a good effect, but it could cause harm to some theatre patrons. A warning on the posters or having the box office post something is what the producers should have considered. Well maybe a lawsuit will smarten them up. Now how do we smarten them up in terms of adequate filmmaking?

3 Ninjas Knuckle Up

Big time ick on this one. The first 3 Ninjas movie was by itself a classic. I recall Pay-Per-View kept putting it back on TV because there was to much of a demand. So why the sudden turn in the franchise? Well the second movie completly recast the roles of Rocky and Tum-Tum, and for this film the orginal actors reprise their roles. Not much in terms of consistency.

To add insult to injury it seems like whoever was in charge of choreography only spent any real time with the kids, and all the adults (with the exception of Victor Wong) were told just to fall and make fools of themselves every so often.

The story does have a more realistic issue thenin previous installments, that of big corporations illegellay dumping. Let's face it EPA deals with this on a daily basis.

Stick with the original version of 3 Ninjas everything else is mooching off the original. Besides can anyone name the actors who play the trio? Nope now can anyone name the actors in High School Musical? Okay you see my point.

Good Luck Chuck

The plot for this movie was interesting. A guy sleeps with a girl and the next man she meets is the one. Of course when that reputation gets out this guy is living every teenaged boys/nymphomaniacs dream. Sex all the time, but with a catch you never keep the girl. So what do you do when the girl you love more then anything comes into your life?

As I said the movie was interesting, and funny, but that was the first half. The last half was all downhill (with the exception of the closing credits). It seems once the relationship stars getting serious and hits that bumpy road the movie never recovers. I can use a penguin metaphor (which encompasses the movie entirely), but that would be to easy.

Since this is the time of year when nothing but poor quality movies are released, and all the Oscar nominees, that no one sees, Good Luck Chuck falls just below the middle. It's not great, it's not good, and it is not bad.

3:10 to Yuma
3:10 to Yuma(2007)

This is by far one of the worst Westerns I've seen. So much so I don't even want to look at spagetti for a while.
Yup that's right it is another remake, and I have yet to see a remake that can surpass the original. Mind you I have not seen the original version of this film, so I can't really be the judge. I'm hopping it is much better then this waste of celluloid.
Poor acting and a bad plot make for one massive waste of time. The motivation of the villain in his quick change in heart just do not make any sense to me at all. The hero is practially useless and can run pretty fast with a bad leg. Trust me I have a bad leg and I can hardly run at all -- and this guy has a far worse condition.
If you want to see Russell Crowe in a Western I suggest you see The Quick and the Dead. 3:10 to Yuma is not one of the better movies any of the stars have been in.


I know what you are going to say. "What!! Another five star rating???" Yeah I do seem to be giving them away like candy, but I can't help it if this summer has been full of movies I really liked. Stardust might be the candidate for sleeper hit of the summer. This film has something for everyone, and I don't think anyone will walk out of the theatre disappointed.

The best way to describe this movie is The Princess Bride meets The Chronicles of Narnia. This film is a modern day fairy tale, and true to the work of its creator Neil Gaiman. Gaiman's work in comic books is extraordinary and his vision and imagination are certainly evident in this story. By far one of the most original tales of fantasy to come in a while.

The characters are certainly memorable from the love-blinded heoric Tristan, to the beautiful star, Yvaine. Audiences will find humour in the tuff pirate captain who is secretly a flaming homosexual in Captain Shakespeare to the evil and diabolical witches and princes who are out to pursue their own selfish needs and add the right spice to the recipe for success.

Frankly, Stardust is a must see for anyone. I don't think anyone left the theatre disappointed. Frankly the most common feedback I heard was "much better then I thought" or "I'm glad you dragged me to this". Let's be honest don't take my word for it, go see this film.


At first I thought Superbad was just a warning for this movie. Talk about false advertising this film should be called "mediocre".
Funny? Yes. Histerical? Somewhat. Guaranteed to be the greatest comedy movie of all time? Nope nowhere near it. This film will more then likely have some cult surrounding it, which is typical of a film that attracts teenagers or twenty-somethings who suffered from too much alcoholic related braindamage. Am I saying not to see it? No, by all means go and enjoy it, take in some of the laughs, but don't elevate it to a level or worship unless you were one of the aformentioned.
The misadventures of these characters are rather interesting particularly the sub-plot surrounding Foggle (a.k.a. McLovin) and the two cops who make Chief Wiggum from The Simpsons look like he's Elliot Ness.
The movie raises the teen sex story comedy to a whole new level. I'm really scared what will come next and how far it will go to try and get those laughs.

High School Musical 2

Let's face it if we want to get anywhere in the Flixster never-ending quiz for the next month we are all going to have to see this movie. So what did I think of the sequel to the movie that has taken the world by storm, generated millions of dollars in profit for Disney and turned its' stars into household names spoken by every minor on the Western Hemisphere? It was alright but like most sequels can not compare to the first.

The first movie was great, there's no debate around that. Most people who hate it are either jealous of the success the young stars have achieved in such a short time, or are just sick of hearing all about the first one. Well this usually does happen with cultural phenomena, and people will never change their attitudes. We all know this film for the most part will score very low by the aforementioned and on the other end of the spectrum will score very high just cause Zac Efron has his shirt off numerous times. Someone tell me I'm wrong.

Unlike the first one the songs are just not as memorable. The opening dance and music number is probably the only one of the bunch I truly liked. Everything else was just meh. The original cast all return and their characters face new challenges. Not much in terms of character development except in the case of Ryan, who shows he can come out from his sister's shadow, and plays a mean baseball game. Troy, and Gabriella's relationship is put to the test, and Chad, Taylor and the rest are just filler. Sharpay is still diabolical as the evil spoiled princess.

I'm going to close out by saying one of the things that really is bugging me about this movie. It's called High School Musical however the high school is only present in the opening 5 minutes of the film. A name change to Summer Time Musical: The sequel to High School Musical could have worked. Where is this going to leave the third film if the producers could ever decide if they want to go with the Hallowe'en theme, or with prom/graduation.

Read it and Weep

This is one movie that had so much potential it just falls flat on its' face. Boring and dull with very little character development.

Every teenage girl's worst nightmare comes true in this film. What if your own personal diary is seen by millions. Yup it happens here, and to be frank the outcome is expected. Friends get hurt our protagonist is placed in one of those life choices, and the family needs a bit of saving. Yawn.

I mentioned weak character development and that's no lie. Characters develop to their full potential within 10 minutes and just hang around getting paid by Disney execs,

Not one on the better family movies created, but certainly not the worst. If I knew what was expected from this movie and eatting liver I would go with the latter.

Dracula - Dead and Loving It

Crap, crap, crap. This movie will suck the life right out of you. Pun intended.

Mel Brooks has hit an all time low with this film. The jokes were corny, the actting was poor. I would say the plot was goo but let's face it based this off the Bram Stoker novel, which has been envisions so many times so no points for that one.

Frankly if this was the definitive vampire film the genre would have died around the same time as Vlad Tepes Dracula. Fortunetly, this is not the case and the myth and legend will forever remain. I would call this version a mere speedbump of one of the greatest legends of our time.

The Simpsons Movie

This goes out to my parents. Remember when The Simpsons first came on the air and you banned me from watching it? Remember how you said that parents everywhere were outraged by the antics of Homer and company so much so that the series will be off the air in no time flat? I'm sure Matt Groening heard your concerns and has this response for you "who's the bitch now?"

After 18 years of build-up America's and Canada's (cause let's face it more then half of the writers of the series are Canadian) finally hit the big screen. So was it worth the wait? Yup it sure as diddly-was.

The plot has been shrowded in secrecy and I think to be fair I won't mention anything (I should point out the plot described on Flixster is wrong),. THe story does focus on our main cast of characters, Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa and Maggie and in truth they are no different then how they are portrayed on TV. The supporting cast does indeed appear from Flanders, to Comic-Book Guy, to Cat Lady and to my favorite Ralph Wiggum. New characters are also introduced like Lisa's love interest named Colin (who's from Irleand, plays numerous instruments, cares about the environment and is not in anyway related to Bono as he likes to point out), as well as the big breast Inuit woman, the pig, and the head of the EPA.

So how does this movie differ from the TV Show? Well despite being an hour and a half long and the use of computer animation every now and then., the movie gets away with a little more. Except to see more of a naked Bart then seen before, and Homer giving the finger. The writers knew what they were diving into and was sure to seperate the TV show from the movie. Although they do remind the audience quite often that this is a tv show first, if you do not believe me watch Homer's opening gag, or the ticker ad for Fox TV shows, or "To Be Continued" popping up on screen half way through the film.

This film is true to its roots which made the show popular in the first place. Tom Hanks and Green Day have cameoes much like any episode. For an added treat stay through the crdits in its' entirety. You might even hear Maggie speak her first word which will proove we have not heard the last of their misadventures.

The Lost World - Jurassic Park

Yawn. I've seen better. The first film was by far a cinematic experience. This movie was just corporate capitalism.

Years after the first film Dr. Ian Malcolm returns to Jurassic Park, or rather its' neighbouring island where the dinosaurs were first created. Yeah so him and his colleagues end up getting into trouble of the dinosaur persuasion, and voila they are running amock on the island and getting eaten left, right and center.

I hate to say it but you see one dinosaur flick you have seen them all. Yeah the plot is slightly different and you have a T-Rex running through downtown San Diego -- talk about your illegal immegrants. This movie should only be seen if you are looking for some fun to kill a Sunday afternoon. If you are looking for the most original movie to watch, then my I recommend the first.

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

"Abra Ka----" Um what comes next I forget the spell? Yes I do know the word is Kadabra, but much like the filmmakers of this installment of Harry Potter their magic has begun to fizzle. They are forgetting the magic that is required to make one of these movies.

There's no sense in me going into the whole story because let's face it the majority of us have read the book. Yes the storyline is the same with a couple of changes here and there. Ironically, the longest book is the shortest of the movies. What really bugs me (spoiler for Deathly Hollow please go to next paragraph if you want to avoid) J.K. Rowling had to order the inclusion of the house-elf Kreacher into this film as he plays a vital role in the last book, seems the writers of the movie thought it best to write him out. Since I have yet to read the last book, having Kreacher in this film was just filler, and he served no real purpose as he did in the novel.

Daniel Radcliffe is either getting to cocky as an actor, or he has some sense of trauma from all the backlash he got from ignorant idiots from his revealing performance in the play Equus.

We all know there's going to be another film, and me telling you to go to this movie at your own risk just won't do much. Harry and his friends are an important part of our popular culture and the whole phenomenon will continue to be placed under a microscope hundreds of years from now.

On a personal note, Greg would you please check on Jacob. I remember how furious he was over the treatment of Prisoner of Azkaban and almost had a mental breakdown, I'm worried this time he'll be loonier then Neville's parents or the filmakers of this movie.


