AlS's Rating of Skyfall

Al's Review of Skyfall

4 years ago via Flixster


A flat-out cool and exhilarating instant classic. A first-rate edge of your seat action-packed thriller. My favorite Bond film since On Her Majesty`s Secret Service. It`s the most intelligent, savy, smart and explosively satisfying Bond film yet. It has a great connection to real world settings but still mixes it up with some amazing set pieces, tremendous action sequences and fantastic characters. Director, Sam Mendes crafts an extraordinary achievement in the franchise. A spectacular and heart-pounding action-packed adventure. A terrific film all around that's nothing short of breathtaking. I really loved it, Bond is back and better than ever. The movie rocks and has your adrenaline-pumping all the way to the absolute finish. Daniel Craig sets the screen on fire with his thrilling performance, he has finally got his groove on with Bond and attacks it with confidence, charm and intensity. Judi Dench is superb. Ralph Fiennes is terrific. Javier Bardem is absolutely magnificent, he`s the best Bond villain to hit the screen in years and gives a memorable performance. An utterly enjoyable thrill-machine that brings back the fun and excitement that made Bond great as well as some familiar characters and toys that will make you wanting more. It truly delivers the goods and digs deep into its story and with fiery character development. It`s The Dark Knight of James Bond movies.