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Ride in the Whirlwind

Simplistic yet overwhelmingly evoking. Those who criticize Nicholson for just being Nicholson in films have never seen this...

September Tapes

interesting premise. I'll give it points for a ballsy approach, but its a cheap one. with not much else going for it- repeating itself over and over. These guys are passionate about what happened on 9/11, either they are exploiting it or they are taking a mumbling, shouting approach.


Haunting portrait of High School students on the day of a school shooting. Van Sant captures the routine lifestyle of a school day with intense long takes and incredibly patient pacing, which works in the films benefit.

The Conversation

One of my favorite films. Hackman plays against his norm as a private and sensible surveillance expert. Coppola brings out stark characterization midst a grand mystery.

Boogie Nights

Captivating look at the American porn industry in its height and even more captivating look at the importance of families. I love this movie.

Burn After Reading

Entertaining Coen film. Certainly not their best but not at all their worst.

Midnight Run
Midnight Run(1988)

Fun film that balances serious drama, comedy and action effortlessly. Grodin rocks. I miss him.

Ne le Dis à Personne (Tell No One)

wonderful suspense, wonderful chemistry between the leads, wonderful acting.

The Getaway
The Getaway(1972)

McQueen shows some of his great chops. McGraw is beautiful but is completely wooden throughout. The subplot with Al Lettieri kidnapping the married couple takes a radical turn. I can see why feminist hated Peckinpah.

The Dark Knight

see it. love it. They'll never be anything quite like it again...

A Woman Under the Influence

My favorite Cassavetes picture, Rowlands and Falk are absolutely perfection. they are lively and real, with depth and humanity.


so fucking great. Love it for the characters and behaviors. I still don't very much dig most country music, but it structures the film perfectly.

Murder by Death

genius cast of some of my favorite actors.

The Great Silence (Il grande silenzio)

Really fun to watch Kinski have a ball in his villainous role. Frank Wolff gets some great laughs. Absolutely twisted ending!

Once Upon a Time in the West

my favorite western. A brilliant collaboration of epic and spaghetti.

You Can Count On Me

Some of the most enriching performances i've seen on screen. A wonderful film.


Incredibly innovative and compelling storytelling. One of the best performances from Eric Bana i've seen in quite a long time.


Interesting first effort for Haynes. You can see the roots of disjointed chronology with poetic narrative that flourishes his later work.

The Road (La Strada)

Masina is such a photogenic charmer. Quinn gives one of his best and most haunting performances.

In Bruges
In Bruges(2008)

What a peculiar gem. Wonderful performances that radiate dramatic and comical strengths, many times together. I can't put a finger on its intentions, part of the reason i really loved it

Irma La Douce

Not a bad follow up reunion to The Apartment with Wilder, Maclaine and Lemmon, though it does miss the humanity in light of the controversial aspects.

Before Night Falls

a modern cinematic marvel, this film peaked my interest in Schnabel

Thunderbolt and Lightfoot

I really love this film, one of the best buddy-pictures around- Eastwood and Bridges!

Don't Look Now

A pretty great thriller from Roeg. Characters always elude a lot from the pace and edits rather than whats written. It makes a much less theatric picture.

Stranger Than Fiction

I was presently surprised with its sincerity in the story it believes. I'm glad it took the risk in injecting more heart in its structure than comedy.

The Long Goodbye

brilliant! probably my favorite altman film.

The Diving Bell and the Butterfly

Wonderful cinematography, splendid performances.

Monty Python's Life of Brian

hands down one of the funniest and most clever films i've ever seen.

Starting Out in the Evening

one of my favorite films of the year. inspirational yet incredibly heartbreaking. most importantly genuine. if Langella doesn't get at least an oscar nomination the system is not only broken, its rusty.


There is the faintest amount of intelligence lurking about but it is covered with sensationalism when it doesn't know where its going, which is pretty much most of the time.


A solid thriller with plenty of laughs, despite a rushed ending.

Barton Fink
Barton Fink(1991)

the coen brothers paint a captivating world with barton fink. john goodman is an absolute riot, the ending is liberating.

The Savages
The Savages(2007)

Wonderful, wonderful acting. Terrific drama.


Wonderful twists and turns in an increasingly suspenseful Hitchcock film.


I kept expecting something more to happen, but alas, it was simpler (or more complex?) than what i first thought. Moore and Berkeley are great as usual.

There Will Be Blood

overwhelmingly powerful. many say Plainview is too unsympathetic. i found much sympathy. he is haunted by the intangibility of his family (a P.T.A. recurring motif). something obviously happened with his family before we meet him. he tries to find love with a son that is not his, than with a brother who actually isn't his, then a church makes HIM lie about being apart of their family, then the son wants his own business, and to daniel, the business is family, so he takes it as betrayal.

The Player
The Player(1992)

Altman has a hell of a fun with the characters and it shows. Great free roaming camera work and fun performances.

Charlie Wilson's War

an amusing achievement for Nichols and Sorkin. Hoffman eats the screen. Literally eats it up. right the fuck up. his every frame a goldmine with the passion of a land mine. he's a goddamn cinematic monster.


good early hitch. the suspense is here. i have no problem with the bombing scene. i don't mind the brother in the bus but come on--- do they have to drain it out with a puppy too? an emotionally cheap shot to an otherwise strong picture.

Paths of Glory

honest and passionate, a profound experience.

Murder on the Orient Express

Wonderful performances from a fierce ensemble. Lumet captures Christies writing with celebrity glamor to marvelous effect. Finney is pure delight.


Very compelling.


I thought it sucked. I was expecting a lot, from John Fallon's (The Arrow) awesome review to Harry Knowles sucking Green's d*ck and watching it 7 times at festivals I was pumped to see something great. What I got was a terrible acting, a boring structure (which i can forgive), shady photography, insultingly redundant music, and an absolute tame script. This was like a frat boys project that tries to be an Eli Roth horrorfest but ends up falling smack down between a shit and a fart. That doesn't even say a lot to begin with, since Eli isn't exactly a horror genius but I guess he is the best American slasher has to offer now a days.

Blade Runner
Blade Runner(1982)

Brilliantly photographed, wonderful noir pace.

The Walker
The Walker(2007)

Schrader's better effort in recent years, one hell of an interesting screenplay. I've never been much of a Harrelson fan but he was alright here.

