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Monsters University

Monsters University(2013)

Unquestionably, there is plenty of bright, vibrant, colourful fun to be had here. The plot definitely has a ton of crafty in-jokes and references to the previous film that aficionados will devour and enjoy. Crystal and Goodman too share an effortless chemistry that certainly hasn't diminished at all over the years. But its far from a future classic like its predecessor. A kids film set in a frat house is shaky at best. Even many of the new characters are just caricatures of familiar chestnuts rather than original creations Disney is usually so good at concocting. Monsters University was always going to be divisive in its negatives, coming off more as a continuing sign of Disney playing things a little too safe. Perhaps its more a case of just bad timing; MU may lack the originality of the original, but this is nowhere near the worst that the studio has offered up of late and still a worthy entry in the Monsters canon.