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Dear Zachary: A Letter to a Son About His Father
8 years ago via Movies on Facebook

The Best documentary I have ever seen. I could pretty much talk about this movie all day. The way it was presented, i really felt like I knew Andrew Bagby. By far the saddest movie I have ever seen, I teared up throughout pretty much the entire movie. It was fascinating and EVERYONE should see it.

Milk (2008)
8 years ago via Movies on Facebook

I went in not really knowing a whole lot about this movie, aside from that it was about a gay guy and that apparently Sean Penn was awesome in it. Turns out it was far better than I expected. Sean Penn is good, but I'm pulling for Rourke to win Best Actor this year. The movie itself, although it takes place in the 70's, and the issues it presents, are still just as relevant today as they were in the times of Harvey Milk. of course, soon prior to the movies release, the Prop 8 thing was going on in California. I think if more people saw this movie, it would probably raise their awareness and change their stance on issues such as gay marriage. Probably the most important movie since Schindler's List. Everyone should watch this movie.

Revolutionary Road
8 years ago via Movies on Facebook

First of all, my 4 star rating is mostly a result of my love for Titanic, and my putting this movie on a pedistal because of my love for it. I still really dug it though. The 2 leads are fantastic and I'm really, really disapointed niether of them are nominated for their roles in this movie. However, Michael Shannon probably gave the best performance. A great drama overall, filled with some of the best performances captured on film. The whole thing is incredibly depressing though, which will not appeal to a lot of movies. I've got my fingers crossed that Kate and Leo do at least one, if not more, movies together.