No Country for Old Men

Without a doubt No Country for Old Men is the best film i've seen in theaters in years. Absolutely stunning.

Before the Devil Knows You're Dead

Pretty great performances all around, especially from Hoffman. A fun if not wholly depressing caper movie.

I Am Cuba (Soy Cuba)

The cornerstone for the camera. The very essence of great cinematography.

Wristcutters: A Love Story

Garden State,.. if New Jersey was purgatory and all the good actors went to heaven or hell.

The King of Comedy

It's obvious that De Niro has a blast with his character. Fun to watch, Scorsese keeps the pace energetic.

Blood Simple
Blood Simple(1984)

Incredible introduction to the world of the Coen brothers. Walsh is the kind of character actor you wish would be in every other film out there.


One of my favorite films. Brilliant screenplay, captivating direction and some of the best performances you'll ever see.


I loved Nance in this film. Every time he opened his mouth I laughed and sighed. Its refreshing to think that although it was a shoe-string budget this is probably exactly the film Lynch always wanted to make.

Enduring Love

pretty damn interesting story.

The Shooting
The Shooting(1967)

you'll never see a western quite like it and likely never will.


Has a heart even if though we've seen this kind of Romantic Comedy a thousand times before.

Saw II
Saw II(2005)

better than the first.

Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith

The best of the prequels. Tense, emotional, tragic, epic.

The Longest Yard

The original and the british soccer versions are much, much better. Frags on unclever situations and lame jokes, with only a few that really work.

Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill!

This is Myer's best without a doubt. Fun stylized trash for all.
if you don't know who i am talking about but you dig John Waters, you'll love his cinematic father- Russ Myer.

The Last Detail

Hal Ashby & Robert Towne equals a cinematic goldmine. I absolutely love this picture.

The Darjeeling Limited

fun. Anderson isn't growing much as a filmmaker but his work is still amusing and charming. There is still heart in the writing but whats put to screen is repetitive and not as engaging as it could be. Anderson has much more potential if he could escape the same three camera tricks he constantly uses. It seems like he could have done this picture ten years ago. I like to see personal directors evolve.

War of the Worlds

scary, tense and wonderfully acted. Staggers about in the last twenty minutes though.

The Big Lebowski

smarter than the stoner flick it takes its fame for. Great dialog and characters. Funny as hell.

The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford

Beautiful. Wonderfully paced. Elegantly crafted. Incredibly acted.

Casino Royale

The best Bond movie since... Well, this may very well be my favorite Bond film, and this is coming from an avid fan of the series. Daniel Craig is a monster- he pulls off being the coldest Bond and at the same time the most human Bond in twenty-one pictures. Fantastic. Everything about the film is wonderful. For the first time I am completely compelled with the diretion of the series.

Children of Men

brilliant. More suspense in one camera take than in all three Bourne films plus a hell of a good story and performances you won't soon forget.

Breaking the Waves

Emily Watson goes places most actresses wouldn't even want to think about. Lars Van Trier's bold and heart wrenching post-Dogma film.


interesting if not over sensationalized 'art school' kind of picture.


a tenacious picture about the fabrications of "non-fiction" and the underlying truth of "fiction" told in two strikingly funny/charming/dramatic and eccentric tales.


Catherine Deneuve might be the most talented lead actress Polanski has ever worked with. Very atmospheric picture.

The Pervert's Guide to Cinema

some interesting philosophical insights of classic pictures. A bit long and hard to understand at times but non the less compelling.

Rescue Dawn
Rescue Dawn(2007)

The performances are to die for. Davies, Bale and Zahn eat up the screen.

Eastern Promises

fantastic atmosphere, great performances.

My Name Is Nobody (Il mio nome è Nessuno)

Sergio Leone writes Valerii's comedic interpretation of the old west and an old gunslinger that inhabits it. It's Once Upon a Time in the West meets Harold Loyde, as just as effective.


A film that gave me confidence in our generations filmmakers, if there was any hope in a new french wave, it would start with the Dardenne's L'Enfant.

Professione: reporter (The Passenger)

An overlooked masterpiece for Nicholson, Schnieder and Antonioni. Its hard to think of any film that used landscapes and lenses to continue the narrative quite like this.


The greatest film about envy and talent. Brutally honest voice overs, brilliantly shot, impecable music and astoninishing acting. One of the best films of its time.

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

Not my favorite in the series. Noted that I havent read them past the third book, a part of me misses the adventurous wonder that has been replaced with hot flashy of Valdi and somber colors. They really missed chances to bring in some Ron comedy (like when they were flying on those skeleton horse things, are we to understand that Ron and Herminey were flying on nothing? good comedic moment missed). The ending is exactly where we Goblet left us, "Valdimore has returned, no really, this time he really has!!" And the moral lesson Harry throws in at the end is weak, they should have left it somber.


Great short. Sets the tone for Burton's future work perfectly.

Factory Girl
Factory Girl(2007)

Sienna Miller's performance is too good for this picture. The film tells a trite conventional story about characters that are notorious for being unconventional.

River's Edge
River's Edge(1987)

wants to be a Lynch film. Tries to be a Lynch film. Fails to be a Lynch film. None the less, a very amusing performance from Crispin Glover.

Meet Joe Black

Charming screenplay and pace, great reverence in both Hopkins and Pitt. A bit audacious though.

Mean Streets
Mean Streets(1973)

So damn good. Sharp as hell Screenplay. the bold preformances and spirited directing could only come from a filmmaker so young, so unknown and so free they couldn't give a damn.

Paris Je T'aime

This may very well be my favorite picture this year. Simply because none of the 18 shorts failed to put a smile on my face. only two were fairly mediocre, the rest were brilliant. I left for the first time in a long time I was ready to walk right back in again for another screening. Wonderful postcard features from the city of love.

The Day After Tomorrow

Dr. shityflick called, tell Roland Emmerich it really is a tumar.

Patch Adams
Patch Adams(1998)

a shameful picture. If you die, die laughing, it ends with a damn courtroom scene! In medical tearjerkers, they're the treatment of last resort. Any screenwriter who uses a courtroom scene in a non-legal movie is not only desperate for a third act, but didn't have a second act that led anywhere. Shamefully generic emotional jabs at the expense of everything.

Conan the Barbarian

Worth it for the scene where Conan punches a camel. Schawrzenegger isn't exactly a decent actor yet, he doesn't have the suave action man grace in this one- maybe a gun suits him more than a sword.