I'm going to make this clear to everyone. The only way you can consider yourself a Transformers fanboy is if you watched the show in the eighties, played with the original toys, and shed a tear when Optimus Prime died. Anyone else is a simple wannabe poser; you know who you are Malcolm Douglas.

If I had the ability to cry I would, but these would have been tears of joy. This film was a modernized version of the classic cartoon. Although this is the second Transformers movie it is the first live action version. The movie kicked my nostalgia factor into high gear. My favorite Autobot growing up, Bumblebee plays perhaps the most important role in the film. Ha take that Optimus Prime. Okay that's not fair Optimus is the man (metaphorically speaking of course). Optimus had the same spirit and soul as he did in the original cartoon, not that he was voiced by the same actor had anything to do with it. Jazz, Ratchet, Ironhide are the other Autobots who help "destroy the evil forces of the Decepticons". Yup Megatron is our main baddie (only this time he's voiced by Hugo Weaving, and does not transform into a gun), and with him are Starscream, Bonecrusher, and Scorpinox. So what do they want? Well seems that there's this cube that can decide the fate of this long lasting Cybertronian war. If the Decepticons get it goodbye Earth, so the race is on.

So where do all the humans fit into this? Well the only characters that make an appearance from the initial cartoon are Sam Wartwicki and his father. I hate to say it but this is where things would go a little sour for the hardcore fans. Sam is never called by his nickname "Spike" and his father is completly oblivious to the whole robots in his backyard. All other humans are just filler, but Megan Fox and Rachel Taylor are welcomed additions in my book.

So what's left to talk about, a sequel? Well yeah that's going to happen, and obvious to anyone who was smart enough to stay through the credits. Classis lines? Yup "Autobots transform and roll out" and "one shall stand; one shall fall" were there. The winning line from the make Optimus speak contest does infact pop up (it's "freedom is the right of all sentient beings"). So yeah you want me to talk sequel fine. Well since the Autobot Matrix of Leadership was only briefly glimpsed there's more to that in the next one. Plus there are all the fans running afoul that there favorite robot didn't make the cut this time around, well that's why they'll make another movie.

Okay so I think I've ranted and raved long enough. The film is a dream for a child of the eighties (not Malcolm Douglas). Will upcoming cartoons turned live action movies such as Underdog, Alvin and the Chipmunks and Speed Racer be as successful? Hard to say cause this movie raised that bar substantially higher. So to sum it up forget people with radioactive spider-powers, or green ogres, or Johnny Depp as a pirate, Transformers is the definitive champion of the summer.


I was contemplating starting this review in the form of a receipe. Let's face it I'm sure a few of you have already done so, if not the professional critics. Then I realized I'm writting a review, and the film centers around quality of food (as opposed to movies) so why don't I just stick to what I do best and bitch about the film.

Okay good news this movie was exquisted and nothing to bitch about. Frankly it was cute, and good for all ages. The concept was original and the characters were loveable. Common let's face it you know you want to go to the Disney store and buy a stuffed Remy doll. Admit it!! And no I don't have one, but I wouldn't object to getting one as a gift.

Set in Paris, a young rat dreams of leaving his colony and becoming a master chef. Yes circumstances place him in a position where this can happen, prolem is he's a rat. Enter Linguini, a low income level garbage boy who equally dreams of greatness. Suddenly they realize they need each other to fullfill their dreams, however the rat must remain a secrets. Let's face it no one is going to eat in a restaurant where there's a rat, in particular one where it touches your food. So the story plays out and in true Disney fashion has a happy ending.

Yeah there's really nothing negative that can be said about this movie. It's got something for everybody and that is all one needs to see this film.

Live Free or Die Hard

"Yippee-kay-yay mother f***er". Those classic lines pretty much some up this movie as a whole. If anything this film has given this franchise a new lease on life. Much better then the second anf third and pretty much matches the first in terms of success.

Set years later everyone's favorite cop who's always in the wrong place at the wrong time, John McClane, is thrust in the middle of cyber-terrorist who are out to cripple the United-States government. With him this time around is spokesperson for Apple Computers, Justin Long. Oh the irony of it all. McClane does what he does best, using whatever he has to get the job done, even when the bad-guys are using his really hot daughter as a bargaining chip.

So far this is the best action movie of the year. Governments of the world should take note of this film because I'm pretty sure some terrorist organization just got some ideas for a fire sale (see the movie for an explanation of a fire sale).

If there is one regret I have for this movie is that they did not name it "Die Hard 4.0" which pretty much covers the whole computer aspect of the movie. Meh beggars can't be chosers.

Evan Almighty

Does Jimmy Bennett ever grow up? Seriously this kid has been in many movies over the past year and I just don't see him growing?

Well here we have it the sequel to the ever popular Bruce Almighty. As we all know Jim Carrey honroably bowed out of this one. He seems to hate the ideology of a sequel. Instead Steve Carrell reprise his role of Evan Baxter from the first film. Interestingly enough did anyone ever hear of Steve Carrell when the first film came out? Now he's a big Hollywood name.

So anyways Morgan Freidman -- the only other returning character -- is once again G-d and he chooses Evan as his new prophet. So what is G-d's mysterious motive this time, and why is it so important that he have Evan build an ark? Remember he does work in mysterious ways.

I found this much better then the first movie, which was only made to see what would happen if Jim Carrey got g-d-like powers. Still it would have been nice to have Bruce make a cameo, or call Evan on the phone or G-d allude to the first film. There is only one allusion to a previous film and that can be seen clearly: "The 40 Year Old Virgin Mary".

More then likely a third film will happen. Maybe G-d will come down to Jimmy Bennet and explain why he isn't getting any taller or older?


Egad that was one freaky psycholigical movie. We should all learn from this movie and take the lesson to heart: listen to the natives. When I say natives, I mean the people that no better, like your parents, world experts, or hotel staff who advise against staying in a room where everyone dies.

What makes this room do evil? Well the film never actually resolves that issue. We just know bad stuff happens there so much to the point that people go mad and kill themselves. When John Cusack's character checks in to the room to investigate for his new book he soon learns that he should have listened to the hotel manager played by Samuel L. Jackson.

The action pretty much takes place in this one room. There are twists and turns, and some points you think the movie will end, but it is just another trick of the room.

Forget haunted houses, and cemetaries the most frightenening place is a hotel room. Listen to this native and see this movie. You have been warned.

Nancy Drew
Nancy Drew(2007)

I figured out a Hollywood secret. When Max Theriot appears in a movie, Bruce Willis will make a cameo. This happened in The Astronaut Farmer and it happens again in this movie, Nancy Drew. One wonders if Willis will pop up in Theriot's next movie Jumper or if they will pull a switch and have Theriot do a cameo in Live Free or Die Hard. Now I know what you are going to ask, why do I know so much about Max Theriot and why did I see Nancy Drew? Well I know of Max Theriot because he beat out my buddy's little brother Corey Gorewicz (click link to view his Flixster page) for the role of Seth in The Pacifier. Now the reason I saw Nancy Drew was cause I was babysitting and the kids I was with saw everything else (which is a shame cause I wanted to see Surf's Up).

I'll admit I don't know much about the character (I grew up on The Hardy Boys) except that she's a detective. The story is set in the modern era but the character dresses like she's from the 30's and drives a car from a similar era. Although just to ensure she is not completly out of it she does have an iPod and use a laptop.

Her supporting cast just come and go as they please. They act as a foil to Nancy to make her look smart and everyone else appear to be an idiot. As for the story there is actually a solid mystery although not one that can be solvable by the audience if you follow closely. Also if you are wondering about the ghosts seen in the trailer, worry not as there is a rational explanation for them that makes this more of a Scooby-Doo mystery.

In retrospect Nancy Drew is better suited for the page or TV. A movie is just a waste of time. Does this mean there will be a sequel or a Hardy Boys spin-off? That is a mystery on Nancy can solve.

Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer

A much better improvement to the first film. They stayed true to the majority of the the source material save for a few things. All in all a worthwhile comicbook film. Good but not great.

It was nice to see the Silver Surfer portrayed in the movie as he is in the comics. Mind you it is kind of harder to do any cosmetic alterations to the character (okay fine the whole discovery on one of the still shots exposing the Surfer's private area is a different story). Yes the Surfer comes to Earth to prepare it for his master. Although mentioned in passing his origin is accurate to the original vision. Hints of his life before his sacrifice to save his planet haunt him through out the movie and culminate into the movies climax. This if ciurse brings us to the most talked about villain of the movie, Galactus.

Sorry folks if you were expecting a big giant man dressed in purple, you're better off watching Barney the dinosaur. No they did not portray him as a bunch of giant bugs in a collective (as seen in the Ultimate Marvel line) either. If you were to describe Galactus it would be a cosmic weather anomaly. Although it is a let down you do see a bit of his comic book self as a shadow while he is passing Mars.

As for the cast of the previous movies. They are all back and true to form. Ben and Johnny still bicker while Sue and Reed plan on tying the knot (albeit Reed is destracted with his experiments). The only major let down was Doom. They started on his character as it should be, a horribly scarred tyrant, but somehow he develops Wolverine's healing ability and becomes all nice and pretty again.

The only other complaints I had towards the film were the Surfer's board being the source of his power, and Stan Lee dropping his role as Willie Lumpkin in the first movie to play himself. Like no one is going to notice.

Yes this film does hint that a sequel is coming and perhaps a Silver Surfer spin-off. One wonders who the next villain will be Diablo? The Red Ghost? The Skrulls? Super-Skrull? Bad writting? Only time will tell, but before I sign off I should let the fanboys out there know that Galactus is defeated without the help of the Watcher or the Ultimate Nullifier. Either be upset by it or not, but try to enjoy the film.

Pirates of the Caribbean: At Worlds End

This better be the last movie in the franchise. Anymore and this film and all that came before it can drown to the bottom of the sea.

Johnny Depp is back (which means more questions pertaining to him on Flixster trivia. Yay he says with sarcastic excitement), and with him Orlando Bloom (see my comments on Depp only this time put a gun to my head), and Keira Knightley. Together they reprise their respective roles of the franchise for one last put up your dukes onslaught with their enemies.

Same deal as the last two films, he betrays him who betrays her, who backstabs him. Yeah can't really say the life of a pirate is built on trust. Plus the supernatual element is still key.

This movie was weaker compared to the other two. I found the action sequences not up to their usual par. On the plus side the characters do get their respective endings. Unfortunetly so I don't ruin the movie for those who have yet to see it, I will not be going into detail.

As with the other Pirates film unless you really can't hold your bladder in any longer stay till the end of the credits as there is an extra scene. This scene is expected and makes sense in the spectrum of the film.

Yes this movie needs watching. To do otherwise is a crime to any film buff this side of Davey Jones' locker.

