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JD's Review of Snitch

4 years ago via Flixster


Just when I thought all, Dwayne Johnson's movies would all be terrible this film comes out and proves me wrong. So yeah, this movie, Snitch is shockingly good. Dwayne Johnson in this movie plays a father who wants to make a deal with a U.S. attorney to free his son from prison, but in order to do that he must become an undercover informant and help take down a drug cartel. Dwayne Johnson plays the role really well, which was actually nice to see because I haven't seen, Dwayne Johnson ever play a good role in a movie except for, The Rundown, but in this film, Snitch he did a good job, you can actually take him seriously in this movie. Another person who did a good job was, Barry Pepper and he's another actor I really don't like, but in this movie he did a good job, he was very believable, I actually believed he was a cop in this film. The talented, Susan Sarandon was a damn good actress in this film, which is no shocker there, but I think the real shocker is seeing, Jon Bernthal in this movie. If no one knows who, Jon Bernthal is, he's the actor who played the character, Shane in the tv show, The Walking Dead. I thought he was great in, The Walking Dead and in this movie, Snitch I thoguht he was the best actor in the whole movie, which was awesome because I never thought I would see him in movies, I would think he would do more tv shows, but whatever I thought he was great in this film and after seeing him in this movie I think he should keep doing movies. Anyways, getting to the story, I think a lot of people thought this movie would be a straight up action film, but it's not, the movie is a crime/drama, yes there's action in the movie, but it's a crime/drama. I liked that it wasn't an action movie because it gave the actors in the film a lot of time to actually act, instead of just firing guns at each other throughout the whole movie, we actually got some pretty good character development, some decent acting and good dialogue. I'm not saying this movie was amazing or anything because it wasn't, the film was still predictable, it had some lame side characters and the action scenes that were in the movie weren't very entertaining. I would still recommend people to see this movie because it does have some good drama and the story was actually interesting. I know many people think this film looks stupid, but I'm here to tell you that this movie is not stupid, it's entertaining and it's pretty enjoyable.