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The Return
The Return(2003)

amazing movie, i totaly love it. I cant believe it's the first movie of the director, amazing road adventure.

In July (Im Juli)

I love road adventures and this movie was really awesum!!

Wassup Rockers

I totaly love it, wish i could skateboard as good as those boys. This is another punk rock movie. Great soundtrack and everything. If you are interested in skateboarding or punk rock even just a little you will love this movie!!!

I'm Not Scared (Io non ho paura)

a very special film from italy.. A kid's dilemma about moral, and the beauty of a little villlage, lost of innocence... I love this stor...

Three Colors: White (Trois Couleurs: Blanc)

i'm not the biggest fan of french movies:) but i like trois coulers trilogy and this one is my favourite of this series. Something about this movie is so ironic, and i love irony...
(by the way, it's director is polish so it's not a 100% french movie)


siir gibi bir film yahu; film boyunca muzik asla susmuyor ve yanan Izmir'den surulen muzik Rembetiko taa Chicago'ya kadar agir aksak giderken arkasindan dunya savasini, fasizmi, devrimleri, yikimlari, olumleri ve asklari birer birer katediyor.
Guzel film, ayrica Bonus DVD'sinde bir dolu rumca sarki var...

My Marlon and Brando

A deconstraction of all love stories from the east, a post-modern Asli&Kerem... This time the girl is on the roads.

Zavet (Promise Me This)

this crazy Kusturica! Gotto love him:)

No Country for Old Men

A coen movie and it has oscars, i really dont know why i wait so long to see this one, such a bizzare story and such acting! It's a weird movie actually but it's a weird movie we all need to see. Still, i wouldn't give full stars to it. 4/5

My Blueberry Nights

i just love the directing, colors, atmosphere and the story and everything. Such a beautiful movie. Not that i'm a huge Kar Wai Wong fan since i remember i got bored on 2046, this time he made me love his movie. I'm confused about him:S
But really, it's a very well movie.

Margot at the Wedding

well it has all the cliches of a indie movie and pretty confusing characters. Like some of the names i heard in the movie, i dunno which character represents that names, who the hell was dick and etc. Complicated, confusing, but still pretty fun. Maybe, if you like the other movie of Noah Baumbach, you may enjoy this one too. Unless, you'rre gonna hate it...

Italian for Beginners

that was not what i expected to see but that was fine anyway:)

Mister Lonely

little ackwards bitter sweet ironic movie. gotta love it

Across the Universe

there were nice points of the movie still not as good as i expected, maybe i expected too much. Beatles songs an 60s, enough to save a movie.

Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street

not like a huge movie at all. still tim burton...

Cassandra's Dream

leaves this bittersweet taste in the mouth!


It's not even B class. It's like Z class or sth. So bad. Horrible

The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

It made me laugh and it's one of few things made me laugh lately, really took me out of my depressive mode after all... Gosh, such an imagination! And i loved that part with poetry:) A way better than i expected. And that depressive robot, thanks a lot:P

Chavez: Inside the Coup

nice documantery, has similarities with my country, and i admire the brave working class of Venezualla.

People united cannot be defeated!
Viva Chavez!


it was very fairy, loved Robert de Niro!


means a lot to the Joy Division fans.


What a imagenery!
Terry Gilliam's another unique work, about a girl Jeliza-Roze (perfect name, <3 it), Jodelle Farland's perfect act takes the weight of the movie, the loneliness of that little girl, the fantasy-world she lives in her mind, the innocence, and of course "coming-of-an-age" are perfectly on the screen with camera shoots and colors. Of course the references to my favorite book Alice's Adventures in Wonderland were there to make it even better.
Loved it.

Monty Python and the Holy Grail

What a movie!
Lately we had to see all that so-called-parody comedies since scary movie series made lots of million $s but tihs 1975-made-movie is like a lesson to comedy makers. Can we call it a little absurd? I'm not sure, but i'd reccomend the movie to anyone with a little sense of humor.
I'm on a new step of being a Terry Gilliam fan now, the first step was Fear&Loathing in Vegas and now this!
PS: I've just learn that Monty Python is something like series, anyone would share any info about that?


Both of the lead actrs, Asia Argento and Birol Unel were great and some scenes were great, especcially that carnival scene was awesum.
I totally reccomend this movie to everyone able to see it...

UPDATE: Since i've seen this movie last year in Yesilcam Cinema, i couldnt get it out my head and wanted to see it again, unfortunately they didnt release it in turkey as dvd, thanks to pirated copys at least i've seen it again, and i have to increase the starts to full 5. I gotto find more Tony Gatlif movies. I mean think about a Kustorica movie but not so long and without disturbing post-modernist symbols and without disturbing characters act like high on drugs, here you have a tony gatlif movie.

Funny Games
Funny Games(1998)

OK, this movie is sick!
There is a bet, a game and unfortunately we are a part of it. Yes we are. I wouldnt give any spoilers, but just a simile about the gladiators of roma empire...

Sleeping Dogs Lie

I just feel like the American Independent type is going to a be an industury too. The movie is hitting you with the idea -very easy to market- a girl giving blowjob to a dog. That's ok, and critize the middle-class american values. But well, the movie didnt make it at all.
But i wasnt expecting too much, i just watched it as i watch american pie, so do it urself. Have fun.

Arizona Dream

Weird, i cant really say that i like it at all, the lead woman character was like the same as the one in "Life is a Miracle" and the mıovie is full of symbols which distıurbs me sometimes. "North by Northwest" references and all those has a little postmodern taste but the movie itself bored me.

Death of a President

OK, i gotto confess, the idea is perfect, and i have a interest on mocumanteries. 3 stars is all it deserves.

The Good German

Cinematography and acting were awesum, the black and white idea, Blanchett and Clooney, but i mean, i just didnt enjoy the movie at all

The Lives of Others

German cinema never dissapoints me! It was really strong, well made political movie.
It's really hard to write about this movie since everything could be a spoiler. So, please, see it for yourself:)

London to Brighton

It was a nice drama on the streets of London, i was kinda excited to watch some underground story from the streets of the old kingdom with English accent and i got what i wanted. Still, it was all about that.

Worth to see...

Life is a Miracle

I was so hungry for anything from eastern europe, at least ,'ve seen this Kusturica work. It's a unique piece, confusing, because it has strange moments, like first half of the movie has nothing to do with the second part, i think the first part is a long interlude. Still, it gives a bittersweet feeling, like you cannot decide rather smile or cry.