Bonnie and Clyde

An excellent adventure thats somehow brings wonderful thrills, laughs and lovable characters despite how gruesome the tale is.

The Deer Hunter

One of the most compelling and heartbreaking American stories. Perfectly casted, with performances that pour honesty and emotion.

Barry Lyndon
Barry Lyndon(1975)

Some drop dead gorgeous cinematography. It took a couple of viewings to get involved with the characters.

The Longest Day

Excellent cast, excellent directing (from all four), AMAZING scope to the D-DAY invasion. One of the best WWII cinematic experiences you'll ever have.


All The President's Men meets Se7en, add some classy tunes and great characters, you get a wonderful film.

Stir of Echoes

decent thrills and strong dialogue (it is Koepp after all) but not so hot on genuine scares. Worth the occasional watch. I dig the cover of paint it black.

Do the Right Thing

Great characters. Has a high spirit and vibrancy you rarely find in studio filmmakers. I guess if you don't want a rotten apple, you pick one off the tree.

The Thing
The Thing(1982)

Take the scenario from 'Alien' and throw in possession, the inability to trust or rely on your co-workers and friends, throw in the best old school effects and high testosterone and you'll get Carpenter's classic film.

Ocean's Thirteen

Old school fun! Soderbergh and the cast are just having a blast, flexing their cinematic muscles, gaining Pacino and playing a great con flick. Ellen Barkin was underused and her "angle" smelled like it should have been in an Austin Powers film.

Nuit et Brouillard (Night and Fog)

Some oft the most horrific footage you may ever see.

Nabbeun namja (Bad Guy)

Interesting and pretty compelling. If the lack of exposition doesn't interest you the cinematography might keep you in your seat.


many of Roger Corman produced pictures have led way to great filmmakers getting their names out there. Peter Bogdanovich is the only one though, to make a extraordinary picture under Corman with Targets. Karloff plays himself in this thriller that may freak people out in the wake of films like Elephant and events like Virginia Tech.

Vanishing Point

A classic car chase flick. What is he running from? Does it matter? He's a "free soul"!

The Hitcher
The Hitcher(1986)

Brutal. Hauer is this movie, he is so damn great. Wonderful pace, crazy suspense, great slow-mo.

Dog Day Afternoon

You will seldom find a more compelling, funny and humane picture than this. Performances to die for, Lumet keeps the blood flowing and the characters interesting.


amature porn film with delusions of grandeur. Sex scenes are filmed like porn, even the rape scenes, the actors move about while fucking like robots, not out of the characters behavior, but to get every angle possible. It wants to be Thelma & Louise or Monster but doesn't take the responsibility to develop the girls beyond how the light reflects on their ass.

Six-String Samurai

High hopes based on great word of mouth damaged this one. I found it to be very amaturish, even for a no-budget imaginative (kinda) genre flick. I wanted to stab that yelping child in his throat.

Torn Curtain
Torn Curtain(1966)

A solid if not pretty slow Hitchcock thriller. There are some great scenes, the murder of the KGB agent is very intense. Unfortunately the chemistry between Andrews and Newman is pretty bland.

Saat po long (S.P.L.) (Kill Zone)

Great Hong Kong crime film, Donnie Yen rocks in his role, and while the action is sparse between the drama, when it kicks in its rockin. Great cinematography and a hell of a martial arts preformance from Donnie Yen and Sammo Hung Kam-Bo.

Short Cuts
Short Cuts(1993)

I love, love this film. Altman really gets deep in characters behaviors, making them fun and memorable.

Sweet Movie
Sweet Movie(1974)

A lot of colors thrown on that ultimately makes the canvas shit brown. It attempts to be funny, but then b-roll of holocaust corpses made me cringe.


scary as all hell.


melodrama coated with cg-fluff. Some action scenario's are well played, most you've seen.

Dick Tracy
Dick Tracy(1990)

Brilliant. Wonderful acting with an expansive cast, absolutely exquisite cinematography from Vittorio Storaro.

Good Bye, Lenin!

Great premise. Becker weaves the story along rather thinly, impressive lead in Bruhl.

Repo Man
Repo Man(1984)

Funny, interesting, a bit depraved, really goofy. Harry Dean Stanton should team with Alex Cox again.

Psycho II
Psycho II(1983)

not a terrible sequel. Perkins is as strong as he was in 63. Unfortunately, everyone else treats it as another goofy horror flick. The third acts not as sharp as the rest.

The Grifters
The Grifters(1990)

A pretty compelling and unconventional story, Frears has stretched his cinematic muscles tightly. Very entertaining.

The Killer
The Killer(1989)

what can I say? The best thing to happen to action films since Peckinpah's The Wild Bunch. Woo & Chow Yun-Fat are as strong a team as De Niro & Scorsese, Ford & Wayne, Herzog & Kinski.

Putney Swope
Putney Swope(1969)

Brilliant and hysterical.

George Washington

A sort of honest tale, beautifully shot with a shoestring budget. I was really surprised by it.

Non ho sonno (Sleepless)

Pretty rockin Argento modern giallo. Midget killers and Max Von Sydow's lead make it worth the watch.

Black Sunday
Black Sunday(1960)

One Eerie picture! Barbara Steele creeped the hell out of me as a kid. One of the best horror openings ever, the production design rocks.

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

catchy tunes. Dick Van Dyke, Creepy child catcher and Goldfinger playing the childish villain. groovy.


not too shabby thriller. I expected a bit more from Friedkin, but it was a fun ride.

Return of the Dragon (The Way of the Dragon)

Bruce Lee against Chuck Norris in the Roman Colosseum? Great! The seventy minutes before that? Meh.

The Good Shepherd

Can this really be written by the guy who wrote "The Insider" and "Munich"? "The Good Shepherd" is as dull and inert as those movies are passionate and thrilling. I feel bad for Damon's character, his entire existence is dull, even the big reveal of his fathers suicide note. I wanted a Rosebud ending, and got a.. damn, i forgot what he wrote.

Bob le Flambeur

very truthful. Bob's a good gent. Refreshing take on a gangster.

Le samouraï
Le samouraï(1967)

classy, masterfully controlled in acting and pace.

