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Seven Psychopaths

Seven Psychopaths(2012)

A wickedly hilarious and tremendously entertaing movie. One hell of an incrediably funny comedy that makes you hfall out of your seat laughing. A twistedly sharp and slickly written and extreamly well-crafted and performed piece of work. A fresh, brutal, fun and vastly original crime-comedy. A brilliant stroke of pure genius and hilarity. It`s pleasurably kinetic, bloody shocking, stylish and full of explosive gun-play, witty lines, and sizzling twist and turns from start to finish. It never pretends to be anything other than what it is, and delivers something new around every corner. A genuinely great surprise that's some of the most fun you will have at the movies. Has a great mixture of story, stars, suspense, action and viciously dark comedy. One of the best written and acted films of 2012. Director, Martin McDonagh crafts a immensely enjoyable and very thrilling film that stands with his last feature In Bruge. McDonagh is an Irish version of Tarantino meets the Cohen Brothers. An instant classic. The cast is just brilliant, they have a great chemistry with one another and balance the humor and drama perfectly. Colin Farrell is terrific. Same Rockwell is hilarious. Christopher Walken is brilliant. Woody Harrelson is fantastic.