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Ghost Rider
Ghost Rider (2007)
10 years ago via Flixster

great movie spectacular ending i thought that sam elliot did a fantasic job as playing carter slade probally my favorite movie of his and nicholas cage thumbs up to you great performance and eva mendes they where alll fanstastic but mattew long stood out even though he didnt have a big part he really stood out

The Illusionist
10 years ago via Flixster

i absoulety loved this movie espiaccly all the majic tricks but i watched it with my friends and it was so cool at the end woundt expect that i was practially spechless great story and plotline great organixation i absoulety loved it i would have never guessed the ending but man it was so good not a predictable movie which is god 5 stars probbaly my second favorite

Scary Stories for Kids
10 years ago via Flixster

you no pretty scary i liked it but it was not really scary enough

Norbit (2007)
10 years ago via Flixster

lol i loved it