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C.J.'s Review of Halloween II

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Halloween II

Halloween II(1981)

A solid follow-up to the seminal slasher flick, this might as well have been considered 'Part I: Act II.' The main difference between both movies is the pacing: whereas John Carpenter's was a studied choreography of tension and mood, this one establishes the slasher genre's business of "exposition exposition kill kill false alarm kill climax big kill." Nevertheless, it retains the first film's stylish, assured sense of brooding and doom (and appropriately dark sense of humor: see iconic usage of that "Mr. Sandman" song). Funnily enough, in both movies, Jamie Lee Curtis is sidelined for most of it until the final chase/battle, leaving the audience to wonder who the heck this heroine is and why Michael never feels like running up to her. It isn't until freakin' 'Halloween 7,' written by the creator of 'Dawson's Creek' no less, that we get to know what Laurie Strode is all about (aside from being a person who wants to not die). Fans of 'ER' and 'Grey's Anatomy' have only this movie to thank: it pioneered the idea that hospitals are filled with sex-crazed idiots with perfect skin.