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Zentropa (Europa)

Probably the best film ever made.


I don't want to talk about this movie. I just want to give it infinite stars and cry.

The Road
The Road(2009)

This movie was extremely slow, until the end when I was surprisingly pleased with the twist. I was wondering the whole time, "how can this get interesting?" "How can this possibly twist in an original way?" But it did, and it was touching and original.

À nos amours (To Our Loves) (Suzanne)

This movie wasn't bad. It was quite slow, and I feel like it said some things that have already been said many times in film, however it did do it in a very interesting way. I loved the nearly utter lack of a soundtrack, and I thought the actors all did a splendid job. The plot was interesting enough to keep me awake throughout the full film.

Sin Nombre
Sin Nombre(2009)

This is a really good drama. It has a lot to say socially, culturally, and politically, and I think it gets the message across quite well. It's not really a message that hasn't been stressed before by previous movies though.

The Piano Teacher (La Pianiste)

I don't think it gets any better than this. This movie explores topics that a lot of people are scared to confront, and it's so interpretive at the same time. It has amazing sounds throughout, most of it diagetic, and all of it classical style. The acting by every lead role is fantastic. This movie will surprise you.

Lost In Translation

Sofia Coppola is a fantastic writer and director! Here's your proof. Bill Murray and Scarlett Johansson are extremely convincing. This film is completely filled with statements about life, culture, love, and more. You can't go five minutes without being forced to consider something, and that is how a film should be.

Synecdoche, New York

This is a very original movie by one of my favorite writers, Charlie Kaufman. It's quite amusing and quirky with all the malfunctioning aspects of people we see in every day lives, including the one in the mirror. This movie is one you won't be able to go through without doing some thinking. It's also a bit on the mindblowing side


This movie was pretty funny, but unexpectedly it was also a pretty cool "superhero" movie. It had everything I enjoy about live action comics, and also plenty of the humor that is found in the comic.

Repo Men
Repo Men(2010)

This was a movie that contained everything that could be expected of a Tim Burton rendition of Alice in Wonderland, with the production budget of a Disney film. It looked great, it was creepy and stylistic, and Depp was a strange character as usual. I really enjoyed it.

Alice in Wonderland

This movie was alright. I had really high expectations for this movie, due to the fact that Woody Allen directed it and it starred Javier Bardem. Javier did great acting-wise, as did Penelope Cruz and Scarlett Johansson. I just wasn't that fond of the overall style of this movie. The soundtrack didn't do it for me, and also I didn't think the narration was necessary.

The Untouchables

This movie I absolutely loved. I have a weakness for mobster films like The Godfather, and also a weakness for a badass DeNiro character. This movie was basically that.

Once Upon a Time in America

This movie feels like a classic when I watch it. It has really great gangster tones to it, and the perfect mise en scene for the time period of the setting

Girl, Interrupted

This is one of my absolute favorite movies. There is something about the cinematography, mixed with the soundtrack, mixed with great acting by Angelina Jolie and Winona Ryder

The Machinist

This movie had a good twist, although it was one I kind of predicted from early on. The cinematography was good, and the soundtrack gave it a believable mood. Overall it really kept my interest, and it was a great acting job by Bale.

Cidade de Deus (City of God)

This is a fantastic foreign movie. It is very artistic, culturally relevant, and entertaining. I enjoyed it quite a bit.

Empire Records

I actually liked this movie a lot. It had all the quirky comedy and high school drama that would be expected from a movie of this sort, and it really kept my interest with the unique premise.

The Skeleton Key

It wasn't bad. Although it wasn't my favorite Depp character, it was a little bit creepy.

Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back

This movie is... Not as good as some of his other movies. Quite a bit more randomly foul and unnecessarily inappropriate, for the pure sake of being foul and inappropriate. I felt like it could use more of a message. However, it's hilarious.

Clerks II
Clerks II(2006)

I didn't like this movie as much as I liked Clerks, probably because it felt too well produced. As if Clerks was put through some time of money machine and came out looking shiny and mature. However, I did laugh and enjoy it.

After Sex
After Sex(2007)

I enjoyed this movie. It felt less like a movie than a series of episodes, but the episodes were touching, cheeky, and cute. I think "cute" would have to be the best word, unfortunately, to describe this movie. It captures almost every aspect of romance in our culture, in almost every style.


I like this movie quite a bit. Although it is very obviously made with little budget, it is a cool and innovative film. It's funny and has the perfect style that captures the lifestyle and personality of a rather geeky 90s young adult. It's classic for sure.

Chasing Amy
Chasing Amy(1997)

In my opinion this is Kevin Smith's finest work. It's original, it has all the lovable and unique qualities of Clerks and Mallrats, but it has just enough beauty and romanticism to create a different vibe entirely.

There Will Be Blood

I really liked this movie. Daniel Day Lewis is fantastic in this film, and Paul Thomas Anderson puts together a solid film once again. The movie seems pretty cliche at first, but once the end comes around you'll see that it is very unique.

Boogie Nights

This movie is perfect. How could a movie about a pornstar with an oversized cock and a cocaine addiction be good? Paul Thomas Anderson puts the perfect touch of creativity and artsy direction, as well as a wonderful soundtrack, to create a completely unique movie that is unparalleled in style and quality.


For the style of movie this is, I think it's amazing. It's beautiful, slow, dramatic, and innovative. The piece where all the actors are singing along with the soundtrack is amazing. This movie is beautiful, and one of Paul Thomas Anderson's signature's I think.

The Graduate
The Graduate(1967)

This is definitely a classic movie. It's funny, interesting, and it has the perfect bite. It's quite the good film. The shots are creative and captivating, and Dustin Hoffman is amazing in it. The soundtrack is brutally good. This movie deserves to be loved.

Annie Hall
Annie Hall(1977)

This is a classic. It's got the witty humor of Woody Allen, kind of dark at times, and a little bit of romance mixed in. I felt like I was watching a rather artistic criticism of romanticism and relationships, but that was my take. I think it's a good quality film for thinkers.

Chungking Express

I love this movie. The two seemingly separate halves of this movie come together quite nicely in theme and style, and I think that Kar Wai Wong had a lot to say. It's a beautiful film.


This movie is brutal. It's visually stunning, and so artistically directed that it'll woo you into its world from the beginning. There are some quite disturbing images, and overall this movie has a great plot. I loved it.

Meet Joe Black

This is one of my least favorite Pitt movies. I expected more than just the corny typical romance out of this film, but what can you do? It's not so bad.


This movie is a great drama. Kevin Spacey is an awesome, awesome character as usual. It'll make you want to count cards and make thousands.

Basic Instinct

This is a sexy thriller with all sorts of twists. If you ask me, maybe too many twists, but it's a good watch.

City of Angels

This is one of the better Nicolas Cage dramas. It's a good idea, and Meg Ryan is a great actress in this one. It's very sad, and very touching. Exactly what the ladies want on a cold Saturday night.

Good Will Hunting

This movie is a brilliant drama. If one scene doesn't make you cry, the next one will.

Super Troopers

This movie is a classic, it's filled with hilarious moments. Broken Lizard constantly brings a laugh.

Zack and Miri Make a Porno

This movie was funny the first time watching, but it's mostly shock value humor. After a few times you'll be searching for the actual jokes, but won't find too many.

Man on the Moon

Jim Carrey portrays Andy Kaufman brilliantly. This movie is fantastic. Absolutely fantastic.

