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Side Effects

Side Effects(2013)

Steven Soderbergh's last film apparently, I have no idea if that's true or not, but if it is true, that really sucks because Steven Soderbergh is a very talented director and I think most of his film are amazing. Now, getting to this movie, Side Effects. Side Effects is a very dark, clever and well written film, there may have a been a few problems I had with this movie, but all in all the movie was still good. Steven Soderbergh as always gave the film great direction and Steven Z. Burns wrote a very smart script. The entire cast was all great as well, like Catherine Zeta-Jones hasn't really done anything good in a while so it was good seeing her playing a decent role for a change. I thought, Jude Law played a really good role in this film, I think he can always do a good job in these kinds of roles so it wasn't surprising that he was good. Now as for, Rooney Mara who pretty much stole the show, she played an excellent role in this film, I thought she was top notch and this is probably one of her best performances in a movie, next to, The Girl With The Drgaon Tattoo. So, the script was good, the direction was good, the acting was good and the story was good, so what were the things that I didn't like in this movie? Well, for one I didn't like the beginning of this movie, it started off really slow and it was a little hard getting into it, but luckily when the film started picking up, it got much better, but still the first little bit of this movie was very boring. Another thing I didn't like was the editing, I thought some of the editing was a bit sloppy at times, which was kind of distracting. Anyways, the movie was still really good and I think people should go see it because it's very interesting and it's very smart.