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JD's Review of Star Trek Into Darkness

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Star Trek Into Darkness

Star Trek Into Darkness(2013)

Star Trek Into Darkness is a visually stunning sci-fi movie, with an interesting plot and amazing action scenes. I would even say Star Trek Into Darkness impressed me more than its predecessor. As much as I loved the first J.J. Abrams, Star Trek movie, I thought this movie was much darker, more creative and a little more entertaining. After seeing J.J. Abrams direct this movie so well, I can't wait for the seventh Star Wars movie that he's doing and I know a lot of people say he doesn't have what it takes, but trust me after watching this movie you might change your mind about that. Anyways, the other stuff that made this movie work so well were the characters and the great script. All the actors from the previous movie return in this one and there performances in this movie were great, especially Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto. Now as for, Benedict Cumberbatch who basically steals every scene he's in. He was a terrific character and he also has a bit of twist, which I will not spoil, but trust me all Star Trek fans will probably have nerdgasms when they find out who he really is. Now as for the script, it was filled with lots of emotion, humour and clever dialogue, so of course it was a well written movie as well. I, also thought the editing was done perfectly and I'm glad J.J. Abrams didn't have as much lense flare in this film, yes there was still some lense flare at times, but it wasn't as distracting like it was in the previous Star Trek movie. One last thing I enjoyed in this movie is a particular scene, which again I can't spoil because you just have to see it for yourself, but again trust me if your a Star Trek fan you will love it and just to give anyone a hint, the thing I'm talking about are bad guys from the original Star Trek, yes many people are going to think of that as spoil and if you do I'm very sorry. All seriousness though that scene I'm talking about was done so brillant and that scene is probably the most intense and most action-packed scene in the whole movie, so of course that scene alone made me love the movie even more. So, yeah this movie is really awesome and I'm very glad that I finally gave a 2013 movie 5 stars, its about time.