All that music and adorable balkan culture hits you when everything goes down with the war. I like it when the story is not telling about what is going on there but rather than that expecting you to know about the history on the background and focusing to characters. It's a post-modern attidue i believe.

Nice movie to take oureyes off the western cinema and see some east...


it was not very dissapointing for me since i wasnt expecting too much. there was nothing new on except the new visual effects.
Sorry, but i couldnt ignore the lack of a story in it just because of the visuality. I never get offended by violence or something, dont get me wrong, it's just, i never get excited on the fighting scenes at all...
There were no suprising twists, no strong chracters...

I think it was just not my movie...

Prozac Nation

Great story, great acting. Story strongly telling about the depression and a problematic mother-daughter relationship, and how the problems of the modern civilization drives people to psychiatric drugs. Love it...


it was nice but going slowly from time to time and there are some problems about the story but it's probably because the book because at the 18th minute i thought it was the end of the movie!

Still, worth to watch.

Children of Men

the first minutes of the movie i figure out that there was a big thing coming, and hell yeah, it came. British cinema has a special talent on making the atmospher so dark and cloudy, just as Boyle did in 28 days later, Alfonso Cuarón shows us a new England with the faschism and violence everywhere. I felt some Felluce (Iraq) through the end, in the "uprising" scenes.

Succesful film, one of the best movies of 2006, with it's strong poltical messages and overwhelming, realistic future portray.

A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints

If you live in suburbia as a teenager, you dont have many choicesz, you razther dont cazre at all and getzz uszezd zto the meaninglessness of the town or make your best to get rid of the town and escape from there as soon as you can, but whatever you do, whatever you choose there will be things that you're going to loose and people you'll leave behind but the history, the scars will always follow you to wherever you go. As a suburbian kid the movie touched something in me...

Lost and Delirious

The lesbian relationship is hard especcially in small places where people talk about each other and when you are a teenage girl with religious parents it's gotto be even harder. It's a succesful story on that, The Machbeth references were also very entertaining.

Also it's nice to see Micha Barton so young in the movie by the way.

The Da Vinci Code

At least i saw this movie today...
I love davinci code as a book, it has a entartating story and mystery and I also like Ron Howards as a director, so it worked well for me:)
It's not shocking for me to think jesus as a normal human since i'm not christian but still the secrets, knights, Opus Dei, gosh, there is no way to get bored by listening the secrets from history.
Dan Brown has a great formula, and it'll work again and again, i guess we dont have to wait too long to see Angels and Demons...
PS: Sophie's French accent English was so cute...


nice movie, in a scene the click seller says "it's a metephor, dont ya get it?" and believe me the movie itself is all on that metephor, more like an alegory. It's a nice movie for a night that you are so bored and has nothing to do so.

Rosie: The Devil in My Head

an awesum movie, a one time experience but it's like impossible to catch it so if you can find this movie on a international art-house TV (thanks to cnbcé in turkey) or in a dvd rental store dont miss it and take the pleasure..

Cinderella Man

Another american dream story to make us feel good in our miserable times and inspire us just as the main character inspired his fans to be succesful and never give up bla bla. But i love the directing -nice boxing scenes and old cars,streets, old new jersey- and i like Russell Crowe and Renée Zellweger so it was a nice movie for me. There are some little patriotic messages but not disturbing...

Todo sobre mi madre (All About My Mother)

exceptional film, i dont know what else to call it, but it's so beautiful like you can say that it's the delight from underground. And "All About Eve" was a nice reference.

Live Flesh (Carne trémula)

another film from my almadovar marathon, ?t was a unique movie, easy to watch and gives the melancholic taste in your mouth. There are some scenes that you cannot even compare them with anything else like the biblical scene and the last scene (traffic jam)... Gotto love it.

Talk to Her
Talk to Her(2002)

I've finally seen this movie and i have to say that it's something close to perfect, I used to hear lots of things about Almadovar and Hable con Ella (=Talk to Her) and than i've seen it and i have to say that all those were right it's a great movie.

How to classify it? A obsesive love story? Maybe, but how to blame them?

Dont miss it...


well, it has sylvia plath in it, she is a perfect poet by the way, and Ted Hughes but i felt that there are some ted hughes' touches on the scenario than sylvia's. I mean, if ted were alive, he would write it exactly the same way sylvia as a jealous american that spoiled the relationship, ugh. Still, it was very nice to see her on screen, beautifuly portrayed by Paltrow.
So, if you read Plath you will watch this movie, i dont have to say anything and if you havent read any Plath poetry please first type Lady Lazarus to google than buy your copy of Ariel and Bell Jar...

Walk the Line

Before seeing this movie i didnt know musch about Johhny Cash. With this movie it's nice to go beyond the voice says "it aint me babe" and get to know a person like this, such a life with full of ups and downs. Witherspoon's voice is perfect she could record an album and we can all listen to that, her beauty, voice and the acting -which rewarded by academy also- weree so perfect and made the movie even better. Very good non-fiction movie, two thumbs up:)

The Dreamers
The Dreamers(2004)

I like it very much, a original story with the idea of the love\sexuality relationship between twins and especcially the political background of the times and contradiction between the ideas and acts of the trio. Eva Green being halfnaked all the movie supposed to have a metephorical side. Also the references to Godard. I like the movie..

Factory Girl
Factory Girl(2007)

It`s nice to watch something about 60s popart scene and Edie Sedwick. I`ve seen some very bad critism about Miller`s perfomance as Edie and i just have to say i dont agree because she was very natural and i liked her performance. Again, it`s nice to see Warhol, Edie and all that years special atmosphere on screen.

The Fountain
The Fountain(2006)

As good as Requiem! Aranofsky waited 7 whole years to make a new movie and wow! How he used the little symbolic elements is great and the combination of three stories are perfect. Following the path of Pan`s Labyrenth`s two parallel world style and Babel`s different combined stories idea but Aronofsky used the sources of mythological, biblical and sci-fi stories, combined them together creating such a perfect story that you would never forget the movie!
Two thumbs up!

Tristan & Isolde

Nothing i have to tell about the story since it`s already perfect and it was really really entertaining to watch it. I liked the play. Was it american accent that Englishman were speaking?

Summer Rain (El camino de los ingleses)

I thought i`d love this movie but i didnt like it. There are problems with the story...

The Holiday
The Holiday(2006)

exactly `feel-good-movie`.

