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The Amazing Spider-Man
5 years ago via Movies on iPhone

I was as skeptical and pessimistic as anyone when this film was announced. I'm a big fan of Spider-Man and Sam Raimi's movies (the third film wasn't great, admittedly) and I felt that the prospect of this reboot was a bit disrespectful. I got more excited about this film once seeing the early trailers online, then really excited seeing the trailer in 3D at the cinema. I'm so glad my misgivings were proven unfounded, because "The Amazing Spider-Man" is a damn good film.

It has the right amount of humour and emotion, plus a lot web-swinging and wall-crawling, something that warms this old Spidey fan's heart. The action sequences were exciting and well executed, though some may say a little short. The 3D was unobtrusive and appropriately applied.

Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone were well cast and their onscreen chemistry shone through. The rest of the cast were great. I particularly liked Martin Sheen and Sally Fields as Uncle Ben and Aunt May.

I'm so happy with this film and I have confidence in this series' future.

Cannibal (2008)
5 years ago via Flixster

The Greatest Love Story Ever Told... with Cannibalism.
Cannibal is a dramatisation of the real-life events surrounding the two German men, Armin Meiwes and Bernd Brandes.
Armin Meiwes became known as "Der Metzgermeister" (The Master Butcher), because in March of 2001, he had contacted, Bernd Brandes, over the Internet and arranged for him to come over for dinner... literally.
I wont go into the gory and depraved details, because the last thing I would want to do is to ruin the movie for you and deprive you the pleasure / horror of finding out for yourself by watching it unfold in front of you.
The film begins with a fairy tale, a mother reading "Hansel and Gretel" to a young boy.
Filmed with a part Documentary part Art-House eye, with minimal, next to no dialog, the entire film has an otherworldly fairy-tale feel to it. And that feeling is facilitated and enhanced by the, almost Avant-garde, soundtrack. A mixture of score and sound-effects, it is really quite effective. The dialog itself is short and simplistic, almost comical, and the characters are never identified. The credits list the two main characters simply as "The Cannibal" and "The Flesh", but again this serves only to heighten the hyperreality that this film conveys.
In terms of the cinematography, what you are shown on screen is both everything and nothing. By this I mean that sometimes you are given full view of what is taking place and at other times you are given mere inferences and suggestions. Again, this juxtaposition of styles puts you off balance and never lets you settle down, which is a good thing. You shouldn't settle down and accept that you are watching a movie, you are constantly being asked questions about what is normal and what is perverted.
The Cannibal and The Flesh are driven by deep-seated sexual desire to consume and to be consumed. The Cannibal wants to make The Flesh a part of him and The Flesh wishes to be inside The Cannibal. In their eyes there is no victim, both are complicit in this base act.
Make no mistake, that this film is less about cannibalism and evil, per se, but about sexual compulsion and desire. And if you are easily offended and cannot handle full-frontal male nudity and homosexual themes, then either grow up or just don't watch this film, because there's plenty of tackle-work in Cannibal.
Cannibal makes The Texas Chain Saw Massacre and Last House on the Left look like Lassie Come Home and Little House on the Prairie.
I don't think I've been so impressed by a film in a long, long time than what I have been with Cannibal. It won't be to everyone's liking, it won't be easy to watch, but it will confront you, punch you square in the face and give you a bloody nose. You'll either come away from the confrontation impressed by the audacity or disgusted by the temerity.
Highly Recommended.