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Shutter Island

Shutter Island(2010)

A gripping, bone-chilling, enthralling and unforgettably mind-blowing edge of your seat psychological thriller. It's stylish, creepy, eye-popping and relentlessly terrifying. It makes your blood run cold and delivers explosive twist and turns. One of the coolest and most compelling thrillers since The Sixth Sense. It sneaks up with you with big scares and stunningly emotional character development. A strong, compelling and powerful film. A marvelous mixture of film noir with a detective story and thrilling psychological horror. An instant classic. The suspense is delivered in unbearable doses that will knock you flat out.A sizzling and heart-pounding mystery that delivers what you want from it. A masterpiece. Director, Martin Scorsese is back and tackling a new genre with pure excellence. Scorsese is a filmmaker that never seems to fail at showing something new and amazing. This films shows superb film making and acting. A brilliant and incredible all-star cast. Leonardo DiCaprio is sensational, giving an exciting and riveting performance. Mark Ruffalo is terrific. Jackie Earl Haley is brilliant. Ben Kingsley is excellent. A riveting, haunting and unforgettable movie. An utterly shocking and breathtaking thrill-ride. A mind-game so intense and so exhilarating you will want to see it again and again.