Yes Man
Yes Man(2008)

I love Jim Carrey in this movie. It's a fantastic story, and it has plenty of laughs, with plenty of Indie drama.

Year One
Year One(2009)

The plot of this movie was cool, while surprisingly, the jokes were not too funny at all.

Beavis and Butt-head Do America

Mike Judge is a hilarious writer, and he has created plenty of hilarious characters, most of which are right here in this film.

The Crow
The Crow(1994)

This is definitely a good gothic flick. It's dark, brutal, and it has that flicker of love that you only see when the candle flame is hit briefly by a midnight wind.

Interview with the Vampire

This movie is really great. Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise play some great contrasting characters, and Kirsten Dunst is just horrifying for a little girl. Probably something nobody would expect from her now.

Pineapple Express

James Franco is surprisingly hilarious in this film. It'll be better for actual stoners or people who have enjoyed the effects of marijuana at some period of life. Otherwise, it might be a bit over-the-head.

Major Payne
Major Payne(1994)

This is my dad's favorite comedy.

The Neverending Story

Holy hell this movie rules

Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story

This is a guilty pleasure movie. It's a good satire of all the musician-biographical movies that have been coming out. John C. Reilly is hilarious as usual.


This is one of my favorite Kevin Smith movies featuring the hilarious Jay and Silent Bob. Jason Lee is great in this one.

Little Nicky
Little Nicky(2000)

This movie is over-the-top. Adam Sandler has his funny parts, and Patricia Arquette is lovable and great as per usual. However, this movie might be a bit too long and it seems overdone at some points.


Jay and Silent Bob are hilarious, but this might be my least favorite of the whole Kevin Smith series of Jay and Silent Bob films. It's funny, but it might be even a bit too over-the-top for my taste.

Kingdom of Heaven

I thought this movie was a good ride. It came out in a time when King Arthur, Troy, and Gladiator were the big hits, and it sort of challenged that genre a bit. Movie wise, it is more thoughtful and better directed than any of those, however not for somebody who just wants to see some ass kicking action.


This movie was a decent adaptation of the book. It had the great twist at the end, and Sigourney Weaver did a great job as usual.


Christopher Nolan is a great director, and Guy Pearce is perfect for the role here. The film is directed uniquely backwards, which makes it quite interesting. I think this film is a must-see for any Nolan lover.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Movie

Guilty pleasure movie. I'm tempted to throw out the 5 star, but I guess I'll be serious and give it the 3.5 it deserves. Any TMNT fans out there know what I'm saying though when I give it the "secret five star rating"

King Arthur
King Arthur(2004)

This movie is a good ride. It has all the King Arthur action we could need, and Clive Owen does a great job portraying. The story line is interesting and there is plenty and plenty of fighting to make it worth while.


This is a combo featuring two decent directors at work. Quentin Tarantino probably creates a work along the lines of something I enjoy, but for those of us who like to see bloody disgusting zombies with gore and action, Rodriguez has you covered.

The Land Before Time

Holy hell this movie is classic. What a great cartoon.

Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist

I thought this movie was pretty cool. Michael Cera was quite funny in it, although it wasn't specifically a comedy. It's more like a teenage dramedy for those indie kids out there who enjoy the venue scene. It was a fun watch.

I Love You, Man

Jason Segel and Paul Rudd are hilarious as usual in this movie. It has some good scenarios and classic jokes. I enjoy this time of humor thoroughly.

What About Bob?

Bill Murray is hilarious in this movie. Richard Dreyfuss plays the perfect annoying psychiatrist who goes nuts. The ending of this movie is pretty far from typical as well.


Terry Gilliam is a great director, but this film is a bit different. It's more along the lines of the Monty Python stuff, slapstick humor and wild corny jokes. If you are into that sort of thing, this one is for you. It's also a bit mind blowing.

The Punisher
The Punisher(2004)

This is a great Marvel comic made into a film. This is one of the better ones actually. Gritty, action packed, vengeful. John Travolta plays a good villain like always.

Harold & Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay

This is probably as funny as the first, but a lot more off the hook adventures

Die Hard
Die Hard(1988)

It's all one could expect from a Bruce Willis shoot'um'up action movie.

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

All these Harry Potter movies are fun to watch.

Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan

This movie is pretty absurd. It definitely has funny parts, but most of it is shock value humor and some pretty elementary jokes. I'm on the fence about it.

Monty Python and the Holy Grail

This kind of humor isn't for everybody, but there are definitely a lot of funny jokes here and it is considered a classic.

Punch-Drunk Love

There were times in this movie when I was extremely interested and awe-struck by the originality of the directing and Sandler's acting, but other times I felt it was just so-so. This movie was refreshing as a comedy because it's quite original. However, at some points in this film, I literally couldn't stand the soundtrack. For a start, the soundtrack took up too much of the movie for my taste, and a few of the musical background pieces were so obnoxious and lengthy that they ruined some otherwise solid scenes. On another hand, I thought this was one of Sandler's best roles.

Dancer in the Dark

This is a pretty interesting movie. Bjork does a fantastic acting job, and the plot is extremely sad. While I enjoyed the general idea of an upbeat musical about a very depressing situation, the musical numbers themselves were definitely not as good as I hoped they would be. I do enjoy many musicals, so it's not that I didn't enjoy the musical part, just not the specific style or playout of the actual music itself in the numbers. Other than that, this movie was great.


I'm convinced that this film is a piece of art rather than a movie. If you want something that you don't have to think about to enjoy, or something you can just lazily ease through, I suggest you avoid this film (perhaps you can watch a Will Smith movie instead). This movie has a lot to say, it is innovational, interesting, and has a mind-blowing cast. The story line is also quite simple, yet so complex in the fact that everything happening is relevant, and probably always has been and will be relevant, to human beings as a race. There is even a surprising twist in the end.

Funny People
Funny People(2009)

This wasn't too bad. It had some clever jokes and funny moments, and surprisingly Eric Bana was hilarious (which was a bit out of left field). Sandler's character wasn't funny, at least to me, and Rogen definitely wasn't very funny, but I'm not sure if he was meant to be. There were some pretty sad parts, but overall I thought it would be more sad.


Robert De Niro is outstanding in this movie. What a rare role to have, which makes it a rare thing to see. Everything else is as typical as anything that can be seen in a Robin Williams drama.

In the Bedroom

I thought this movie was quite good. It ended the way it needed to end.

Walk the Line

I enjoyed Joaquin Phoenix's portrayal of Cash

My Sister's Keeper

I liked what this movie had to say about Diaz's character, but once in a while I felt like it was just one of those movies out to get tears with little to no point or plot.

The Day the Earth Stood Still

This was one of the better remakes I've seen, and usually I give thumbs down on remakes. I enjoyed Keanu as the alien here.

Max Payne
Max Payne(2008)

This movie had some cool scenes, and I liked Mark Wahlberg's character quite a bit.

Get Rich or Die Tryin'

50 Cent doesn't need to be in movies, if you ask me.

Forgetting Sarah Marshall

Jason Segel's funniest film as of yet

Boyz n the Hood

This movie is really sad

The Terminal
The Terminal(2004)

I really enjoyed this movie

Bad Santa
Bad Santa(2003)

Billy Bob... cracks me up


This movie got me kind of worked up, so I suppose it did its job

Knocked Up
Knocked Up(2007)

This is one of my favorite Seth Rogen films

Space Jam
Space Jam(1996)

What a fun film.