Creature from the Black Lagoon

A fun creature adventure full of suspense, more in the vein of Jaws than Dracula or Frankenstein. But holds a rightful place in the Universal monster genre.

The Last Picture Show

I adore this film. Bogdanovich is a cinematic monster.

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

classic. Ennio Morriconni and Sergio Leone are amongst the greatest filmmaking collaborates ever.

Dawn of the Dead

Peter, Flyboy, Fran, Roger, millions of zombies... an epic in horror and suspense.

The Apostle
The Apostle(1998)

passionate as hell. Spectacular acting, Heart wrenching story.

Bad Timing
Bad Timing(1980)

classy Tom Waits music and groovy characters. One of Roeg's last good attempts (excluding Witches of course)


Tippi Hedren is so gay in this film James Bond couldn't even turn her on. Really interesting and surprisingly depressing picture.


checked out a R2 copy of this a while ago, not very good. Sometimes it trys to be to slashers what Shaun of the Dead was to Zombies. Problem is sometimes its kinda funny but most of the time its just another slasher (and a boring one at that).

I Vitelloni
I Vitelloni(1953)

Fans of films like Dazed & Confused, American Graffiti and The Big Chill should see where the ensamble of friends worked the best. Masterfully and honestly in the hands of Fellini.

The Magic Christian

Put a dream cast in a blender, pour it in battery acid and top it with a few drops of neon food coloring.
I'm allergic to horse shit but still, its kinda fun to see Sellers, Polanski and Ringo off their track.


Hal Ashby + Warren Beatty + Robert Towne? Great! Fun sex in the city picture thats full of lively characters.

The Conformist

cinematography kicks all kinds of ass. The surrealism mixed with a noir wash is breathtaking.

Ye yan (Legend of the Black Scorpion) (The Banquet)

I really wanted to get into this picture, the cinematography was pretty increadible. Unfortunately the pace was drasticly slow. THere are only so many Hamlet intrpertations I can swallow before the flavors start loosing steam.

The Killing
The Killing(1956)

one of the greatest heist, noir and crime capers i have ever seen. Kubrick and Hayden made their name with this one.

Paris, Texas
Paris, Texas(1984)

Harry Dean Stanton's carries this film with ease. a warm hearted wonder of a film.


great character study. Judd, Shannon and Connick are amazing and dedicated as hell. The need to show Judd nude in almost every film is a bit tedious.

Titicut Follies

eerie look at a mentally challenged institution. depicting the warden and guards treating patients like animals as well as patients singing and blabering on about conspiracy theories. Every actor playing a mentally challenged character should first give this a look.

Deep Red (Profondo rosso)

One of Argento's campiest and most fun gailo's. A really colorful thriller.

28 Weeks Later...

solid sequel. some cardboard characters and profoundly stupid character decisions, but pretty damn entertaining.

Spider-Man 3
Spider-Man 3(2007)

bland. shallow. predictable and annoying.


I really love this picture. Inspirational to all aspireling filmmakers. Dazed & Confused may be the most rewatchable Linklater movie, but Slacker is without a doubt the most daring.


Just about the most fun i've had in a theater this year. Death Proof is a cinematic orgasm.

Eaten Alive
Eaten Alive(1977)

Fun, fun, fun. The cinematography of an Argento picture with that Texas love of Hooper. I great horror gem.

Sweet Sweetback's Baadasssss Song

An important landmark in soul cinema/blaxsploitation/black filmmaking in general. Weather it transcends its time or not is up to each viewer. It still entertained me, here and there.


Great way to get into Cronenberg's style. Videodrome is a wild journey.


More of a carny soap than horror film. Opens with a statement about how these people often have hearts of gold, and how they are decent and we shouldn't thinkof them as monstars... oh really? Than why are you exploiting them by advertising it as a horror film? Silly studio. Good film, is it worth Todd Browning losing all respect in hollywood? I wouldn't sacrifice a career for it, but its a fun ride.

The Fountain
The Fountain(2006)

Absolutely enchanting. Left me with a such a rush of emotion, like after reading a wonderfully rythmic poem you can't quite understand entirely. many sensational discussions followed. Arronofski, Jackman and Weisz take a gamble of a lifetime and come through beautifully. I could not ask for a better motion picture experience. ever.

The Prestige
The Prestige(2006)

Christopher Nolan has made a gothic and complex tale that ranks as one of his best as well as one of the years finest achievements. I absolutely love the film. It left me in awe scratching my head and replaying the film over and over. I can't wait to have aother experience with this one. One of the years true treasures. atmospheric as hell.

The Paper
The Paper(1994)

I love The Paper. Its charming, smart, energetic and has such a wonderful ensamble. A guilty pleasure.

Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein

My favorite Abbott & Costello, can be pretty creepy and pretty damn funny all the same. Bela Lagosi's second and only other run as Dracula.

Flirting With Disaster

Hillarious, Russell's most energetic and focused romp. Very entertaining and fresh.

5 Fingers of Death (Tian xia di yi quan)

One of the best Kun-Fu films ever made. The story is sharp, some wonderful bad guys and amazing martial arts. A fun ride it is.

Dominion: Prequel to the Exorcist

Feels more like Schraders sequal to the Last Temptation of Christ than a prequal to the Exorcist. Still, its a much better film than renny Harlin's mess of a prequal. Dominion has a story to tell, its full of energy and heart- it just couldn't execute it.

Drugstore Cowboy

Van Sant's clever and suprisingly funny drug tale, even if the comedy is unintentional. Matt Dillon gives a charming and heartfilled preformance. Van Sant has a tight grip on storytelling.

Femme Fatale
Femme Fatale(2002)

De Palma's most stylised film in years. The opening diamond hiest during the Cannes film festival is wonderful. Unfortunately the rest of the film doesn't play out on quite the same vibrant energy. Still an increadibly solid De Palma noir.

Sidewalks of New York

I was pretty suprised by Ed Burns Sidewalks of New York, notably for the chemistry between these chaps.

The Contender

Great acting, Joan Allen is a wonderful lead but the real awe is in Bridge's and Oldman's essentric roles. At times the cliche patriotic music lowers the achievements made in the screenplay and preformances. Altogether a very good political thriller.

Five Easy Pieces

This is when you know a film has done its job- hold the chicken between your legs is in my daily vocabulary.