Georgia Rule
Georgia Rule(2007)

Note to Lindsay Lohan. Take the lesson out of your movies and learn from it. Come to think of it were you even acting? Probably not since you don't know how to act to begin with. Being yourself on screen must have been pretty easy. If you expectan Academy Award nomination you're not hitting the bottle hard enough to warrant such a reality.

Yes this is a chick flick. Men beware. We will not go into the details about how I came to see this movie, all I can say is what's done is done.

This movie did have some ups to it, in particular the performance by Felicity Hoffman and Jane Fonda. There were some also some nice little jokes in there when Linday Lohan is wrestling on the ground with a 12 year-old boy and feels something hard which she is quick to point out. Beyond all that in terms of chick flicks I have seen a few of the classics and they are all better then this. This is just a filler movie for the week between Spider-man and Shrek. It was also put out as an alternative. To say the timing of release was suicidal would be close to true. This ain't The Notebook (which mind you I have not seen but from what I heard is much better).

If you are a loser and have no desire to see any of the big name movies out right now then this film is for you. Oh yes this would make for a good date movie. Let's leave it at that.

Shrek the Third

So I took my mom to see this as a late Mother's Day present. Yes I know I'm two weeks late but she was in surgery, and had to recover. My taking her to a movie on this Hallmark holiday was a tradition. Usually I see the big blockbusters the weekend they come out but I made a promise to my mom and have to live up to it. This means I'm going to be delayed seeing the Johnny Depp movie everyone is talking about.

So the big green ogre is back for a third time. Yes Shrek has returned and he's taken off more then he could chew. Fiona, Puss, Donkey, Dragon, and the in-laws are all back, along for the ride are some new characters like Artie, and Merlin. This time the villain is the glamorous Prince Chraming, who believes he is the rightful heir to the throne. In essence the race is on as to who will be the next ruler of the land. Charming stages a coup-d'état, while Shrek tries to find the other possible contender, Artie. Oh yes and Fiona is pregnant.

The Shrek franchise is known for it's humour, and yes there were some original gags and one-liners but it is evident they are running out of material. I just didn't find myself laughing as much this time around. The other let down was the big musical number seen at the end of the other films,. This time around it was confined to Donkey, Puss and the ogre triplets, dancing around the credits. Yes they have the moves but the heart and soul just wasn't there.

In the big war for summer blockbuster supremacy alas I don't think Shrek has a chance. Spidey still has the lead, and after I've seen that Johnny Depp movie I'll know for certain who the winner of the summer is. Sorry Shrek I love your movies and everything but you just won't win this time.

Spider-Man 3
Spider-Man 3(2007)

He's back! Quick sing the "Spider-man" theme song. Our favorite arachnid returns for another round against genetically enhanced villains, and bringing his personal problems along for the ride. That's Spider-man the way he was intended.

Sam Raimi does it again, but alas it seems outside influences are starting to affect his work. Don't get me wrong the movie was superb, but if this trend continues this series will go the way of the original Batman franchise. We already lost Danny Elfman's score on this one. Is this a sign of weaker things to come?

Peter, Mary Jane, Aunt May, and Harry Osborne all return. Peter is in love with MJ and wants nothing but to marry her. MJ is struggling with a failing acting career which unfortunetly pushes Peter closer to the dark side. Aunt May always the voice of reason continues to support Peter through the good and the bad. Harry is still misled and wants Peter's head on a silver platter. He takes up the role of a new Goblin (it is questionable if he is the new Green Goblin or the Hobgoblin, but I like the idea of it being left open for debate) a role which proves instrumental at the film's climax. The Daily Bugle staff of Jameson, Robbie, and Betty still play a role in Peter's professional life. Dr. Curt Connors also returns and brings up our hopes that the Lizard will appear in a future installment.

We are introduced to two new supporting cast members. Captain Stacy and his daughter Gwen. Anyone who reads the comic knows the tragedy of these characters, but how they meet their fate in the saga remains to be seen as the two villains responsible have been used and are dead.

What's Spider-man without his rogues? First on the list is Sandman. Flint Marko was handled exactly as he should have been. His "villain" has always lived off of the philosophy that "is it wrong to steal a loaf of bread to feed a hungry family?" This is why he was hardly use in any cartoon version of Spider-man, he's not really what you would call a megalomaniac that needs to be stopped at all costs. You feel a great deal of pity in his character, even when you learn how he was involved in Uncle Ben's murder. This has been a favorite villain of both Sam Raimi and Tobey Maguire and the casting of Thomas Hayden Church shows their love for this character. Sandman was perfect in everyway.

Now the one everyone has been waiting for, VENOM!!! Remember when I said the franchise was starting to weaken, one of the big tip-offs is Venom. Avi Arad had to convince Sam Raimi to use Venom as he was in high demand by the fans. It was great seeing him on film and Spidey wear the black costume, but my greatest fears were confirmed, the backstory leading up to Venom is to tedious to pull of a good Venom story. When he does show up near the end of the film we only find out scarcely little about him. There was no explanation as to why Spidey's spider-sense can't detect him, only a die-hard comic fan knows that answer. The only way to do Venom justice is to bring him back for another film, and since they may use Carnage down the line it is going to be a necessity. The other thing that really bugged me is that the symbiote just happened to land near Peter granting him extra powers. Common guys what are the odds of something extraordinary happening to the same guy twice. I think if they had one of the scientist's under Harry's payroll create the symbiote, which is in turn used on Peter would have made more sense.

Yes this film is a must see and it remains to be seen how it will stand-up against Shrek and Pirates. This is a good start to the summer blockbuster season, but let's not hope the minor flaws of this film aren't the catalyst to ruin the franchise.


Wow this was one well thought out movie. Originality is defenitly key here. Lesson: Always check in to a more well known hotel/motel franchise.
When stranded a couple at the cusp of ending their relationship check in to a run down motel. The motel was built in the early seventies and has not been cleaned since. When they discover video footage of grizzly murders in their room of people who haved stayed there before they are quick to discover they are being videoed and are next. Turns out the manager and a couple of friends are into the whole snuff film industry. With no where to go and no one to call for help husband and wife need to put their differences aside and outsmart their captors.
The problem with the movie is that there is mention the couple had a son, but never what happened to him. We assume he died somehow, but it would have been interesting to learn how. The other problem I notice is there were some other avenues of escape I noticed but never used. Why didn't you just climb up to the roof? The concrete design had ladder written all over it.
Ok well it's not perfect but it is original. This is mot like Psycho at all, but rather a new face of evil who provides you with very little escape -- unless you calm down and think about it. I say check it out.

Blades of Glory

If ever there was a movie where the last 20 seconds of footage completly destroys what came before this film is it. WTF flying out of the Olympic Stadium? The roof doesn't even open like that.
Well I guess you figured out where this movie hit a negative, but on the flipside of things this movie was original. Now don't get me wrong I never thought I would go see a movie about figure skating, but it has Will Ferrell and Jon Heder, two of todays modern comic geniuses. This film prooves their comic worth because let's be honest we label male figure skaters as "gay". Will Ferrell's character goes to great lengths to prove he is not a homosexual as he is a crazed sex addict who's slept with every known celebrity female figure skater. Jon Heder although does get the girl in the end but still his character remains questionable.
Ha I turned this review into a commentary about stereotypes in figure skating, how about that? Although not either of Ferrell or Heder's greatest film it is definetly worth a look.


Everyone is aware of how I feel about remakes and revisions. I try to avoid them as mush as humanly possible. Yet here I am seeing a revision of the Alfred Hitchcock classic The Rear Window. Truth be told I have not seen a movie in over a month (moving from one city to another can really take up your time) and this was the sole movie starting at a convenient time. What the hell I see movies for free anyways.

Disturbia as mentioned is a revision of The Rear Window, which I have yet to see. As opposed to the voyeur being confined to a wheelchair with a broken leg -- yes this was parodied on The Simpsons -- our protagonist is confined to house arrest. To stay sane he becomes a voyeur and peeping Tom, and in a scene right out of The Girls Next Door meets his new hot teenaged neighbour in this fashion. Along with her and his best friend they begin to suspect that the neighbour across the street is connected to a Texas serial killer from years ago, and missing women in their city. The question remains are they being paranoid or is something truly amiss?

Disturbia is a well told story, but it loses points for originality. This film will more then likely apeal to a teenaged audience. At this point Shia LaBeouf is fast joining the ranks of the next generation of well know celebrities. With this movie under his belt, Transformers due out this summer, and the announcement of him landing the role of Indiana Jones' son in the forth installment of that series, he will be a household name in no time.

Lenny the Wonder Dog

I was just channel surfing and I happened to stumble on to this flick. I watched it for about two minutes before I moved on. Those two minutes told me everything I needed to know about this movie. A under budget production with no special effects or any obvious acting ability.
For starters the dog is supposed to talk. Ok fine it is a kids movie whatever. Problem is the dog only talks off camera, or at any angle where you can't see his face. In retrospect a cheap method coming out of the golden age of Hollywood movies where the effects were not available. Newsflash this is the 21st century, not only can this be done you can probably pay a computer science student minimum wage to get a half decent job of getting the dog to actually move his lips.
From what I saw of the villains. Lame. The big musclebound goon is only seen from the neck down. His smaller more intelligent aid is nothing more then an out of work clown without the make-up. In retrospect if I needed help fighting these two I would call in my comatose grandmother.
Yes I got all this from a two minute screening. That's two minutes of my life I want back immediatly.


The Zodiac killer in my mind is the closest thing to a supervillain I can imagine in the real world. Not only was he never caught but his costume was cool and frightening all the same.
One of the greatest unsolved crimes of the 20th century the Zodiac is still potentially at large. The movie itself is very true to the actual events. No detail is left unturned. The murders are accuratly recrated and the is felt by the city of San Fransico at large.
The story of the Zodiac is pretty well know so no point in going into detail on the movie's plot. In terms of actting everyone was superb in their roles. I should point out if you want a preview of Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark in Iron Man then this film's got you covered.
Yes this film is worth seeing, but my only beef is that it is looooong. The movie is well paced anf enjoyable but some might get a little creeped out because this is all true and this serial killer might still be out there.

The Astronaut Farmer

Did anyone know that Bruce Willis was in this movie? Anyone? I for one had no idea. All of a sudden he just popped in out of nowhere. That's the only real surprise I had about this film, beyond that this movie was pretty much what I expected a flatlined filler.
Billy Bob Thorton does it again, he's in another movie that probably will not do well at the box office. Is anyone else noticing a pattern in the kinds of movies he's in? It seems he's just taking any work he can get, or he's the only big name star that is dumb enough to be in these films.
To make this film sound entertaining I'm going to descibe it like ditsy teenaged girl. So yeah there's like this guy who was almost an astronaut for NASA but it like totally didn't happen. So like he builds his own rocket ship, and like totally wants to go into space, which is way cool and everything. But then like some people come and say he can't do it so like he totally does anyway. Like whoa, they used some big words ***curls hair*** like I wonder if they mean anything.
Okay that's the entertainment part of the review. The film itself wasn't bad, it just wasn't great. Personally, I would have liked to have seen a movie about the guy who flew in a lauwn chair with numerous helium balloons (and yes that did happen), but beggars can't be choosers.
It's really up to you if you want to see this movie. Like I said it's filler. So if you have nothing to do and have seen everything else then yes go see it. Did I mention Bruce Willis was in it?

