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The Last Stand

The Last Stand(2013)

Arnold is literally back and better than ever, he returns in top and old form returning to his action hero throne with humor, grit and awesome fire-power. This is Schwarzenegger's best and most fun movie since True Lies. Arnold Schwarzenegger gives a great, gritty and awesome performance. It's truly great to have hm back saving the day. Also having a blast in their roles are his crew of misfits who give wonderful and fun performances and they have great chemistry together. Forest Whitaker is excellent. It's fast, furious and wickedly entertaining from start to finish. A crisp, explosive and spectacular edge of your seat action-packed thrill-machine. An adrenaline-fueled and heart-pounding joy-ride. A sharp, very funny and wildly enjoyable movie. It's a great slam=bang combo of action and humor. Director, Kim Jee-Woon crafts a terrific first attempt an English language action film with great character-developed moments, explosive action sequences and non-stop excitement. A full-clip of fun and then some.