New York Stories

Worth seeing for Scorsese's 'Life Lesson's'- i mean if you want to see Nick Nolte completely out of his mind, this is the one. I love it. Allen's is very solid, the goofy premise works for a forty minute piece. Coppola's is hideous- even wirh Vittorio Storaro's cinematography.

The Five Obstructions

Increadibly inspirational. For anyone who needs a rush of creativity, look to Leth's journey and enjoy his amazing fushions of art.


My favorite Police Story- the action is raised to the extreme and Michelle Yoeh shines.

Showdown in Little Tokyo

dull but woth checking out for one line-

"That time i heard you coming."

Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang

Hesitated to get too exited on this based on great talk around the campfire, but it lived up to all of it. I like its comparison to Howard Hawkes work, its fast and its ment to be enjoyed scene for scene, no need to care for the plot. I have a huge crush with Michelle Monaghan!

Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore

Ellen Burnsted carries this one on her shoulders. One of the best preformances i've ever seen. A wonderful picture.

Pulp Fiction
Pulp Fiction(1994)

One of the bst films to have come out in the past twenty years. Sharp as hell.


Really heartfilled and funny coming of age roadtrip film. The acting and soundtrack are inspiring and cool.

Audition (Ôdishon)

Miike's contemporary horror classic. Layers of atmospheric texture and haunting visuals. The second half is a real swing out of left field

Taxi Driver
Taxi Driver(1976)

Brilliant. Scorses, Paul Schrader, Bernard Herman and DeNiro all in top form. Classic cinema.

A Decade Under the Influence

Good accountability of 70's cinema, even if they avoid some of the more marketable yet creatively fulfilling films just because they couldn't get interviews with their filmmakers.


Increadible ensamble leads a charming and tragic road trip tale. Payne's best achievement is grounded with a great jazz score and beautiful california valleys.

Match Point
Match Point(2005)

Rich characters and wonderfuly crafted diolouge. Woody Allen at his best.

The Third Man

A cunning Noir. Wells is at the top of his game, steeling the show with the small time he has. Breathtaking cinematography.


An absolute classic. Has stood the test of time and continues to be the influense in my fear of water.


i didn't know how to feel after my first viewing. I wanted to hate it, but I was captivated by its editing and pace, its honesty and cinematography. I'm now engrossed in its stroytelling.

Dellamorte Dellamore (Cemetery Man) (Demons '95) (Of Death, of Love)

An interesting and essentric macarbe. Its such a breath of fresh air and its packed with sp much cinematic energy- its hard not to appreciate it.

Little Miss Sunshine

I really enjoyed this story. A great road trip family film.


An unconventional yet simple love triangle that could have been much more. Soderbergh is one of my favorite living directors. He gives us an interesting concept, but I was left wanting something more tangible. The premise of the non actors and HD equipment insists upon itself too much to enjoy the film as a story.

8 1/2
8 1/2(1963)

Visually untoutchable. Fellini tells the story from his heart. A wonderous self-reflecting autobiography.

Jesus Christ Superstar

Fantastic visuals, great pace, breathtaking preformances (esspecially Carl Anderson) and unforgettable music. One of my favorite musicals.

The Departed
The Departed(2006)

Amazing! This is why I go to the movies. Fun and suspensful, dramatic and hillarious. One of the years very best.


An amazing epic.

Out of Sight
Out of Sight(1998)

Soderbergh does wonders with Elmor Leonard's novel.

Ed Wood
Ed Wood(1994)

Brilliantly played out, fun and memorable. I really love this one.

The Science of Sleep

Genuine, intoxicating and a pleasure to experience. Great acting with a story worth telling.


Shallow, predictable and most importantly not funny... at all. Its sad to see comedy just fall flat on its face, esspeically when they plug jokes in every twenty seconds.

True Romance
True Romance(1993)

its so cool. its so cool.

Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

My favorite film growing up and my favorite of the trilogy. The strong family element makes it wonderful to watch and watch and watch. Williams outdoes the previous scores, Ford's lead is astounding, Connery is an absolute joy to watch and Spielberg finaly has an Indy story come from the heart.

Monty Python and the Holy Grail

wickedly hillarious, Gilliams visuals mixed with the python humor is fried gold.


Absolutely beautiful, wonderfully acted, richly written comic-book movie. In my opinion the definitive comic book adaptation.

L.A. Confidential

In the spirit of the Big Sleep and Sunset Blvd., theis one rocks the detective noir scene. Not only taking note from some of the classics of the golden era, but is a welcomed addition to some of the greatest.

The Trouble with Harry

Hitchcock's most deliberate comedy, and its as dark as ever. Shirley McLaine is wonderfully introduced. The score in paticular is very cool.


A wonderful exercise in filmmaking. Every shot is a least 10 minures and in real time. Captivating thriller with dark humor... homosexuality?? nah ;)


Not enough emotion to carry the story. Seems very out of touch compared to Traffic.

Survive Style 5+

Really interesting and always entertaining. I couldn't help but adore every scene.

The Crow
The Crow(1994)

What a superb, beautiful film. It flows like poetry, and is carried so genuinely by Brandon and the Filmmakers that it could only come from the heart.

The Blair Witch Project

The definition of hit or miss filmmaking. Everything is at stake with what could have been a mockingly essentric home video. What came out for me was a film with honest preformances, a wonderous pace, and a genuine terror. Its a film that does it so well it can never be accomplished again.

The Descent
The Descent(2006)

The most astounding horror film of the year. Really engaging ensamble and cinematography that would make Dario Argento grin. The ending (at least the American one) seemed sadly out of place, but does not weaken the rest of the films brilliance.


I admire the hell out of this one. It feels lke a Bogart noir film, so much so that you can smell the smoke.

The Apartment

One of my all time favorites. Warms my heart up every time I have the fortune to see it.

Good Night, And Good Luck

Astounding pace, wonderful preformances. Enriching story, I really admire this film.

Last Days
Last Days(2005)

Great storytelling, wonderful pacing and a wonderful lead. Van Sant continues his death trilogy after Elephant with a more personal view of someones last days.


What a rich film. What a damn rich movie - the characters, the stories, the arcs, the writing, the acting - texturalized too quirky and dramatic perfection. Bah, I just love the film.

Bringing Out the Dead

i can't get enough of Scorsese's midnight NYC films. Bringing Out the Dead has the comedic touch of After Hours and the self loathing narritive of Taxi Driver. I love it.

