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A Good Day To Die Hard

A Good Day To Die Hard(2013)

Before I talk about this movie, I'm going to briefly talk about the previous, Die Hard movies. I'll start with the first one, which is by far the best, Die Hard movie. The first one had terrific action scenes, great dialogue, an intense plot and solid performances by it's cast. The second, Die Hard movie was a little more cheesy and a tad boring at times. Die hard 2 was still a good movie and Bruce Willis was awesome in it, but I always found it was the weakest, Die Hard movie. The third movie, Die Hard With a Vengeance was really underrated I found, I thought it was very well made, I also thought it had a great villain and I thought the chemistry between, Bruce Willis and Samuel L. Jackson was great. Now, for the fourth one, Live Free or Die Hard, which was the only, Die Hard movie that was rated PG-13, which was different, I didn't hate the movie because of it's rating, but I did think the rating dragged the movie down a bit because it didn't feel like a, Die hard movie. Anyways, the fourth, Die Hard was good, not the best, Die Hard, but still very enjoyable. Alirght, now let's get to this one, the fifth stallment of the, Die Hard franchise. I'm just going to start off by saying that this movie was really disappointing and I mean really disappointing. Yes, Die Hard returns to it's R rating, which is cool to see, but honestly the movie still kind of sucked. The plot of this movie was really all over the place and it wasn't making any sense at times. Bruce Willis does return as, John McClane and of course he does a good job because come on this is, Bruce Willis were talking about here, he can always play a great role now matter how bad the movie is. The actor, Jai Courtney on the other hand was kind of awful, he didn't even feel like a spy in the movie and he had terrible chemistry with, Bruce Willis, I'm not blaming Bruce Willis for that because I know he was trying his best, so I think it was the actor, Jai Courtney because he was really terrible in this movie. As, for the rest of the cast, they were all pretty weak and really forgettable, which is very disppointing, but I think the most disappointing thing in this movie was the villain, there wasn't a clear villain in this movie, which sucked because that's always a huge thing in the, Die Hard movies because it's always, John McClane taking on some bad guy, but in this movie there was just a bunch of bad guys, that's it, which was really boring. The movie isn't really a, Die Hard movie, it's just an action movie staring, Bruce Willis. If anyone is wondering though, the action in ths movie was pretty good, some of the action did seem to drag on, but it was entertaining, I guess. I think the biggest problem was they got a bad director to make this movie because they got, John Moore, the guy who directed such films as, Pitch Black, Flight of the Phoenix and Max Payne, so yeah, you can tell right there he was the wrong choice to make the fifth, Die Hard movie. So, in closing I'm going to say that this movie was really disappointing, it's not awful, but it's not good. A Good Day To Die Hard is cliched, poorly written and hands down the worst, Die Hard movie. So, I say skip this movie and wait for a better and more exciting action movie to come out.