The Number 23

Here are three reasons you should not see this movie:

1) It's not as good as it could be.

2) Joel Schumacher directed it.

3) It plays with your mind.

Unfortunetly this film could have been much better. The belief system for the #23 is not new and has been around for a while. Actually one of the main reasons Jim Carrey did this movie is because he subscribes to the 23 theory. The story was weak and when you get to the denoumont it takes a good 15 minutes to explain the clues that were never presented to the viewer. What did you expect? This is your regular Joel Schumacher film. Had M. Night Shamalyan made this film the plot twist would have been more surprising and you would be kicking yourself for not picking up the clues earlier. Sorry not the case with this movie. Shumacher has done it again, pure crap. Frankly, the only thing that seperated this Schumacher movie from his others is that his teenaged male star, Logan Lerman did not have a scene with his shirt off. Maybe he finally heard about Roman Polanski?
If you do go see this film I'm warning you, you will become obsessed with the #23. You will look for it everywhere. It is advisable that you take a taxi home after watching this film as you will be easily distracted on the road trying to find the number. That's all I can really say about this movie, it just was not worth the money. I'm glad I get into movies for free.

Bridge to Terabithia

Yet another classic children's book hits the big screen. Although not as well known as Charlotte's Web and The Chronicles Of Narnia, Bridge to Terabithia stands on its' own to help bring classic children's literature to the big screen.
I was first exposed to this story in college, and albeit for a child the book may take an eternity to read, I read through it in 2.5 hours. The story is about two friends who create their own imaginary kingdom to help them deal with their problems. Jess and Leslie start of as strangers, with the latter being the new kid in school. The two soon discover they are kindred spirits and help each other as friends. Leslie teaches Jess how to use his imagination to its' full potential, and the magical world of Terabithia is born. Like the book the two are forever seperated (not saying how), and Jess must learn to cope.
There were two negatives for me regarding the film. The first is that the creatures that were made up I do not recall making appearances or being described in any detail. Although the animators did do an impressive job, it is amazing to see how the "creatures" of Terabithia resemble people the kids know. The other negative is that Disney in all it's glory had to do some of it's own marketing. Watch as you can clearly see Jess' older sisters watching Hannah Montana, a popular Disney show. For that matter didn't this story take place in the seventies?
I should point out that you should probably familiarize yourselves with the two young stars Josh Hutcherson and AnnaSophia Robb. Josh, has been in several movies (Zathura, RV, Kicking and Screaming) and shows no signs of slowing down his career. AnnaSophia I hate to say it is the next Hilary Duff. Next to acting (most recently she played Violet Beauregard in the remake of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory) she also sings the main song for the film. It will be interesting to see where these two are five years down the road.
The novel is a Newberry Award Winner (which is the Oscars for children's literature) and it was well handled. Although this film will probably not reach the same level on film as it did on paper it is worth a look. If you are the extremly sensitive type then I recommend a box of tissues.

Ghost Rider
Ghost Rider(2007)

Fifteen years, that's how long I have been waiting for this movie. Was it well worth the wait? Hell yes (pun intended). I have been Ghost Rider's biggest fan for years so much so that I am a virtual encyclopedia. This movie hit all the right notes and the character was in good hands.
When John Blaze discovers that his father is dying of cancer, he sells his soul to Mephistopheles (just a note he was always called Mephisto in the comic) in order to cure him of the disease. As always any deal with the devil is twofold and you always get the raw end. Although Johnny's dad is cured of the fatal disease he dies later that day in a motorcycle accident. Years later Johnny's past comes up to him as Mephisto needs him to stop Blackheart. Johnny is bestowed with the powers of the Ghost Rider, the devil's bounty hunter. Johnny is not alone in his quest as he is instructed in the history of the Ghost Rider by the enigmatic Caretaker, and is aided emotionally by childhood sweetheart Roxanne.
Ghost Rider was indeed well handled and his confusing comic book history is clarified for the movie-goer. There were nods to every version of the Ghost Rider that hit the comics. Ghost Rider's powers were all present, and he looked exactly like he did in the comic. Frankly, his attitude came as the biggest surprise as I never remember him giving the finger or saying "You're pissing me off". The most drastic change came with Carter Slade who was a Ghost Rider was never the flaming skull version. Although seeing a cowboy dressed in glow-in the dark clothes would have proabably weakened the film. Caretaker's backstory was equally altered, but he is still the spitting, shovel wielding, tells you on a need-to-know basis he always was. The addition of Captain Dolan came as the biggest surprise as he plays a large role in the Ghost Rider's future career. Johnny and Roxanne were handled as their characters were intended. Johnny is the misguided soul who made a bad deal and is looking for his second chance. Roxanne is his rock and beacon, keeping him from making any further mistakes and proving he can overcome his curse. Mephisto and Blackheart are portrayed differently on film then in the comic. They have a human form and only echoes of their true selves are revealed. Blackheart's true form is revealed at the end. These relationship between the two was true to form. Mephisto plays by the rules and lies to get humans to give up their souls. He has the devilious traits as defined by our mythology. Blackheart is his impatient son who wants to bring hell to Earth and will stop at nothing to achieve his goals. Beyond the characters I must add that the addition of the song "Ghost Riders in the Sky" was welcomed as that was the original inspiration for the character.
A sequel will definetly happen as the film is left open for one. Mephisto was left rather peeved with Johnny Blaze so no doubt he will want some form of revenge. Ghost Rider has a rich rogues gallery but who will makes it to the screen next? Although Cage has said he does not like sequels that opinion seems to be changing. It is pretty clear there is more to learn of the Ghost Rider and the sequel can't come soon enough.

Jump In!
Jump In!(2007)

I'll admit I never thought it was possible to make jump rope cool. This movie proves me wrong. When you see how athletic one needs to be to do this rather strenuous activity I think the IOC should add this as an Olympic event.
Izzy Daniels comes from a good home and is following in his father's footsteps in boxing. Unfortunetly, Izzy does not really have the heart for the sport. Yes he's good, and yes he can probably go pro, but in reality boxing is his father's dream and he's keeping it alive, mostly in memory of his deceased mother. When chance comes Izzy discovers that he has a knack for double dutch skipping, and not just regular jumping, we are talking extreme skipping. Of course Izzy is scared people might find out as he is a guy, and guys don't do that sort of thing, but the secret does get out. This leaves Izzy with a few choices, doing what he loves, or listening to the teasing of others. It's a Disney movie guess what he chooses?
Surprsingly the film is good and it does have a huge fan base. In reality the film would have gone unnoticed if they did not promote it as having one of the stars from High School Musical in the lead role. The movie does loses points as it is a Disney film and the conflict was mellowed down to a PG level. If they upped the ante we are talking Disney classic. This film will survive as it is original and memorable. My advise is to forget what others think and give this film a fair chance.

R2-D2: Beneath the Dome

This is hilarious. One of the funniest "mockumentaries" I have ever seen. I don't think I stopped laughing.
The film treats everyone's favorite astromech droid like he was a real person and not some studio engineering masterpiece. Taking a Behind The Music approach with R2-D2, this film explores R2's origins, his family history, trying to get acceptence from his father and his rise to stardom. It also chronicles his downtime between the originals and the prequels, even his drug addiction.
This film stars Natalie Portman, Samuel L. Jackson, Francis Ford Coppola, Steven Spielberg, Hayden Christensen, Ewan McGregor, George Lucas and many more. With all these big names (yes fine a lot of them star in Star Wars) attached to this film it just go to show how big R2-D2 has becomes in our popular culture. R2 is even digitally impossed on many historical footage a la Forrest Gump.
If you need a good laugh this film gets props for originality. Although short a definite must see. It can be downloaded off the official Star Wars website in three parts. Starwars.com>The Movies>Episode 2>Explore>Beneath The Dome.

Star Wars: Holiday Special

Remember everyone as far as Lucasfilms is concerned this movie never happened. This movie is horrible. It's clear that the cover box of the film is a fake. Carrie Fisher was so drunk in one scene that she had to be propped up against Chewie so she can stand. If you so much as choose to find this movie be warned. Not even a special edition could save this film. The only plus is that it is the first official appearance of Boba Fett.

Remember any diehard Star Wars fan will tell you to avoid this movie. George Lucas will tell you to avoid this movie, as it was done without his colaberation. If you were to compare this movie to "The Phantom Menace" many will tell you the "Phantom Menace" is by far the better movie.


The Secret of the Sword

Warning: nostalgia is kicking in. "BY THE POWER OF GRAYSKULL!" *Sigh* Seriously any kid growing up in the 80s did that. He-Man was the hero every boy dreamed of being. He was so successful that a spin-off had to be done. This film my friends is the movie that introduced the spin-off: She-Ra. Now common guys we all secretly watched She-Ra although never admitted to it on the playground as it was a "girls" show.
The movie is in essence the first five episodes of the She-Ra TV series. She-Ra herself doesn't appear until episode 3, but her alterego Adora appears in the first episode. The first two episodes are in essence a He-Man adventure. Although the film does chronical a lot of He-Man/Adam's familial origins it also tells of how She-Ra came to be who she is. Adora and Adam are twins, but when they were born Hordak (the main villain and in my mind the greatest television antagonist) stole Adora from her cradle and disappeared. This film has He-Man learning of the past and recruiting a new ally in the fight against evil.
This film would have been a masterpiece however episode 5 was rushed and ruins the build-up of the first four episodes. A must see for those who study popular culture.

Wendy Wu: Homecoming Warrior

It's nice to see Brenda Song in a role where she is not a dits. Still this movie does prove that she is an actress and not a moron in real life. Beyond Brenda there are no other "big" names attached to this film. Come to think of it I don't think anyone has ever heard of Brenda Song who is not 15 years old and up.
So the story goes that there is a girl living in California who may be the inheritor of and ancient Chinese legacy. In order for her to discover said legacy a Shaolin Monk must find this warrior and prepare her for the upcoming battle against an evil force. The bad guy by the way likes to body jump so our heroine never knows who or what it will be next. I know the villain sounds it is impossible to defeat, but guess what? This is a Disney movie the law of good conquering bad with very minimal damage to the protagonist remains intact.
The story was attrocious, and absolutly no character development. Alas because it is a Disney movie and does star a celebrity from one of Disney's more popular shows, expect a sequel at some point.