Napoleon Dynamite

I suppose this was a really funny film, but everything that it lacked in a good plot it made up with a pretty original humor


This isn't too shabby.


This has always been my favorite Brad Pitt role. It's action packed and fun to watch. The plot moves at a perfect rate of speed.

Rush Hour
Rush Hour(1998)

Chris Tucker is hilarious

Edward Scissorhands

This is a damn classic. Johnny Depp is awesome for this reason.


This movie came out like a storm, so I can't say it shouldn't be considered a great movie that will probably be around forever.


I actually enjoyed this movie quite a bit. I was a bit leery of Adam Sandler's role in a more dramatic film, but I was able to take his role pretty seriously. The plot is enjoyable, and the characters are all unique. I really enjoy Paz Vega as an actress, so this movie was enjoyable for me the whole way through. It also had its comedic parts.

Little Miss Sunshine

Now this is a really good comedy/drama. Steve Carell plays one of my favorite rolls of his, and the story is a really cool one. Abigail Breslin is a good actress for her age, and Greg Kinnear is awesome as usual.

The Devil's Backbone (El Espinazo del diablo)

I love Guillermo del Toro, and this is yet another one of his wonderful movies. This one is probably his creepiest and most visually disturbing, but all the characters are awesome and there are some great young actors here. Eduardo Noriega is really good in this one.

Get Smart
Get Smart(2008)

This movie isn't really my type of comedy. It has some decent humor, but tries to throw in too many spy scenes for it to stick. It was a decent one though.


My mom really like this one.


SOlid movie, one of Ben Afflecks better roles

Mortal Kombat

I would give it three stars if it came out today, but it's actually a pretty revolutionary movie for the time it came out. Movies based on fighting video games and crazy super characters. It's pretty action packed though and has all the fighting you could want.

Wayne's World

This movie is hilarious. Dana Carvey and Mike Myers play some pretty classic characters

The Illusionist

I love Edward Norton in this movie. This is definitely a mind-blower.

The Cell
The Cell(2000)

Really disturbing.

Seven Pounds
Seven Pounds(2008)

This movie WILL make you cry.


This is definitely a guilty pleasure movie.

Grandma's Boy

This movie will cause you to roll on the floor laughing. I can never get tired of this movie no matter how hard I try.

The Beach
The Beach(2000)

This is one of my favorite DiCaprio films. It'll blow you out of the water.

The 40 Year Old Virgin

Steve Carell is very funny in this movie.

Kill Bill: Volume 2

This is just as good as the first half, except the ending is outstanding.


Michael Keaton is hilarious in this movie. It is just pure entertainment, a lot of the time mainly due to the visual Tim Burton experience. As for a message or a point to this movie, I don't think there is one, at least not one that matters too much.

The Shawshank Redemption

This is one of the best movies. Period. It does everything a movie should ever do!

Catch Me If You Can

This movie is outstanding. DiCaprio does a wonderful job, and the idea is a bit mind blowing. The story is fun to follow and will make you want to go out and commit some fraud.

Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory

This movie will never die. Gene Wilder is outstanding.

Home Alone
Home Alone(1990)

What a fun movie!

I, Robot
I, Robot(2004)

The classic idea of artificial intelligence gaining feelings and dreams. Will Smith does great in this movie.

Saving Private Ryan

One of the more touching and stunning war movies out there to date.

The Goonies
The Goonies(1985)

This is definitely an adventure like no other.

The Nightmare Before Christmas

This is visually awesome, creative, and classic. What a fantastic plot.


I have no right to rate this movie. It's above me.

Liar Liar
Liar Liar(1997)

What a hilarious film with a good message. This is a family film that will always be around.

The Little Mermaid

Probably one of the best Disney movies made.

I Am Legend
I Am Legend(2007)

I thought the ending of this movie was just too predictable and too readily used by many other films. This is one of those films that could have benefitted from staying true to the novel.

The Butterfly Effect

This is a "trippy" movie for mainstream fans. If you want a mind-blower, you'd find better luck elsewhere.

Jurassic Park III

Not as good as the first, but this one is visually stunning and the dinosaurs step up their scariness a bit.

Shallow Hal
Shallow Hal(2001)

The jokes are a bit corny and sometimes overdone, but the message of this movie makes up for it. It's so-so.

Dr. Dolittle
Dr. Dolittle(1998)

This is a pretty funny remake of the old classic story of the man who hears the voices of animals.

The Terminator

This movie is a classic, an action classic!

What Women Want

The power every man wants.


Yeah. It's action packed, tons of slow-motion fighting and visually stunning scenes, but the plot lacks... It is based quite accurately to the graphic novel though, for anybody who might care about that, which I don't.

Independence Day

This is just an all-around classic. Jeff Goldblum and Will Smith are a surprisingly great combo, and the whole movie is paced perfectly. The ending is fantastic.

Ice Age
Ice Age(2002)

A solid animated picture. This is perfect for the kids.

The Simpsons Movie

Who doesn't love Homer Simpson?

Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer

Eh... I'm not big on this movie, but the Silver Surfer was really a cool character in this film. The plot was so-so.


An obvious family and children's classic.

The Green Mile

Instant classic. Tom Hanks does a great job in this film.

The Fast and the Furious

What's there to say about this movie? It's a movie about street racing, and as such a movie it does all it could do. I used to watch it over and over again when I was about 15.


As a comedy, I suppose it was pretty funny, but as a drama, I found it a bit corny and pushed. It could have been taken in a different direction, especially the ending.

Cast Away
Cast Away(2000)

Can anybody say classic?


Wow. Zoolander is a really ridiculous character, so if you want to see an absurd character acting absurd, this movie is just right for you.

Meet the Parents

This is one of the better comedies that has been released starring Stiller. It's a good family comedy, with plenty of hilarious original jokes, and a plot that can keep us all interested.

The Fifth Element

Pretty solid sci-fi film, probably considered a classic to some extent. It's a bit corny at times, but a lot of the time it's a fun watch.

Let the Right One In

This is easily the best vampire movie I've ever seen. Everything about it stays true to all the vampire mythology out there, but adds a new perspective with the romantic quality of a pre-teenage relationship. The crazy revenge scene in the end might have been a bit unnecessary, but I suppose I saw the merit in it. I just loved this movie.

The Messengers

This movie was a pretty big disappointment. Overall, the plot makes very little sense. As a horror movie, the scary moments are a bit predictable, and usually a bit lame. Kristen Stewart does a pretty good job in this movie as an actress, and her character is probably the most sensible one out of the bunch. The quality of the filming was good, and the directing was not too bad but not the greatest I've seen for a thriller/horror film.

Far and Away
Far and Away(1992)

I loved this movie. The story is compelling and thoughtful, and the characters are very moving and real. I like the general idea of this story, and I had a great time watching it.


This movie is pretty solid. It's not the same type of romantic love story as we are used to, because it contains elements from thrillers and some supernatural themes. Patrick Swayze does a great job, this movie is not too bad at all.

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

I thought this movie looked stunning, and the idea is definitely a great and original idea. The actors and actresses all did wonderful at their parts. The story was interesting and the plot was relatively easy to follow, and there can be no complaints about David Fincher's directing here.

P.S. I Love You

This movie was alright. I thought it was very clever and Hilary Swank is great as usual, however it just wasn't my style I guess. I didn't like Gerard Butler's corny goofball character, and the plot seemed to draw out for longer than necessary. It looked good and was directed well though.

