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Spring Breakers

Spring Breakers(2013)

Candy: Spring Break forever!

Spring Breakers has a very easy hook, by providing us with the image of young college girls in bikinis, wearing ski masks. The high concept phrasing is just as simple: a group of college girls rob a store in order to fund their spring break. The cast consists of young girls, best known for their family friendly image, which is done very intentionally, as I find it key to note that the film is sly and satirical in what it's depicting. The film is also very aggressive in terms of its filmmaking style, but in a way that makes for a hypnotic viewing experience, regardless of how much I enjoyed the film. Spring Breakers presents a barrage of boobs, butts, sex, drugs, and criminal activities, but beneath its colorful and explicit surface, I found a film with a thesis that I would consider fascinating.

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