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Leeches! (2003)
16 months ago via Movies on Facebook

For its first thirty-to-forty minutes, Leeches is a hilarious romp into the abyss of bottom-of-the-barrel cinematic crap. Really, really ugly shots, unspeakable dialogue, embarassing SFX, and most of all, risible homoerotic overtones all the way... its sheer awfulness belongs to the unexplainable-- and it is, for long stretches, nothing less than fascinating to watch. Of course, all this crushing shittiness eventually turns wearying, and suddenly, Leeches is not super-funny garbage as much as it is super-disturbing garbage. You wonder who ever thought this or that was a good idea, even by the standards of grade-Z horror junk. You wonder WHO THE FUCK funded this abomination. You wonder how the lead actors feel when a loved one discovers they've played a major part in this hysterical suckfest.

And then you wonder why you made it to the end.

Margaret (2011)
5 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Difficult and contrived, much like spinning into adulthood in a terminally fucked-up world can feel like. Lonergan has verve and social reviling to spare, and to watch almost none of his ideas cohere and yet crackle like very few other network narratives do nowadays gives the effect a really disturbing read. By its final pages, Margaret proves to have transcended its horrifying post-producting trials and landed on the street as a real shot to the heart to whoever has decided to remain on its wounded wings. Paquin is incredible, and so are Smith-Cameron and Berlin.

Walk the Line
Walk the Line (2005)
6 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Built one hundred percent on the dreadfully unimaginative rise-and-fall biopic template, yet there's no denying its emotional wallop due to the sheer wonderfulness of the subject. Phoenix and Witherspoon play off each other with beauty, chemistry and depth, but little about their respective performances has the transportive power to make one label them as unforgettable.

The Devil Inside
6 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

The sole notable aspect of The Devil Inside is that it is far and away the least engaging, scary or satisfying shit-show in both the handheld horror and exorcism-gone-wrong craze. Seriously, movies don't get much worse than The Devil Inside.