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JD's Review of Fast & Furious 6

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Fast & Furious 6

Fast & Furious 6(2013)

As much as I want these, Fast & Furious movies to end, I still have to admit that I found this movie really entertaining. Now when I say entertaining, I mean it's a fun action movie, with some good laughs hear in there and some great camera shots. Director, Justin Lin did a great job directing this film, I thought he made the movie pretty intense at times and most importantly he made the movie a lot of fun. To be honest I didn't enjoy all the Fast & Furious movies because I found a few of them were way too cheesy and some just ripped off the first, Fast & Furious film. The first, Fast & Furious movie was a pretty good movie, it was nothing special, but it was highly entertaining. The second, Fast & Furious movie was just awful, it pretty much ripped off the first film. The third movie, which was the Tokyo Drift one, that was also a terrible movie, yes it did a few different things, but still all in all the movie sucked. Then, the first fourth, Fast & Furious movie came out and it was okay. The movie did bring back director, Justin Lin, but the movie as whole it still didn't work, yes it was fun, but still not a great movie. Now, finally we get to, Fast Five, which was not only an awesome action movie, but also a terrific installment to the series. When, Fast Five first came out, I thought it looked so stupid, but as it turns out the movie was actually really good. So, the Fast & Furious franchise made two really good movies and three very shitty movies, so how did the sixth one turn out? Like, I said I want these, Fast & Furious movies to end already, but still this movie, Fast & Furious 6 was still pretty fun to watch. No, this movie is not better than the first or fifth one, but still this is well worth a watch. As usual, the acting is still really weak with exception of Dwayne Johnson, who's done I don't how many movies so far this year. The editing was another probably with this movie, as much as the camera shots looked really nice, the editing was a tad sloppy. The other thing that bothered in this movie was the ending, I found the ending a little too rushed and to be honest that's the only problems I had with this movie. No, this movie is not perfect and I wouldn't even call it a top notch action movie, but I would call it a fun summer action movie that you should go and see just to have fun.