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Flirting Scholar (Tang Bohu dian Qiuxiang)
4 months ago via Flixster

Better than the earlier Stephen Chow movie I saw ("When Fortune Smiles"), but the humor is still a bit dated to my liking (slapstick, et al). And never realized that there's also a lot of inuendo in HK films like these (I thought that's just Hollywood XD).

This movie is pretty much a parody of older Chinese movies and stage plays; the hand gestures, the singing. Humor here is also very cultural, even some of the jokes got lost in translation. But if your funny bone is not that hard to tickle, then this movie can definitely give you good laughs, even if it comes with a WTF expression on your face.

Ei, I can't forget to mention Gong Li is in this too. :p

Love.Com: The Movie
5 years ago via Flixster

this one can be categorized as "charming" because it was quite an enjoyable film despite the bad acting (which was exaggerated), the extremely shallow plot, and the random supporting character antics.

But I enjoyed it anyhow! I doubt the makers of this film wanted anyone to overthink this film.
Because with movies like this, you just don't okay?

So if you want to unwind, and watch a mindless movie
watch this. You don't need your brain at all.