Spider-Man 3
Spider-Man 3(2007)

nothing when i compare it with the other movies, i hated Maquire`s playing. And what was that american flag there. Kirsten was great as Mary Jane again. Nice visual effects

Running With Scissors

It has some nice points

Edward Scissorhands

So entertaning and metaphorical as any Tim Burton work.

A Good Year
A Good Year(2006)

Ridley Scott, his movies were either took place in the old historical days (such as gladiator) or in the future (such as blade runner) besides his new works like matchstick men or in her shoes. I pretty like the matchstick man and havent seen the other one but A Good Year made me think, hey, what the hell is he doing? I mean it's such a cliche movie that you can find a million look-a-likes and the same old jokes about the differences between UK and France and using those jokes as they invented them and the movie reveals itself from the first scenes.
A cliche movie, and not even a good one!

Joyeux Noël (Merry Christmas)

such a nice story and visionality, a chiristmas movie itself but with the disinnocence of the war. Oh the brothership of peoples when there are no commanders arround to tell them to kill each other, the peacefullness the divinity of music that shows us how our feelings are the same even those war engineers, blood suckers made us believe we are so different from each other. No!
End the fall of the rebels, the fortunate fall...
Gotta see this movie!

Pan's Labyrinth

Coming of an age story in between the pure and innocent childhood and the horrible, scarey reality outside world, the age when you know the dirtyness of the real world visits your dreams and steal the innocence of the fairy tales esspecially when you live in a dirty age where there are wars, unequality and hatred everywhere. An epic and heartbreaking story and a must see!


The movie won a golden tulip from Istanbul Film Festival. The movie has a very unique motion and obsesive characters and with it's new way of storytelling it's impressive. But what is really amazing about the movie is that all the characters and events has the hopelessness of Nordic Myths that you can feel the dark atmosphere of north but never gets boring with it's base on literature and punk rock! What could i expect more?


Heaven, Earth and Hölle! Perfect
Requiem for a Dream, Trainspotting and now this one, it's another great story that has drugs at the background of the story. I was expecting another Larry Clark-like flick but the movie was more than that. Especcially Hölle part was, dear!


leaves a bitter taste for a while. So beautiful.... It's the director's first movie and wow! Starting with a disaster that makes you curious, and than starts showing MTV-reality-like teenagers talking and taking u into the so-called perfect lifes that breaking all of the "perfects" and ends up with a heartbreaking final!

Murali K. Thalluri is offically a cult director by making this movie at his young age.

We, Istanbul Film Festival viewers didnt have a standing ovation as they did in Cannes Film Festival, it's hard to understand to ovate after feeling so bad like that.

I highly reccomend this bittersweet movie to everyone!

Marie Antoinette

I like Sophia Coppola's idea of using post-punk in a historical movie and putting Converse Chucks between the victorian shoes and showing and historic figure just as any other "it girls" arround. It was pretty good.

Mon fils à moi

The movie is perfectly about the obsesive mother and son relationship and makes it perfect! Perfect!

The Tracey Fragments

The movie has a very original story but more than that it has a very interesting motion with fragments all over the screen. Interesting and you should see the movie to see where the art of cinema goes...

Blame It on Fidel (La Faute a Fidel)

Venseramos! The directing and how the storyline has the effect on the viewer are awesum.

My Beautiful Laundrette

so unique, has a special point of view..

Down by Law
Down by Law(1986)

couldnt be any better...

American History X

racism is my thing. I feel so sorry about people who violanced by racist suckers. This movie has a touching story and -damn- Edwatd Norton is such a great actor.

Notes on a Scandal

Cate Blanchett and Judi Dench were absoultly great!!!

Hard Candy
Hard Candy(2006)

biggest dissapointiation. It was pointless and made me ask "why they even made this movie in the first place" because it was pointless.

The Devil Wears Prada

very entertaining, nice colours and shots to picture the busy city life and all of the acts were succesfully done. Better than i expected.


this one is a unique movie, at least i got to see it.

Matchstick Men

very entartaining and has lots of things to say, has a twisted ending, nice acts.. everything a good hollywood flick should have actually... Not just a "harmless, pointless comic thriller".

Catch Me If You Can

clever and entertaining, better than i expected...

The Prestige
The Prestige(2006)

twisted story and good actings but something just isnt right so it's not perfect still a nice dvd flick to see.

Little Children

good acting but the film was too long and it bored me kinda.

I Am Sam
I Am Sam(2001)

Beautiful, couldnt be any better...

3 dev adam (3 Mighty Men)

Lol, i cant believe this one is here on flixster. OK, you people, find this crazy movie and watch it because this is probably the most cliche, the most non-sense and the most pointless movie ever and which makes it a flick that you have to watch. I belive they should show this in the cinema schools a as "how-not-to-make-a-movie" lesson. Find it somewhere and watch it for the god's sake.

Romance & Cigarettes

The musical of the working class, story from the suburbias of the usa and telling us about the people who has missed chances and living their unsatisfied lives in the search for something more... It's just so beautiful.

The Break-Up
The Break-Up(2006)

It's not a cliche romantic comedy as i thought it'd be before watching it, it was a meaningfull film about the mistakes that people do in a relationship, the mistakes that lead us to break-ups. And after a point -the director says- there is no turning back, even you want to turn back, even you realize how much you love the person that you are goimg to break up and maybe never see again. The ending is great and better than i expect from a californian film actually. One of the best hollywood flicks of last year. Reccomended...

La Dolce Vita

i dunno wot 2 say:) It's strange movie first of all, my first fellini experiment and you never know what just hit you! Umm, first of all, it doesnt have the dramatic story line that we all use to, which is the unique thing about the movie. But of course, a must be watched...

Raging Bull
Raging Bull(1980)

not a big movie nor a big story...


Sweet story, Psychologists should watch. Also Ian McKellen's performance is worth to see, he's great, so as Brittany Muprhy. I really like this feel good style which has the background on a fairy tale. A sweet and warm movie.

The Lake House

When the movie first started, i thought "it's the first time i see Keanu not being in future" after seeing Scanner Darkly, Matrix, Constantine etc. And when the first letter came and said "We live in 2006 right?" i thought the scenarist was just joking about Keanu always having that kinda roles. But it didnt take too much time for me too see that it's just another -fi- movie that Keanu is in. Damn, he likes this kinda roles, and they look good on him:)
Film, by the way, was very entartating, feels good. Not too much artistic, but makes you feel good and that was all i was looking for on this beautiful sunny spring day. (Yes, it's March 2nd and the sun shining, as they say in the movie, the global warming, i cant believe it's istanbul)

Times and Winds (Bes vakit)

Strong art movie from turkey. Every scene is like an artistic photo and stories of the people in it are so impressing, showing the extraordinary life of people in the ordinary turkish villages. But at the other side it's not really for me because i easily get bored by the slow storyline. OK, nice movie but not for me.

