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C.J.'s Review of The Guilt Trip

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The Guilt Trip

The Guilt Trip(2012)

An interesting experiment in audience cross-breeding. Barbara Streisand seems like she just wants to have a good time, and it's Seth Rogen who seems wildly uncomfortable for a good portion of the movie. It's hard to buy them as mother and son until you've been watching them for a good hour, and even then their rapport seems more rooted in Rogen and Streisand as respectful co-workers rather than the conjuring of a mother-son relationship rich with history. Nonetheless, the filmmakers seemed more concerned with finding "real" moments than finding "funny" ones, and that's both a blessing and a curse. Sure, they've eschewed broad comedy moments (not one person trips and falls!), but the rhythm of "lighthearted scene! serious scene, lighthearted scene!, serious scene" becomes tiresome in its own right. The product placement in this movie is more than a little nauseating, considering it's baked right into the script: Rogen plays a hapless salesman pitching to KMart, Costco, and 900 other retail chains. As producers, Rogen and Streisand may have thought this was a genius move to fund the movie, but if I wanted to watch funny people wedged in between commercials, I would have stayed home and watched 'Undeclared' reruns on Hulu.