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JD's Review of Seven Psychopaths

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Seven Psychopaths

Seven Psychopaths(2012)

Seven Psychopaths is a great dark comedy with tons of great action scenes and awesome performances by its cast. I heard from so many people that this movie was awesome and now after finally seeing it, I believe it. Seven Psychopaths is really creative with its witty dialogue and clever characters, seriously all the characters in this were really enjoyable to watch and I thought all the actors played there parts very well. Colin Ferrell plays a very strong lead character and Woody Harrelson plays an hilarious villain, but the real show stealers in this film were Christopher Walken and Sam Rockwell because both of there acting performances were top notch and they both made such clever jokes throughout the whole movie. The movie itself was just really funny, its mostly dark humour, but if your into that kind of humour you will probably have a blast with this film. I thought this film had great humour, great action scenes, a clever script, wonderful satire and amazing direction by Martin McDonagh.