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5 years ago via Flixster
Olympus Has Fallen

Olympus Has Fallen(2013)

Mike Banning: With all due respect, I'm the best you've got.

It is funny how some movies strike me differently than others, despite their similarities. Olympus Has Fallen has all the jingoism, xenophobia, and silliness to match awful films like Red Dawn or Red Tails. It is also cheap and ugly enough at times to match an awful film like A Good Day To Die Hard. There is a ton of violence to outdo sub-par films like Act of Valor or Taken 2. Pushing all of this aside, sometimes you get a movie that is all of these things, but still entertaining, like Lockout Space Jail. Olympus Has Fallen sits in line with many other silly, yet very serious action films, but it works as another entertaining Die Hard knockoff.

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