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Airplane! (1980)
12 hours ago via Flixster

161209: Airplane seems dated and some of the humour more so. Sadly, I imagine some social warriors would be offended but, personally, there are some good laughs, and memories, held within. Be warned, there is some strong sexual humour and the 14A rating should be observed.

Kung Pow! Enter the Fist
1 day ago via Flixster

161209: Though, initially, this film had me laughing a bit, the laughs did not endure. Will never invest in the sequel. Silliness, but not in a good way.

The Quick and the Dead
2 days ago via Flixster

161207: I have an absolute love hate relationship with this made for television, HBO film. It's good in so many ways but bad in so many others. The villains are the highlight. All but The Ute (Patrick Kilpatrick) are done decently, if not done well. Patrick was just not the best choice for the portrayal of a First Nations warrior and his costume made it worse. As for the other baddies, all are pretty cool in their own way. They feature intriguing and varied attire highlighting their unique natures. Doc Shabitt (Matt Clark) was an excellent choice as a demented leader and sports his bowler hat well. Johnny aka "I wonder why men who plead for mercy, never give any?" Dobs (LL Tobert) looks the part of a cowboy, skilled with his revolver, though he's a bit underused (watch the film). And Red Hayle (Jerry Potter) is the nastiest of the group, intimidating even his own. Red has a taste for women and takes one hell of a beating from one. He survives with some commendable scars and you just love to hate him. As for the good guys, Con Vallian (Sam Elliott) twists me up. His motivations are hard to understand, his behavior is even harder. Is the viewer to believe that such an obviously principled man, in the old west, would jokingly take advantage of a married woman in front of her husband? There must be some explanation missing in the film that I imagine is revealed more clearly in Louis L'Amour's book. The Quick and the Dead (1987) can also be seen as a statement on Democratic vs Republican values; or perhaps how the reality of life can change ones position from rose-coloured to realistic. The annoyingly weak Duncan McKaskel (Tom Conti) is an ex-soldier who promised never to kill again after fighting in the civil war. He's married to Susana McKaskel (Kate Capshaw) an almost too beautiful, and well-endowed, woman who learns at a quicker pace than her husband that the West is not populated only by "nice, well-mannered people". It was funny to hear Susana's dialogue including her reference to the fact that "back east we had laws to restrain them." True Liberal mentality that made me smile. Whether intentional or not, this film provides commentary on the 2nd amendment. Finally, Duncan McKaskel is a character that demands disdain...or is it Tom Conti that demands disdain? From his voice, to his mannerism, to his dress, he made me cringe. But, perhaps, that was the whole intent of Louis L'Amour and the creators of this film? They produced characters that inspired passion; unfortunately too strong a passion. Regardless, I still enjoy coming back to this film from time to time.

Pale Rider
Pale Rider (1985)
5 days ago via Flixster

161205: "And I looked, and behold a pale horse: and his name that sat on him was Death, and Hell followed with him." - The Book of Revelation, Chapter 6, Verse 8. The mysterious Preacher (Clint Eastwood), Death, brings protection, and a little too much belief, to a group of miners tormented by a powerful mining corporation and its owner, Coy LaHood (Richard Dysart). Some fun and unique characters including the beautiful Megan Wheeler (Sydney Penny); Club, more likely recognized as "Jaws" (Richard Kiel) of James Bond fame; Josh LaHood (a youthful Chris Penn) and Deputy Mather (Billy Drago). Love the unexplained relationship between the Preacher, Sheriff Stockburn (John Russell) and his deputies. Though paced a little slow, Pale Rider keeps the viewer focused enough to prepare for the impending violence. The mystical nature of this film is addictive and the unexplained relationships demand explanation...but receive none.

Pixels (2015)
5 days ago via Flixster

161205: This time around my son (11) laughed a lot more than me. He's a gamer and seems to really appreciate this film. Strange though as most of these games pre-date him by twenty years. Simply a fun film.