AlS's Rating of Death Race 3: Inferno

Al's Review of Death Race 3: Inferno

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Death Race 3: Inferno

Death Race 3: Inferno(2013)

One hell of an exhilarating and explosive action-packed thrill-ride from start to finish. A high-octane action sequel to this hard-edged franchise that continues to bring on the heat. A turbo-charged roller-coaster ride. An adrenaline-charged and wickedly entertaining movie that`s big, epic and truly unrelenting. The action sequences are chase scenes are absolutely spectacular. A big mash of blood, metal and explosions from start to finish. An instant non-stop action classic. It`s packed with suspense and a few really great surprises that will just make you love this film more. Director, Roel Rennie delivers another fun and exciting film in the series. A great and outrageously over the top flick. Luke Goss is terrific once again in the lead role of Carl Lucas, showing he is a more than capable action hero and as a tremendous actor. Dougray Scott is excellent and filled with energy.