The Illusionist

very nice cinematography and the story is very nice and edward norton is as he always (great)

Lady in the Water

better than i thought it'd be. The story gives the feeling that there is more than Shyamalan shows on the movie, lots of metaphores and sublimimal messages. I lile the "why it always rains" dialog you may remember if u've seen the movie. I feel like listening a bedtime story which has lots of secret messages between the lines.

PS: I've just learned that the movie is honoured with two Razzie awards "Worst Supporting Actor (Shyamalan)", "Worst Director". And I just cant see how!


I've seen the movie on IfIstanbul Independent Films Festival and i think it's imposible to find it's dvd or anything about the movie elsewhere since i couldnt even find the poster to add flixster.
Glue is a coming of age story from Argentina. I like Larry Clark-like teenage story which shows everything through adolascent's eyes. The hot weather shows itself by the colors the director used and the movie smells like sweat, glue and of course, teen sprit.
Still could be disturbing to regular viewers.

A Home at the End of the World

Well, i wasnt expecting to much but still, i didnt like it. I only like that big brother guy, you know the one breaks the window when he was drunk. He was kinda cool. But the story itself was so shallow, the motives of the characters to do those things are so un-clear and maybe it's because it's a book adaptation and we need to read the book to understand them but if so why make a movie?
I gotto show respect to Dallas Roberts and Robin Wright Penn for their act but actually i cant say the same thing for Colin Farrell. He was not good.


Starts as a nice crazy american youth movie, goes on as a coming of an age story than tries to combine it with daughter-father relationship thing and final is not convincing. A hollywood movie which wannabe a independent. Umm, not really a good movie.

Good Bye, Lenin!

Goodbye Lenin, a fantastic movie which has a remarkable story and the beautiful techinique of modern german cinema. Have a look at the near past and the values of capitalist system that we are used to and see it's effects on the son-mother relationship, or think about how the reality can be changed by using television, whatever you want but watch this movie.. Totally recommended!

Puccini for Beginners

a simple, independent and woody allen-like lesbian love movie and it has lots of think to say about relationships and our everyday decisions and of course coincidences. Indie movies to remind us why we love the cinema... Gotto love it. (Thanks to !fIstanbul Indie Film Festival)

Sid and Nancy

To see all that punk-rock-historical events like sid singing my way, american tour etc. in a movie was awesum and Gary Oldman's performance was perfect like u can believe that Sid is actually playing himself...


It's really great. So this is the french new wave I've been wondering all the time: I love it.

The Departed
The Departed(2006)

Story was very clever and everything but it's not as good as it's overrated. I just cannot understand how come people think it's Scorssese's best.
And this quote from the film: Little miss Freud. (to call the psychologist lady and i think a little ascription to another oscar nominee Little Miss Sunshine maybe)

March of the Penguins

Perfect! I got amazed by both of the labor, the penguins amazing effort to stay alive and have babies and the effort of the documentary craw. I mean wow! They spent years on the cold icy land to shot this documentary.
Watch it!


a pure example of independent movies. I love it.

Natural Born Killers

The story was all right, but Oliver Stone took Tarantino's script and made it a amazing piece of art!

PS: If you have the dvd you gotto watch the deleted scenes, the court scene!

Me and You and Everyone We Know

I love it. I really missed this innocent suburbian independent movies. That "back and forth" thing! And the video with that pink shoes. And the opening of the movie. Everything about this movie was so good. I love it!

Perfume: The Story of a Murderer

I really love this movie. I was hypnotised by the amazing story. Tom Tykwer is from Germany and i really enjoyed his past works like Run Lola Run, but with this movie he shot his masterpiece.


Wow, it was really big fun! The songs, the scenes, everything. I always like this kinda stories, ups and downs of the world of famous people and the evilness of the record co's. But did it really tell anything new? No!


OK Marc Forster, everyone has a period in their life which they want to be David Lynch but the things are not going like that. Actually i felt sorry because stranger than fiction was a really good movie and i'm sure finding neverland is too, actually i wonder if you are the sceanarist of the movie too or did you just direct it but hell man, why the did you accept a story like that. It tells nothing. Absouletly nothing!

The Queen
The Queen(2006)

It's not easy to make a movie about a historical event which occured a very close time which everyone can easily remember and the people took place in are still alive and still at that positions. And also the story itself has no strong conflict. But i think the director -or the scenarist- could handle this problems and made a nice movie... Still it was not the one of the biggest movies of the year as it overrated.
But i gotto add now, Helen Mirren was really great.


My favourite for this year's academy awards. Great story, amazing screenplay and directing.
Amores Perros was a hit and i was curious if the same formula that

What the Bleep Do We Know!?

Quantum physics are very interesting, and the information about addictism is interesting but the movie format that they used in the movie really disturbed me, as they are telling about something not sciencitific but mystic like old-fashion "find the god" tapes and than they start talking about sciencetologist princibles without naming it. All right, but dont like it, thats all

Stick It
Stick It(2006)

it was good at the begining and the final parts but sometimes i loose my interest...

Va, Vis et Deviens (Live and Become) (Go, See, and Become)

the story about religious racism, israel and love... it's a beautiful heartbreaking movie... It's slow and long but not boring.

Twelve Monkeys (12 Monkeys)

a psychiatr who believes the "crazy" guy, the situation was very interesting forme as a psychology student. i like gilliam's style...

Das Experiment (The Experiment)

It's inspired by a true story, Zimbardo's experiment... Must be watch for psychologists... Of course the original expriment didnt go that far but it still gives idea about what happened there. Actually i knew what was going to happen and the experiment itself. But still it was fine.
By the way, I couldnt get the last scene of the movie which was very far from the other parts, i dont want to give spoiler but i think the director wanted to shot a sunny scene and couldnt find that in any part of the story so he added it to the end:)


Sex movie without sex scenes...

Sophie Scholl: The Final Days

Rebellion movie... Kill a nazi!

The Science of Sleep

It was so much fun.. And psychological stuff...

New York Minute

only simple plan parts were fine. Olsen Twins are very beautiful...