Hard Eight
Hard Eight(1996)

Very impressive first effort for P.T. Anderson.

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest

fun. fun. fun. This is an adventure film! Best of its kind since the Indiana Jones series, Sparrow is a classic adventure hero (errr, rouge character) and Davey Jones is a classic new villian. Great ride.

Superman Returns

I never did fancy Superman outside of Donner's first film, but this one hit the right notes. From the main titles (old school and classy as hell!) I was totally into the film. It really worked, it didn't try to be some kind of quintessential epic to end all epics, just a chapter in the journey of Superman's quest. It could have been more, but whatever. I dug just about everything. Acting wise, I totally believed Routh was Supes and even more so with Kate Bosworth's Louis Lane. She was rockin. Spacey played a very good Luthor. Top notch production and CG Eye candy as well.

The Hills Have Eyes

Unsettling first half. Its not real fun to watch a family getting murdered in front of their kids, but once the vengance angle kicked in, it became a little more entertaining.

Inside Man
Inside Man(2006)

Great caper film with one of the best screenplays of the year. I had alot of fun watching it.

Raiders of the Lost Ark

The original action adventure rollarcoster. Aside from being cinema's favorite hero, Indiana Jones is just a wonderfully rich character in an increadible film. Classic.

Empire of the Sun

One of my favorite films. Absolutely spectacular filmmaking carries a touching and tragic story. Christian Bale is magic at a young age, John Williams score is tearjerking and epic. Highly recommend to let kids see this as early as possible.

Pat Garrett & Billy the Kid

Great Pekinpah film, some of the best western acting you'll ever see.

The Return of the Living Dead

RockNRoll zombie comedy, classy, great effects, cool soundtrack, extra points for taking place in my hometown.

Shaolin Soccer

Great, great film. Chow deliveres an almost mocking view of inpiring sports films added to that great comedy and cool effects equals fun times.

The Street Fighter

Hardcore, cool fights and badass Chiba.

The Sugarland Express

Fun first theatrical effort for Spielberg. A very cool role for Goldie Hawn.

L'uccello dalle piume di cristallo (The Bird With the Crystal Plumage)

Early murder mystery Argento. A very well made and colorful film.

West Side Story

Classic. Cool as hell supporting characters, wonderful acting even better music and even better chorography. Increadicble.

Who Framed Roger Rabbit

One of my favorite films growing up. Absolutely perfect, a work of creativity and care. The murder of the little shoe gave me nightmares forever though (no joke, dont laugh).


The only politcal film I love. Increadible filmmaking.

Leaving Las Vegas

Cage and Shue are increadible. wonderfully moving.

The Last Temptation of Christ

A mezmorizing fictional account of the human temptation the plauged Christ during the crucifixtion. A work of intelligence and devotion.

The Bride of Frankenstein

The one unanimously agreed sequal that is better than the first. Multiple new layers add up to a great universal classic monstar film.

The Shining
The Shining(1980)

One of my favorite horror films. Kubrick at his top directing form leads Jack Nicholson a psychological maze that captivates and horrifies. Nicholson is increadiblly sinister.

21 Grams
21 Grams(2003)

Wonderful acting leads a traumatic and mezmorizing story. A wonderfully made film.

Evil Dead 2: Dead by Dawn

Wicked cool and wildly innovetive. Can't go wrong with this gem, has the perfectmixture between comedy and all out horror. Why would I give Evil Dead a perfect score? If you ask you've probobly never seen it ;)

Lat sau san taam (Hard-Boiled)

Gives me an action-gasm every damn time. An amazing feat in what can be shot (awsome pun) on films. There hasn't been a more action packed film since.

The Magnificent Seven

Great western remake of Seven Samurai. Amazing roundup shows off their talents. Can't get much cooler than Yul Brynner, Steve McQueen, Charles Bronson and Eli Walsch all in the same picture.

Seven Samurai (Shichinin no Samurai)

The action adventure masterpiece. Truely one of the greatest films ever made.


Truely original horror classic. Great way to get into Argento's renound style.

The Guns of Navarone

Fun filled adventure war film in the spirit of Raiders of the Lost Ark. Crazy awsome cast.

The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King

Breathtaking epic battle scenes. Still staggers about with an uneven pace and overly melodramatic acting.

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom

Not the best of the series but the most action packed, and still 100 times better than other adventure films.

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

The most successful Harry Potter film to date. Fun times.


Freaked the hell out of me as a kid. I mean seriously. I get nastalgicly scared every time I watch it now but I still think its a great gothic tragedy.

Cape Fear
Cape Fear(1991)

Decent remake turned excellent with DeNiro's insane preformance.

Bottle Rocket

A great film. Well written, well acted. Cool story.

Blue Velvet
Blue Velvet(1986)

Rual Americana turn goth S&M. Intersting film to say the least, Dennis Hopper is scary as hell.

Blow Out
Blow Out(1981)

One of DePalma's best. A good turn on flms like The Conversation and Blow Up. Travolta is great.

Saving Private Ryan

The greatest war film ever made. Has a humanity most films could never reach as well as showcasing the brutal dipiction of how deep into hell soldiers can get in combat.

American Splendor

innovative and clever. Giamatti gives a histerical and tragic preformance.

Cop Land
Cop Land(1997)

I really dug it, ensomble that amazes. Sly's best acting since Rocky.

Hour of the Gun

Love it for Jason Robard's preformance of the famous Doc Holiday.

Mystic River
Mystic River(2003)

Increadible storytelling. Eastwood shines and the acting is sensational.

The African Queen

I watched this film alot as a kid, a great Huston film with Bogart and Hepburn sharing good chemistiry.

The Wild Bunch

Dirty, raw, torturous, destructive and personal. Sam Peckinpah's renegade film is a specticle of redemption and betrale. It's hard to say that any action film since has not been directly inspired by Peckinpah's style.

Killing Zoe
Killing Zoe(1994)

Fast, high and wild film. See it for Jean-Hugues Anglade cracked out preformance. Gets better with every viewing.

Lawrence of Arabia

Spellbinding. Truely one of the greatest films ever made. O'Toole captures what argued the greatest preformance of all time.

As Good as It Gets

Amazing and enriching. As Good As it Gets is Brooks finest achievment. Nicholson, Hunt and Kinnear are acting at their best.

