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Sonnenallee (Sun Alley)
4 years ago via Movies on Android phone

I think I will buy this movie. I rarely buy movies. I read something interesting that when a nation could start poking fun at their darker times, then it is a great step for them because they are ready to move on. This is an example of a German movie where they poke fun in a very creative, sarcastic and matter-of-fact way. The stories between the adolescents of Eastern Berlin are fun to watch at the least. This happens in the 70's and you see that the West is already starting to have influence in the East block and that this young generation will be the parents of the children of the fall of the Berlin wall. I felt that the scenario would be plausible for those kids at that time at that place. All complete with bad tripping scene that is reminiscent of Trainspotting. I am definately buying this movie. Only available in German with English subs.