Life Is Ruff
Life Is Ruff(2005)

I was bored and there was nothing else on TV. There that's my excuse what's yours?
This is your typical Disney family film. Yes it does have a happy ending. What Disney movie doesn't? They sold this film using Disney Channel all-stars, Kyle Massey from "That's So Raven", Mitchel Musso from "Hannah Montana", and Kay Panabaker who regularly popped up on "Phil Of The Future". The only unrecognizable from Disney was Carter Jenkins, although I would expect him to pop-up on one of the aforementioned shows at some point if he has not already.
So basically it is a story about a scheming 13 year-old who wants money for a rare comic book. The opportunity emerges when he discovers that a local dog show offers $5K as the grand-prize. Problem is he is sans dog. So what's a boy to do but go to the animal shelter and pick one out. Unfortunetly for him one of his fellow classmates has won this dog show for the past two years in a row and is determined to win again. For some reason he has it in for our star. Why? I don't know, the story needed some antagonist and obstacle for the hero to overcome, but like I said this is a Disney movie so things work out in the end.
Better then most Disney made-for-TV-films, but not hitting classic stage anytime soon. The only reason this film is as popular as it is, is because of the names attached.

To Kill A Mockingbird

A powerful film. What more can be said?
Based on the book of the same name, To Kill A Mockingbird is set in the American south in a time when the black community is still not seen as equals to the whites. When a black man is accused of raping a white girl the town is set into turmoil and a lone unbiased well respected publice defender must take a case he know he is going to lose even though the evidence suggest his client is innocent.
Although most people look towards the trial as the main plot of the film it is in reality the story that follows the young stars that take centre stage. The film is told through the eyes of young Scott Finch who recounts that faithfull summer when her father Atticus took on the case and when her older brother Jem and their mutual friend were trying to make the resident neighbourhood recluse, Boo Radley come out of his forced housearrest.
Perhaps one of the greatest fictional stories ever told this dilm has a lot going for it, and when we do finally meet Boo we can't help but cheer at his heroic actions and the sacrifice Atticus and the town sheriff were willing to make so he does not face further punishment. Gregory Peck won an Oscar for his role as Atticus and it was a performance that will forever go down in film history as memorable. Although I strongly recommend watching this movie, reading the novel first is perhaps a better as you begin to appreciate the film more.

Little Miss Sunshine

HOLY F***ING G-D!!! I had my doubts about this movie but I never thought it would be that good. Wow. Little Miss Sunshine is one of those films that flies completly under the radar when it is in theatres and then makes a huge impact on society. I am kicking myself for not watching it earlier.
Although a drama this film is also a comedy. Their were many moments when I burst out laughing, in particular when you finally see what the talent act put on by the daughter. I found it hard to see Steve Carrell in a serious role but he pulls it off nicely. He does get the occassional gag.
The only thing I would have to say that is remotly negative is not about the film itself -- no his movie is perfect in everyway -- but rather that Paul Dano did not get an Academy Award nomination. Although he doesn't say a word for the majority of the movie his facial expressions say it all, and when he finally does speak we can see he is a well rounded actor. If you doubt me watch L.I.E. if you have the stomach. Paul Dano (or Paul Franklin Dano) will go place and every role I have seen him in is well done. I think he is one of my favorite actors.
If you have yet to see this movie, you better. This has now become my odds on favorite for Best Picture. Chances are it will not win or be overlooked in every category, but the fact that it is getting recognition will do this film justice. This film is in the exact same boat as Sideways and look at where that film is now.

Letters from Iwo Jima

Out of all the Academy Award Nominees for Best Picture I think I have found the weakest one so far (granted I have yet to see Little Miss Sunshine). Letters From Iwo Jima is good just not spectacular. I question why this film was even nominated as it was similar to Saving Private Ryan and Pearl Harbour. The sole difference is that 95% of the movie is in Japanese.
This is basically a typical war movie only told from the point of view of the Japanese. One of the last military strongholds the island of Iwo Jima is the subject of this film. The movie is typical and nothing we have not seen before. Frankly, it would have done much better as a short film as this movie just drags on with no ending in sight. Much of the film is redundant and is just filler.
The only reason this film is getting applause is that Clint Eastwood and Steven Spielberg are attached to the film. Although I have nothing but criticism there are some remarkable touches to this film that do warrant the grade I have given. The cast is good, and the recreation of that battle was well done if not long.

Pan's Labyrinth

I think I've just seen the best foreign film ever! In my mind any film made outside the United States and English Canada is foreign. This movie was phenomenal and I believe should win best foreign movie at the 2006 Academy Awards.
Set in Spain during 1944 a young girl named Ofelia and her pregnant mother come to the home/base of her step-father. Ofelia's step-father happens to be captain in Spain's army bent on destroying the growing rebellion in the outlying forest. The captain makes it evident that he has no love or care for Ofelia and has only married her mother as she is carrying his child. Ofelia sole means of coping is with her books and soon becomes entrawled in a fairy tale all her own. The question remains if the fauns, fairies and her claim to the throne are real or a fabrication of her mind.
The cinematography of this film is remarkable. The creatures created take CGI effects to a whole new level. Ofelia's step-father is by far one of the greatest on-screen villains created. This film will just blow your mind. I give the entire cast a perfect score cause they were all phenomenal (that and I don't know who the actors are). In the race for the Oscars this film should get due credit.


"Let us go down and mix up their language so that they will not understand one another" Genesis 11:7.
Babel is Crash on a global scale. Four different stories all intertwine: from the illegal Mexican immegrant looking after American children; whose parents are on vacation in Morrocco; where their mother is accidentally shot; by two boys who were testing a rifle; which was trailed back to a Japanese tourist. Going to four different areas in the world, Mexico, the U.S., Morrocco, and Japan we can see that the world is a small place.
The film is done in four different languages, English, Spanish, Arabian, and Japanese, and yes the film is subtitled when English is not in use. In reality their is a fifth language in the film which is sign language as one of the main characters is a deaf-mute. By incorparating the art of signing we see another aspect of the world that is normally overlooked.
Althought he film is not told chronologically and jumps from the four different sub-plots. As the film pans out we see how everything is interconnected. We learn about the different cultures of the world and how they deal and understand one another. A great film and a must see.

The Queen
The Queen(2006)

Where were you the day Princess Diana died? For that matter where was the monarchy? Going back ten years it feels like that tragic day occured just yesterday. It's a day the world will never forget and in my eyes it was a day that the British monarchy changed and entered the modern world.
The Queen is a film about how Queen Elizabeth copes and deals with the week following Diana's tragic accident. We see the story from two points of view that of the monarchy and that of the government/public. The fact of the matter is that the monarchy was not ready to deal with this loss and they completly underestimated Diana's popularity. Because of how Queen Elizabeth was brought up she has no understanding of how the general public thinks. Prince Philip even comments at one point that the general public is mad. After enough pressure from the public, Tony Blair and Prince Charles, the Queen comes to realize she is not as powerful as she thought and it is time to start brining the monarchy into the modern world.
The actting is phenomenal. Helen Mirren did a superb job of playing the stone-cold emotionless Elizabeth. The description of her sounds kind of harsh but as Tony Blair eventually says and comes to realize, this was how she was brought up and she was put into thrust suddenly into a career she did not choose. I expect Helen Mirren to win best actress for her part in this film.
Let's be honest this film was directed for the older couple crowd and to be honest I felt out of place. That being said the movie is remarkable and has a good chance of winning best picture. So my advice like Queen Elizabeth swallow your pride and do something different, go see this movie.

Reservoir Dogs

I finally got to sit through this movie in its' entirety. Last time I tried to watch it I got called away for some reason that escapes my mind and never had the opportunity to screen it again. I'm glad I did.
Quentin Tarantino sure knows his underworld and organized crime. One wonders if he is one of the mob. When a heist goes wrong the remaining perpatrators realize that one of them is a rat. With two of their numbers dead and one dying the question remains as to who is truly loyal.
Like the majority of Tarantino's film this film does have its' share of gore. The cop getting his ear cut off while "Stuck in the middle with you" is playing in the background is a definite piece of cinematic history. It was even parodied on The Simpsons and once you get a parody you know the film is memorable.

Alpha Dog
Alpha Dog(2007)

Alpha Dog is based on a true crime commited in LA in 1999. When Johnny Truelove (in reality his real name is Jesse James Hollywood) is owed money, he kidnaps the brother of the debtor and holds him as a marker until the debt is paid. Problems begin to emerge when the kid wants to stay (Stockholm syndrome at its finest) as he is introduced to a life of partied, girls, drugs, heck he even gets laid. Knowing that if the kid ever goes home Johnny and his cohorts will end up in jail for life. The sole choice is to kill the kid which inevitably happens.
I first heard this story on Unsolved Mysteries, as Jesse James Hollywood was at the time still at large and was the youngest person to ever make the FBI's 10 most wanted list. The story is facinating and the different framing devices the director uses suit the story. The acting was good in particular that of Anton Yelchin who plays the kidnap victim Zack. Even Justin Timberlake did an excellent job as I was able to look past his popstar status.
As many know Jesse James Hollywood was caught and is currently awaiting trial which is why the film was pushed back so many times. To protect the innocent and so the trial is not mistried some elements were changed like names as well the where and how Zack was killed. Beyond all that it is possible that we can see at least one Academy Award nomination for this film.

The Good Shepherd

Memo to Robert DeNiro: Stick to acting, as you can't direct.
This movie was boring and dull and I was hopping some assasin from some covert spy agency would sneak up behind me and choke me to death to put me out of this misery. All I kept wondering was when this movie would end.
This film stars Matt Damon who is recruited in WW2 through his association with Yale's secret society The Skull and Bones Society to learn how to do spy work from the British. Needless to say he practically gives up his family and the chain of events lead up to the creation of the CIA.
You would expect something of a little more interest when it comes to the beginnings of the most powerful intelligence agency in the world, but instead you are left bored out of your mind. Matt Damon was not at his best in this film nor was any of the other well known actors.
I thought this film would be a contender at the Academy Awards but I would be surprised if it got at most a nomination. Do yourself a favour and go see something else.

Children of Men

Interesting. A world where no child has been born for over 18 years. Although never fully explained as to the cause we see the outcome. Society has become a community living in fear, and love thy neighbour no longer implies. Humanity has a deadline to extinction.
Children of Men is by far the first hit of 2007. Set in Britain in the year 2027 this is another grim outlook for the future similar to that seen in V For Vendetta. Clive Owen plays Theo a man with a few connections who's ex-wife played by Julianne Moore who happens to be the leader of an activist group bent to stop the government. She has a very important playing card and that is the first pregnant woman in 18 years named Kia. When she is killed it is up to Theo to ensure the Kia gets to safety.
There's a lot of parallels that can be seen to the birth of Jesus. When the child is born he is treated as a saviour and even briefly puts a stop to the carnage around a troubled world.
One of the most original movies to come out in a while, this movie will probably not be enjoyed by the occassional movie goer. You need to have an appreciation for film to understand this movie's qualities and attributes. Although this movie does have some questions that go unanswered, you really don't care and you leave it open to imagination.