The Black Dahlia

I like this movie plenty. Hilary Swank is awesome in this film.

The Devil's Advocate

This is one of my favorite Al Pacino characters... As the devil, he is scary as hell. Keanu Reeves actually does a good job in this role, and CHarlize Theron is great. The plot is perfect and this movie has a lot to say. There are a few parts that scared me to shivers.

A Walk in the Clouds

This movie was seriously not very good. I didn't know a movie could be so corny... I suppose it just wasn't Keanu's role.

Message in a Bottle

This is a decent romantic drama film. This seems like a classic idea in romance, the message in the bottle theme. The characters probably could have been more interesting, and the plot got a bit dry after a while. It's a good watch though, and there are definitely worse romance films out there... that's for sure.

L.A. Confidential

Seriously, this movie is flawless as a film noir/cop drama. There is such a fantastic cast, each actor playing a character that is unique from the rest. Russell Crowe is simply fantastic, and Guy Pearce does the trick. Kevin Spacey is obviously awesome as usual. The plot of this movie is wonderful and intriguing, and it is packed with drama to make you examine your beliefs and your ideals. Just watch this movie damnit!

Just Like Heaven

This is a solid romantic comedy/drama. Reese Witherspoon is lovable. It has all you could really expect from the genre.

The Color Purple

This movie is beautiful and spectacular. Whoopie Goldberg is actually inspirational and lovable in this film. Steven Spielberg does a great job here.


What an incredible comedy. I can literally watch this movie over and over again and laugh just as hard every time. Where does Chris Tucker get the right to be so funny!?

The Notebook
The Notebook(2004)

For a romance movie, this is a ground breaking film. Ryan Gosling is just flawless, and Rachel McAdams couldn't be any more beautiful or lovable. It's absurd not to like this movie. The best part about this movie though is that it's truly quite a mind-blower. It isn't a thriller in any way, but simply pure love and romance. Just take a look at the ending of this film and tell me that isn't a philosophical mind-blower. Fate doesn't let them stay apart, love defeats science, and death takes them both at the same peaceful moment. That's a big plate to munch on. Brilliance.


Reverse gender "Walk To Remember." Literally. It's got all the tear-jerking value without any form of original plot. Might as well check it out.

Jurassic Park

This movie is just one terrifying situation after another. Once the T-Rex finally stops chasing, the car gets stuck at the top of a tree, and you'll fall down right into a raptors nest. This is a classic. You won't need the whole seat because you'll only be using the edge.

Dude, Where's My Car?

"Haha." That's all I can say.

The Hangover
The Hangover(2009)

"Dude Where's My Car" meets "National Lampoon's Vegas Vacation." The first time through this movie is a riot, but due to the fact that a lot of the jokes have purely shock value, after watching it more than once or twice the laughs start to die down. There are some wonderful jokes in the film though, and a plot that moves very quickly so you won't get bored.

Grumpy Old Men

The only thing funnier than a drunk bum with super powers is a couple grumpy old fowl mouthed men.


There's no excuse not to give this movie at least three stars. As a horror film, it is terrifying, gruesome at times, mysterious, and down right creepy. The build up to the room, 1408, is just a terrific entrance to the plot, and John Cusack's character evolves throughout the progression of this movie as any character should. It had an interesting ending, one that was not necessarily predictable from the beginning, but not too surprising either. It isn't perfect, and I'd have to struggle and search hard for a real philosophical meaning behind this movie, but it's a terrifying ride of intense burning fear and suspense.


I think this movie is surprisingly good. Although it does have the classic twist ending (quite the predictable one indeed), I don't consider this a huge mind-blower supernatural thriller. This movie seemed more like a drama, and it was certainly beautiful at that. It brought a tear to my eye during a few moments, so I can't say that it wasn't successful. Don't hope to be scared, don't hope to be on the edge of your seat, but I think anybody who enjoys a good thoughtful dramatic work will enjoy this film at least once.

X2: X-Men United

This movie is the perfect sequel to the first X-Men by Bryan Singer, it's got all the same zing and bite with even more visually stunning directing and producing and a new story to follow. Watch it and enjoy.

The Departed
The Departed(2006)

This is simply a brilliant movie. It has everything one could want in a film noir, and each character brings perfection to the screen. There are twists for the twist-lovers, laughs for the laughers, and plenty of bang-bang for those who fetishize the pistol.

The Big Lebowski

It's hard to think of a funnier or more unique movie. Jeff Bridges' character inspired an entire religion, and this is a classic that any movie lover needs to see.

The Exorcist
The Exorcist(1973)

There's really no touching this movie. It's original, it's groundbreaking, it's gnarly and outstanding. William Friedkin proves that he can create a classic.


This movie is out of control. The ending is my favorite, a bit of a thought provoking twist or ambiguity. William Friedkin is simply an awesome director, and you'll see it throughout the film. Al Pacino plays one of his most underrated roles, and although this movie is very controversial, I find it amazing. It's a thriller, and at some points quite scary, with bits of drama and plenty of mystery sprinkled in every now and then.

The Fountain
The Fountain(2006)

This movie is quite mind-blowing and trippy. I've seen it a few times now and I'm not yet positive about what it truly stands for. In this way, it is good because it will inspire thought. The visuals are very impressive, and Aronofsky is a fantastic director. I didn't necessarily like the sub-plot of the spanish epic, but that must be a personal thing.

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

It's a blockbuster action movie starring Shia LaBeouf. It won't blow your mind, it won't change your life. The visuals are stunning to the extreme, and there are plenty of bad-to-the-bone action packed moments that will rock you in your seat. If that's all you need, this movie can't disappoint.

Reservoir Dogs

This is a classic Tarantino film. It's got all the conversation, the original and light-hearted view of mobsters and revolving pistols. There are plenty of laughs, and plenty of interesting turns in the plot that will cause surprise, satisfaction, and somewhat pleasant dissatisfaction.

Gone Baby Gone

I enjoyed this movie quite a bit, surprisingly. Casey Affleck plays a decent character, and there are twists and turns that will keep you guessing. This movie also raises what I considered to be a serious moral inquiry that will probably stump philosophers forever. It's a good mystery/detective film with essences of drama and action, but the reason I rate this movie so highly is because of the cultural significance and thoughtful underlying message.


This movie is pretty funny, although not hilarious or necessarily original. It's an average watch, and you'll find your share of good movie quotes to pass around with your friends.


This movie is a classic crazy-Brad-Pitt film. His character is similar to his Fight Club performance, so anybody who wants to watch a fearless asshole kick the crap out of himself and other larger males for fun, with some intrigue, infidelity, and crime going on in the sub plot, you'll enjoy this film for sure. It's also kind of cheeky.

Lady in the Water

This movie was a bit on the quirky side for a Shyamalan film, containing a bit more comedy and bright sided metaphors than the typical ghost or alien type twist ending movies. In this way, it's quite original and entertaining. However, I didn't altogether enjoy it, probably because I'm simply not the biggest fantasy fan, but I will say it was solid, a good fantasy production, and a relatively fun to watch film.

Children of Men

This movie is dramatic, thrilling, and provoking. The concept is a bit terrifying, which makes it even more of a ride. Clive Owen is as good as you could expect.


A relatively good Shyamalan film. It looks good, has some good acting by Gibson and Phoenix, and has a pretty classic plot. There simply needed to be a crop-circles blockbuster, and here it is.

