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Cop Land

Cop Land(1997)

A pure exhilarating knockout. A utterly powerful and white knuckled thriller. A gritty, tense, scorching, explosive, remarkable and electrifying movie. The all-star cast is outstanding, every one of them deliver such force and dedication to their roles. It's safe to say the film is as good as it's cast. Sylvester Stallone is riveting, he turns in one of his best performances since Rocky. Stallone does something new and extremely compelling here, it should be seen. He`s just not in this one to fight, he`s in it to win, and win he does. Harvey Kietel is terrific. Robert De Niro is brilliant. Ray Liotta is explosive. A film that cant be beat, its unforgettable and and truly incredible to watch. A thrilling and relentlessly exciting film lots of action, suspense and drama. An edge of your seat film from beginning to end that just roars across the screen with its dramatic intensity.