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Bullet to the Head

Bullet to the Head(2013)

Revenge still works and so does this movie. Director, Walter Hill returns in over a decade and delivers one of his best films ever, it delivers his classic trademark of seriousness, action and dark humor that are still a winning combination. A skillfully crafted, stylish, cool and hard-boiled action-thriller. It's tough, intense, at times unsettling and shattering, it dose not forget who these characters are and what they do. And a great set of characters they are, the cast is solid and deliver the goods. Sylvester Stallone is a powerhouse, he gives a strong and terrific performance, he still proves he can do more than most young action heroes can and has a blast doing it. Sung Kang is exceptional. Kang and Stallone have some great chemistry in their scenes. Jason Momoa is excellent. Momoa and Stallone have some great and well-crafted fight scenes. It's an adrenaline-soaked action-packed thrill-ride from start to finish. A heart-pounding, wickedly funny and very entertaining movie. I loved this movie.