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War of the Worlds
10 years ago via Flixster

This is definitely a movie to watch at the theatres. I can't believe you didn't like it to be honest. Yes, Tom Cruise is at his ABSOLUTE worst but the graphics are spectacular. Unless you have a really high-end home theatres system with a big-ass plasma, you've missed the best you will have seen this movie. Not really worth recommending.

Hostel (2006)
10 years ago via Flixster

I seriously think you have to be fucked in the head to enjoy this movie. I don't know why anyone would ever be interested in people being tortured but there are some sickos out there. The story and the gore are a lot more pronounced than you would think (as you already know that you're goin to watch a horror flick in the first place). The acting is actually not too bad for this type of flick, then again, they didn't have a whole lot of dialogue or meaningful things to say. I guess they got what they were aiming for and it leaves you with the questions or whether a place like this actually exists or not. Hostel II will probably be more of the same. I wouldn't recommend this movie unless you're a hardcore horror fan or have a fetish for watching people be brutalized.

PS: Blow-torching a girls face is just in bad taste.

Mindhunters (2005)
10 years ago via Flixster

What a piece of crap. I can understand why Slater would take to this piece of crap (as any of his movies from the new millenium have blown donkey balls) but why Kilmer? He must have been doing someone a favor or ending out his contract with the studio. On top of those guys, LL Cool J (who I've always been a huge fan of - insert joke here) and Kevin Bacon (who has actually had some decent flicks - read Where The Truth Lies) join this "deep" movie about a bunch of recruits (are these really the best of the best? there's a guy in a freakin' wheelchair) who go to an island to train. The worst part of this movie is that it has absolutely no suspense. You know who the killer is right away and you have to watch a bunch of gory and "scary" scenes to finally see that you were right from the get go. There are a lof other things terrible about this movie but I'm getting bored.