The Village
The Village(2004)

This is a pretty decent film, probably one of the better Shyamalan films next to The Sixth Sense. It has a classic Shyamalan twist, which is a bit predictable to some who may be searching ruthlessly for it throughout the early portion, but it should be surprising for those who just chill and view. I particularly think the twist is interesting, and the concept is thoughtful, perhaps more meaningful than the surface might suggest.


This is a fantastic adaptation of a fantastic and groundbreaking philosophical story. John Hurt is just wonderful in this movie, and it will make you think ceaselessly. Don't watch this movie unless you are a serious lover of a good piece of cinematic art and philosophical query.

The Happening

I suppose I have to admit that the twist in this movie is original in a sense, and should be preferred in quality to the average alien or zombie virus twist... But, I think it was revolving around this twist that wasn't all-too surprising. It was well produced and directed quite decently though.

Stranger Than Fiction

This isn't a bad movie, it's pretty funny, but at the same time nice and dramatic, about a life changing series of events. The concept is a bit mind blowing, but the movie itself shouldn't be expected to blow you out of the water.

Fast Times At Ridgemont High

Classic, hilarious, but also a fun watch. Just relax, crack open a beer, and watch this movie with some friends.

The Uninvited

This movie was pretty solid, and it had a lot of good themes. One thing that disappoints me is that I predicted the "twist" ending within the first ten minutes of the movie, without reading any synopsis or giveaway clues at all. However, the ending was how I would prefer any twist ending to be... pessimistic, dark, tragic. Therefore, I give this movie three stars because what it lacks in the category of surprise, it makes up for with solidity and a good ol' psychopathic main character... The best kind.

As Good as It Gets

This movie is as good as it gets.

Raising Arizona

Thrills, chills, spills, and laughing.

Donnie Brasco

This is a solid film. Johnny Depp is surprisingly fitting for his role, and Al Pacino plays Al Pacino once again


Why not give it three stars? Eh?

Blood Simple
Blood Simple(1984)

Thumbs up. Two of'em

Hang 'em High

This is a pretty solid movie about the flaws in the system of punishment, but when I watch an Eastwood movie I want to see the dark side. This movie was definitely more innocent and do-good that most of his other westerns, but it was still a solid film.

A Fistful of Dollars (Per un Pugno di Dollari)

This is another awesome western starring Clint as the bad/good guy. He takes what's his, and what isn't, but never harms the truly innocent. This one if a daring adventure.

Dirty Harry
Dirty Harry(1971)

This is one of those classics that we all need to see. For the time it was directed, this movie is definitely original and packs a punch.

The Rookie
The Rookie(1990)

This is just the average action film. Sheen and Eastwood are pretty awesome, and especially the way Sheen's character evolves throughout the plot is great. I'm not a huge fan of simple action films, and Clint Eastwood usually implies more messages in the subtext, but this movie is great for entertainment.

Absolute Power

This is one of my favorite Eastwood films. The story is fantastic and compelling, and everything about the characters and their performances is just wonderful. This movie will keep you on the edge of your seat. Of all Eastwood's movies, the general message of this film stands out to me as one that is quite important in our contemporary society.

Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil

This was a Clint Eastwood movie that I didn't grasp onto as well as others. The actors do a brilliant job, especially Spacey, and the story is pretty thoughtful and entertaining. However, by the end, I wasn't too sure of what Eastwood was trying to say with the film, although I had a strong feeling he was certainly trying to say something. It's definitely worth a watch, but it will probably take a few views to grasp.

The Outlaw Josey Wales

This movie is bad to the bone. Josey Wales is a character that you do not want to mess with, and this is one of those western genre films that could change your opinion of the entire genre. Nothing could be better about this movie.

Flags of Our Fathers

This is a pretty good movie. It captures all the drama of post-war soldiers with all the politics and misunderstanding. This is one of the more original war-based movies out there, and Clint Eastwood does a fantastic job as always.


This movie is fantastic. It's so dramatic and heart wrenching that you won't be able to keep yourself quiet while watching it. Clint Eastwood writes a plot and characters that will drive you almost insane, and this will be probably one of the few times that you will consider yourself identified with one of Angelina Jolie's characters. Cherish this film.

Gran Torino
Gran Torino(2009)

This was a good drama film. Clint Eastwood plays a classic racist who changes his mindset and clears his slate before death. This movie is not as original as Clint Eastwood could have made it, but it's a solid film that does exactly the job it's intended to do.

True Romance
True Romance(1993)

This film is simply amazing. Patricia Arquette and Christian Slater are absolutely lovable, and the story line will keep you thrilled the entire way through. The soundtrack has always been one of my favorites in this film. There's bloody action that mixes romantic themes with action themes, to create a love story unlike any other. This is a masterpiece.

High Plains Drifter

This is a flawless western, probably the best anyone could ask for. It's directed brilliantly, and Clint Eastwood is as bad-ass as ever. This western is dark and gritty, and best of all, it leaves the audience the ability to formulate their own interpretations. It's a simple masterpiece.

Million Dollar Baby

This is one of Clint Eastwood's better films. For a boxing movie, it's surprisingly better than most boxing movies you'd find out there. The focus is more on the relationships, the struggle, and the search for answers in life. This movie provoked me nearly to tears, and it's stunningly directed.

Miller's Crossing

This is a good Coen film as usual. There is a bit of humor, a lot of drama, and good 1930's tommy gun shoot-outs for any mafia-film lover. The actors all do a splendid job.

The Usual Suspects

This is a well-filmed crime drama with all the action an audience could need and the twist ending we all enjoy. Kevin Spacey is fantastic once again.

I Heart Huckabees

This movie is decent for a philosophical comedy film. Dustin Hoffman, Jude Law, and Mark Wahlberg all do wonderful jobs at getting a laugh, and the general plot is quite interesting. There are plenty of large philosophical concepts to chew on, so it's not one of those movies that you could play in the background and comprehend. It's a good film.

They Live
They Live(1988)

This movie isn't too bad. It's a bit corny at times, and the directing could be a bit better. The concept is great and the acting is not too shabby, and for a 1988 film the visuals are relatively impressive. However, a few elements ruin the overall feel, like the drawn out fight scene in the ally that any patient man will be tested to endure, or the slow beginning in general. I think one view was enough for me.


This is a great movie. This shows an entirely different side of relationships that directors typically won't try and show. Richard Gere is fantastic in this film, and he plays a man who's just trying to stay honest as his wife gets swept up in a dirty affair. I think this movie is a fantastic drama with enough thrills to challenge any other movie it could be compared to.

Jacob's Ladder

This movie has it all. It'll scare you, horrify you, and make you think. It has elements of the thriller genre, the drama genre, and plenty of good mystery. This movie is as good as they get.


The concept of this movie is wonderful: Various characters attempting to solve their problems, whether it be the meaning of God, the universe, or the stock market, using only numerical values. However, the style of filming upset me a bit, because I disliked the shaky camera and the difficulty of really viewing what was going on at times because of the high contrast black and white. I suppose this filming style could be an artistic rendition that supports the overall message, but it made it difficult for me to watch.


This is a Coen classic, and arguably their best. This movie shows kidnapping crime in a funny, cheeky, and unconventional way, and will keep you on the edge of your seat. There isn't an annoying level of blasting action, but only that which is necessary to paint the perfect freezing Fargo environment.

Where the Wild Things Are

I think this movie did more or less exactly what it was supposed to do. Spike Jonze puts his own little touches on a classic children's story, and just as the title is "Wild Things," this movie is a wild and fun adventure. The visuals are extraordinary, and every character is original and unique in their own way. I enjoyed watching this, and I'm sure a kid would enjoy it much more.

