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Anna Karenina

Anna Karenina(2012)

I expected a lot from this movie, which I honestly didn't get, yes there was a few good things in this film, but the bad stuff were really bad. I'll start with the good stuff, the first good thing in this film was the production design and costume design, which were two things in this film that were both beautiful to look at. The performance by Keira Knightley was also a strong thing in this film because she did play the role of Anna Karenina very well, now unfortunatley the other cast memebers were pretty weak. Jude Law, Aaron Johnson, Alica Vikander and Matthew MacFadyen were all incredibly weak in this film. Keira Knightley was basically the only person that did a good job in this film and she's pretty much the only reason to give this movie a watch. Yes, this movie has great costumes to look at and the entire production design was terrific, but the story is very bland and the performances by all the co-stars were really weak, so I would honestly give this film a pass.