Brokeback Mountain

best movie i've watched lately

As Good as It Gets

OK, i gotto confess that Nicholson was great and Hunt was fine but the movie itself is overrated i believe...

The Five Obstructions

it's an original idea but still boring.

Stranger Than Fiction

i had a great fun in the movie. Not 5 full stars because of some little black holes in the story but it's a eral nice movie for holiday season. I guess i like tihs eternal sunshine type movies.

Dondurmam gaymak (Ice Cream, I Scream)

unique... Looks so simple and amateur but actually really professional and it even has some mythological metaphores.

Howl's Moving Castle

hard to follow whats going on, lots of symbolism i guess.


gotto confess that directing and acts were perfect but something about the story i couldnt really get into it.


strange movie... Another trier work i suppose...

School of Rock

Awesum! So f*cking punk rock:) I'm an offically Richard Linklater since i've seen before sunrise but now, it's even more than it...


strange movie, lars von trier plays himself as the director and a "epidemic" writing on the left of the screen all movie long, not an ordinary movie but an expiremental work itself...


a big punk rock movie, one of the best examples of german cinema

Kurtlar vadisi - Irak (Valley of the Wolves: Iraq)

When Kurtlar Vadisi was a series on TV everyone was watching it in Turkey but i stay away from that trend because i'm not really a television fan and i dont like action series. And since it was lots of news about the series like it has so much violence so it drive kids to join in fights and stuff, well, i dont really care for that kinda shit but still it kept me away from the thearthres when it was in theater. Lately, i've seen it on DVD.
well, as an action movie it was nice, but through the end it slows down and gets boring.
As a usa critize it was still nice, for the first time i've seen something like this and actually it's very brave to do this..
I think lots of people missed this movie because it was a populer phenomeon, people like me... But if it was an iran movie, they'd watch it... anyway.
worth to take a look on it.
especialy, us citizen better watch it...

Downfall (Der Untergang)

A dark part of history, the most miserable days of this world were the world war years and it was very nice atmosphere created by director. But still the movie was not perfect...

Forrest Gump
Forrest Gump(1994)

at least i've seen this movie on TV and i like it, it was very good. I love the hippie parts....

Lost In Translation

it's a nice movie with a 100 mins fun and very realistic in other way... Scarlett Johansson looks so beautiful..

Twin Peaks - Fire Walk with Me

i have seen lots of so called scary movies but they were never enough to scare me (unless they are from far east) but this movie was a exception (it was not a horror movie but it scared me a lot) cuz man afraid of what he doesnt know and you cannot understand what is going on in this movie and thats freak you out... Awesum movie...

American Beauty

I love the story with ups and downs all the way and Kevin Spacey's act was great. Both of the teenage girls were so damn beautiful as the title of the movie. Worth to watch...

Journey to the Sun

Great story, Yesim Ustaoglu is such a great director. It was a remarkable movie, the journey of a boy, across Turkey from Istanbul to the eastest point of the country to cary the dead body of his kurdish friend to the homeland of him. If you can find this anywhere, see it...

Babam Ve Oglum (My Father and My Son)

This movie was a huge success in Turkey. It stayed in theathres for a long time and it's like everybody i know gone and seen it. It's a story takes place in the dark times of turkey (the military action) and i guess the huge success was because everyone has a scar from that days...

Before Night Falls

i bought this movie because people were saying that it was very good and on the cover there were lots of signs of awards and it was about Cuba and revolution but unfortunately it came as a anti-socialism and anti-cuba governement movie and i can see why some people call it as "the best movie of 2000" because it simply says "Cuba sucks, long live US, long live capitalism" and yeah, like we dont know. It's not that great movie...
Whatever, i gave this 2 stars only because there were good acts, and to see a gay poet suffers from bans is a touching story.


it all takes place in the same room, it's crazy

V for Vendetta

Anarchy in the UK!!!
My special interest on comics (even i dont read much of them) and appetite for anything revoulationary make this movie enjoyable for me.


an enjoyable experience, i like the Danny Boyle's way of telling a story and the difference between those two brothers is not really logical but i couldnt care about it. Nice movie...


Wow, this movie was great! This is the best movie I've seen lately. Everything is so realistic, the dialogs, the drama and the sad scenes and comedy all together in a good way, that Laguna Beach girls and the mexican-american girl got pregnant and stuff. And the rection by parents, and that gay couple. I LOVE this movie

PS:i started to believe that this flixter ratings sucks, i camt believe it only had 2,5 stars, damn!


Well, i cantt say that i really like it actually, it was a strange movie, at first i felt like it was going to be somethin like donnie darko, but it became a detective story. Everytime that boy start runing i felt like i was watching napaleon dynamite, and that emily girl, she is so beautiful and i dont believe she would like to go out a boy like Brendan. Whatever...

A Scanner Darkly

I'm sure it's a great book, but i think the director -or scenarist couldnt manage to adaptade into a movie because sometimes i felt like i really didnt know what the hell was going on and stuff, and i think that half-animation thing didnt really make a big difference but i like the drug stories so...

Find Me Guilty

it was very funy movie. Vin diesel's act was really great, and the scenario gave me a 124 mins fun, but it was not that great as a movie because the fiction goes like a Vin Diesel's own comedy show, it's funny but there are lots of things missing in this movie.

Good for a nice evening to watch on a DVD for some fun...


i didnt really like this movie, there is an interesting scenario, all right, but it is not good, it's just interesting.

Habana Blues
Habana Blues(2005)

Great musicians from a country like a dream, Cuba, they want to be famous one day, maybe an international star, but it's not just their biggest dream but also the only chance they have. One day, they got that chance to reach the dream, but there is a tough decision they gotto make...

What a great movie was that, awesum musics, great acts, Habana and the Cuban culture...

I love it.

Breakfast on Pluto

It was great, i mean it was a brilliant act by Cillan Murphy and very unique scenario... I love it, totaly fun and brilliant movie... Gosh, i cant believe it's only 2,5 stars on flixster, i just cant believe this!

Thank You for Smoking

it was a original story, never seen something like this, awesum. I love it. great.


i dunno, i cant say i really like this. It was cool as a movie but Lolita is kinda different story i believe, this one is not even shows sex scenes and stuff...

Don't Tell
Don't Tell(2005)

it's not the first time they use this story ina movie but i think it's very nice this way. English name of the movie is Dont Tell but the original name is "The beast in my heart" i dunno why they choose that name. G.Mezzogiorno was awesum. And the directing was also very nice, it never gets boring while telling a hard story like that, which is not usual. I love this movie.