Seven (Se7en)

Gluttony, Greed, Sloth, Lust, Pride, Envy and Wrath. The seven deadly sins. First mentioned by St. Thomas Aquinas, and used in such classic literature from The Cantebury Tales and The Devine Comedy. Also used in fictious crimes commited by Kevin Spacey's character in the film Seven.
The movie is cinematic genious. Well thought out and it leaves you on the edge of your seat. The character of John Doe commits his crimes as an intrigate masterpiece. Pre-planned and well thought out that it gives the retiring homicide detective and his replacement a headache trying to solve the mystery. Morgan Freeman and Brad Pitt are superb in these roles.
Unfortunetly I don't want to ruin any of the film for you as there is a twist ending. My only complaint about the film is that Gwyneth Paltrow is hardly in it, but does serve an important purpose in the end even though you don't see her character. My advise is to check out this movie, and then repent for your sins no matter how minor.

Miami Vice
Miami Vice(2006)

The movie version is not encrouaging me to watch the original adventures of Crockett and Tubbs. Seriously, what the hell was going on? They get involved in this big Columbian drug cartel as a former colleague who was working undercover was discovered to be a fed. The whole point of this adventure was to discover where who leaked out his true identity. Did I miss something or was that a plot device still hanging? I honestly had no clue what was occuring as they all used lingo that either a sesoned cop or member of an international drug cartel would understand.
There was no real introduction to the supporting cast. I was left wondering who were these people and how do they relate to our heroes. They come and go as they please with no explanation as to how they fit into the big picture.
Not very good acting from either Colin Farrell or Jamie Foxx. One has to wonder if a gun was pointed to their head to do these roles, or if they just volunteered knowing that their names will drive in audiences, and they will still get a paycheck.
If you are a fan of the series or not just avoid this film. If you want a good modern crime drama set in Miami watch CSI: Miami.

The Pursuit of Happyness

Down-on-his-luck Chris Gardener has lost just about everything: his home, his wife, and his career is at a dead-end. When he has a chance encounter with a complete stranger who drives a luxurious car Chris sets on a new path. Problem is to get there he has to start at the very bottom of a no paid training program where only one out of twenty applicants get a job upon completion. Welcome to the world of the stockbroker. To make matters worse Chris has to look after his 5 year-old son and find a place to stay every night. Now in case you've been living under a rock and missed all the promos he does succeed and is now worth a few million dollars.
Although the film probably will not win or be nominated for best picture at this year's Oscars, expect a nomination or two from either Will Smith or his real life son Jaden. Like father like son is very true in the Smith family, and although I don't think the Academy would be to thrilled to give or nominate young Jaden his performance is powerful and steals our hearts. We see that his character's innocence is what keeps his father going.
Most likely the feel good hit of the Christmas season, this is one of those movies you'll hear people in the office saying you have to go see it, and they are correct. If you can stand having people cry next to you through out a film then I suggest you catch this movie as soon as possible.

Night at the Museum

I've mentioned before that I'm a history major, so as you can imagine Night At The Museum is a history buffs dream come true. Seriously I would love to talk politics with Theodore Roosevelt, or tell Sakagawea she's inadvertenly assisting in helping the white man conquer her brethern. The movie is fun to say the least.
Now I'm sure you know by now this movie is about exhibits coming alive at the museum at night. If you don't now you know. All in all not much can be said about this movie is that it is fun, and definetly innovative in terms of story. It loses points as it is weak on character development -- with the exception of Roosevelt. Also Mickey Rooney just pisses me off. I don't know why but he is an old fossil (no pun intended) that should just accept retirement. His 15 minutes of fame were over 75 years ago.
If this movie will spark interest in history and museums remains to be seen. It is a step in the right direction.

It's a Wonderful Life

I guess the old Hebrew saying is true "he who saves one life saves the world entire".
I'm pretty sure you all know the story of It's A Wonderful Life even if you haven't seen the movie. This is by far a timeless heartwarming classic even if one of the main characters doesn't make his full physical appearance till about three quarters of the way through the film -- I'm talking about Clarence by the way.
Our protagonist George Bailey is by far one of the greatest movie heroes in cinema history. He sacrifices his dreams, and ambitions so that others may have a better life. When he gets overwhelmed and circumstances become to much for him he is ready to throw in the rope, and yet he perseveres and realizes he was a much richer man then he originally thought. He is a great foil to the antagonist Mr. Porter who is also a candidate for best movie villain of all-time. Porter only cares about money and doesn't care who gets in the way or who he hurts. Think of a much more ruthless version of The Simpsons' Mr. Burns.
Needless to say this film made me laugh, and almost made me cry (a feat which is an accomplishment by itself). This is what true movie making really is, even though Clarance is hardly in it you certainly understand that he deserved his wings.

Unaccompanied Minors

I hope the FAA and homeland security was studying this movie closely as these children manage to outwit airport security and personel, left, right and centre. Stranded at an airport on Christmas Eve five unaccompanied minors decide to have a little fun which only gets them into trouble and seperated from the rest of the solo flying underage passengers. Yeah that's pretty much the premise of the movie, but one kid is determined to reunite with his sister and then after that bring Christmas cheer to stranded passengers.
The only real big name I recognize is Wilmer Valderrama, because who can forget Fez. Sadly, I think he will forever be typecast in that role as I had trouble believing his character in this film. Everyone else in this film is a bunch of nobodies. The only other face I recognized was Dyllan Chirstopher's, but he was most memorable for me as a corpse in CSI. Truth be known the kid has talent and outshines the rest of his co-stars. He will more then likely go places in Hollywood.
This film is more then likely going to be the Christmas themed film of the year. Although it may not reach the level of the original Miracle on 34th Street or It's a Wonderful Life it certainly is better then the Santa Clause sequels. Expect this film to be shown at least once or twice every holiday season when it hits the TV circuit.


To all those people out there who knew about this film and did not encourage me to watch it: SCREW YOU. Seriously, how could I not know about such an amazing movie that makes The Matrix seem like amateur video? How deep does this conspiracy go? I just looked at my brother's online journal and it turns out he saw it. I hope you guys get what is coming to you, you emotionless drug users. Speaking of emotionless drug users...
Equilibrium a film where it is illegal to have emotions. Where art, music and love are not tolerated and is crime worthy of death. The world is policed by the Grammaton Clerics who are the highest order of police. Following orders by the "Father" and indivisual never seen in person, but enforces his doctrine through holograms and jumbo-trons. In order to supress emotions every citizens is to take required medicine at a given time. The world is organized and by the book. Naturally there are a few who defy such a regime and will have the world reverted back to the land of the caring. If not for those damn clerics. Good news resistence movements one of those clerics forgot to take his meds and is now on your side. VIVE LA REVOLUTION!
Filled with ground breaking fight scenes and action packed edge of your seat action. Equilibrium is a must seen film that eveybody propbably missed, due to it being in limited release. That "father" is everywhere.

The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe

Ladies and gentleman we have a franchise. My favorite childhood books The Chronicles Of Narnia comes to the big screen in the first installment The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe. This film would have Narnia author author C.S. Lewis giving his thumbs up in approval.
Much like Peter Jackson's Lord Of The Rings, this movie expands on the books key scenes but stays very true to the source material. The battle of Britain for example which is only mentioned in a line of the book has about five minutes of screen time and serves as introductory point for the four children, and how they come to be at the Professor's mansion in the country. Equally, the climatic battle which again was only a couple of lines is instead an epic conflict that keeps you on the edge of your seat.
So I guess my review should speak for itself. This film rocked. The movie itself also was a good follow-up to The Magician's Nephew as the designs on the wardrobe depict scenes from the story. As well as previously mentioned the Professor, but also the lampost, and the history between Jadis and Aslan. The film also sets itself up for A Horse And His Boy, but also makes way for the next film Prince Caspian, which can't come soon enough.

Donnie Darko
Donnie Darko(2001)

Donnie Darko is a troubled teen. He's a paranoid schitzophrenic who believes he is seeing a demonic bunny name Frank. Frank tells him to do things, bad things. Yes Donnie is in therapy, and yes he comes from a good home. He's just a f***ed up kid who's trying to live with his illness. Hid friends, family and his new love don't seem to mind and have accepted him in their lives. Donnie gains a facination with time travel and is presented a book on the subject by his science teacher. The book turns out to be written by a crazy old lady who checks her mail every ten seconds.
To be frank I wasn't sure what to think of this film after I saw it. I defiently had to sit back and absorb what I have just seen and make sense of it. Since it is a cult classic it is easy to see why it reached that status. When was the last time you had a conversation with your friends on the sexual habits of Smurfs? I agree they are asexual. It's amazing who crazy people are more intelligent then people think. Donnie Darko is such a person and he takes you on quite a ride.

Casino Royale

He's back for the first time. Learn how Bond, became Bond. Actually if you really want to learn how Bond came to be we would need to go back to his parents falling in love and well you know how this works. In reality we go back to the first mission as a "00". This is were the legend was born.
This is basically your typical Bond film. Bad guy up to something sinister, Bond intervenes, and momentarily gets the girl. The only difference is that Bond is more human this time around as he doesn't have his trademark gadgets. Although I am not entirely convinced as of yet but Daniel Craig certainly has the ability to be the best Bond yet.
The sole returning character is M, played once again by Judy Dench. This is where things get a little confusing. As any Bond fan can tell you Judy Dench is not introduced as M until Goldeneye and Pierce Brosnan's Bond meets her for the first time and even comments on her predecessor. Now either at some point she took a sebatical between Casino Royale and Goldeneye; or it could be possible that when one "007" retires or dies the next must take everything including the name; or the film makers are idiots.

Spider-Man 2
Spider-Man 2(2004)

"Spider-man, Spider-man does what ever a spider can." Well actually that's not so, see a spider actually spins webs from its' rear, and that is the only thing Spider-man does not do (thank god because if he did I doubt he would ever have been as successful), and that my friends is the only place this movie falls short.

To say I loved this movie would be an understatement. This movie was amazing, and expands on the first. The cast was incredible and played to their roles nicely.
As for the story this film expands on the first and takes you more in depth into the world of our hero and his supporting cast. We feel for Peter, Aunt May, Mary Jane and Harry, and we understand why they act the way they do. This film had a lot going for it that you never want it to end, which it inevitably does, but on the more positive side of things they set it up for a third.

Being John Malkovich

What a head trip. My mind is spinning. No it's not the aftermath of my New Year's, and no I didn't smoke up, but I saw Being John Malkolvich. This movie is better then any other method to get a head rush. It will mess with your mind and there's nothing the government can do to put it to an end.
After seeing this movie I'm again forced to ask the question "what is real?" We all know the world is complex, and at times confusing, and sometimes we don't always act the way we do. Why is that? There are times we seem like someone else entirely. This movie braves to answer that question.
The movie opens with puppets on a stage, which is very appropriate and sets the stage (no pun intended) for what is to come. A down on his luck pupeteer (John Cusack) finds a doorway into the mind of John Malkolvich (played by himself), after introducing his wife (Cameron Diaz) and colleague (Catherine Keener) to this world, they decide to profit from this both, monetarily and sexually. Eventually, Malkolvich discovers what is going on, and is enraged, but not before Cusack seeks a more permanent solution.
I'm not going to ruin the story for you, as this is one headtrip you would want to take, which leaves you asking questions about life, and doubting your own exsistence. I personally left to ponder "am I who I think I am?"