Requiem for a Dream

This movie wasn't bad. It was directed in a really interesting and unique way, so the whole time you're seeing a very artistic expression by Aronofsky. However, I thought the plot was a tad bit pushed, because the lives of these people seemed rather unnatural. In this sense, the movie doesn't necessarily make you want to avoid drugs, but it does make you want to avoid letting drugs take over your life. It was worth watching.


This movie was really funny and entertaining. There are some surprises, and a good solid plot that will keep you awake. Woody Harrelson is once again an instant classic. Any zombie fan wouldn't be disappointed with this film.

Southland Tales

I tried to enjoy this movie the whole way through, but it was definitely not for me. I couldn't tell if it was a comedy, a thriller, or a drama, partially because Richard Kelly mixed them up to a confusing level and it was neither funny, thrilling, or dramatic. The jokes seemed a bit childish and unnecessary, and the large number of recognizable actors don't seem to fit this fictional world. I suppose it might be for somebody out there, but it wasn't for me.

Conversations With Other Women

The simple style and story of this film only make it more incredible. You'll be swept up in the characters and the drama that exists between them, and the split screen style only allows for the message to sink in much deeper. This movie is simple brilliance and elegant charm incarnate, any fan of comedic romantic drama will enjoy this film thoroughly

Alpha Dog
Alpha Dog(2007)

This is a decent movie. You'll be emotionally involved with the characters and follow the plot, which is quite interesting, with little trouble at all. You might find yourself a bit disgusted in a few scenes, and the subject matter can be intense. I think the movie carries a good story and pushes a good moral message.


This movie does what it is supposed to do: Beat you down until you can do nothing but cry and examine yourself as a person. It's beautifully filmed and the actors do a smash-up job, especially Don Cheadle. I'd definitely recommend this movie to anybody who's looking for inspiration or a good tear-jerker.

American History X

This movie is famous for a reason. It contains perhaps Edward Norton's most well-done acting job, and a plot that will keep you in suspense and leave you speechless. This movie is bold and in-your-face, so don't be surprised if you are challenged to change yourself. This is a movie that stands alone, and an instant classic. You'd regret not seeing it.


Even though this movie spends a lot of time glorifying the drug business, the overall message becomes clear in the end, and the plot helps further that message in a respectable way. I think this is a solid film, well made, well produced, with great acting by the cast. This wouldn't be a waste of time to watch.

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

This movie is as trippy as its subject matter. The filming is original and artsy, as Terry Gilliam is known for, and the lead actors are fantastic at portraying delusional and paranoid drug addicts. While there seems to be no understandable point or message to this movie, it'll successfully trip you out and give you some laughs.

The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus

This isn't Terry Gilliam's best movie, but it is certainly a solid film with impressive visuals. This film will make you wish you had an imaginarium of your own, but also leave you wondering if your imagination might lead you unwillingly into a nightmare. It was a fun ride.


I think this movie accomplishes all that it attempts, and it is packed with drama and interesting plot twists and turns. Al Pacino, Robert De Niro, and Val Kilmer are excellent in this film. However, it seemed to me that the ending could have come together more nicely, and it could have left us with a little bit more to think about. But, if you are a fan of the good guy winning, check it out.

American Psycho

This is one of Christian Bale's more impressive roles. This is a movie that presents fear in a unique way, and the general feel and attitude of the film does a good job at capturing the obsessive and compulsive nature of the main character. This needs to be seen at least once.

Seven (Se7en)

Brad Pitt does a great job in this film, and Kevin Spacey blows our minds as always. The ending is the best part of the film, and it all works together nicely to make one genuine piece of artistic visionary work. This movie blurs the lines between horror, thriller, drama, and mystery

Public Enemies

It would seem difficult to create an original 1930's gangster film today without copying too many aspects of an older film, but this movie shouldn't disappoint too much. The romance in this film seems to me to be a fresh new look on mobster love.

Carlito's Way

This movie will not disappoint an Al Pacino fan. Sean Penn is also featured in perhaps one of his more interesting and unique roles. This movie deals with crime and human relationships in a way that is as complex as Scarface, but with all different new meanings

Iron Man
Iron Man(2008)

You are getting what you bargained for with this movie. Robert Downey Jr. plays a great Tony Stark, and he'll keep you laughing as usual. Don't worry action fans, you'll get all the steel punches and flaming air travel that one would expect from an Iron Man movie in a visually stunning way.

Road to Perdition

This is a great movie-rendition of a graphic novel. One of the more interesting and original views on the life of a mobster. I recommend this movie.

Pulp Fiction
Pulp Fiction(1994)

This movie is definitely the perfect example of Quentin Tarantino's ability to look at the world in a new way. Interesting conversations are the wheels that drive this movie right to its interesting ending, and the non-linear style will keep you guessing and assuming.


This is another film that features one of the greatest villains of film history. However, the story is not quite as compelling as The Silence Of The Lambs, but Hannibal himself is just as maniacal and the movie still retains some value.

American Gangster

This is a solid film. Another gangster drama about the rise to success at the expense of others. Ridley Scott does a good job directing this crime classic. I recommend this movie.

Full Metal Jacket

This is a must-see for fans of war films. Stanley Kubrick presents a cynical view of war and the effect it has on our culture and our nature. Do not miss this movie.

A History of Violence

This is a brilliant movie. It is the perfect adaptation of a comic-book story that describes human nature and our ability to change ourselves. This is a movie that will require you to examine your own life and think about violence from a new perspective.

Detroit Rock City

This is a very funny movie that describes a time when make-up and skin tight pants didn't have to be just for girls. In three words: Sex, drugs, rock'n'roll.

Forrest Gump
Forrest Gump(1994)

This is a classic. If you haven't seen it, I don't know what you've been doing with your time.

The Godfather, Part III

This last part to the Godfather trilogy moves a bit slower than the rest, and the story isn't as captivating and brilliant as the first two parts, but we do need some completion and a sense of closure, so it can't hurt to watch this movie. It's solid, it's a well-directed film by Francis Ford Coppola, and it's worth the time.

The Godfather, Part II

It's the second part of The Godfather series, and it's as good as the first, if not better. With the addition of Robert De Niro things only get more intriguing and the story only gets more captivating.

The Godfather

This is as good as a crime drama could get. Al Pacino and Marlon Brando are excellent, and the slow but dismal attitude that this movie portrays gives it that one-of-a-kind feel. There's simply nothing to compare it to.

X-Men Origins - Wolverine

This movie was unnecessary, and quite obviously just an attempt at making some cash. We see a lot of explosions and claw-ripping action, as well as Hugh Jackman portraying Wolverine in a way that we can all appreciate, but the ending was a bit unthoughtful and overall the story line just felt as if it were lacking.

X-Men: The Last Stand

This movie unfortunately strays a bit from the environment Bryan Singer created, and seems a bit too forced. Despite the corny jokes and butchered characters, this has an enjoyable plot and enough action for any action-fan to appreciate. Also, Kelsey Grammer plays a wonderful Beast. You might as well watch it.


This is truly a must-see for any fan of super heroes or the action genre. This movie is filmed in a sleek and talented way by Bryan Singer, and if you're an X-Men fan you won't find any problem that can't be let go with a sigh. The actors do fantastic jobs playing mutated characters, and the story-line is so captivating that you could watch this movie over and over again. I know I have.

