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The Big Sick
The Big Sick (2017)
4 days ago via Rotten Tomatoes

What starts like a fresh take on the old "When Harry met Sally" premise soon gets a pretty dramatic and unexpected twist, and ultimately turns out to be based on true events. Every minute in between is funny, sad and very true. Likable, realistic characters and a great script make this a romantic comedy highlight of recent years, while tackling cultural differences and low key racism at the same time. Outstanding.

A Quiet Place
A Quiet Place (2018)
10 days ago via Rotten Tomatoes

This horror thriller comes with a fantastic, original premise you haven't quite seen like that before. Within that logic it is very consistent with its inner logic and makes great use of the exciting potential coming with it. EspeciALLY THE SECOND HALF OF THE FILM OFFERS ONE BLOODCURDLING SITUATION AFTER ANOTHER: tHE CHARACTERS AND THEIR ACTORS WORK EXCELLENTLY, too. A very refreshing and special take on a genre that seemed to go in circles and finds a lot of fresh wind in recent years.

Mama (2013)
12 days ago via Rotten Tomatoes

The premise is quite interesting and the first half wonderful uncomfortable. The Actors are doing a good job and there are a few neat jump scares. Much creepier is the sound design, though, which makes for an outrageously creepy scene, together with a camera flash. Unfortunately, the more often and the longer you see the monster, the more its CGI is obvious, which kinda takes you out of the experience. The showdown on a cliff looks like a classic goth setting but ends at least somewhat surprisingly. Not bad for a scary evening but with some wasted potential as far as the creature is concerned.

The People vs. Fritz Bauer (Der Staat Gegen Fritz Bauer)
13 days ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Bauer's engagement in hunting down Nazis in the 1950s makes for a pretty interesting plot. Unfortunately, the delivery, especially by camerawork and music is sometimes closer to a TV movie than a motion picture. Same goes for some minor actors. The sleazy journalist or genderbending hooker feel entirely out of place in this story, even though they're probably based on true events. Still, a pretty interesting look at Germany at a time when the country wanted to move on but still had some leftover Nazis in their midst.

Money Monster
Money Monster (2016)
14 days ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Very entertaining, sometimes even exciting hostage thriller with a lot of commentaries on the socioeconomic state of the world. Director Jodie Foster can rely on outstanding acting performances and the editing makes for a very engaging film. As it progresses things become a tad more conventional, then again, a very preachy, sarcastic ending wouldn't have worked either. Ultimately, this is pretty satisfying while making you think about the injustice of the world.