The story is timeless, and perfectly uses traditional storytelling themes. We have a poor orphaned hero who falls for a beautiful woman who is from a higher class. When the opportunity presents itself to change his destiny (in the form of a genie), he leaps at the chance. Naturally, the villain uncovers him for who he really is, uses his own magical device against him and everything begins spiralling out of control, putting everyone in danger. Using nothing more then his wits, the hero is able to overcome the villain.
Disney's Aladdin is an example of an epic hero, as described by Joseph Campbell in The Hero with a Thousand Faces.

Schindler's List

If ever there was a better person in the 20th century it was Oscar Shindler. If ever there was a movie that was worthwhile to tell his story and do justice to one of the horrors of World War Two, then it is Shindler's List. This movie is by far one of the best films ever created. Spielberg stand up and take a bow.
After viewing this movie we can actually see how realistic the fear many of our grandparents and great grandparents had to go through in their lives, regardless if they were Jewish or not. The stories were one thing, the pictures another, but to actually see such horrors can make one sick to their stomach which nearly rivals actually being there. Seeing many of those horrific scenes I reminded myself how bad the mental torture would have been, not knowing whether you were going to live or die, simply because of your faith. This was a time where heroes rose in the most unlikely of places, as did Oscar Shindler.
In retrospect this movie proves that we can find heroes in the most unlikely of places at the most unlikely of times. We should all take the quote mentioned in the movie from the Talmud to heart "He who saves one life saves the world entire".

Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan

Hilarious. My G-d Sacha Baron Cohen is the new Andy Kauffman. To be honest I didn't know much about the Borat character until a friend was getting all hypped up about this movie and was demanding to go see this film with me. It wasn't until later that this character has become such a cultural phenomenon, and people who have a higher view of life were eager to see this film.
This is by far one of the best stranger in a strange land movies I have seen in a while. The film is non stop laughs that anyone with an open mind would enjoy. The film does raise the bar and at times cross a line, but it manages to do it in a way that is not as offensive as others would have produced. Let's face it when Andy Kauffman first appeared people were outraged, and now he's viewed as a comedic genius. In time those that have yet to accept the character will come and view Cohen's genius.

The Prestige
The Prestige(2006)

When my dad use to buy me and my brother magic tricks he didn't by us the right off the toy shelf tricks, he bought the real deal. He always went to a magician's novelty store in either Atlanta or Montreal, and we learned how the real illusions were done. In magic the hand has to be faster then the eye. That's what I was expecting when watching this film that there will be some twist in the end, or as the film calls it "the prestige". The Prestige is about two rival magicians, each with a grudge and each trying to out do the other. They will go as far as sacrificing their families and even murder to be the best and see the other in shambles. As the film chronicles their careers we see their passion turn to obsession, and going as far to the ends of the earth to get what they need. The film started good and to be frank I was enjoying it, but then they used a plot device that should have stayed clear of the film in its' entirety. That is science fiction. Due to this daius ex machina the film takes a turn for the worse and it loses me. Although some might enjoy this film, I found it entertaining and disappointing at the same time. If they stuck to a late 19th century storyline with the technology of the time as plot devices I would have found this movie, prestigious.

Dr. Strangelove Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb

What happens if you put a madman in charge of the most devastating weapons on Earth? The result is the classic Stanley Kubrick black comedy Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb.
This film is be far one of the best films out there. It is quite obvious why other pieces of media choose to parody elements of this film. Despite the drama, and tension there was still elements where they managed to sneak in some comedy.
The actting in this film is astounding, and I'm sad to say I really don't know any of the actors all that well, with the exception of Peter Sellers from his Pink Panther movies. I've been able to rate the above actors purely by piecing together information I have found on the internet. This is probably the sad reality of not living in that particular genertion.
As for the story and directing I have to say this was definetly an eye opener. It shows that there are loopholes to even the best systems, and that eventually a madman will come along and expose them and use it to their advantage. As for the directing this film to me just didn't strike me as Kubrick except for the ending. It is possible that since this was one of his earlier films his style has changed over time. Don't get me wrong even though the style was different I enjoyed this film.

Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones

The second installment in the Star Wars prequel triolgy. This one begins to chronicle Anakin's fall to the dark side, and the foundations that led to the rise of the Empire.
Almost ten years has passed since Episode 1, and Episode 4 is another 20 years away. Anakin has grown up and near to becoming a fullfledged Jedit knight. Obi-Wan has become more sinical, and Padme all the more radiant. However not all is well in the universe as many star systems are removing themselves from the Republic to join former Jedi, Count Dooku's Confederacy. In time both sides inevitably clash, and Anakin and Padme forbiddenly fall in love.
This movie explores the Star Wars mythos in greater detail. Although Anakin does not succumb to the dark side we see him dangerously near to crossing that line. We begin to understand why circumstances happened to garnish the events of the future. The universe is quickly becoming a more dangerous place.
This movie take digital filmaking into a whole new realm. I could go on for hours about how believable the universe was, but the only proof one need is in the Yoda fight scene. This scene alone demonstrates the next step in film.
The only problem with this movie is that it is incredible.

Super Size Me

Never again will I eat fast food. Ok so that's an oath I would probably break sooner or later, but I'm going to amass every last bit of willpower I have to avoid those said eating establishments. I'm also probably going to go back to the gym.
If you have not figured it out yet I just saw Super Size Me. Let me tell you this documentary was an eye-opener. Sure we've been told countless times that we should eat healthy, and exercise, and yet we still flock to Wendy's, KFC, and McDonald's. Usually I would eat McDonald's once maybe twice a week, well that's going to change. After seeing what this guy put himself through for an entire month, it saddens me to think that we don't seem to care about our bodies.
I'm going to encourage everyone I can to see this movie. I will probably even purchase it when it comes out on DVD (maybe I'll get the "Super Sized" version with all the extra bonus features). One thing I do recommend is that gym and health classes consistently show this movie. Frankly, I say this documentary is required viewing for everyone.

The Incredibles

The title of this movie sums up my feelings on this feature, INCREDIBLE. Pixar does magic, and is by far their best contribution to the Hollywood vault. Their animation is almost better then reality as it looks like you just want to reach into the screen and touch that world.
This film deals with the private lives of superheroes. Their day jobs, their hobbies, their secrets but most importantly their families. The incredible family is a new textbook version of a disfunctional family, not in the sense that they don't love each other, but rather how do you cope with not being able to use your special talents, legally. When the sins of the past return, it is up to the old generation and the new generation to face the conflict.
I can go into detail about everything but I need to get to work, so if you want to hear complete and utter praise about this movie, just e-mail me and I'll send you my buddy Jacob's cell/work/home phone number. Oh and when you call Jacob make sure you have lots of free time cause once he gets started there is no stopping him.

Million Dollar Baby

This movie was by far a cinematic masterpiece. Clint Eastwood (although I am not a big fan of his) really brought this film together both onscreen and off. Every aspect was pure brilliance, and missing a moment would be a crime against cinema. The story is about finding out who you are inside. We have a boxing trainer -- who is estrange from his family -- going against his misguided code of ethics to train an eager girl wanting to learn the sport. As the story progresses we learn more about our characters and their background. Eventually, the inevitable downfall happens, and we discover that they are going to have to make the ultimate choice. Hilary Swank, gives one of the best performances of her career. She made me believe her character was real, and I wanted to be there to comfort her when her character has her accident. Morgan Freeman, although a superb actor, just didn't give the omf I usually expect from him. Although he is the omnicient narrator of the movie, I felt that his performance was the only real downturn to the movie.

Ewoks: The Battle for Endor

Here it is the review for The Battle of Endor the second and last film in the Ewok adventure series. To be honest this movie made the first film a big redundancy. Everyone that was saved in the first film died in the first five minutes of this movie. I'm probably going to keep this review brief as my same concerns for this movie, are similar to Caravan of Courage. The only thing that this film has that the other movie didn't is that it is much more dark. This movie expands once again on the world of Endor. Young Cyndell (after her entire family dies) is on the run from the vicious Marauders, and the evil force wielding witch (I looked it up on Starwars.com, and she does have force powers). She befriends Noah a hermit who is equally stranded, on Endor and his native friend Teek, who reminds me of a deformed Ewok on speed. Eventually, they have an adventure and leave Endor to go off into that galaxy far far away, never to be heard from again. Okay not true a much older Cyndell does pop up in one of the expanded universe books as a reporter.
After watching this film I realized that there is still an untapped expanded universe potential with Cyndell, Noah, the witch and the Marauders. Frankly, I would be willing to buy any story that chronicles these origins, or further adventures of. Oh well one can only dream.

The Ewok Adventure

I only watched the first film Caravan of Courage and I'll probably watch Battle for Endor at a later date. The first film gets a lot of points for nostalgia factor. This is definetly a movie for kids, however I felt it was more like a walk through the California wilderness with Ewoks, as opposed to humans on Endor. It's amazing how "Endor" has chickens, ferrets, miniature horses and other wild creatures native to Earth. The creatures that were foreign, well let's just say it looked like ILM was on vacation. If ever a film needed altering by Lucas, this be it.
The humans in this movie are definetly strangers in a strange land. The children Mace and Cyndell did manage to be a tad bit more succesful at befriending the Ewoks then Luke, Leia, and Han. What bothers me is that yes this is a "Star Wars" film however there is no mention of what's going on in that galaxy far far away (bare in mind this film takes place at some point between A New Hope and Return of the Jedi), come to think of it how come there have never been any action figures made of Mace, Cyndell, their parents, the Gorax, etc. Other then the Ewoks this movie has no tie to the Star Wars universe, which is a shame, at some point someone should have said "may the force be with you" or made some sort of reference to the galactic civil war.

Jiminy Glick in Lalawood

The feature film was Jiminy Glick in Lalawood. Very few word and sentences can describe this film. Here they are: One or two memorable laughs. No plot. Not worth the money, the passes, or the time. Wait for it to air on TV if you really want to see it. I'll admit to never watchin Jiminy Glick on TV, and to be honest this film is not encouraging me to do so. If this film had any plus to it, it would be that it shows how important the Toronto International Film Festival is to the movie industry, as it is the setting of the movie.

