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JD's Review of The Hangover Part III

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The Hangover Part III

The Hangover Part III(2013)

What a piece of crap! Okay, I know everyone is a fan of the first Hangover movie and they should be because that movie was really good. The first one had an interesting premise, funny characters and a witty script, but unfortunately a few years later they made another Hangover movie, which was called The Hangover Part 2. The Hangover Part 2 was pretty much a cop out of the first Hangover movie except there in Bangkok instead of Las Vegas. The second Hangover movie of course did very well in the box office because many people thought the second one would be just as funny as the first one and man oh man were people wrong about that one. Not only was The Hangover Part 2 not as good as the first, but the movie itself was stupid, unfunny and a complete waste of time. So, the first Hangover movie made a lot of money and the second Hangover movie made a lot of money, so logically there's going to be a third Hangover movie. Now that brings me back to this review! The Hangover Part lll is the final film in the trilogy and it brings back the wolfpack and in this final installment they go back to Las Vegas and they get themselves into more strange and kind of stupid situations, which no one is going to even care about. Yes, I know many people are looking forward to seeing how this trilogy is going to end, but trust me right now this movie is not worth watching. Every single scene, every single joke and every single character were all done wrong. I don't even think I can classify this movie as a comedy, its more of an action thriller and a terrible action thriller by the way. I heard other people say that this movie is really dark and that is actually very true, but that still didn't make the movie more funny or entertaining, it just made the movie more strange. Also, Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms and Zach Galifianakis weren't very enjoyable to watch, yes they were hilarious in the first movie, but in this one they had no chemistry with each other and none of them said a single funny thing throughout the whole movie. The supporting cast members weren't very good either, like Ken Jeong was really annoying, Melissa McCarthy wasn't very funny and John Goodman was just pointless. I have no idea where director, Todd Phillips was going with this movie, I think he wanted the movie to be funny, but at the same time he wanted it to be action packed, which of course didn't work out very well. So, The Hangover Part lll was awful, this movie shouldn't have been made and I strongly recommend for everyone to skip this movie and just forget that they ever made a second and third Hangover movie.