One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest

awesum. Jack Nicholson is amazing. And as the psychologist of future i dunno why i havent seen this one before but now i watched it and i totaly love it...


it was ok, not too bad not too good. I like the scenes she used LSD. The movie draws a lost youthness picture, they are all using cracks and stuff. Micha Burton is also in this movie, a lot younger than she is in the o.c.

The Stepford Wives

umm, it was not good at all. Nicole Kidman was OK, but i couldnt like the story. Maybe if i didnt know the story it could be mysterious but i knew what's the story of Stepford Wives so...


I really love this one, i'm not really interested in mafia stories at all but the way this movie tells it's story was great.

The Motorcycle Diaries

As soon as you see this movie, u'll start dreaming about a journey, believe me. Che Guevera is not just a picture on your stupid t-shirt, he is a real person, and this movie is a great story of his young years...

Ringu (Ring)
Ringu (Ring)(1998)

this was a way simple than the american version, it was not that deep but the way asian directors work makes them interesting. I like the american one better but this one is worth to watch, i mean if the movie was not so famous and a friend borrowed me this movies VHS i would freak out:)

Mr. & Mrs. Smith

even adam broody's excistence couldnt save this... I gotto confess that it was kinda fun, but, action action, action and all those stupid magazine scandals disgusted me:)

Sixteen Candles

I love John Hughes movies, if someone else directed this movie it could be another studid teeen flick, but when he get the director seat, everything gets better, and the amazing atmosphere of 80s...

Stand by Me
Stand by Me(1986)

that's a really great movie, really...


i like the "2046" metaphore and stuff, but i couldn't get into it... I havent watch the "In the mood for love" maybe thats why i dunno, but i dont feel like i watched a great movie...
current mode: dissapointed


Tom Cruise and Jamie Fox were really great, the dialogs between them and all those scenes... Awesum...


first i thought it was overrated but than it got better...


great acts and interesting story. Lots of dialogs covers the slowness of movie.

Love Wrecked
Love Wrecked(2005)

maybe not a amazing story or something, but gotto confess that i am impressed by Amanda Bynes' performance, she has the talent!


Another Lars Von Trier work, but not as great as the first movie of the trilogy "Dogville".
This time, the story is about slavery...
This time there is no Nicole Kidman, the way they filmed it will not suprise you since now we know it from the first movie and the story is not that vicious this time, so...
But still, worth to watch.


hmm, very interesting... I havent seen the original one, but i see a brilliant story on this remake...

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

very nice and warm story. Johny Depp is awesum, he is very good at playing this regresive guy.
* I am eating chocolate right now:) *:P

PS: not 5 stars cuz the story was kinda predectible

The Breakfast Club

a masterpiece!!! Really great story, dialogs, characters, a greatview on sterotypes in highschool life...

Lords of Dogtown

really entertating... I love those old-school skate style... I miss my skateboard. Great musics and old school tricks, skateboarding skateboarding, ok there was no way for me to not like this movie so i guess i cannot be objective.. Ok, i stop here..

Team America: World Police

actually, i'm really dissapointed. I'm a big fan of south park and i love the comedy of those guys so i thought it would b a awesome movie about America and stuff but only a few scenes made me laugh, like Micheal Moore scene was cool and all that oral sex stuff was fun but the synopsis and stuff was so lame and i dunno, i just didnt like it...


Larry Clark, larry clark, larry clark. How he uses the camera makes every little thing about his movies looks like documentaries. This time he tell us about some adolescents hanginout in new york city. Well, everything looks so different when i look from the otherside of the ocean, my childhood wasnt like that, but well, i see that this is not just a story but a reality for some people so that's brilliant.. But sometimes it gets disturbing, ok, maybe Clark mean to be disturbing and i agree that he has the right to be disturbing but still...
I watched this movie in english without subtitles, i may miss some of the sentences and stuff, but i guess at the end, the Casper guy says something and that was the main idea of the movie...

The Machinist

nice story... I'm not sure it's ending was so right for psyconalytics but well. Also the performings were great, i like the little details that director put there to suprise us:)
PS: read the wrtiing on the Bale's t-shirt at the last scene...

Lilja 4-ever
Lilja 4-ever(2003)

A strong movie with so real characters. It's something happens everyday and noone has anything to do about it, it's sad. Broken families, broken hopes, broken dreams, america, poverty, glue and a 16-years-old girl to face all of those...
PS: i especcialy advice this movie to the ones who likes Lars Von Trier movies, cuz there are lots of similarities.

Pink Floyd - The Wall

It was a scream against war, fascism and the walls that we build... Watching the steps of the Pink Floyd's legandry album The Wall. It was really great at the begining, i start to get bored at the second half of it, but that's OK cuz i get bored at that part when i listen the album so it's not that suprising..

This one is not a regular musical. It's more like a video that any artist made on MTV, the difference is this one is not for a song but all the album:) If you like Pink Floyd or rebellion, watch this one...

She's the Man

I'm not really professor on that kinda movies, but there is one thing i know, this movie is FUN! I just laughed all the movie long, and never got bored and never felt that feeling like "c'mon how long does it take to till end" No, it's a great movie. But also, suprisingly see a great social critique which i'll talk about at the spoiler part of the review.
See my spoiler review on!9B0B8528383E170C!586.entry


it was soooo long!

Sin City
Sin City(2005)

I love the cinematography on this one, it's like you are reading a graphic novel but also watching a movie... the way of storytelling is cool. Jessica Alba and Alexis Bredel was so beautiful...

The Mask
The Mask(1994)

one of my childhood favourites..

The Forgotten

it started very good, i thought it was a psyhological movie or something and then that aliends and stuff, i mean come on!

Apollo 13
Apollo 13(1995)

i like space, astronomy and everything, but i didnt really like this one...

Rumble Fish
Rumble Fish(1983)

It's one of my all time favorites, a really deep movie about gangs on the street. I love this one... Coppola's idea about using the colors like that on a story is extremely unique, also this movie has great actors... Must be seen..

The Animatrix

definately second best of Matrix series... There are really good stories in the package...

Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within

good animation, wish it had a story...

Ed Wood
Ed Wood(1994)

The worst director of all times... I love this dark comedy taste of Tim Burton, he is such a great director..


Gotto love the performances by the actors... Such a great road story... I love this movie...

Brotherhood of the Wolf

they are killin all those wolves, i didnt like it..


