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The Package

The Package(2013)

A bone-crunching and hard-hitting action-thriller. A tough, stylish, thrilling and fun action flick that has plenty of bullets, fights, suspense and excitement to go around. A pulse-pounding and action-packed thrill-ride from start to finish that has a suspenseful story and some great character moments. It's explosive and very cool. Steve Austin and Dolph Lungdren are pure dynamite on the screen. Austin has never been tougher or cooler. Lungdren is at his best. One of the best action films Lungdren and Austin have ever been in. These two great and dynamic action stars are always great to watch and toward the conclusion, they get to have a great fight scene between the both of them that we didn't get to see in The Expendables. It's sharp and heart-pounding action entertainment.