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Zoom (2006)
3 years ago via Flixster

This is the most pathetic excuse for a real movie i have seen in my whole life. And it was just a year ago since we watched Sky High so i don't think we needed another teen superhero movie. It's all a bunch of unnecessary scenes glued together in an amateur way to fill the movie and make it longer and at the end there's no story at all. And oh yeah i guess they got as screenwriters a bunch of people who have never seen a movie in their life coz the movie was soooo filled with deja vu scenes which people are already sooo bored from. And plus Tim Allen gives a super shitty performence. YAAY!

Ashes of Time Redux
3 years ago via Flixster

I think no one but Wong Kar-Wai can make a martial art film so emotional and personal. This is by far his least good film (he can never make a bad film) but still it was a joy to watch it.
The film has a terribly hard storyline to follow and odds are you will get mixed up between the characters and what's happening and the film will demand several viewings to get everything right.
But still even if you're not understanding anything my humble viewer, you will be enjoying the beautiful visuals mastered by the genius style of Kar-Wai.

Copying Beethoven, (Klang der Stille)
4 years ago via Flixster

I was really expecting a lot of this movie and thought that it might become the amadeus of the 21st century but the movie came out dull, boring and tatsteless. The problem here is that the movie doesn't have a precise story we just watch Kudwig Van acting as a smart ass and meeting this new girl and composing his nineth symphony so nothing really special is happening. Oh and i don't know why Hollywood is so fond of showing great monumental figures as bad and snobbish people. They just take them and transform them into heartless creatures who want to take the place of god. I mean come on, most of the time he was just acting superior and talking about his work which is supposed to be a message from god which really doesn't help us have any compassion to it. And the way the movie went wasn't really good. It started really boring. It had a rising moment when we watch the premiere of the nineth symphony and that was it coz shortly after it the movie re-takes it's boring rythme creating silly unrelated problems so they will make the movie longer coz i think it could have only been made into one hour. And in the last part it was a silly copy of Amadeus which didn't play good for the movie. Like the scene where he's telling her the notes om it was like the same thing. And after so many great performences i was expecting something much more from Ed Harris who really wasn't as good as usual. But fortunately one good thing in the movie was Diane Kruger who gave a great job.