AlS's Rating of Parker

Al's Review of Parker

4 years ago via Flixster


It`s a total blast of an action film. A crackling, riveting and endlessly enjoyable crime-thriller that pulsates with energy, style and stars. It`s razor-sharp and undeniably cool, the story rounds up some great characters and suspenseful moments that fill in for a great two hours of hard-boiled fun. A hard-hitting and adrenaline-pumping action-packed thrill-ride that never lets up for a minute. It`s a wickedly entertaining and surprisingly smart and delivers plenty of heavy duty fights and shoot outs to satisfy any action fan. A satisfying adaptation to Author, Donald Westlake`s novel. A great movie that`s cool, funny and action-packed and also has great character moments that add depth. Director, Taylor Hackford crafts a fine and explosive crime-thriller, that`s new territory for the veteran director and he delivers in it perfectly. Jason Statham is right on the money, he has all the right moves, charm and wit to make this character work, crafting his and most enjoyable performance yet. Jennifer Lopez is terrific, one of her better performances in the last few years. Michael Chiklis is excellent.