Wonder Boys
Wonder Boys(2000)

One of the best films of 2001. Great screenplay and acting.

Near Dark
Near Dark(1987)

This vamp film really rocks. Very clostrophobic and dark, well acted and well paced. Fun times.


The funniest western Wayne has ever done. Loved the mudslide scene and Maureen O'Hara, who plays a great biatch.


Everything in this film is amazing. P.T. Anderson drains emotion from some of the best actors today. Rich music, high emotions wonderfully staged. One of my favorite films.

Punch-Drunk Love

Charming and elegant. A wonderful love story and Sandler's finest moment.

Gangs of New York

Every time I watch this film I love it twice as much as the last. Stylized directing, production value and costumes that boggle the mind and D-Day Lewis gives one of the greatest preformances i've ever seen. A materwork from Scorsese.

What's Eating Gilbert Grape

One of my favorties. A enriching story of family, love and responsibility. The whole family cast is wonderful as is the bit parts from John C. Riley, Mary Steenburgen, Crispin Glover and Mark Jordan.

Pet Sematary
Pet Sematary(1989)

Creeped the hell out of me as a kid. Holds up mainly for its nastagia but there still is a hell of alot going for it.


Enriching. Hanks gives a heart crenching preformance. Demme brings the human element to the forground in such a genuine way.

Requiem for a Dream

Haunting and truely scary. Ellen Burstyn is mezmorizing. One of the greatest preformances i've ever seen. Leto, Waynes and Connelly are also triumphs. Aronofsky is a directing monstar.

The Royal Tenenbaums

Heart warming, charming and sharply written. One of the best ensambles and one of the best films of 2001.

The Rules of Attraction

Kinetic filmmaking leads a depressing story. I didn't care for anyone in the film but it has moments of great directing. A better soundtrack than film.

The Silence of the Lambs

One of my favorite films and one of the greatest thrillers ever made. Hopkins is creepy, Ted Lavine is scary and Foster is a sensatinal lead.

Twelve O'Clock High

A very memorable WWII film. Peck is hard knockin. Known for being one of the first dramas about the war so soon after it ended.

Deep Rising
Deep Rising(1998)

I think this may have been the most predictable film I have ever seen. It doesn't help that the poster gives away ending. The acting is horrible, possibly due to the patheticly cliche script. Too expensive to be campy B fun, too unoriginal to be worth the dime spent to make it.

Nacho Libre
Nacho Libre(2006)

Jared Hess has a real eye for character mannerisms. in his films, the punchline isn't what makes us laugh, its the way characters serve a punchine (if there is any to begin with). Its the tone in which they act in situations and it becomes funny. His style is very present, and it works.

Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind

Simply a wonderful, pasisonate film. Gondry has come a long way from directing cool music videos, he has finally hit a honest emotion with Kaufman's script. Their best work and the two leads have some of the best chemistry ever put to screen. My favorite film of 2004.

Million Dollar Baby

Simply great storytelling. Eastwood shines as ann actors director. Freeman steals the scenes. Increadibly emotional film.


Intensely creepy and mysterious. See it for Glazer's impecable directing in low lights and subtle camera movements. One of Kidman's best preformances.

The Hustler
The Hustler(1961)

Cool as hell pool hustling film. Rossen keeps it character driven and because so the acting shines through. One of the best scripts ever.


Visually breathtaking. Plot may be one over my head, but it doesn't stop from entertaining and enchanting.

Brokeback Mountain

Beautifully directed film, feels like Ang Lee's earlier work. Acting is wonderful, esspecially Heath Leadger who is just about the saddest character i've seen all year.

A History of Violence

Terrific Cronenberg film. Possibly his best film and probobly my favorite of his work. The characrters are colorful but the message is all but.

Batman Begins

The finest adaptation of a comic book to date. It does what comic book films should do and leaps beyond. Stunning acting and art direction, spectacular effects that relly on models rather than CGI and most importantly it has a wonderful script that rivals some of the best thrillers.


Increadible preformance from Philip Seymore Hoffman, who carries the film. He communicates more with manerisms than any other actor of his caliber. Its beautifully paced and beautifully shot.

Ace Ventura: Pet Detective

A recent view since childhood had my stomach churn. Annoying as hell, admiteldy I didn't finish it, hope everythings well with the dolphin.

The Crazies
The Crazies(1973)

Dawn ofthe Dead 'lite'. If you dig survival concepts, you'll likely dig Romero's the crazies, a mixture between 28 Days Later and his typical Dead films.

King Kong
King Kong(2005)

I'm one of a few who wasn't very impressed. Suspense is made by layering creatures (bugs, dino's, natives) all over the screen until they are literally packed on top of each other. Take a note on how a glass of water (jurassic Park) can scare the shite out the audience more than a 100,000 dollar CG scene. Jackson attempts to use the same voice-over silent action gimmick he pulled in LotR but seems pointless here. I wonder if he'll ever gorw as a filmmaker, outside of how many pixles are on a CGI creature.


Great intensity, Cruise and Foxx pass the Mann test. Feels like the same world as Heat.

Downfall (Der Untergang)

Bruno Ganz scares the shite out of me in this film. Scary and depressing as hell. An outstanding preformance from Ganz and a good historical account of the final twelve hours of Hitler.

Tae Guk Gi: The Brotherhood of War

Breathtaking set pieces with roaring battle sequences, intense and well paced. On top of all that it has a very sincere quality. Greatest war picture since Saving Private Ryan.

Finding Neverland

One of the most inspiration films I've ever seen. The music is sensational as is the genuine writing.

Lord of War
Lord of War(2005)

Wonderful cinematography leads the tale about "the real weapons of mass destruction." Nicholas Cage does his usual, the real reason to check it out is for the sharp script and Jared Leto's great preformance.


Great caper with an energetic script and colorful characters. Hepburn and Grant have great chemistry.

Almost Famous

Rich in character and heart without being sentimental. Increadibly fun to watch and cool collaborating soundtrack. Corwe's greatest achievment.

Night of the Living Dead

Increadibly dark a politically and socially driven horror film. Not only the beginning of a new genre of films with zombies, but a new era in what can scare the crap out of the audience in theaters.


Erotic and extreamly well written love drama. It works so well and it's great to see 'safe' hollywood actors play their roles to be so hated.

Being There
Being There(1979)

Inspiring and genuine. Peter Sellers greatest preformance as well as Hal Ashby's greatest film. One of my favorite films.

