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6 years ago via Flixster
True Grit

True Grit(2010)

I saw True Grit with my family. I enjoyed the acting and the directing. It had a feel to it that was like a piece of literature, which makes me wonder how true it kept to the novel.
The trailer seemed to promise lots of action, but most of the movie was slow-paced and dramatic - more about the intentions of everyone's relationships with the other. I was slightly disappointed with the lack of events following the climax - as it seems like after going through their grand adventure together, the characters would remain connected - so it made me wonder the point of the story. Why make an epic that doesn't really end with "they lived happily ever after"?
And I realised: This movie wasn't about the after; It was about the during. It was about something most of the others had and Mattie Ross found in herself through loss of family, loss of faith, loss of hope: True Grit.