Batman & Robin

As an action movie, it has anything you'd find in any other Arnold Schwarzenegger movie, but as a Batman movie, it lacks almost everything the fans wish to see. This is something I can't recommend.

Batman Forever

This is a Batman that seems to branch off of Tim Burton's established feel for the characters and settings, but takes on a bit of a cornier face with more laughter than seriousness. A Batman fan like myself might prefer to see somebody other than a comedian play The Riddler, but if you just want to watch a guilty-pleasure movie that's sure to waste over an hour, you've come to the right movie.


What can be found with this movie is a relatively good interpretation of Batman for the time it was created, and a Tim Burton style that is cast upon the film in ways that any Burton fan can recognize. This should be considered a classic, but overall I wouldn't consider it too serious a film.

The Dark Knight

A bit better than the first Nolan Batman film, but it still has that dark feel. This time, however, we get to take a look into arguably the most important Batman villain, played in a unique and applaudable way by Heith Ledger. Batman fans must watch.

Batman Begins

This is a definite winner for the action genre. For hardcore Batman fans, like myself, this movie takes the cake when compared to all previous attempts. This movie is dark, gritty, and packs punches of savage vengeance. This film truly shows that there is ultimate good in no one.


This movie is just great. Nicholas Cage plays a character who we all can identify with in some way or another, and the story is intriguing and captivating. The screenwriter writes himself into a non-fiction story by accident, which is quite a mind-blowing concept. It requires us to really think about fate in a different perspective.

Being John Malkovich

This is truly a once-in-a-lifetime movie. Not only will you laugh at all the nonsense that John Cusack must go through in the movie and all the unique jokes, but you'll experience a bit of a troubling sensation as you wonder what it truly is to be a "self." This is a mind-blower and a beautifully directed work of art. It shall forever remain a favorite.


If you're a comic-book fan, look no further. This movie is artistic in its film quality and production value, and the characters are all original, complex, interesting, and true to their original characters. This is a highly philosophical film that is packed with scientific theory, philosophy of human nature, and a look on the human condition. Don't get me wrong though, it'll entertain you and provide all the super-hero punch-kick action any sane person could dare to handle.

V for Vendetta

This is one of my favorite movies. It's absolutely genius when it comes to a comic-book-hero film and it is visually breathtaking. Hugo Weaving is the epitome of vengeance. This is a definite mind-blower, and is also packed with ass-kicking that will cause adrenaline to pulse through your veins. This is an instant classic.

The Wolfman
The Wolfman(2010)

This movie was pretty disappointing. It looked crisp and was filmed quite well, and the acting by Hopkins and Del Toro was probably as good as could be expected. However, the predictability of the plot, and the overall sense of gaining nothing but entertainment from the film left me wishing I'd have just waited until it came out on Netflix's instant qeueu

Anchorman - The Legend Of Ron Burgundy

This is utterly hilarious in a way that only Will Ferrell can provide. You'll hate every character's idiotic personality so much that you'll love them to death and laugh until it hurts.

Fight Club
Fight Club(1999)

Fight Club is a cult classic. It's incredibly popular for a reason: The originality of the story, the complexity and brilliance of each character, and the mind-blowing ending make this movie a true experience. The best part is, you can watch it more than once and be entirely entertained.

A.I. Artificial Intelligence

This is a movie that is challenging and provocative. You'll fall in love with the characters and think about your own life. This movie deals with the philosophy of human nature, technology, fate, and love. By the end, you'll likely be in tears.

The Sixth Sense

This is an instant classic. Haley Joel Osment is great, and Bruce Willis plays one of his most original roles. This movie is entertaining, thrilling, and mind-blowing to the utmost extreme. This movie has one of the greatest twist endings in cinema. It also has parts that will scare you until you feel sick.

Red Dragon
Red Dragon(2002)

This is a pretty solid film noir. Edward Norton is great, and Ralph Fiennes is outstanding as usual. Anthony Hopkins returns as one of the greatest antagonists of all, and we are once again provided a story that we can sit through with interest.

Barton Fink
Barton Fink(1991)

This is a Coen classic. John Turturro is a highly underrated actor, and this is some of the best proof out there that he can lead a winning picture. It's goofy, it's dark, it's original, and it's a must-see. You can't finish this movie as the same person you were when it started.

One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest

This movie does exactly what it tries to do. The acting is wonderful, and it's filled with delightful characters and queer situations that one can't help but laugh at. Jack Nicholson is great in this film. This is not your average comedy though, so don't expect the same effect.

Apocalypse Now

This movie is perfect. It has everything that you need to see in a movie, and it will leave you thinking in the end. Francis Ford Coppola presents his idea of war and the human condition in an artistic and groundbreaking way. You can't go wrong with this film.

The Box
The Box(2009)

You will be disappointed in this movie if you are looking for too much, so just relax and enjoy what Richard Kelly has to say. While it's true that this is based strongly on a short story and a Twilight Zone episode, I believe this movie has it's own story and relevance. Kelly wants to present a philosophy in the midst of many other philosophies, to show us the box that our reality is, and try to inspire us to think outside of that box.

Dazed and Confused

This is simply a classic. The soundtrack is awesome, and the characters are wonderfully enjoyable. There are too many laughs to count, but you'll also find a message between the lines. This is a movie you can watch over and over again.

Waking Life
Waking Life(2001)

This is a dreamy and wonder filled movie. At first it moves a bit slow and seems unconventional, but don't worry, it's only because it is. By the end of the film, you'll have your mind expanded and your life changed. This is probably Richard Linklater's most philosophically important works, and will surely become a classic.

A Scanner Darkly

This is a great movie. The actors do a smash-up job, and the style of film is unique. Robert Downey Jr. is hilarious, but you'll also do some thinking when the movie is over. This movie has a message, so get ready for an in-your-face ending.

The Orphanage

This is the scariest movie I have ever seen. There are twists to keep you guessing, and you probably won't sleep easily if you watch it before bed. You'll do some serious thinking after this movie, and you might never love being terrified so much again.

Pan's Labyrinth

My favorite thing about Guillermo Del Toro is that he gives you the opportunity to decide what has happened in his film. Whether you are a fan of the scientifically probable or the metaphysically imaginable, you'll find this film to fit what you believe. It's a must-see. If you don't want to watch a movie in spanish, I'm sorry, but you will be missing out.

Open Your Eyes (Abre los Ojos)

This film is a joyride. It's a great Amenabar film, and if you can appreciate the spanish language with english subtitles, you'll love this movie so much more than Vanilla Sky. It's truly a mindblower.

The Others
The Others(2001)

This is a brilliant Amenabar film. Saying too much will ruin it, but I can say that this movie was not made to disappoint. You'll think of the horror genre in a different way, and perhaps reevaluate your opinion of death.


This is an awesome movie. If you love watching Anthony Hopkins play the mentally disturbed yet brilliant and lovable antagonist, you'll eat this movie up like your favorite desert.

The Silence of the Lambs

Anthony Hopkins plays the best role of his career. This is a movie that literally everybody should see. It'll keep you in suspense and leave you satisfied. This is hopefully the only time you'll think cannibalism is cool.


This is a solid movie. It's fun to watch for anybody who is interested in the "remake" starring Al Pacino, but it stands alone as a separate film. It's old, but it's great.