Saw III(2006)

I really like this franchise, it is a shame it is going downhill fast. There is something interesting about a serial killer who does not kill. THe film starts out well, the rising action keeps you squirmish and at the end of your seat. The climax leaves you tense and nervous for what happens next. It is the denouemont that ruins the film and makes the ending weak. My advice to Hollywood is to stop this franchise while they are still ahead. If there is a fourth -- and chances are there will be -- the movie will be atrocious. One thing I do have to say is that whoever comes up with these death traps certainly has one sick creative mind.

The Departed
The Departed(2006)

When will Scorcese get his Oscar? If he does not get it for this film then I can conclude one of two things: The Academy is corrupt, or there is no G-d. If you see only one film this year then "The Departed" is it. An amazing film with stellar performances from its' all-star cast. There is nothing wrong with this film. If there is one premise of this film it's who's the rat? One works for the cops one works for the mobs and they have each infiltrated the others organization. They know the other exsist and they must discover the identity of the competition before the other. Trust me this film is a must see and if you don't see it or hate it you obviously suck.

Jackass: Number Two

What kind of a person would find this funny? Maybe an imbred hick. I only saw this movie cause we arrived too late for "The Departed". This movie doesn't even warrant any further mention. Stupid, nauseating, and vile. Do something better with your time.

Cloak and Dagger

This film is about terrorist on American soil. People are dying and it is a matter of national security. One of the characters is constantly yelling for Jack. Nope sorry this is not an episode of 24 it's the cult favorite 80's film Cloak & Dagger. Although if Jack Bauer did show up this movie would be over in about two minutes. Starring Henry Thomas -- fresh off his gig in E.T. -- as Davey who winds up with a video game he is not supposed to have and people would kill to get. When no adults believe him he is to rely solely on his imaginary hero Jack Flack who is is the star of the video game series Cloak & Dagger. Dated and lame this film would only be appreciated by the children of the 80s. It could stand for a remake, but I hate remakes. Where's Jack Bauer when you need him?

What Lies Beneath

I stronly remember me and the boys going to see this one in theatres. I remember some of us screaming like little girls (not me). The movie was alright, but wasn't anything spectacular. It was great to finally see Harrison Ford in the role of an anti-hero/villain as opposed to his usual macho man roles. As a supernatural thriller this film needs a lot of work. If you are easily scared then you might fins this movie a tad jumpy, however if you are the kind of person who yawns during horror films you may want to avoid this film entirely.

The Siege
The Siege(1998)

Wow had I seen this movie when it was released in 1998 it would have been like looking into a crystalball. There are a lot of parallel's with Bush's war. The acting was well done by Denzel Washington and Annetter Benning, but as for Bruce Willis this was not one of his better performances. I would only advise watching this film if there is nothing else on TV or all the good movies are taken from Blockbuster. Also, if your still a little sore over the past five years and you think Bush should be removed from office, then avoid this movie altogether.


This film is a horror masterpiece. Imagine a serial killer that never kills. You are put into a situation where you can either live or die depending on the choice you make in the sadistic game you are force to play. The Jigsaw killer has ever detail well thought out and has one objective to teach you how to appreciate life. This was one of the most well thought out movies in a long time, and the surprise ending is more then a decent payoff. I got to meet Danny Glover when he was at the Toronto International Film Festival in 2004 promoting this film while I was a theatre manager, and he is a great guy. We are even on a first name basis. He signed up for one classic cult movie that I have no regrets watching repeatedly.


An incredible and powerful film. This movie dealt with a controversial topic that few studios would dare touch or few theatres would dare show. Amazing performance by Brian Cox and the young cast. The film takes place in and around the Long Island Expressway, where Howie who recently lost his mom in an accident on said highway is engulfed in a world of embezzlement, peer pressure and the main theme of this film pedofilia. This film is not for the weak of heart, and some may have a lot of trouble with the content. Although this film is really well done some of my friends who are film-buffs refuse to watch this film based on the content alone. I do recommend at least a look as most distrubing scenes are implied and never shown.

Star Wars: Episode VI - Return of the Jedi

The final battle to save the galaxy is upon us. The last of the original triology is by far the best in my mind. Characters who have only been hinted at are introduced for the first and last time (prequels not counting) and the fate of our heroes will be determined. The ending is by far the most surprising as more secrets are revealed and a character makes the ultimate sacrifice to save the ones he loves. The movie is about redemption, and how important the people you care for have an impact on your life.

Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith

At long last it all comes together. Questions are answered, and the galaxy will never be the same again.

George Lucas' epic saga comes full circle and we finally learn how Anakin Skywalker became on of the greatest villains in movie history known as Darth Vader. Although Vader by himself is terrifying the true villain is Darth Sidious who has played everyone to meet his own selfish end. Our heroes are forever scarred and changed and some do not survive. The epic battle scene between Obi-wan and Anakin is not only memorable but a definitive classic. The saga is over, but the adventure begins.

Batman Begins

Taking Batman right down to his roots and exploring his origins. This movie has everything you would expect from Batman. Twisted psychological torture of a man who died metaphorically years ago only to have a new persona emerge in his place. Villains never before used on the big screen make their first appearance like Ra's Al Ghul, Scarecrow, Mr. Zsasz, Joe Chill, and Carmin Falcone. What is more enjoyable is the door is left open for a sequel. Although the Joker is already confirmed, except to see Two-Face, Harley Quinn, Talia Al Ghul, at some point.

The Heart Is Deceitful Above All Things

The content of this film is distrubing and full of metaphors, odd camera angles, and time jumps that make it difficult to take in. What it lacks in plot is made up for by stellars performances by the cast in particular the young actors, Jimmy Bennett and Cole and Dylan Sprouse.

Full Metal Jacket

After watching this film one begin to put things into percpetive and the line is drawn as to where they stand on the issues. Definite parrallels between the Viet Nam war and the war going on right now. Both are pointless. You hear that Bush, Blair, Harper and Chirac? A must see for anyone that enjoys movies. This is a Kubrick masterpiece. This film is visually stunny and artistic.

The Dog Who Stopped the War (La Guerre des Tuques)

I vaguely remember being forced to watch this in French class, but what I do remember is none of my fellow six graders were dry eyed. Rewatching it at some point would be a good idea, but chances are my opinion on the film would have changed.

Snakes on a Plane

"I've had enough of these mother f***ing snakes on this mother f***ing plane!" A cult film even before it hit theatres, this film is by far one of these best thought out movies in a long time. Definetly requires a look. What made the film even more enjoyable was the mouse that was running loose in the theatre. Fortunetly I did not have to live an experience where some idiots in an Arizona theatre let loose a bunch of rattlesnakes during one of the shows.

Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby

Not one of Will Ferrell's best films. Actually, in my mind he has not had a good film since Elf. Although I am not into NASCAR or any kind of racing this film does not make me want to become a fan. I should never have been talked into seeing this film.


This movie was surprisingly better then the filmakers previous films. It made drinking fun, and I have to give props for the disclaimer to the audience about drinking and the consequences. I do believe that there will be a few people who will immitate what they see, but like I said this film made drinking fun.

Darkness Falls

I don't know what's worse a film of a "scary" toothfairy or the fact they tried to make the toothfairy scary? What could have been an interesting concept and film turned into nothing more then a waste of time. The only piece of redemption was Emma Caulfield, but only cause she looks good. Her actting was lame and I kept thinking of her as Anya from the Buffy TV series.

A Lot Like Love

The only reason I'm writting anything is so the world knows that this is by far one of the WORST films ever made. No plot, no story, Ashton Kutcher managed to sink lower then ever thought possible. Do yourself a favour and avoid this movie, but if for some reason you are in a position where you have to watch it, keep a loaded gun near your temple.

Garden State
Garden State(2004)

This film is filled with to many metaphors that's enough to drive one insane. Decent acting, and good plot line, this movie is worth a look. Definetly a rose in a pot of dirt.

The Boondock Saints

I don't know why the critics hated this film. The plot, setting, score, cinematography and acting were beautifully done. The film definetly shows a side of justice that frustrates the legal system, and why some people chose to take the law into their own hands. Keep your eyes open as a lot of the sets were later used for "A History Of Violence".

Monty Python and the Holy Grail

Maybe I'm just to waterdown from American humour but British comedy confuses me as much as a Bollywood film. I can see why this is a cult classic, and there are elements that were funny, but alas, I guess I need to learn a little bit more about 1970s British humour to trully appreciate this film.

Gangs of New York

This movie is certainly worth a look, if you can get over your personal biases and stomach DiCaprio. From a historical perspective this film gives a rather insightful outlook on a dark undiscussed view of America's history. Still after viewing this movie has anything changed in the United-States?

Freddy vs. Jason

I will admit to not having seen any of the Elm or 13th movies but when your life these days is movies it is hard to ignore the basic concept and plot points of these worlds. As a slasher team-up movie this is not bad, but still it falls a little short. In terms of character development things are left dangling and that's never any good.

Clerks II
Clerks II(2006)

Although I like Kevin Smith I hate to say it this was probably his weakest film to date. As with his other movies there are mention of many things that appeals to the general fan boy, but just not enough for my liking. He should have just done Green Hornet.

My Super Ex-Girlfriend

A different take on the super-hero genre. This movie shows there is a different side to super-heroes, but most importantly humanizes them. With comic-book films being the trend this movie came out at a good time.

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest

The effects in this film were incredible, so much so I'm never looking at seafood the same way again. Johnny Depp is once again hilarious in his role as Captain Jack Sparrow, and his performance leaves us wanting more.

Superman Returns

He's back, but in some ways it is not like he ever left. Superman makes his triumphant return to the big screen and it is well worth the wait. Watch for the twist about 3/4 through the film.


Interesting concept for a movie, but I would have found more uses for the remote control. Not once did he ever think of hitting the pause button so he can finish his work quicker and spend more time with the family. Original but not well thought out.

Nacho Libre
Nacho Libre(2006)

This movie does show how important wrestling is to Mexican society. Unfortunely it is terrible. If they did it in Spanish not only would that have flexed Jack Black's acting muscle, but would have allowed for a better cinema experience.


Magic. That's the one word that can describe Pixar's latest film. Worth the time and money. I wish I owned some of these hot cars.

The 40 Year Old Virgin

Definetly an original film. It finds new ways to make fun of people who are not lucky. If you catch my drift.

High School Musical

The "Grease" of the new millenium. Although there are many similarities between the two films, the songs and choreography are original. It is no wonder that the music has remained amongst the top downloaded tracks on iTunes.

X-Men: The Last Stand

This new X-Men movie brings the whole francise down a peg. Too many characters to have any character development. Very disappointing.

The Lost Boys

Everyone kept telling me to watch this movie. Why didn't I listen to them earlier? This movie was amazing. Raises the bar much higher for vampire films.


Although there are some obvious changes from the book, this is a fun family film. It might not have done well in theatres, but it will start getting the credit it is due when it will obviously be shown in Grade 7 science classes.

The Da Vinci Code

I'm convinced the Vatican paid off the critics. When I saw this movie I saw nothing that they were complaining about.