AlS's Rating of Oldboy

Al's Review of Oldboy

4 years ago via Flixster


A guilty pleasure in the most disturbing, savage and grotesque way. A deranged, twisted, disturbingly mind-blowing revenge tale that will make you want to vomit when you get to the finale twist. Even when you have it figured out, you still have a serious kick to the head afterwards and are still trying to figure out if any of it happened. A shocking, bloody, vastly original and heart-pounding action-packed thrill-ride. It`s filled with energy, visual dazzle and nail-biting suspense from start to finish. A dark, brooding, disgusting and unforgettable film. It goes way over the line, into places you wouldn't think a film would go. A blisteringly funny and provocative work from Director, Chan Wook Park. A brutal masterpiece. Min-sik Choi gives a powerful, effective and unforgettable performance bursting with intensity, emotion and incredible energy. A revenge classic that boils your blood and makes it simmer in your veins. There are times where i wasn't sure if i liked the film or if i hate, i guess theirs a love-hate relationship with the film, i admire it for its originality and vision but hate its for its overwhelming brutality and dark nature at the end that makes you sick to your stomach. Overall its truly brilliant.