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The War of the Gargantuas (Furankenshutain no kaijû: Sanda tai Gaira)
2 months ago via Flixster

Guys in monster suits beat each other up on a minature set while toy tanks shoot them with lasers. That's when the movie is sort of watchable and it doesn't happen often.
The rest of the movie is boring.

Like a Dragon (Ryû ga gotoku: Gekijô-ban)
14 months ago via Flixster

A tough guy yakuza gets out of jail and helps a young girl find her mother. Also, ten billion yen has been stolen from a yakuza gang so they are busy looking for it.
It's based off a video game from Sega and it feels like a video game plot. Large gangs are walking around and doing battles in the streets like in video games and one guy keeps on coming back over and over like a video game boss. When people throw punches, they glow and in one scene, the hero drinks something that makes him super powerful and it all works. The movie feels like a live action video game.