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The Kid
The Kid (1921)
5 years ago via Flixster

Charlie Chaplin's first feature film and in my opinion one of his best. It's such a sweet film and just about everything in it is perfect. The acting, the plot the gags. And I know I probably shouldn't mention this but I really can't help myself. It's about the guy in the recent reviews list who has written that he doesn't want to see this because Chaplin was a "closet paedophile". My first objection to this statement would have to be that he spelt paedophile wrong. The second would be how can someone be a closet paedophile. It's not something you would want anyone to know about so closet is just unnecessary. The third would be the most obvious and that is that he wasn't. I have no idea where the hell the guy got that from but it's complete bullshit. My arguement is over now and I'll once again state that this is a brilliant film.