Anger Management

Agrivating as hell to watch, everytime a 'cameo' came aboard I cringed at the sight of wasted talent. The worst Sandler film i've seen.


I've been hesitent about the hot air around Eli Roths career. Cabin Fever was a so-so two star horror film with a couple of gags. Hostel works though. I really dug the parellels of the americans treating woman as objects and the crazy rich folk treating people like objects. Inside its harsh appearence lies a valid message.

Wedding Crashers

To be honest I usually don't dig the bratpack films but Wedding Crashers was just alot of fun. It worked because unlike most of these teenage driven comedies it really cared about the characters. Plus Walken is such a hoot.

Black Christmas

Great atmosphere, the Citizen Kane of the slasher genre. Very clostrophobic. I still have a crush on Olivia Hussey.


Cult noir caper that excells in thrills, mystery and eroticism. stunning cinematography.

The New World

Malicks Poetic filmmaking comes from his genuine pace and graceful editing. There is some georgous cinematography going on in the film. It feels so much more personal than most love stories.

Kill Bill: Volume 2

Quentin Tarantino's excellent revenge film concludes and shocks the hell out of me by adding an unexpected personal and emotional layer to an already fantastic tale.

Dr. Strangelove Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb

Barry Lyndon and 2001 might be dry on the comedic end, but Kubrick hits all the right notes with Peter Sellers (phenominal) and a hillarious preformance from Georlge C. Scott.

The Great Dictator

One of Chaplins best. Chaplin plays a Jewish barbor as well as a Hitler-like leader. Some great gags and one of the most influential monologues ever written for the screen, given by the silent film icon, he tells it out of character and from Chaplins heart.

The Bridge on the River Kwai

Wonderful WWII prison film. Holden and Guinnes are great and the scope is sensational.

Alice, Sweet Alice (Communion)

insteresting slasher with a memorable next door neighbor character, a chilling score and some visualsy pleasing scenarios.

The Big Sleep

Exceptionally written, take each of Hawkes scenes with Bogart and Becall and ride with it. Leave the plot at the door and enjoy in one of the best noirs around.


My favorite film of 05. Spielberg is more daring than he has ever been in this gripping film that resinates with modern issues as well as honors those involved in the terrorist attacks. Unlike other tragic historical stories Spielberg has told, Munich doesn't display the optimism in the characters actions. A great turn for Spielberg to question current political actions.

The Passion of the Christ

Watch this epic the way Gibson intended, turn the subtitles off and let the visuals talk, its one of the most gracefully filmed pictures I've ever seen.

Shaun of the Dead

Not only one of the funniest films in recent momory, but one of the greatest zombie films as well. Zombie aficionados will love the nods to some of the genres best. Simon Pegg and nick Frost are a great duo.


Brillianty paced phyciological mystery. Haneke's works as a modern Hitchcock.

Session 9
Session 9(2001)

Outstanding psychological horror film. The most horrific production design you'll ever see, it helps t have a real deserted hospital. Genuine acting helps the off kiltered structure. Scary and memorible scenes for those who are afraid of the dark.

The Squid and the Whale

Great writing makes up for its somewhat souless structure. A good role for Jeff Daniels.

The Adventures of Baron Munchausen

More fun than I remembered as a kid. Gilliam really lets the actors go wild, Neville and Williams are all over the place. A top notch fantasy ride.

The Cincinnati Kid

Jewison displays a rich and entertaining poker world where the fortune grows as big as some players ego. McQueen is as cool as ever and the supporting cast is just as rich. Great use of New Orleans' backdrop.

After Hours
After Hours(1985)

Cool midnight film where Dunne travels the undergounds of New York on the worst day in his life. Scorsese has fun with the offbeat material in his familiar NYC setting.

The Ninth Configuration (Twinkle, Twinkle, Killer Kane)

Great film. Wonderfully comedic and insightful script with a bundle of some of the best supporting actors in the day.

Running Scared

Suprisingly great, an edge to pulp crime cinema that hasn't gone this far since Death Wish. It's hard to keep your jaw up when shit hits the fan, have it be a cop break, pediphiles (the most shocking scene) or hockey rinks... the extreams add up and pays off. Paul Walkers insane, what a cracked out preformance.

Scary Movie
Scary Movie(2000)

Never understood why a dark parody of horror films (scream) needed its own parody. As trite as a parody of Dr. Strangelove...

Phantasm: Remastered

Imaginative and original horror and cult flick of the late 70's. Coscarelli displays trippy scenes with flying balls, looney midgets and a freakishly mute tall man named... tall man. Groovy times.

The Warriors
The Warriors(1979)

"The Warriors did it! The Warriors shot Syrus!"



beautifully crafted film. Sulfaro masters the growth of his character and Monica Bellucci glows but the real greatness is in Tornatore's depiction of a declining Italian villa during the second world war.


One of the creepiest and most original horror films to come out in some time, thanks to to vivid directing and excellent acting from Angela Bettis. Ending tweaks the hell out of me.

Death Line (Raw Meat)

Interesting London caper, how often you you sympathise for the cannibal? Worth watching for Donald Pleasense really triping out in his role, neat bit part for Christopher Lee.

Hong Wending san po bai lian jiao (Fists of the White Lotus) (Clan of the White Lotus)

Very fun and intelligent Shaw Bros. martial arts film. Gordon Lui rocks as usual.

The 400 Blows (Les Quatre cents coups)

Truffaut's first may well be his best, and definately his most personal.

In Harm's Way

Preminger's WWII drama lays some great characters and tense moments but holds dated effects, even in 65.

12 Angry Men (Twelve Angry Men)

The greatest courtroom drama and Sidney Lument's greatest achievement. 12 Angry Men also sports wonderful preformances.

About a Boy
About a Boy(2002)

suprising good movie concidering the 'talent' involved. It's occasional coated dark humor doesn't hide its richly layerd sentimentality.

An American Werewolf in London

Really fun and creepy horror film. Definately my favoirte werewolf film, the most mind blowing transformation ever concieved on film thanks to Rick Backers award winning effects.

Ocean's Eleven

fun. well shot. well acted. good music.

Love Actually

the 'epic' love drama.comedy works, some characters are wonderfully depicted, some not as much.

The Ring
The Ring(2002)

the one j-horror remake that worked.