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JD's Review of Forbidden Planet

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Forbidden Planet

Forbidden Planet(1956)

I found almost everything in this film was just brilliant. I can see that many classic Sci-fi movies got there inspiration from this movie. I don't even know where to start, but I think the first thing that made this movie work was the characters, all the characters in this film were really enjoyable to watch and I thought all the actors that played them all did a great job, especially, Leslie Nielsen who looks very young in this movie, but still does a good job. The writing and direction was also done very well, like the dialogue was really interesting, the camera shots were nicely put together and how they made this movie based off of Shakespeare's play, The Tempest was really cool. Even the special effects looked pretty good, yes there were a bit dated, but I think for it's time it does a good job. The production design was also very well done, same with the costume design and the sound effects. So, pretty much this movie did every thing right, the direction was good, the writing was good, the acting was good and basically everything else was good. I think a lot of people should watch this film because it's well worth a watch, but for me I really enjoyed it.