This is a true and undisputed classic. You'll wish the plot never ended, and you will absolutely cherish every line of Al Pacino's delightful acting. The soundtrack gives this movie a very unique mood, and it truly lacks nothing. You might consider being a drug lord at some point in the film.

The Last Temptation of Christ

This movie was very controversial, and it has plenty of great actors and actresses, but I don't think it's a must-see for everybody. If you're a Scorsese fan, definitely give it a try. If you're a devout Christian, you will most likely get offended.

Taxi Driver
Taxi Driver(1976)

Watch this film now. Stop reading this and watch it.
But incase you're still reading: This movie is one of the best there is. Robert De Niro arguably plays the best role of his career, and Scorsese will blow your mind with a truly original and relevant plot.

Cape Fear
Cape Fear(1991)

This is definitely a classic and a must-see, but not Scorsese's best film or De Niro's best character. This is a brilliant thriller, and you won't know whether to hate the protagonist or the antagonist.


If you are a big fan of Scarface or the Godfather trilogy, you'll love this film. De Niro and Liotta are two lovably malicious gangsters, and this story is complete.

Gangs of New York

This movie will take you for a ride. Daniel Day-Lewis plays arguably one of the coolest villains you could dream of seeing and love to hate. The story is gripping and the direction by Scorsese is professional to say the least.

O Brother, Where Art Thou?

This is pure comedy. George Clooney, John Turturro, and Tim Black Nelson are absolute riots in this film, and the plot is very easy to get interested in. You might predict the ending, but you will be surprised at how much you laugh.

The Man Who Wasn't There

This is a wonderful movie. It's filmed in black/white, and the characters are just great. Billy Bob Thorton does a smash-up job, and overall I think this film accomplishes everything it set out to accomplish. There are twists and turns that will keep you guessing and surprised, and a handful of laughs.

Burn After Reading

Be prepared to see some of your favorite actors in their most unique roles, and watch them as they are immersed in a humorous and interesting story. This is truly a fantastic film.

A Serious Man

This is just a wonderful film for those who love a Coen production. It's clever, funny, depressing, thoughtful, and entertaining all at once. This is a definite success.

No Country for Old Men

This is a masterpiece. The Coen brother's challenge the drama/thriller genre by presenting characters that are real and unique. Don't expect to see your run-of-the-mill action flick here, but be ready to think about reality as we experience it every day. This movie challenges the past, present, and future, and every one of us.

Wild At Heart

This movie disappointed me a bit as I am a big fan of many David Lynch films, although I must admit this movie is entertaining and unique. It's quite funny at times, but also bloody and dark enough for the more disturbed viewer to enjoy. Although it isn't my favorite, it is good enough to see.

Lost Highway
Lost Highway(1997)

This is a solid movie. There are twists throughout the plot, and you'll finish the movie with a sense wonder and contemplation. There are plenty of times to be afraid, and the acting is fantastic. It's a one-of-a-kind crime film.


Don't watch this movie if you want to be mindlessly entertained. This is a two way movie, as if you become immersed within and cooperate with the abstraction. One thing is for sure: Lynch has provided us with a piece of art that we can never comprehend, but only strive to love.

The Elephant Man

Although not one of Lynch's more nightmarish or mind-blowing cinematic concepts, this movie is as solid as stone. This is a one-of-a-kind movie that will make you think about humanity and perhaps provoke you to tears.

Blue Velvet
Blue Velvet(1986)

This is a classic and a must-see. Dennis Hopper absolutely masters his role as the sadistic antagonist, and the directing by Lynch is top-notch. This is a film so filled with symbolism that anybody who loves to contemplate a film will feel like a kid in a candy store.

Inland Empire

This movie is horrifying. Not in the sense of bloody surprises and ghoulish grotesque visuals, but in the sense that you will be caught up in a waking nightmare. This movie progresses at a slow rate because it needs to; there is simply so much to devour. Perhaps the best thing about it is that your interpretation is your own, and you'll be left with a gaping hole in your mind after it is over.

Mulholland Drive

This is a mind-blower and a cinematic work of abstract and provocative art. If you want a film that will make you think deeply, this is probably as good as it gets.

Donnie Darko
Donnie Darko(2001)

This is arguably Richard Kelly's best film. Jake Gyllenhaal is captivatingly dark and disturbed. This is definitely a movie for philosophy lovers. I would recommend watching it two or three times if you want a solid grasp on what Kelly is saying, but it will be hard not to watch it that many times regardless. This is one of the best movies out there.

Eyes Wide Shut

This is one of Kubricks best movies. It explores sexuality, reality, and fate, while presenting plot twists that resolve only enough to leave the viewer satisfied with the fact that their interpretation is as good as the next. This is one of those stories that only come around once in a while, and I'd classify it as a true work of art. This movie seemingly couldn't get any better.

A Clockwork Orange

This is one of the more philosophically important movies out there to date. Stanley Kubrick explores themes of human nature, insanity, violence, and government control. This movie moves at a pace so perfectly slow that only the truest of film fans can fully appreciate. It's dark, cynical, and artistic.

Dr. Strangelove Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb

This is a must-see classic. If you are ready to laugh and be provoked into reexamining your political opinions at the same time, you're ready for Dr. Strangelove. This is for fans of the darker side of things.

The Shining
The Shining(1980)

This is a must-see; one of the few movies that is better than the novel on which it's based. This movie presents a plot that will allow for your own interpretation of the true nature of the events taking place. Jack Nicholson is wonderfully insane, and Shelley Duvall is simply fantastic. If this movie doesn't scare you, it will at least blow your mind.

Shutter Island

This movie could hardly get better. It's directed in a flawless manner by Scorsese (no surprise), and it's slow yet steady progression lets the viewer drink in the huge glass of abstract ideas that Scorsese offers. DeCaprio is incredible and plays his character in a way that will make you forget he's an actor. In the end, your argument will be as good as your friends as to what you've just seen, but one thing will be certain: This is arguably Martin Scorsese's greatest work to date.

Vanilla Sky
Vanilla Sky(2001)

It's directed well and the cast of A-list actors obviously won't disappoint, but the movie is a remake of an older Spanish film titled Abre Los Ojos. If you ask me, the remake is completely unnecessary, because Abre Los Ojos gets at least a four star rating from me. This story is a real mind blower.

American Beauty

This is a beautiful film in nearly every way. Although I don't care much for movies that are narrated by one of the characters, this movie allows for each character to evolve as the plot progresses in a real and believable way. This movie caused me to chuckle and a few times brought me close to tears. This won't be a movie that will stump you with existential philosophies, but it might inspire a reexamining of the lives we all live daily and take for granted. This film is nothing less than a masterpiece.

Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind

This movie is one of a kind. In my opinion, this is some of Jim Carrey's finest acting, and Michel Gondry gives him a phenomenal chance to exhibit himself. This movie is not only extremely entertaining, filled with quirky comedy and thoughtful dramatic themes, it will also make you think about fate, the nature of love, and the philosophy of human interpersonal relationship.

2001: A Space Odyssey

This movie is an absolute classic. The soundtrack stands alone as a piece of art, and combined with the brilliant directing of Stanley Kubrick this movie is nearly flawless. This is a movie that will leave you thinking, and although it is a lengthy film, it gives you so much to think about that only a lazy person could complain.


This is just an outstandingly directed movie. The transitions are unique and thoughtful with a plot that can be followed with interest, while the themes and overall philosophical assertions in the movie are abstract enough to keep the viewer guessing even after it is over. There are times to laugh and times to cry. This movie might blow your mind.