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Thor: The Dark World

Thor: The Dark World(2013)

Familiarity usually breeds contempt, but why mess with a winning formula when it works so well. In the case of Thor: The Dark World, everything that made the first such a surprising guilty pleasure still clicks here. The Marvel boffins keep the campy gags and overly-CGI'ed action set pieces coming so thick and fast you may well find yourself easily distracted by the spectacle on offer.
Hemsworth feels right at home as the beefcake comic book hero, but its Hiddleston's Loki who quite often steals the show. The duo make for a particularly interesting pairing during the films action heavy middle act, which of course leads way to an explosive finale, and one thankfully that doesn't try to top previous entries in the Marvel canon. The film also benefits from the darker stylistic flourishes courtesy of frequent Game of Thrones helmer Taylor.
It certainly has its flaws; even under 2 hours, it drags in parts, and many of the supports, including Portman, are given much less to do here than in Thor's first outing. Many will argue I'm being a little generous, but I'm happy to enjoy a film that keeps its tongue in cheek and its audience entertained. As pure popcorn entertainment, The Dark World continues Marvel's successful trend of comic-to-film conversions very well.