C.J.Arellano's Rating of The Fast and the Furious

C.J.'s Review of The Fast and the Furious

4 years ago via Movies on iPhone
The Fast and the Furious

The Fast and the Furious(2001)

This movie isn't what it could have been. Was it the turd-level acting and unimaginative dialogue? No way; that's part of the discount-bin charm. The problem here is the cars. The first-act set piece, in which Walker and Diesel meet and race each other for no reason, is an impressive bit of pixel-whirlwind eye candy. False and fabricated, but nothing short of fun. So you guys, WHY ISN'T THERE MORE OF THIS in the whole movie. Did the writers really expect us to care about the wearisome plot involving a police investigation of hijacked trucks? Or the characters who do nothing but grimace and mention "NOS tanks" about every five seconds? If this was supposed a "come for the cars, stay for the great storytelling" movie, then give the story and characters a second coat of paint. No, this is clearly meant to be a "come for the cars" affair, so shut up and give us some more cars! "Tokyo Drift" knows what I'm talking about. And seriously, stop saying "NOS tank."