JensS.'s Rating of Argo

Jens' Review of Argo

4 years ago via Flixster


You can't make these things up. During the Iranian revolution in 1979 six US diplomats hide in the Canadian embassy and their only safe way out of the country is to make up a Sci-Fi movie that's being shot in Iran. Director Ben Affleck tells the true story of this unlikely rescue mission with a lot of realism, adding original (interview) footage from the big players and people on the streets, as well as a great initial introduction to the political situation. During the end credits you can also compare the real people behind the story with their actors and it shows how much effort went into the making of this film.
Affleck can rely on a stellar cast to make this an enthralling, interesting and very entertaining history lesson. Alan Arkin and John Goodman are hilarious as the Hollywood side of the project, backing up the story from back home. Bryan Cranston pulls the strings at the CIA. Affleck himself, again being a so much better actor under his own direction, is the guy with the plan. The acting is top notch down to the smallest roles, you sometimes feel like watching a documentary instead of a movie. The opposing themes of the threatening rising middle Eastern hatred for the US and the amusing Hollywood satire surprisingly work perfectly together.
A deeply satisfying, engaging and touching political thriller that could be among the winners of the upcoming awards season. Highly recommended.