The director wants to show us the routine life of Jacobo and Marta, but sometimes it's a way too much for a Mediterrian person like me to see very still sequences and calm scenario. I can see it's a really good movie and good story but it's just i can't resist boring films anymore, especcially in the warm days like this...


I absolutely love the stories like this, i love it... Just a simple and great movie about wines and people...

The English Patient

this movie is the only movie that make me feel so sad like that, gosh, war is a very very bad thing...


well i see they spent lots lots lots of money and they really hardworked for this movie and everything but i guess they missed something about it, yeah the story was not that good. But it's cool to think a waterworld and stuff and Jeanne Tripplehorn is a hot girl and Kevin Costner rejects her on a scene (and she was fully nude) which is not the smartest thing to do... Whatever. Nice movie..

Mars Attacks!

Tim Burton is a genious!

New York, New York

it was kinda, ummm, lame


I have a special interest on drug addictance stories, but this one also has the very charming English Accent. It shows Drug Addicted young punk's life, and i love it...

September 11
September 11(2004)

I really love the Iran and USA ones... They are all great movies, it's great oppurtinity to see different cinema langs from different countries in one package...

The Hudsucker Proxy

Amazing movie, really brilliant... I cant find the words for it..


lovely story... Great act..

The Village
The Village(2004)

i didnt like this one, i dunno, it's not that good...

28 Days Later

this movie could be a bad one in another director's hands, but trust me, it's a dark and good movie.. Fine dialogs and story..


this movie is a cult...

Fast Times At Ridgemont High

I love those old days, s movie about sex, stupid jobs, having fun, and getting high, long story short a teenage life...

The Man Who Wasn't There

have i told u before that i love coen bros.

The Shining
The Shining(1980)

it's a little overrated i guess...

The Pianist
The Pianist(2002)

gosh, hitler, why the hell you hurt those ppl this bad... Goddamn nazi...

Battle Royale

reality TV is getting dangreous, it can get more dangreous in fachist hands...

The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring

best of the trilogy, i'm in love with the hobbit village we see at the first half hour of the movie...

Lara Croft - Tomb Raider

what a stupid action package...

Analyze This
Analyze This(1999)

as good as the first one


i used to love cartoons of it when i was a child, i used to watch it every single morning... So i cant say bad things for the movie version...

Audition (Ôdishon)

unforgottable... what can i say more

Jackie Brown
Jackie Brown(1997)

"if you dont shut up, i'm gonna kill you"
"ok, i'M not talking"
boom(he shootes the gun
"i told u"

One Missed Call

Really scary stuff...

The Eye 2 (Gin gwai 2)

i dont know why they sucked on second one

Scooby-Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed

love soundtrack, simple plan. And Sarah Michelle Gellar is hot...

Analyze That
Analyze That(2002)

psycologist me, love this movie...

Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels

so funny, i enjoy crime stories like this and it's a cult... It's not just a Reservoir Dogs wannabe, which i thought it'd be before i seen it. But no, it's a very original good movie...

White Men Can't Jump

i love this movie:) Especcially the way people talk to each other when they are playing basketball...


Very nice story, also chance to see Ryder as a pre-teen girl...

Reign of Fire

i love that begining, you know that little star wars myhth thing. And dragons in the future also a good idea but
i hate the stupid idea of "if we kill the master/queen/king of them they'll all die". It sucks, hollywood should find a new way to end this kinda movies.
It's not a good action movie...

Dungeons & Dragons

i love fantasy fiction novels and dragons etc. and when i heard about this movie i was kinda excited but unfortunately it was a lame movie... Still it deserves a few stars just for the dragon scenes... And that girl who plays the princess was hot, i remember seeing this movie 5 years ago as a 14 year old boy, i really liked that girl:) I really should see american beauty:)

While You Were Sleeping

haha, kinda funny movie, i know this movie is not for me buti love xmas, i cant do anything about a sweet xmas movie:)

Punk: attitude

As a punk rock fan i love this movie. I had a chance to see the director and he is so cool guy. PUNK IS NOT DEAD... and the movie says that %5 of the society can change everything and director said that "The world is getting safer for suckers so i made this movie to make punks more active"... Love it...

Swimming Pool

The only François Ozon film i've seen yet and it's very good story. The relationship between Julie and Sarah and how a murder make them closer. It's been a while since i've seen this movie but i remember that i really enjoyed it.
Also Julie (Ludivine Sagnier) was so hot...
Very interesting thrillier by Ozon:)


A warm father and son relationship and rock'n roll story from Canada... Very different view on homosexuality and homophobia...
Marc-André Grondin's and Gervais Beaulieu's acts were awesum, they are really good...
And the soundtrack, great tracks in the movie and they are always on the right place... Pink Floyd, David Bowie...


a brilliant film about snuffs..

Invasion of the Body Snatchers

amazing old movie, especcialy the first hour of the movie, because you can see something is wrong but you dont know what the hell is going on... Amazing sci-fi horror...


i love this movie, what a great story, having the best fans can be dangreous sometimes:)


this one was fine...

X2: X-Men United

after that good first movie, i didnt like this stupid action package...

Pet Sematary
Pet Sematary(1989)

umm, not that great...


i like this dark movie

Stephen King's It

that's a really good horror movie...

The Faculty
The Faculty(1998)

reminds me the invasion of the body snatchers, it's a fine movie... Still, i like this kinda teen horror movies...

Saving Private Ryan

why i'm against war? See this one... nough said..


i dont even like action movies, but this one is different, i dunno how that desperado guy can be so cool like that:) But i also hate the Once Upon a time in mexico movie..

The Squid and the Whale

not as good as i expected but still very fun. I love the Pink Floyd-Hey You thing going on. I didnt like that little kid there but the teenage boy's dialog's are great.


a big question is, are we different from the citizens of dogville?

Requiem for a Dream

if u want to start using drugs or something just see this movie before u do anything, i think it'll give u some idea about what kinda sh*t you are going to face soon...

The Butterfly Effect

the firt half an hour is really amazing and i love this movie, i really love, i watch it again and again...


interesting movie... some hates it, i kinda like...


not a great movie but just a good idea...

Breaking the Waves

Lars Von Trier's movies are great! They are making me feel sad...

Angels in America

I never look at the gays this way... Amazing movie, amazing scenes, totaly love it...


One of the greatest movies ever, not for a standart hollywood watcher but a piece of art. If u decide to watch this movie, just dont give up and watch it until the end, because u cannot understand anything until the last scene...
If you love cinema but havent seen any tarkovsky films, it's a great loose, just go and rent this movie...


brilliant way of telling a story, 3 different views... Love it...

