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Total Recall

Total Recall(2012)

A mind-blowing and spectacular edge of your seat action-packed thrill-machine. A total blast from start to finish, it blows the original film away in every way possible. A sci-fi thriller that's both smart, stylish and sexy. It delivers some solid and mind-bending twist that kick start your heart and make your pulse quicken. An explosively entertaining and adrenaline-charged action movie that is just plain awesome. A knockout that you will love. Director, Len Wiseman crafts a clever and fun epic that delivers loads of sizzling suspense, eye-popping special effects and powerhouse action sequences around every corner and has you wanting more. A stellar all-star cast. Colin Farrell is riveting, showing off his movie star charisma as well as his action hero chops. Kate Beckinsale is excellent. Jessica Biel is terrific. Bryan Cranston is fantastic. This film is what spectacular action blockbusters are all about. An instant classic. This film just rocks and is too much fun to handle. A must-see.