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The Smurfs
The Smurfs (2011)
5 years ago via Flixster

Smurf you if you didn't get a few smurfin laughs out of this movie. Adults who watched the smurfs as a kid can enjoy seeing their beloved cartoon characters come to life on the screen and kids these days need some wholesome silly decent movies to watch. This is one that familys everywhere NEED to sit down and enjoy. Movies like this and Scooby Doo and the chipmunks movies are trying to bring back family values to america. Society has gone to hell and movies like this are fighting an uphill battle to try and bring values and morals back to america.

The Muppets
The Muppets (2011)
5 years ago via Flixster

Hilarious and I had some of the songs stuck in my head for days. It's good to see that the muppets are still around.

The Princess Bride
8 years ago via Flixster

I almost know this movie line for line.