Full Metal Jacket

i expect more from Kubrick, just because of that i only give 3,5 stars...

Terminator 2: Judgment Day

best of the series and a good example to action-science fictional movies


Not as great as Stalker but still very different from other films, typical Tarkovsky work.


love the songs:)

Cruel Intentions

umm, interesting movie. But something is boring about it...
Sarah Michelle Gellar is really good...

Fahrenheit 9/11

Moore is a great guy and his movies are so punk rock!
Not as funny as Bowling for Colombine...

The Ring Two
The Ring Two(2005)

i like the ring, i like the idea of it, i like the background of it... the second one wsas not as good as the first one, but stil, i like it:)

Cast Away
Cast Away(2000)

I love this movie, i dunno why but i love lonely island movies... But my favourite island movie is still Lord of the Flies.

Oh three things i'd take with me if i go to a lonely island? Of course ashlee, hilary and umm that lindsay girl on the OC at second season... ooops, those has nuthin to do with the movie... Wot i'm doin here:D


it reminds me dungeons and dragons which i havent played for years... Is there any DM out there, i want to play:)
Interesting story but some parts are childish:)

Taxi Driver
Taxi Driver(1976)

It was a good movie, but after hearing lots of good things by other people i expected a lot from this movie. But still, it's very good story...

The Godfather

i dont know why people love it.. .It's boring and has nothing to tell...

Dünyayi kurtaran adam (The Man Who Saves the World) (Turkish Star Wars)

This movie is the biggest cult man! It's really dadaist if u know what i mean! If u think u saw the worst movie ever, think again, because u havent seen this movie yet:)

The Amityville Horror

I havent seen the new version of the movie but the old version (this one) was pretty good. I have it a few years ago and i remember liking it:)

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

I like the series better, movie is stupid...

I Know What You Did Last Summer

Everyone thinks they are stupid but i still love this kinda movies, they are so much fun to watch with friends and laughing:)


Lovely story.. Reese Witherspoon and Tobey Maguire amazing couple... I love this movie:)


Ashlee is on it, i luv her:) Good idea of scenario but i didnt like the way the director use the camera and lighting it makes the movie kinda claustrophobic...
Sometimes the movie gets boring and static. There is a song called "Smart in a Stupid Way" really great. The singer reminded me Kurt Cobain all the movie long, which i believe inspered the author..

Blue Velvet
Blue Velvet(1986)

A david lynch movie, and easy to understand what's going on:) A good formula:) Love it...

Lost Highway
Lost Highway(1997)

Another great story by Lynch... fascinating

Being John Malkovich

Very original story, who come wtih this idea of a hole that goes to John's head, i want to hug him/her:)


I love the way Coen Bros. use the irony...

Mulholland Drive

David Lynch... I dont know what else to say... Just watch it, u'll not understand anything.. Really:) But keep watching...

Dr. Strangelove Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb

i just love Kubrick, It rocks man, i mean, something about war can be this funny!!! The brilliant comedy...

Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind

All i have to say is:
If you havent seen this movie yet, dont read anything about it, just go and rent it... No better buy it, cuz you are gonna watch it a few times more...

Lord of the Flies

A brave view on human nature, your point of view on childeren will change...

The Truman Show

It's the reality now, not just a fiction. See all those reality shows, Laguna Beach etc...

A Clockwork Orange

A movie about violance's nature...

Stanley Kubrick's best movie, one of my favourites. I think every young people should see this one. Especcialy if you are interested in behaviorist psycology this movie has lots to tell you.

Donnie Darko
Donnie Darko(2001)

I love Donnie Darko, the reason that i love Donnie Darko is the way that everytime you watch the movie, even talk about the movie you realize a new detail you havent realized before. The movie is a big mystery itself. A cult...


Brilliant! I havent seen any other Gus Van Sant movies but i like the way he tells the story on this movie. It's very close to Dogma style.

Lawn Dogs
Lawn Dogs(1998)

Very warm and sweet story, I love the "knocking on heaven's door" scene and the fascinating ending...

Amores Perros

What can i say, i really respect this remarkable piece of art. I totally loved it...

The Gods Must Be Crazy

Amazing movie, very old very funny. Sequals are not this great but this first movie is a real comedy cult...

L'Appât (Fresh Bait)

I dont ussually like french movies but this one is awesum, i love it, it's a great movie!!! I love the acts and the story is so original... Marie Gillain's performance was really awesum!!! It's original name is L'Appat, which this site should use, i believe...


one of the best animations arround... The rebellious ant Z. The movie has lots of social critisism about society classes and everything.. A little to much politic for what we expect from an animation movie. But that's a good thing, i like politics..

Chicken Run
Chicken Run(2000)

british way of comedy, i like this movie, i dunno why. I guess it was because chikens were so cute... And there are some socialist messages:)


it's the best of the series, the second one dissapointed me cuz it was all about action, but there are some good ideas on this one...

Match Point
Match Point(2005)

At first, i didnt really like the movie. It was kinda ordinary. But at the second hour of the movie it gets better and better and at he end of the movie u can say that rocks!
Scarlet Johnson's performance on this movie was amazing. She was a total femme fatal. But as a aristocrat teenager role, Emily Mortimer's performance was better i think.
There were lots of references to Dosteyevski's Crime&Punishment.
It's the first the he made a movie outside of NYC, so the camera movements that shows how beautiful the London city is, are showing that he got a big pleasure of it. Sure, even NYC bores after a point, u know what i mean. (ok, i sucked grammatically here). The scenes in art galleries, on London streets, in big English manors etc. worth to see...
it's always a pleasure to see new Woody Allen films are still coming. Never get old Allen, never get retired!!!

The Edukators

a story of resistance!

Unlike the similar movies, this movie takes place in present time, not in the late seventies or sth. This three young people are ppl like us, grown up in the nineties, listened the stories of activist people but never seen them alive...

And again, unlike the similar movies, there is also a rich man, but a rich man who used to be an activist at seventies, and now a boss who lives in a great house, has more than 5 luxorious cars, a family and stuff, and the director let him speak too, and yeah, he is right in his own way too...

Amazing performances by actors and actresses making the movie even better...


a way better than i expected!

The Lion King

It was my first going to cinema experience. Unforgettable! Still lovin Simba!

Back to the Future

my childhood favorite!

Dark Water
Dark Water(2002)

scary japannnses