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Green Lantern
Green Lantern (2011)
6 years ago via Movies on Facebook

Now that I've taken some time to get past the chick fliky bits I've gotten on the Hell Yeah That Was Awesome train. My friend Tim and I decided that this Hal is sort of an amalgam of all the dudes who've worn the ring in the books. This is also the first 3-D I've thought was totally worth the money they gouge to get the glasses. It was just optigasmic. But the fight sequence at the end was worth sitting through the chick flicky bits cause I was sitting there thinking DAYUM!!!!! This is an actual Green Lantern fight!!! My 7 year old self was bouncing up and down in my head squeeing.

So, Comic Geeks of the word, Go. Now!

Tron Legacy
Tron Legacy (2010)
6 years ago via Movies on Facebook

It was PAINFULLY slow in spots. That's my biggest complaint. Really, just how do you make a TRON movie that frickin slow...dragging...gods when is this thing gonna move slow. But it was a good shout out to the classic. CGI!Bruce Boxleitner kicking ass was AWESOME! TRON retaining his base programming and coming through at the end, sweet. In the hands of someone else this would probably have been a really great movie.

Hush...Hush, Sweet Charlotte
6 years ago via Flixster

After getting past Olivia DeHavilland being evil (which took a LOT of work, mind you) I relished this movie. Psycho-mystery-drama...who killed the boy, is Charlotte really going barmy, who's involved in the gaslighting... AH! It's all such creepy, wacked out goodness.

And once again, Agnes Moorehead is severely overlooked. Does the fact that Orson Wells never did anything wtihout her on the Mercury Theater mean NOTHING to anyone?!?!?!