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Why Did I Get Married?
7 years ago via Flixster

Four couples (and a few extras) find themselves on their yearly vacation, all trying to mend their relationships while holding on to physical as well as emotional secrets. With Janet Jackson, Jill Scott, Tyler Perry, et al. The film began slow but once it began stripping away at all the boundaries each person put up for themself, it actually turned out to be, although predictable in places, pretty damn good. Recommended with 3 1/2 stars.

Get Real
Get Real (1999)
7 years ago via Flixster

A 10 year old film that comes across like one made 25 years ago with very high predictability throughout. A 2 star film at best, raised to 2 1/2 because Ben Silverstone, despite his age at the time, provided the only convincing part and they tried real hard to get across the heterosexism message that was a product of the late 90's.

Shelter (2007)
8 years ago via Flixster

I originally rated this only 3 stars on Flixster but a 2nd viewing makes me think I was way too harsh.

I thought this would have worked more had Zach fell in love with Gabe. Gabe was more his age. Gabe is the one that Zach always went to with his problems and there just seemed to be more raw masculine sexual tension between the 2 of them. Problem with this lack of logic on my part is that Gabe is not gay but his brother Shaun is.

Zach "starts out" as a straight skateboarder and surfer, not typical gay film activities, making this a rare film with some beautiful, very well filmed, scenery.

However, I felt that Shaun's character was not developed enough. Although he was suppose to be the one character that actually had his act together, he really didn't act like it. I just kept feeling that he would dump Zach at first opportunity (after the time frame in the film).

The film does work on the level that Zach comes to realize what is really important to him. But afterall, that is what coming of age films are for, right?

It is not clear what happens to Zach's dad. Other than his nephew, his dad needed contstant care. It is also not clear what was his illness. A quick shot on the label of his pills would have resolved that issue. Also outside of the film's timeframe, things simply would not be so "Hollywood" as far as Zach's sister, her lover, and her son are concerned. However, in the film's favor, it does not intend to go there. Instead, the film is about Zach's decisions concerning his vocation, family, and sexuality and the film, as well as the actors do a fine job. Trevor Wright's (Zach) stands out as a straight man playing a gay role for the first time. Tina Holmes (TV's 6 Feet Under, 24, NYPD Blue) also did a fine job as did Ross Thomas as Gabe. Shaun is played by Brad Rowe, also a straight man giving a good performance in a gay role. I just wish they would have developed Shaun's role more, perhaps increasing the 88 minute, way too short film. But again, I cannot downgrade this due to it really was not in the scope of what was important, Zach's life decisions.

The Final Destination
8 years ago via Movies on Facebook

If you want a couple of 3D thrills (mostly seen in the trailers) and don't care that the so-called actors really don't act scared at all you might enjoy spending the 3D Premium for this way too short, ends too fast, hopefully last, takeoff on what was originally a good idea with Final Destination. Even though I had some good laughs with a few of the "misses" I was thrown for a loop when they pulled the race card turning the movie into some kind of revengeful plot instead of the usual circumstantial death search. What on earth were they thinking? I don't think they really knew what this was suppose to be other than a 3D movie with a few special effects. After FD2, it has been all downhill. :( Lowered from 3 to 2 1/2 stars because of the horrendous, unnecessary and totally out of date racist stunt.